Master Every Shot Type to Get Better at FIFA 19

FIFA 19 Shots

FIFA 19 is all about fast, fun football action available on all kinds of platforms including Xbox one, PlayStation 4, X 360, PS3, Windows and Nintendo Switch. It’s no doubt a brilliant football simulation that has taken the game forward by leaps and bounds, compared to the earlier versions.

Considering the way it has become hugely popular in every part of the world, there’s a good amount of predictions activity also surrounding the game. You can find various reputed bookmakers offering odds on e-sports competitions including FIFA 2019.

Uncovering different methods of scoring goals in FIFA is a major reason why this game is so much fun. In fact, there’s even talk about coaches using such tricks and simulations to create a new generation of smarter footballers! You can read all about it here on this page at

Here are some excellent ways of improving your shooting ability and scoring more number of goals.

Master Every Type of Shot

Every shot is important and effective in FIFA 2019 as it can be used in multiple situations. You must learn and master all types of shots to maximise your chances of scoring goals. Here are some that you must definitely know:

Regular shot – It’s a normal shot that’s attempted at scoring a goal and can be executed using the ‘shoot’ button. You can use it to get shots off quickly, whenever required.

Finesse shot – It’s a shot wherein accuracy is favoured over power. You can see the ball curving towards the target. You can execute it by pressing the ‘shoot’ button + R1/RB. It’s best used when you are in front of the keeper and want to curve the ball around him.

Chip shot – It’s a shot which slowly arcs over the defender and can be executed using the ‘shoot’ button + L1/LB. It’s best used in one-to-one situations wherein you are in front of the goalkeeper and close to him.

FIFA 19 Shots

Volley/header – As evident, this shot is about a goal attempted from mid-air. You can execute this shot using the ‘shoot’ button and should use it whenever the ball has been crossed to your player.

Low shot – It’s a shot that stays low and doesn’t go airborne. It can be executed by double tapping the ‘shoot’ button. The best time to use this shot is when you want to ensure that the ball doesn’t fly over the goal post.

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