Football Referee Guide

Football Referee Guide

The complete game guide for play Football Referee game.

How to Play the Game

Playing Football Referee is very simple, all what you need to do is to see the scenes, review them and make your decision.

Run the game from, then start a New Game if you want to play it from the first level. If you already have a level code, you can Continue your game by entering your code from Continue screen.

When you’re game starts, read watch the screen carefully and read the description which instructs you to make your decision. You can make your refereeing decision by selecting a given red button that is your decision. Take note that like in real life, there is no replay or repeat feature in the game, so you have to be watching the scenes very carefully.

After a match is completed, you can see your final refereeing score as well as a list of your wrong decisions with the details if there is any.

To reach a higher level you need to have a minimum score of 6/10. If your score is below 6 at the end of a level, you can play that level again to reach a higher score.

Before Playing a Game

A football referee must be familiar with all Laws of the Game. Before a match can start it is the referee’s duty to take care of all participants and inspect the pitch and players to ensure a safe game. Here is a quick to-do list for the referee before refs allows game play:

The Field of Play
  • The size of the field must be standard (Length: minimum 120m (130 yards) & maximum: 90m (100 yard) – Width: maximum 90m (100 yards) & minimum 45m (50 yards)).
  • There must not be any dangerous elements on the pitch.
  • The pitch must be safe and clean (Bad weather must not affect the field).
  • Pitch markings and corner flags must be checked by the referee, boundaries of the field have to clearly marked. The lines should not be more than 12cm (5 inches) wide.
  • The center line should be clearly marked as it helps the referee to see that all players are in their half at kick-off and to decide on offside.
  • The corner arc must be clearly marked in each corner. The player taking the corner kick is allowed to put the ball any place inside the quarter circle.
  • Goalposts and the crossbar must have the same width and depth (12cm – 5 inches). They must not be dangerous to players. If the crossbar falls down or breaks, the referee must stop the game until it’s been fixed or replaced then the referee can restart the game with a dropped ball at the place where the ball was stopped. If it was near to the goal area the ref should take the ball to the nearest point on the goal area and drop it on the edge of the goal area. If repair is not possible, the match cannot continue.
The Ball
  • The ball must have the FIFA logo on it to ensure that it has the standards to play in an official match. If the ball is burst or becomes soft during the game and the referee stops the match to replace it, he should restart the match with a dropped ball. If this happens while the ball is out of play, the game will start with the usual restart.
The Players
  • A match may not start if either team has less than seven players. Neither should it not continue if there are fewer than seven players in either team. Before kick-off and before a player is substituted, the referee should check the players to see if they wear anything that may create a dangerous situation for other players or themselves. Rings and jewellery should be removed or taped. Religious symbols are allowed if they are not dangerous.

Download and read the Laws of the Game and get familiar with it.

Refereeing Signals

You need to get familiar with refereeing signals to play the game. Watch the below video to learn about the Refereeing Signals:

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to play Football Referee?

All you need is a web browser and internet connection to play the Football Referee game. The game can be played on desktop and mobile devices.

Can I download the game?

No, Football Referee is only available online and cannot be downloaded.

What do I repeat or replay the scenes in the game?

Unfortunately, no. Like in real football, everything happens only one time, so should be watching each scene carefully.

Can I save my game progress?

Saving is not available at the moment. Instead, at the end of each level you will get a level code to load your progress any time.

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    1. Who runs this website? I would like a response please to my above message? I will write it again here if you can’t find it..
      When is Episode 10 coming out. I am at the bit where you go to Germany. When is the next bit coming out please?

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  2. Can the people who invented this game please tell me where to play chapter 9 because it says ‘to be continued’ and I really want to play the next level

  3. It’s very useful but probably could be better to have it in some other languages. If you need, in the future, only in this context, a translation for free in italian language, i’m at your disposal. Bye

    1. Thanks for your comment. The car crash scene is the end of Level 8, we are working on the next level and will be adding it to the game soon. Stay tuned.

    1. Thanks for playing the game. The car crash scene is the end of Level 8, we are working on the next level and will be adding it to the game soon. Stay tuned.

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