Footballizer Feedback

Footballizer Feedback

Here you can write your feedback, comments and suggestions for Footballizer video-game.

Footballizer’s developers are looking for your feedback and suggestions, which you can submit at this page, to improve and extend the game’s features in the future.

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Footballizer is a football simulation game that includes training and referee game modes that allow gamers to play as a footballer, a manager, and a referee and play matches against the teams created by the community.

You can play Footballizer online at

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  1. Just watching Liverpool what a good referee about time we had more like him, no messing about great to see we should have more like him

  2. if a foul occurs and the player is not in possession of the ball, a direct, non-indirect free kick is awarded. same thing if the player commits a foul off the pitch

  3. On the Field Markings question – it looked like the left Goal Box i.e. 6-yard Box was far closer to one post than the other in the graphic. Not sure if this was intentional and that it doesn’t matter, but if it DOES matter per the Laws of the Game, you might want to adjust this image.

  4. Penalty shoot-out: Minimum attemps for each team

    The answer should be 3. If team A scores on their first 3 attempts, and team B misses on their respective 3, then there is no need to take the other 2 kicks for either team.

  5. Don’t often do this but couldn’t find anywhere else to comment – watch none league game between Lancaster city fc v Hyde fc two weeks ago and the ref was best seen for awhile, was incharge from start to finish, no quick flash cards, ke pt game flowing and spoke players like the rugby. Refs do, it looked like players respected him and didn’t see much chat back, Need more like this guy – dont know his name but sounded like from liverpool

  6. It’s Good But I Could Be Better By…
    *Coin Flip To Tell Who Has Kick Off
    *More Concentrated Because I Play With Hand Ball And When It Hit The Opponents Hand The Referee Carried On And Didn’t Suspect A Thing

    Thank You EA Sports Vlad

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