FIFA Mobile – Clair de Lune

Claire de Lune FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile Claire de Lune event is expected to be available from 12 to 26 November 2019.

By playing Claire de Lune event you will be able to earn special rewards and players from the Ligue 1. Here is how the flow of this event goes:

Play this event to earn Moon Energy by watching adverts and refilling the recharge counter. Spend Moon Energy on Skill Games, H2H, and VSA matches to get Crescent Points. Then, in Act I – Moonlight, use Crescent Points to play the Central Path and Side Paths. Certain nodes will open Side Paths, which will lead to some fantastic Ligue 1 players. Eclipse Tokens will be awarded for completing challenges in the Moonlight Chapter.

  • Duration: 12 to 26 Nov (14 days)
  • Event Energy Type: Moon energy (Refreshes 1 energy per hour)
  • Moon Energy Ad: Watch an Ad 4 times per day for 3 energy each time (12 per day)


Clair de Lune event has 2 chapters to play. More details to be available shortly.

Moonlight (Act I)

Playing Skill Games, H2H, or VSA matches for 3 Moon Energy apiece will gain you Crescent points.

  • Skill Game: 8 Crescent Points for a win / 3 Moon Energy for a loss.
  • VSA/H2H Match: 10 Crescent Points for a win – 8 Crescent Points for a tie and 6 Crescent Points on a loss.

Earn Skill Boosts, Training XP, Coins, Eclipse Tokens, and Gold players by following the Central Path. You’ll come across nodes along the Central Path that will open a Side Path. The Ligue 1 players listed below are the final prizes for these paths.

These are the rewards you will get:

Claire de Lune FIFA Mobile Rewards
Central Path Rewards
Claire de Lune FIFA Mobile Rewards
Side Path Rewards
Eclipse (Act II)

You can use your Eclipse Token on the Eclipse Offer in this chapter to win players and other incentives.

Eclipse Offer
Earn Eclipse Tokens in the Central Path, which you may use in Act II – Eclipse to get some fantastic goodies. When you claim an Eclipse player, he or she is replaced with a different reward.

Eclipse Meter
You will receive 1 Eclipse Score for the Eclipse Meter each time you claim the Eclipse Offer. When you reach an Eclipse Score of 8, the metre will be full, and your next claim will be a guaranteed Eclipse Player (until all Eclipse Players have been claimed). After claiming an Eclipse Player, the Eclipse Meter will reset.


In Acts I and II, Clair de Lune participants will receive special player cards. The whole list is as follows:

Act I
  • LM: Payet (94)
  • ST: Dembele (92)
  • CDM: Bakayoko (90)
  • CB: Djiku (87)
  • GK: Lafont (86)
  • RW: Oudin (86)
  • LB: Maouassa (82)
  • ST: Guirassy (78)
Act II
  • CB: Kimpembe (91)
  • ST: Laborde (89)
  • GK: Maignan (88)
  • CM: Cyprien (87)
  • CF: De Preville (85)
  • CAM: Autret (84)
  • CB: Kolodziejczak (83)
  • CDM: Santamaria (83)
  • ST: Ripart (82)
  • RB: Amian (81)

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