Football Games for Every Mood and Platform

Football Games
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When it comes to the world of sport, there is only one king – football, or soccer for our American readers. It’s perhaps not surprising then that games based on football prove extremely popular, be it board games, consoles, or mobile apps. With such a huge fan base to cater to, the variety of options out there across platforms is truly vast.

Here are some of the different football games you should look out for:

Board Games

Soccer Tactics World is a classic two-player game in which every move is decided by the roll of a dice. It might be a bit aged now but it’s a brilliant game to get out after a couple of beers. Of course, you can’t talk about footballing board games without mentioning Subbuteo, the true OG of the football gaming genre. It might have been overtaken by the likes of FIFA and Football Manager, but sometimes you just want to swap fancy video game graphics for old school fun.

Video Games

When it comes to video games, you really only have a few choices, with FIFA and Pro Evolution leaving little room for other games. To be fair, both franchises have continued to produce excellent games year after year, pushing each other along the way, with Xbox and PlayStation players often split in the argument as to which is the better game. And if you’re looking for a more tactical offering, Football Manager has spawned a generation of armchair Jose Mourinhos and Pep Guardiolas for 20 years now with very good reason.

Football Game Apps
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Mobile Apps

Now, this is where many of our readers will be focusing. Whether it’s the train journey to work or the wait in the airport lounge, for many of us the first port of call to kill time is to open a mobile game. In terms of football, you really are spoilt for choice. While Football Manager fans are able to now play the game on their phones, there are also interactive games such as Dream League Soccer 2019 that are really well worth your time. Elsewhere, the very brilliant arcade-style Final Kick 2019 is a simple but extremely enjoyable game that can easily kill an hour or four.

Played across the globe by people of all ages, races, genders and backgrounds, football is the undeniable world’s most played sport. Whether you’re looking for a new mobile game or a football-themed slot, make sure you check out some of our suggestions to get your football fix.


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