FIFA Mobile Weekend Tournament

Weekend Tournament

Play VSA and H2H weekly tournaments fro Thursdays to Sundays in FIFA Mobile where you build specific themed squads and use them to gain exclusive rewards.

  • Availability: Runs Thursday to Sunday – refreshing weekly.
  • Ads: 2 Daily Ads giving 1 WT Ticket per ad.
  • Coin Packs: 1 Daily Coin Packs that gives 2 WT Tickets for 100,000 coins.
  • Tickets: 10 WT Tickets, given weekly upon entry, with more Tickets rewarded elsewhere. H2H costs 2
  • WT Tickets, VSA costs 1 WT Ticket.

Play H2H or VSA matches and WT Points, spend these points on new Weekend Tournament Players to boost your squad. Reach WT Milestones by spending your WT Points to redeem coins, training XP, skill boosts, WT Tickets, Rank Shards and WT Players.


Choose between H2H or VSA to start your Weekend Tournament. H2H costs 2 WT Tickets per match and VSA costs 1. Win your matches to receive WT Points. H2H offers double the rewards of VSA. Win Rewards increase based on your current winning streak.

Squad Building

You can claim your first 11 players at the start of each month to build your new squad. Every month will have different leagues to choose players from. Your squad must only have WT Players from the selected leagues for that specific month.

Month 1
  • La Liga
  • EFL Championship
  • Liga MX
  • A-League
  • K-League
  • Additional Leagues to be released later

Over the course of the month, squad restrictions will change according to the table below. Hint: Players below 80 OVR do not count towards team Chemistry. You can strategically use players in your lineup to avoid chemistry restrictions.

Week Squad Restriction (WT Players Only)
Week 1Max 90 OVR and 55 Chemistry
Week 2Max 100 OVR and 120 Chemistry
Week 3Max 105 OVR and 200 Chemistry
Week 4Max 120 OVR

* Perks bonuses and Skill Boosts apply to OVR and Chemistry.

Rewards Chapter

Use your WT Points here to redeem WT Players for your squad. These player offers will remain beyond the month they are released, but will not be usable in future Weekend Tournament months.

Month 1 Rewards

Use Premium Points to earn Weekend Tournament Masters from the leagues added each month. These players are only available for the month they are released. 30 WT points for a 97 OVR Player, 70 WT points for a 100 OVR Player.

Weekend Tournament Pass

Based on how many WT Points you spend in the Rewards chapter, you can earn extra Milestone Rewards. The Weekend Tournament Pass resets every weekend, so get as far as you can before every Sunday at 19:00 UTC.

WT Points Milestone Milestone Reward
25 WT Points 70+ OVR WT Player
50 WT Points 100,000 Coins
75 WT Points 100 Skill Boosts
100 WT Points 40,000 Training XP
125 WT Points 80+ OVR WT Player
150 WT Points 3 WT Tickets
175 WT Points 150 Skill Boosts
200 WT Points 15 Common Rank Shards
225 WT Points 10 WT Premium Points
250 WT Points 500,000 Coins
275 WT Points 35 Common Rank Shards

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10 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile Weekend Tournament

  1. Play button disabled even after having 11 players of WT leagues and also being less than the max cap of OVR and Chemistry.

    EA, should fix this. It’s a major frustrating glitch.

  2. I’ve had to play against two teams with max chemistry at 250, not surprisingly I lost both games. How does this happen when the max chemistry supposedly allowed this weekend is 120 ??

  3. Simply event has glitch or players hack the event i dont know how anyone can email ea and fix this the game not balanced and we used to but this aint fair at least do equal for all player

  4. Altho max chemistry is set to max 120 but i did play with another player that has chemistry of 210 , how could that happen

  5. I’m frustrated been wasting two weekends trying to play the weekend tournaments. Set my active lineup with the weekend tournament players given to me… gojng back and forth and trying and trying. Such a waste of time

  6. I have not been able to play since the tournament started and I don’t know why. I made a lineup with all the players given to me for the tournament and my ovr is not over a 90 and I’m at 55 chem. But it still will not let me play.

    1. I’m having the same issue. Hopefully you maybe got some help or figured it out. I’ll be a whole weekend behind for monthlies if I’m even able to play. I’m like a 74 overall with 4 chem. Using all weekend tournament players THEY gave me and still can’t play. So confused.

  7. I have purchased the WT pass but I didn’t get my rewards and still can’t join the tournament
    Not Only the WT pass. I don’t get all other rewards (coins, XP etc.)

    I have purchased the WT pass but I didn’t get the pass and all other rewards as well. I have formed the qualified team and still not able to join. Please refund.

  8. Your weekend tournament is just not correct. You should tell people how much it going to cost to participate. Too much for me . Send my money back to me

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