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One thought on “FIFA Manager 13 – Screenshots (Gamescom)

  1. I would play fifa 2013s manager mode instead until EA decide to update this game. Segas football manager too may be a good one to go for if they bring in a new 3d match engine. THe reason why EA are releasing so few screenshots of the ACTUAL IN GAME 3d MATCH ENGINE is because its awful – as the doctor would say in star trek “its fifa Jim but not as we know it”. Dont be fooled it has EA on the cover – and fifa in the title BUT…the 3d match engine is horrific – its 3 to 4 years old does not work and every year they dont update it and watching a match is frustrating and annoying as players ai and the graphics also are just plain awful – last few releases they have not brought in a new 3d match engine that works thats why they are hiding it away in hope we are all stupid enough to buy it. Go ahead EA prove me wrong release a video of the 3d match engine……after all……you put fifa in the title and fool people with the fifa manager 2013 in title – as you would think wouldnt you that that would mean it uses the same engine as fifa 2013….but instead it uses a engine that is years old and now looks nothing like the new fifas ….try and play a demo of this game before buying it I guarantee you will watch the 3d match engine and be gob smacked at houw bad it is..EA you should be ashamed wheres your quality control department? How many people will buy this and be furious it is not using the fifa 13 engine? IF its full of bugs like it has been the last 3 years on its release make sure you get a refund…as if you bought a car you would expect it to be fit for purpose wouldnt you?

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