Get Your FIFA 20 Winners Team Guide

The next level has been reached with rendition of FIFA’s evergreen hit.

FIFA 20 is setting the gaming world on fire as video gamers from around the world are enjoying some fantastic video gameplay from Electronic Arts (EA). This new FIFA 20 version was released on September 27 since it is the 27th edition of the FIFA series.

FIFA 2020: A Look Inside the Game

Players who have tried out the earlier versions of FIFA will be familiar with how FIFA 20 works. However, players who have not tested the recent versions in the FIFA series will take some time to understand how this game works. This breakdown of FIFA 20 should clear things up for you and help you get started.
The first thing players need to know is that this game can be played in single mode as well as multi-player mode. It can be accessed on a number of platforms including Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Players will be able to take advantage of the FIFA Ultimate Team Mode (FUT) which will allow them to create and manage their own football team by selecting managers and players throughout the history of the game. The objective is to pick the best team possible to ensure that you come out on the winning side more often than not!

FIFA 2020: Learn How the Game Works

FIFA 2020 gives players a lot of responsibility and forces them to wear multiple hats to build their team, make decisions on selections and transfers, hire the right managers and fire the wrong managers to ensure that their team is always playing world class football.

Picking up a console and playing ‘the beautiful game’ is interesting but when you add in the number of features packed into FIFA 2020, players will realize just how much of mental energy and effort they need to put in to create a high powered football team.

Players will have to take on additional responsibilities of working with Player Cards, using in-game currency to their advantage, make crucial decisions on transfers, review player contracts, work with consumables and club items. This requires players to concentrate on their gameplay from start to finish and work on their patience levels as it very difficult to build a winning team quickly.

If you are new to the FIFA series, don’t expect to start FIFA 20 with a line-up of great players and a world class manager. New players usually start with a very ordinary line-up of players and need to use their skills and make quality decisions to develop their team. They can do this by purchasing card packs that contain different players. There is always the possibility that a player might get a great card pack early on which could significantly boost their team strength.

When you start playing FIFA 20: Special Edition, you will be eligible to receive Gold Packs every week for twelve consecutive weeks. You will also have the option of claiming several players on loan during the early stages of this game.

FIFA 2020: Is This Really Gambling?

The way you purchase players, staff, managers and club items is by picking up different trading cards. The process of picking up quality cards can be a bit tedious and time consuming especially for players who are looking for overnight success.

Coins serve as the in-game currency in FIFA 20 and players will have to spend their coins in order to purchase player cards. However, players have no idea what each player card contains and the contents come as a surprise. Players can trade these cards for cash if they are not happy with them or even exchange it for new players.
EA has given players an option to skip this team building process by using real money to purchase points which can then be exchanged for unique packs which can be used to get better player cards. This provision has caused a lot of unrest with gaming regulators around the world who claim that the game is very similar to gambling.
FIFA 20 as received unnecessary flak from different gaming regulators because they don’t see FIFA 20 for what it really is. It’s time for the powers that be to let this rest, as gambling is gambling, and what FIFA 20 offers is not gambling. It’s plain for anyone to see the difference.

FIFA 20: Use Common Sense When You Play

They say common sense is not so common anymore which is why a lot of players end up getting into trouble. The first thing we advise new FIFA 20 players is to take advantage of the demo mode that is available. This will allow you to test out FIFA 20 without having to spend any real money of your own. The best part of playing the game in demo mode is that players can get a feel for the game and boost their confidence levels.

It is totally your decision on what strategy you want to use to play the game. The first strategy is where you can take the slow route and earn coins at a slow pace to meticulously build your team. The second strategy is where you speed things up by using real money of your own to buy the points you need to go after rare player cards.

The second strategy is clearly a better one as it speeds things up. However, make sure you don’t blow your bankroll or start spending money you don’t have in order to play FIFA 20.

FIFA 20: Winning Advice

The best advice we can give players is to keep a close watch on global football news as real world football happenings will impact the game. So if a young player starts doing well for his league team and you have him on your team, hold on to him as his value in the game will go up based on his real life performances. The opposite is also true: when a player has a poor run in reality, the best thing for you to do is to get rid of that player as fast as you can as his value will go down quickly.

At the end of the day, make sure you have fun playing FIFA 20 and don’t be too hard on yourself if you make mistakes!


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