FIFA Mobile 21 Beta

FIFA Mobile Beta

FIFA Mobile New Season (2020-2021) Beta program was not available for the community. FIFA Mobile 21 New Season (2020-2021) is available to download since 2 November 2020 on iOS and Android platforms.

The space for beta client is limited. EA Sports are giving limited users the access to FIFA Mobile 21 Beta app. Currently, 2,500 users got access to test the beta version and EA will give another 2,500 users to try the beta in the next batch.

FIFA Mobile beta testers will have the chance to experience, test and provide feedback on some of the new features and changes coming by downloading the new FIFA Mobile Beta. Here is a guide for you to learn how to download and install FIFA Mobile Beta Client app.

How to Join and Download FIFA Mobile Beta

FIFA Mobile Beta will be available for both iOS and Android. We will have the how to join instruction as well as the download links here soon.

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