How to Get Recruited For College Football


Want to get recruited for college football? If yes, then this article is going to assist you in the right way. Playing college football is no less than a dream for thousands of students in the United States and other major countries. However, most people don’t know the procedure of getting recruited for college football. According to NCAA stats, just 7% football players from high school compete at college level and just 3% are likely to appear at Division 1 ball. It unfolds that it’s not a piece of cake for every football enthusiast to get an athletic scholarship. Apparently, it seems pretty tough but you can get your job done by following the correct procedure.

Let’s explore steps that can help you get recruited for college football!

NCAA Clearinghouse

It is very important to get registered with the National Collegiate Athletic Association if you consider yourself a perfect fit for the NCAA Division one or two levels. All you need to do is simply visit the NCAA website and get yourself registered with their clearinghouse. It is essential to be NCAA certified if you have a dream to play Division one or two levels. There is a small fee for registration but that can also be exempted if your family’s financial conditions are not good enough to pay. There is a simple procedure that you can follow to ask for fee exemption. Are you uncertain about picking the correct college football Divisions? No fuss, still you can create a profile on their official website.

Select Your College

It’s time to select your college! Seek your parent’s advice on choosing the right college for your study and football career. There could be numerous questions running into your mind. Are you in a position to afford the fee? Do you want a closer educational institution? What subjects do you want to study? You might have thought about studying in another state, but your parents may not be in a position to afford your study expenses in a distant state. Consider all important factors and narrow down your concentration on colleges that meet the minimum requirements. Opt for the college that can offer a shining career as a student and footballer.

Look After Your Grades

Junior year at college is normally a difficult educational year for the majority of students. They attend classes regularly and follow an academic schedule full of studies. They hardly find time to play in the field. Remember, this is the year when you should work hard on your studies to secure better grades.

If you feel stuck, contact customwriting writers to get instant professional assistance with your academic assignments. This will increase your chances to get recruited in the college football team. Many students don’t pay attention to their studies while chasing their dream of becoming a footballer. This is not a healthy practice to follow.

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Focus on Your Physique

A college football player needs to be stronger, bigger, and faster. Take care of your body and try to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Boost your speed and strength to become the right candidate. You can spend time at the gym and play other sports as well to become well-rounded. There are manifold health advantages of playing various sorts of sports. Work harder to improve your physical and mental abilities. This will definitely increase the chances of college athletic recruiting. Give yourself a happy time playing your favorite sports.

Create Highlights on Hudl

Have you created junior highlights on Hudl? If not, then create as soon as possible. Hudl is believed to be a productive platform to bring young football enthusiasts in front of coaches. Most of the college coaches keep searching for amazing talent. Hudl is definitely one of the best platforms to draw the attention of coaches from across the country. Never take it as fun. A high-quality highlight film can bring your talent to the limelight. After getting your film recorded, play it in front of your coach for instant inspection. Make changes where necessary and you are all done.

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Connect with Coaches

If you want to get scholarships for football, then it is mandatory to build positive connections with college coaches. Organize your database to help the recruiting process. Keep track of the films that you sent for review. You can create an Excel spreadsheet or other document containing all the necessary information. Keeping notes on your iPhone or Android device is another great idea to keep track of everything. You won’t have to worry at all if you organize everything in a well-mannered way.


These were the key suggestions that can help you in getting recruited for college football. If you keep following these tips, then you will definitely increase your chances to make your dream come true. Establish useful contacts with coaches and other sportspersons. Remember, you can only become a part of your college’s football team if you take it seriously. You will have to work hard to turn your passion into a profession. A college student can make his way to the football team by following the right strategy. Furthermore, you should visit camps or combines to market your talent. Fly around and find out where you can show off your expertise.

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