FIFA Mobile – La Liga Rivals

La Liga Rivals event in FIFA Mobile

This event is available from 23 February to 22 March 2019. By playing the La Liga Rivals you can earn special rewards as well as some iconic Rivalries.

This event has a tie-in with the Football Freeze. In La Liga Rivals you are able to claim Snowflake Points that can be used in the Snowflake Chapter of the Football Freeze event.

La Liga Rivals is an event where you can play daily matches to earn Rivalry and Snowflake Points. In La Liga Rivals you will use your normal Stamina to play matches and Skill Games, there is no Event based Stamina.
Use your Rivalry Points to claim up to 3 players per team. Claim all 3 players from a single team and create a full lineup with players from that team to play a Rivalry Match. Win this match and you will be able to claim one of three rewards: a Master Player, Skill Boosts or Coins.

La Liga Rivals

It is called La Liga Rivals, because some of the most iconic derby matches will be shown here. There are 4 Rivalries, per Rivalry you are be able to play 2 Skill Games, 2 Half Matches and 2 Full Matches. Try to complete these nodes and to claim your rewards. There will be 4 different Rivalries that will unlock over time. You are able to complete all 6 nodes per Match daily. When the new Rivalry becomes available, you will also be able to play those 6 nodes daily.

Below is the schedule:

  • Match 1 – Dec 12: Sevilla v Real Betis
  • Match 2 – Dec 14: Valencia v Villareal
  • Match 3 – Dec 16: Real Sociedad v Athletic Bilboa
  • Match 4 – Dec 18: Barcelona v Real Madrid

These are the rewards per node, do not forget that you can spend you Snowflake Points in the Snowflake Chapter in the Football Freeze event.

La Liga Rivals Rewards - FIFA Mobile

As you may have noticed that there are 8 different teams. Claim the 3 players from a team and having a lineup made up of players from that team to play a Rivalry Match, winning this match allows you to pick 1 of 3 rewards.

Completing all 8 Rivalry Matches in La Liga Rivals will give you the option to claim a 98 OVR Prime Icon Ronald Koeman

La Liga Rivals Rewards - FIFA Mobile

La Liga Rivals Players

Here is the list of players you can claim from this event:

  • CB: Koeman (95)
  • ST: Messi (92)
  • CDM: Serio Busquets (90)
  • CB: Lenglet (86)
  • RM: Sayol (95)
  • LW: Hazard (92)
  • RB: Ramos (92)
  • LB: da Silva (90)
  • CM: Valverde (86)
  • CM: Zazon (93)
  • LW: Ugrate (91)
  • ST: Jose da Silva (89)
  • LB: Eraso (84)
  • CB: Berridi (93)
  • LM: Goni (91)
  • CAM: Escudero (89)
  • GK: Menidibil (84)
  • CAM: Munoz (92)
  • CB: Abreu (91)
  • ST: Gomez (87)
  • CDM: Coquelin (82)
  • RW: Balaguero (92)
  • CM: Gonzalez (91)
  • GK: Andres (87)
  • ST: Toko-Ekambi (82)
  • GK: Vaclik (91)
  • CM: Banega (90)
  • RW: Ocampos (86)
  • CB: Santos Silva (80)
  • CB: Aregall (91)
  • ST: Garcia (90)
  • CF: Fekir (86)
  • RB: De Souza (80)

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