Football Referee Feedback

Football Referee Feedback

Here you can write your feedback, comments and suggestions for Football Referee web-game.

Football Referee’s developer is looking for feedback and suggestions which gamers can drop at Football Referee’s page on to improve and extend the game features in future.

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Football Referee is a referee simulation game which allows gamers to take over the referee’s job, making decisions on scenes that might occur during the course of a match.

You can play Football Referee (beta version) online on

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127 thoughts on “Football Referee Feedback

  1. The stoppage time IS NOT the 4th official job.It’s the ref’s job 😉 i am a real referee 🙂 (i won’t tell you my name)

  2. well this game was really enjoying and I was feeling like a real refree..the quiz was a little tough but I scored 10/10
    good game…

  3. For the penalty kicks quiz, the minimum number of kicks a team will take is 3. If team A misses their first 3 kicks and team B scores them, then it is game over and team A has only taken 3. No matter what the circumstances though, a team will always get to the stage of taking a third penalty kick.

    Also in all the clips of penalties, the keeper should be standing on the line, not in front of it.

    Enjoyable quiz though. Thanks

  4. you have at one question which is the distance at the corner kick and the possible answers are: 10m, 10 yard and 9,15 yard, but the correct answer is 9,15 which isn’t between the possible answers!!!

    Please correct!

    1. Tamas, there is nothing wrong with that question, 10 yards is the same as 9.15m so 10 yards is the correct answer. Refereeing requires a knowledge of both imperial and metric units of measurement.

  5. I think it would make it more interesting as this has been what has been lackin in Fifa. Next year’s would be boring without it

  6. 1) A foul off the ball is indirect? In which sport? Not Football! You can’t just make up stuff. 2) I also think you screwed up the play with the foul beyond the endline. If is not ‘misconduct’ (Yellow), then it is nothing, because a ‘foul’ must be on the field of play. If the ball is out of play, restart is whatever took the ball out. If you are showing Yellow, same; unless the ball is sitting on the field of play, then Dropped ball after Yellow is shown. 3) The 4O signals to the fans and teams the amount of time that the REFEREE tells HIM–it is not the other way around.
    4) In the first match, I am not starting the second half until my AR is in position.

    To be effective, your Q&A should be impeccable, otherwise you just sow more ignorance and confusion.

  7. It would be good if you could play a career mode and you pick a country to referee in and you start in the lower league and you get rated at the end of each game and depending how good you do could depend what game you get the following week and at the end of each season you would get assigned a league depending how good you were the previous season.

  8. You can’t even answer right on the corner-kick question in the Trivia. 9.15 metres isn’t an answer!

  9. After I play the first game and then click next game, it says Error 404 webpage can’t be found. Please Help ASAP!

  10. In the second match

    Indirect Free Kick ~ I watched the video several times, it appeared that the striker headed the ball into the goal, thus it SHOULD HAVE COUNTED as a goal

    Thanks for the fourth official bit – We never use the fourth and as such, the REF is responsible for all time keeping with an AR as backup

    Outside the field ~ The ball was already off the field and thus out of play… for a foul to be committed, The following conditions must be met:
    • it must be committed by a player
    • it must occur on the field of play <– your ball was off the pitch
    • it must occur while the ball is in play <– your ball was NOT in play

    I think it was a situation to be reviewed for misconduct, but the ball had already left the pitch, and was thus dead.

    Weather conditions ~ please reword this one…. It was hard to tell if the question was saying that the fans couldn't see, but the REFs could, or what… from the graphic, it was hard to make out all of the players thus making it a situation whereby the ARs may not be able to call offside on plays by the opposite touchline. I have reff'd in lite to medium fog and feel it is appropriate to do so as long as the game may be played safely and that the calls do not suffer as a result of the deminished conditions.

    I appreciate your site and feel that much more of this type of learning needs to be developed. I realize the R&D is expensive, but look forward to the day when your graphics are on par with some of the current Playstation (or Xbox, etc…) games out their. I think the Kinnect system has great potential for training ARs.

  11. well done!

    Couple of suggestions:

    1) use actual game play videos where possible (possibly from sites that do a referee week in review)

    2) randomize the questions and have multiple versions of the question so that a replay of the level has different questions / situations

    3) Keep the game to the laws of the game rather than FIFA tournament trivia (the ball logo wont apply to all referee’s)

    The game is really a brilliant concept. A great learning tool for new referee’s.

  12. A replay button would be handy. More than once I found myself reading the question and the video would start and I’ve missed the crucial bit…

    Also, some of them needed justification to be truly graded I think. I failed second half kickoff because I wasn’t ready, I wanted my assistant on the far side but the correct answer was ‘we are ready because the two teams are here’

    Is there a testing feedback channel?

    The very first question of the second level doesn’t reuse the same picture in it’s “why you were wrong”. The field shown was missing corner arcs. The justification picture has them.

    With the throw in, how are you supposed to tell in a flat 2d scene if the player lifts his leg?

  13. A player who lays the ball off during a penalty for another player to kick, instead of shooting himself, is attempting to circumvent the laws of the game; you should not allow the goal and should award an indirect freekick. Arsenal did this some 8 or 9 years ago, and they were penalised for it.

  14. Some misspelling and also the length of allowed time for holding the ball by goalie is shown 6 minutes instead of 6 seconds in result page.
    Bad graphics how I could not see corner marking and disallowed the match but there was nothing at the end!

    Thanks anyway,


  15. Better if you could replay the situation as you dont know what your looking for before the question comes up and more levels

  16. Any number of players of the team taking a kickoff may be inside the center circle, not only 2. It is the team opposing the taking team that must be 1) outside the center circle and 2) in their half of the field.

  17. Brilliant game, but I think it should not force people to either guess or read the scary “FIFA LAWS OF THE GAME”. Instead, it should show most rules in a approachable manner, and encourage people to learn more about being a ref, so they won’t slate them so easily once they see how hard it is!

  18. Great game but maybe more challenges needed

    thanks wish more games were out there like this !!!

    please make another

  19. 1.linesman is incorrect.assistant referee is right
    2.according to the laws of the game you are not forced to whistle 2 or 3 times at the end of the game.that’s only the style of the refereee
    3.if the calculated stoppage time is 2 minutes & 48 seconds, the referee should add on 2 minutes and 48 seconds but announce 2 minutes to 4th official

  20. It’s better to explain referee mistakes in this test. For example if referee answer is not correct, you answer the right answer.

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