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Write your suggestions and ideas for Konami’s PES 2012 football video-game here at FIFRival page.

We will list all your ideas and comments for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES/WE developers at Konami.

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  1. to be able to do celebrations
    for the gameplay to be improved so u can do more skiils
    be a pro keeper and make it realistic
    include championship, leauge 1 and leauge 2 maybe confernce
    get the teams actual names instead of man city being called man blue etc
    make the management better the prices are very unrealistic also include international management
    more realistic player overall

  2. Player Exchange.Please Please Please Please Creat Payer Exchange
    Change Leo Messi And Ronaldo Or Changing Lampard And Gerrard

  3. I’d like you to see this bug I found, maybe it’s a bugged leg movement, here it is: [taken from the new pes12 pc demo]
    But in general, I’m very pleased with your great job, thanks PES Team for always being loyal to your fans and worrying for the success of the company.

  4. Hello
    I recently released demo of the game, I analyzed.
    Problems playing the surveys are as follows:
    1 – The player who calls the shots under pressure and not charging, it is possible to shoot up in Chharchvp!
    2 – Power Pas·hay long pass and shoot height, relative to the Earth Payynh!
    3 – Top Player playing style is much harder than before! The dribbling and passing off as an opponent of the dam is not possible!
    4 – speed, handling the ball when the shot is low and this is far from the truth!
    5 – no lawn to play has not changed in some cases, the eye can cause blurred vision are ill! Earth is like a blanket!
    7 – much more exciting game than PES 2011 and after a while the game is quite uniform, which is one of the biggest weaknesses of the game!
    8 – in the penalty shootout Mhvth attaches to the station (on line 18 meters), only the fourth player as a defensive wall, stand in front of the ball!
    9 – if the ground is slippery and the players as they glide on the ground!
    10 – Type encourage viewers not changed in any way!
    11 – not much change in the whole game! PES 2011 seems a little change and Qvtsh points destroyed and the previous version of the game is refreshing!
    The problems came to my mind, I will declare.
    Please make sure you look into it and fix defects.

  5. Can we have Pro evo 6 ps2 on the ps3 stores ?? Make it download ? Save it to are ps3, then make it all online play,? I will bye it, like for £15.99,? Or what ever really, just I know people will love it on there ps3, on the xbox it’s not good, just on ps2, up load it from r ps3, that will be really
    Good 🙂 what do you think.??

  6. License Israeli national team and add at least three top Israeli teams ,Maccabi Haifa, Hapoel Tel Aviv and Beitar Jerusalem or full Israeli premier league !!!

  7. pes has some problem and the konami cannot solve them
    and fifa has more part for play like manegermode but pes doesnt have it

  8. Please put FK Partizan from Serbia in PES 12. Partizan was playing in League Champions and deserves to have a place in PES 12.

  9. Let the substitute players sit on bench and the manager shouting at players.please put
    Managers…it will be exciting to watch..the official nike balls should be available for respective leagues every year..plz add team india in pes..add bundesliga and premier league fully licensed.add newspapers…thanks..

  10. Great EA is making fifa 11.2 😮
    why dont you do a patch for download the updates, becouse its not gonna change very much.
    unleashed put tattos on players like they have on real live.

  11. add this ideas
    1-arabic language and commentary
    2-saudi arabian league
    beacause the arabic is the most players on pes 2011 and fifa 11

  12. with pes 2010
    The ball must first take and then you can shoot in real football, you can immediately shoot goal that I want in the new part of pes 2012 and see the referees must take better decisions organized

  13. for fifa to smash pes they need better faces, champo and europa league, and transfers in the clse seasons, also auto gloves and kits like pes like short or long sleeve and stuff



  16. Hello
    As you know, the moment of its rival FIFA’re back! I hope these suggestions from the company (EA Sports) to take the lead.
    I offer several important! I hope these suggestions can be given effect to:
    1 – It must be original, not a club logo clothing and other forms. From the very beginning of the game unveils logo shirts and club teams and is a true original!
    2 – Pes 2011 playing at all natural effects and was not close to reality! It will in particular focus on the gameplay! See FIFA 11 games! See what the gameplay is great! Model can capture it!
    3 – EA Sports & Konami companies together to build a super member! Million will sell high! And supporters of the current game, the two companies would be so much more!
    4 – Update the game to put the transfers on a monthly basis to be connected directly to the Konami game, and transfers to the server to be updated.
    5 – The Game Show (Camera); add one other state. So that the camera (angle of view the game) through the eyes of the ball players are doing well! Become a Legend mode is very useful, especially games, are exciting and interesting! A very new and modern technology will advance in the world was Sayqh!
    6 – number of players buying and selling close to reality please! And annual salaries of the players should be more than 5 million euros!
    7 – Your first five league games as a full place in the world!
    8 – to Paskary ball short and exchanged between the players get special attention! Note that in this case how to play FIFA 11 was built, natural and fantastic! As if we were in our own land we pass! Long pass in the air was excellent and no defect was 2011Pes! Paskary not change so long!
    9 – The chip shot is a way to get the ball completely above the ground! Pes was in the previous case. Ball was very low altitude above the Earth! FIFA 11 is like!
    10 – Platform PC, click on Q high pass and chip shot, a foot switch (a technique) such Pes 2010! It was great! But this time more naturally put this technique!
    11 – Setting the game to make way for a button that can be fitted to the 3! For example, click on the Q platform, PC, in addition to long Pas•hay, chip shot, a two, a foot switch (technique) to do the same!
    12 – How to Shoot Do not change the station blows! So that there is excellent.
    13 – Face The Players: Pirlo, Toti, Ronaldo, Messi, … make it more natural! I have not made these faces!
    14 – Beckham, Ronaldinio make it!
    15 – coaching them to create real face! FIFA did not do it! You are unique for FIFA to do this and also be stored on the couch!
    16 – National Iran team players …?! Only two other players are not there! Please get real!
    Send a message to my email at the end of which one of these suggestions will be considered!
    Texts may have trouble writing? I do not know English very well!
    With plenty of Konami

  17. pes 12 should add all the premier league teams with full names and strips and add stadiums for them. also as stoke city are in europa league add them in it so i can play europa with stoke!!!

  18. I think pes 2011 has the worst referees ever, getting lots of wrong offside fouls plus other funny and nonsense fouls which reduces the game speed and makes everybody crazy & angry.
    How on earth nobody checked the offside rules before programming it?
    I don’t know why every year we see good points of PES changes to bad and all we see is the better face, interface and some more moves only.

    I am a fan of PES but smetimes playing PES 2011 makes me really angry because of stupid players who sometimes move by themselves and I have no control over them even when the cursor is on them and also the stupid referees with their terrible offsides and fouls.

  19. I hope to add the Saudi league is best for the best Asian and Africa do not want to reject you because we play this game a lot and we have the right to add the Saudi league do not think you are thinking of the amount of space on the CD and I hope to meet you, we asked the owners of the EA.

  20. be realistic there will be no asian leagues,
    the only think we can hope is that they add some teams to Others A+B
    and some National Teams like Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Jamaica, Bolivia…

  21. 1.players tatoo asian lige or best asian teams 100 % champions lige 100%
    4.edit clasic pelayers face and name PELASE …
    5.edit asian nasional team name and face
    6. ADD bondes liga
    7.more item for strip and hair and face edit
    9.true mani pelayers in master lige not messi 19000 $ !
    9.pelayers power sinc with age
    10.again PELASE for classic pelayers face and name and asian teams or champions lige .

  22. look Fifa is better Pes dnt help either totally change it like Fifa or shut pes down it sucks like my Ham Sandwich

  23. Add Saudi Arabian League because it is the best league in Asia and you know it and because it has the Asian century clup Al-hilal.
    don’t make youth team players from your mind make them as in the real world, every team has it’s own.
    and please make the playing fast lik PES 2008 everyone want that and please moderate missed shots at the goal because the shooting is sucks in PES 2011 it’s very bad and Terrible please fix it.

  24. I heard about the Arabization of version 12 of FIFA and think if you added the Saudi league also

    Will be the first FIFA game in the Middle East, Arab. and the company will achieve sales of tremendous

    So hopefully. in addition to the Saudi league that the strongest league in Asia

  25. РBrazil РCampeonato Brasileiro S̩rie A
    – England – Premier League
    – France – Ligue 1
    – Germany – Fußball-Bundesliga
    – Italy – Serie A
    – Portugal -Zon Sagres League
    – Russia – Russian Premier League
    – Spain – La Liga
    – Turkey – Süper Lig
    -Argentin-Clausura 2011
    -Greece-Ethniki Katigoria

    Tattoos on players, like in real life;
    More hairstyles and more boots;
    A third kit for the teams, and second and third kit for the goalkeepers;
    Real training Kits;
    In winter kit put the turtleneck option to put on players;
    Show real managers at field giving orders;

  26. РBrazil РCampeonato Brasileiro S̩rie A
    – England – Premier League
    – France – Ligue 1
    – Germany – Fußball-Bundesliga
    – Italy – Serie A
    – Portugal -Zon Sagres League
    – Russia – Russian Premier League
    – Spain – La Liga
    – Turkey – Süper Lig
    -Argentin-Clausura 2011
    -Greece-Ethniki Katigoria

    Tattoos on players, like in real life;
    More hairstyles and more boots;
    A third kit for the teams, and second and third kit for the goalkeepers;
    Real training Kits;
    In winter kit put the turtleneck option to put on players;

  27. – Australia – A-League
    – Austria – Austrian Football Bundesliga
    – Belgium – Belgian Pro League
    РBrazil РCampeonato Brasileiro S̩rie A
    – Czech Republic – Gambrinus liga
    – Denmark – Danish Superliga
    – England – Premier League, Football League Championship, Football League One and Football League Two
    – France – Ligue 1 and Ligue 2
    – Germany – Fußball-Bundesliga and 2. Fußball-Bundesliga
    – Republic of Ireland – League of Ireland Premier Division
    – Italy – Serie A and Serie B
    – South Korea – K-League

    – Mexico – Primera División de México
    – Netherlands – Eredivisie
    – Norway – Tippeligaen
    – Poland – Ekstraklasa
    – Portugal – Portuguese Liga
    – Russia – Russian Premier League
    – Scotland – Scottish Premier League
    – Spain – La Liga and Segunda División
    – Sweden – Allsvenskan
    – Switzerland – Swiss Super League
    – Turkey – Süper Lig
    – United States – Major League Soccer

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  28. “Your goal would be to become the best ref! Controls would be:

    L1(blow whistle for foul)
    L2(red card)
    R2(yellow card)

    If you wait more than five seconds after blowing for foul without pressing L2/R2 you would give a warning, you can also cancel out offside decisions given by linesmen

    Their would be a world referee ranking system and you get points for being fair(the best ref would be selected for the ucl final , world cup etc)

    You would be fined from football organisations if you dont play fair(if you run out of money it would be game over) Also add the option for being the referee in normal multi-player matches (it would be fun be to the ref for matches being played between friends).”

    So would you welcome BAF (Become A Ref) mode in PES 2012? Or is it something you have little interest in?

  29. Players who present themselves in free space
    the keepers and the players and the referee give a better AI system more organized in taking better decisions to be

    The fourth official assists with football in the administrative
    actions before, during and after the match, as determined by the competition

  30. Indoor Soccer in pes 2012 i thik is nice to add

    Indoor Soccer, soccer speed, or in Dutch ‘indoor football’ on artificial turf is in our land increasingly possible. Calcetto is committed to this increasingly popular sport of football. Calcetto has developed its own indoor soccer system and our own installation department, we can own the entire process under control and execute.

    In indoor soccer is played on artificial turf, or sand and rubber infill or just sprinkled with a thin layer of sand. Further, the courts surrounded by elements of boarding 1.10mtr high. On top of the boards are mounted balvangnetconstructies. The whole is enclosed with daknetten, so the ball always remains in the field. Access to the field through a door or in the boarding (at a corner post) or in the side of a target placed

  31. Who wants to be a Referee?
    A c
    As a referee you need to behave differently than your example as a player. You have a
    other tasks, including other responsibilities. Below are some
    important features, which you radiate referee.
    Punctual: an umpire must know and apply the rules accurately. It is
    not supposed to mind your own rules. Apply a rule wrongly expect quite
    a lot of discontent among the players.
    Resolutely: an umpire must think and act quickly while
    make informed choices. As a referee you stand alone against two teams
    yours that you expect immediately after each rally can specify which error is made.
    Consistent: a referee game situations similar repetitive
    assessment, regardless of set, position, player or race. For example, do not go smoothly
    whistle for a team that far behind, it is still a contest, volleyball knows
    After all you never.
    Impartial: a referee to judge objectively. Do not be influenced by the
    players (or coaches) with a big mouth, but make your own choices. Do not discuss
    when it comes to perception, such as on / off balls, touche, netfout, etc. Everyone sees this
    otherwise, so you can never do good to everyone. Double-fault does not give
    solution! Many double-fault giving makes you seem very insecure and a team
    believes that to have scored, still feels disadvantaged.

  32. Hello PES Team.. Hope&wish more ASIAN NATIONAL TEAM & STADIUM in PES/ VIETNAM, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA..thats was so amazing & cool can play our National Team fight any other country like Japan, England, Brazil, Spain etc in PES/WE2012 PS3.. Please..Please..Go..Go..Good Job all PES Team..ASIAN Spirit.. ^__^ its more ASIAN TEAM in PES2012..?? Hope that, our pride.. ;D

  33. Scrap it ….. join forces with Fifa team and put the best of both in one game!!! Fifa is so far ahead … even when Fifa 10 crashed so much I’d still rather play that, I bought PES that year and it was like playing an Atari game compared to the fluid motion of Fifa! now the play in 11 is even more evolved and 12 promises to take it further, I have played games from Sensible to kick off, to the latest Fifa and Pro Evo, Fifa is the current bench mark!! nothing else is even close! …… Either catch up or give up ……

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