Memorable Moments from the Recently Concluded FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA 2018 World Cup

Football is so much more than a sport. The emotions linked with it have no bounds. Besides being a team sport, football encapsulates everything and everyone around it. The passion with which players dribble, defend, and score on the field is equal to the enthusiasm shown by the fans in the stands. The World Cup, held every four years, brings together the best football playing nations together and what results is truly spectacular.

Here are some more of the tournament’s exciting moments:

Belgium’s Comeback

Everybody loves a good comeback. Whether it is in real life or the cinema, a good retort always adds a sense of drama and excitement to any event. Football is the same, and it was during the World Cup that we got to witness one of the most exciting comebacks from a team. Lagging behind by two goals in the second half, the chance of a Belgian victory against the Japanese looked bleak, to put it mildly. Not one to give up easily, the road to success started with Jan Vertonghen scoring the first goal for Belgium followed closely by Fellaini and then Chadli in extra time. The fact that both Fellaini and Chadli came on the field as substitutes made the goals all the more special.

FIFA 2018 World Cup

Senegal’s out

In a World Cup first, Senegal lost out to Japan even after having the same points, goals, and goal difference after the group stage. Known for their happy warmup dance, Senegal’s exit from the event was one of the more interesting moments of World Cup 2018. The final decision was based on “fair play”, and since, in comparison with Japan, they had more yellow cards, Senegal had to leave the competition sadly. It’s not the first time that a yellow card has decided the fate of a team, but never before in such a manner.

Living the game

After the World Cup finishes, everyone focuses on the winning team, but there are a lot many accolades that are handed out. The player with the maximum number of goals in the competition gets The Golden Boot whereas the Golden Glove is for the best goalkeeper. France’s Benjamin Pavard won the title for the best goal in Russia. For many football enthusiasts, the closest they can come to recreating World Cup’s memorable moments is through video games. FIFA 19 is the upcoming edition of the favourite football game that allows gamers to live the dream of being a professional player. More than just playing, with gaming features like dynamic tactics and timed finishing, it is possible to mirror your favourite players on the field quickly. And then, with the right amount of practice and technique, ever an amateur can become a part of this beautiful game called football.


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