Footballizer Feedback

Footballizer Feedback

Here you can write your feedback, comments and suggestions for Footballizer video-game.

Footballizer’s developers are looking for your feedback and suggestions, which you can submit at this page, to improve and extend the game’s features in the future.

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Footballizer is a football simulation game that includes training and referee game modes that allow gamers to play as a footballer, a manager, and a referee and play matches against the teams created by the community.

You can play Footballizer online at

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157 thoughts on “Footballizer Feedback

  1. Is a good game. Better is take off Referee Career for next FIFA

    We need to have an experience to be a football soccer referee. And to see all the decision that takes all the referees.

  2. Good game (i give 9 of 11)! It could more better if you make a loot of more levels (min. 20) and also better graphics. I would be very happy if you do that!

    Some more suggestions:
    # make mobile version (so people can download it in google play)
    # also make levels with video not just with pictures

    For future:
    # This sounds a little stupid, but anyway….. (It’s like a new game, but also about refereeing.) make it so, that it is connected to example FIFA 20 game and people can referee other peoples played matches or computer generated matches and compete with other referees… and like that….. (I mean refereeing like a real game, but in phone, PC or other.)

    I just want say that this game is good, but this game can be made VERY good and I hope you will do it!
    THANKS! 😉

  3. Hello
    My idea is you should add this game to FIFA game.
    It should have better graphic and Diverse levels.

  4. To whom it may concern;

    İf you would like to add more languages to the game and make the game international, we can make it happen. Contact me on mail if you are interested.

  5. Technically, the measurements should be in yards. As an actual referee, I can tell you with certainty that most refs don’t even know how to convert from yards to metres. And it’s in metres in the book of laws anyways.

  6. It needs a lot more levels and in level 3 it said the correct answer to the corner kick rule was 9.15 meters which is not an option!

  7. In level 2 it says the correct answer is he is offside. however i believe the rule is beyond the last defender and he is beyond the goalie not defender?

    1. The law is second to last defender in which the goal keeper is also a defender, so for any reason there are two defenders behind the keeper then the offside line will be behind the keeper on the second to last defender, if there is one defender behind the keeper then the offside line will be on the keeper as he is the second to last defender

      1. No, Charlie is correct, the defender is on the goal line which means the offside line lies with him.

        1. Charlie and yourself are both incorrect. Anonymous posted the correct answer. Your reply is just an assumption/myth.

          The law states that a player is in an offside position if any of their body part except the hands and arms is in the opponents’ half of the pitch and closer to the opponents’ goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent (not necessarily the goalkeeper).

  8. realy nice game, but you could do it with more levels… because it’s realy fun and you learn a lot!!

  9. People have said it before, but it would be amazing if it could be played as a career, otherwise great game!

  10. Awesome idea! Love it!

    Would be even more fun with hard offside decision!
    Or a corner and a forward says it was hands but the Defender denies that and I have to decide …

    Keep on doing guys!

  11. it would be very great to play as a referee make it like a career start young train and if your a great you would like play in big matches like barclona vs madrried put raitinges to

  12. i think you should make it have a career, you cant replay levels, an average rating, and your average rating affects what tournaments you ref. other than that, it is a great game.


  13. First of all, I want to say it is an excellent game!

    – Need to fix bugs (showing answers + pictures).

    – Make it as a career and make it look realistic.

    – Let the player referee the game as a video, not just pictures.

    – Removing the ability to repeat matches.

    – Improve the quality of the game.

  14. Overall the best game i’ve played in a while, definetly needs a career mode and you should have bosses who choose what match you should referee by how good have done so far and you should upgrade form local ref to international ref and should have a social life where you can buy stuff and go to the nightclub and stuff and you should be able to have a custom character

  15. Game is really nice but i have encountered many bugs as far.For example it asks me if the pitch is okay but there is just black screen.And it would be good if he had a second chance to watch the video again because sometimes i cant help but read what it says.

  16. i think you should make it have a career, you cant replay levels, an average rating, and your average rating affects what tournaments you ref. other than that, it is a great game.

  17. Your game however their are a couple of things that need sorting, corner arcs are not compulsory it is corner flags that are compulsory, because on one of the questions they askyou to ceck the pitch and I put it was fine but I got it wrong because there were no corner arcs. Also when it ask you the required distance for an opponent to stnd from a corner kick says it was 9.15m in the question I didn’t get that option!!! so please fix this.

  18. what if swalbes can make. if you can get a free kick, a proffesional swalbe and if you make a clear swalbe you get yellow. if you get yellow / red, the player against the arbitral talk of a player hitting / kicking like luis suarez. you can design your own. team that of the Dutch league Jupiler league also I willyou also have to make make a maneger private club but you should not exist. against clubs that if you have gescoort your shirt off and pull the audience throws. but you get or yellow. there is also a club every advontuur a kind of story.

  19. Yes there is a few incorrect decisions but overall its the best game I have played in a while. Please make it longer!

  20. Look in the screenshot’s section… it said he was offside when some defender was on the goal line. DAFUQ?

    1. It is offside as long as there aren’t more than 2 players behind the opposition, the one is normally the goalkeeper, but as the goalkeeper was in front of the player, the player on the line was the 1.

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