FIFA Mobile St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick's Day Event in FIFA Mobile

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in FIFA Mobile from 17 March 2020. St. Patrick’s Day is not available as an event in FIFA Mobile, but you can celebrate it by redeeming exclusive St. Patrick’s Day Players from the Store.

There are daily free Rainbow Tokens in FIFA Mobile during St. Patrick’s Day celebration which helps you redeem exclusive Master Players from the store. So, login to FIFA Mobile game app every day and claim you free rainbow tokens to open the Over the Rainbow Packs.


Here is the list of St. Patrick’s packs:

  • St. Patrick’s Special Offer – Price: $14
  • Over the Rainbow Pack – Price: 2 x Rainbow Token / 750 FIFA Points
  • Luck Pack 1 – Price: $6
  • Luck Pack 2 – Price: 1,500 FIFA Points
  • Luck Pack 3 – Price: 2,000 FIFA Points
  • Pot O’ Gold Pack – Price: 5,000 FIFA Points
  • Big Pot O’ Master Pack – Price: 100 Pot O’ Gold Points
  • Prime Icon Pack – Price: Free (Requires all players from Big Pot O’ Master Pack)


St. Patrick’s players list:

Prime Icon Player:
  • CM: Keane (99)
Master Players:
  • RB: Coleman (98)
  • ST: Edouard (97)
  • RM: Doherty (96)
  • CB: Evans (95)
  • CAM: Canales (94)
  • CDM: Davis (93)
  • ST: Jovic (92)
  • GK: NĂ¼bel (91)
  • CB: Egan (90)
Premium Players:
  • CM: Hendrik (90)
  • LB: Lewis (89)
  • LM: Hayes (88)
  • RW: Boyle (87)
  • ST: Connoly (87)

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  1. How many times do you need to complete the pot o gold to unlock the 5 golden clover prize?
    I’ve done it 7 times filling in all the colours and still not able to collect. Also bought a double up and got only one of everything.

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