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  1. I want vidic, achris eagles, gerald pique, giusepe rossi, kieran richardson to have real looking face. not a default face. Real faces for top league clubs. 1st division teams.All players.

  2. I have been playing both the Fifa series and Fifa Manager series for years, and I would just like to say that overall I think the Fifa Manager series has so far been living up to its potential more than the Fifa series.
    Every year so far you manage to introduce new ways to improve the game and so far they have all payed off.
    But I think one of the majour problems with this game is that they do not gamble on the player ratings and instead go for the safe option by making the best young players now, the best through out the game with very few current youth players being rated highly at all. This is aso the same with some of the first team players as I think that some of the players who are not in the limelight everyday get underrated. Some of the top teams have over rated players and subs (not the star players but the rest of the team).
    I would like to see Fifa Manager take some risks and predict some of the quality players to shine through, or at least give them a chance instead of staying safe on the current top youth players coming through.

  3. i have always wished to have a deep management game that allows you to control the the players during the match instead of watching a simulation. I.e fifa 07 fused with fifa football manager 07. How about doing this and charging extra, so when we buy our next game we can choose the basic fifa 08 or basic Fifa manager 08 or fifa manager 08 fused with fifa 08. After watching the video for Fifa Manager 08 and seeing how deep it has gone, i am already wishing i could phone up and get them to have the option of loading fifa 08 to fifa Manager 08 because that would be my idea of the ultimate football game.

    One day i am sure it will happen i just hope Fifa do it.

  4. i thik you shoul let create your own team bu whit your own flag what i mean is to create the forme o the flag if you dont under stand send me a menssage

  5. PLZ PLZ PLZ MAKE FIFA MANAGER 08 ON PS2!!!!!!! MY LAPTOP CANT TAKE IT AND IVE BEEN ON IT AND ITS CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! also b able 2 watch youth matches and for the lower leagued teams, we should be able 2 get a photo on the internet and upload it on2 the game so that the lower league players have photos 2 thanx plz consider the multi-platform idea.

  6. In my opinion the Fifa Manager 08 or the one after that should concentrate on youth players and it should be possible to lure youth players anway from any team in the world at any given time by offering them contracts or making promises such as “In 2 to 3 years time you will become a professional in my team if you continue training hard!”.
    The youth camps should also not take so long to build, they should be finished after half a season at most! And another cool thing would be if you could sent your youth team coach or your scouts to scout for good young players anywhere. Except for the youth coach he would go around the city and look for talented players in school and in other small football clubs and then if he found a good one he would lure him away to your youth academy. And the scouts they should be able to go to Brazil and hold trials with a few to over 100 players for a specific age group depends on the popularity of the football club the scouts are from. A youth coach should only be for a specific age group for example the u 12s, u 14s, u 16s, u 18s and the reserve (u 21s). And the younger the players the easier it should be for them to improve their abilities!

  7. it enchants me that tribunes and swollen had flags, that sang musics since they make it in fact, which shoes could be created and that can be put of white color, not only gray

  8. To my and many people of here of South America, it enchants to us that they put leagues of America, are already Uruguayan, Argentine… also cups, like the liberators, the South American cup, that stops we are like the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE for you

  9. it would be great with a music number when the hometeam run out, and in the championsleague should there also be the traditional melodi

  10. Hello-fifa 2007 is the best sport game in the world
    one of thing that i see is ( Fifa2007 , viewrs sound – )
    And clever goalkeeper .
    be nice

  11. This should be a must for fifa 08. be able to make more than one line up so you have it ready when your playing the ecc the cup and the league… changing players constantly gets annoying and confusing….also has anyone noticed that every time its a night game its raining.

  12. another thing can you please rate the players how they should be rated please e.g akos buszaky is a brilliant player and he was only rated little on fm07 so can you rate the players how they should be rated please. Thank you…

  13. I think the stadiums should be more real as when i was plymouth argyle on fm 07 the stadium looked nothing like it does in real life. So i tried putting it how it should be n i went in debt but if the stadium was already alright i wouldnt of been in debt. When doing the stadium i think we should have more stadium control tools. and if anyone knows when fm08 comes out can you please tell me. Thank you…

  14. Practicas en manager y que los jugadores no tengan gran diferencia de destreza o que no coticen mucho ni poco!!!que tengan mas presentacion como por ejemplo cuando juegan de visitantes que muestre desde cuando bajan de obnibus hasta entrar al estadio y que progrecen deportivamente en lo que mas se destacan ej: si patea fuerte que desarrolle esa habilidad al maximo.Gracias Espero que entiendan los que les escribi.PD:queremos ver la liga Argentina en el Proximo Fifa 08

  15. Have the Colombian league and the other leagues in South America BESIDES Brazil or Mexico

    Also bring back the GREAT announcers from Spain… the current announcers in spanish are horrible, heck give us a choice like the 2003 version for the xbox, with english, spanish, italian, or french or german.

  16. 1. Put the Cypriot League….For help with name and etc send me hotmail
    2. See Youth team matches
    3. See Team Training drills and speak on team or each player (like Half – Time)
    4. See 3d in changing room(Half – Time speak)
    5. Build and Manage the price at the Stadium (cafe,sandwish,Canteen,etc…..)
    6. Do alone training on Player-Manager
    7. See Team, MVP take the cup at the stadium and make effects
    …..and other realistic thing u can get from u brain….

  17. 1.the teams wich are in england in the 3rd league have pictures and teams which are in UCL haven’t(olimpiakos,tska moscova,steaua,psv)
    2.the gameplay much real
    3.every long boll shouldn’t goes out and every free kicks is 90% goul the game the tactics should be very important not free runs and the defenders should fight for ball not stay and watch the player
    5.including more tourments like copa america,african and asian cup and in uefa cup groupe stage not be two teams from one country
    6.i don’t know why teams like russians ore romanians who are very strong are very quick eliminate from europeans trophies and why in 2rd qualifing round of UCL are going to play fenerbahce vs. steaua like in fm 07
    7.gameplay like fifa 07 but the pitch to be longer
    8.the game is to fast
    9.the teams plays to risky when have 1 goal advantage

  18. I want to play with my team not only watch the match, the first season its fine, but then its really boring only watching and not playing

  19. ===Sorry For Bad English===
    Please add the indonesia league…..
    Please include Programs for edit Kits and Badge…..
    ===Thank For Attention===

    With Respect, Arif Fream

  20. Ohh yea the game editor could sure be made more detailed.

    Do allow us to edit the player’s original picture. For instance, if we add a new player and want ot add their photograph in .tga format, that should be allowed.

  21. I have been playing FIFA’s series of this management game for sometime now since the TCM series.

    Well, in my point of view, FIFA MANAGER 07 has really improved a lot since the TCM series, it is more fun to play than Football Manager.

    Well, I feel this is where the bridge should be built. If EA can grab this market of Football Manager, then it will be the best game out there.

    I personally like the features such as going public, handling all the financial details of the club, investments, debts, budgets, stadium expansions, facilities. These are great add-ons to the game that keep it fun, and keep me wanting to play it more and more unlike the Football Manager, which lacks all of these.

    I dont use the 3D Engine in FIFA Manager, as I find it is in bad shape. I would prefer if EA could re-introduce the option to play a match out in FIFA 08 or 07. That would be great.

    I also feel EA should add more the fun features, the financial elements of the game. It gives us more tinkering, I feel. For instance, there should be options to repurchase the shares of the club, de-list the club and become private, more shareholders interaction with the club, like what they expect for that season, and if it is met, would they inject more funds, dividend payouts, i think this part of the game has a large potential for improvement. Yes, some might feel, all this is nonsense, but I do feel EA has created a niche and I love this part of the game, most of us would. It adds something more than just tactics and winning and transfers. It gives me more reason to play the game, to see the share price rise or fall based on performance, invest money and get good profits at the end of the year. It’s really interesting, and I applaud EA for keeping this feature in the game.

    We should also be allowed to invest in other clubs or stocks of other clubs and earn profit from it by selling it off or even losing money. I also feel that the manager should be allowed to purchase shares in other clubs to increase his own assets or wealth and sell it and so on. It would be great if EA could add this on as well.

    I also feel, EA should add an option for the players to like a certain manager or player within a club. If the player likes the manager for instance, he listens to the manager, works harder, will want to follow the manager to other clubs, etc;

    Similar to that point, EA should also look at the rivalry between managers. Put in those mind-games and let us tinker away. The half-time talks and the personal talks throughout the game has been done well. But it lacks this mind-games, will certainly make FIFA Manager more exciting.

    There are currently restrictions on the youth camps. I feel, either more areas should be included, or more camps should be allowed. Similar to that, training camps location should be increased.

    EA should also instead of using player photos that are 3d generated, could try to get some real life photos for the upcoming youngsters. Anyone would do, this is done in Football Manager. This would add some authenticity to the game as we progress further and further in the game when all the current talents might have retired and so on.

    I also feel there should be options to sign more scouts or additional assistant managers to the club. Additional scouts can be sent to look for talents and another assistant manager could help out elsewhere.

    I also noticed that there are some minor defects in the game like, unable to view the Champs League Group and the next round fixtures and so on, or even the FA Cup or the League Cup. Like in Football Manager, you will be able to see the next fixture, ie for the Semi-Finals, what was the result and then the Final.. That should be worked on.

    National team choice should also be available to the managers. We should be able to select or start in any national team. The selection can be same like the club, but the FA has the choice to accept or reject the application, another important addition from Football Manager.

    I like the personal life and the personal sponsors, the luxury items, so on. Really good thing done by EA. But, I’m sure those areas can be improved further, try to get some real brands to sponsor the managers, like Adidas, Nike, Tesco, etc; same goes for the ad-boards and the club sponsors. While this is not so important, it would add authenticity to the game, which is what we all want. The children could also make it as professional footballers in my point of view, they can become gems of players in the future. EA could work on that as well.

    Besides those points highlighted, I feel the game has been pretty impressive. Just some bits lacking from what I have experienced in Football Manager. If EA could add those portions in, I am sure FIFA Manager would be a much better game that it already is.

  22. it would be coll if you could put your players on a customised diet like one for speed or power or a balanced diet which distibutes speed and power equally

  23. another point you could add is a leauge for certain clubs like you could put all the top clubs in one leauge and get lover so it would make it harder for those who chose man utd and easier for those who chos a loewr level team. But celtic should be in top leauge:D:D

  24. as a manager in FM 08,when u’ll have kids and stuff i think it would be great if your kids could train football in the youth teams that you manage and maybe with a hard work they became Professional Footballers…and they could play for your team,or maybe you can loan them out(and than get mail from your son that he’s not happy about going in lower division or something)…also your grandchildren could train in your youth team sector…

  25. And why do I see another country within Serbia’s boarders on FIFA Manager 08 screenshots? Has it become an independent country and nobody is aware of it but EA ? The same problem occurred in the 07 . Don’t let it happen again !

  26. In FIFA Manager 07 I took control of a team in Serbian league. Imagine my surprise when I figured out that NO REAL PLAYERS were in it. Instead, I found a bunch of randomly generated players. I am sure that there are more of those kind of leagues in the game although I don’t really know.
    More cars, real names of Champions League, UEFA Cup and Intertoto cup (obtaining licence can’t cost too much).
    It would be nice to separate the process of manager making and make it so that you can play several games with the same manager. For instance, I make a new manager and I play in one league for a certain amount of time. Then, let’s say I got bored and want to start a new game with the same manager and in another league. And when I say ‘the same manager’, I don’t mean only the same name and the time of birth, I also mean level, financial status, languages learnt, etc. This way I get to play another game with the same manager as in some of my previous games without spending time to build him up again.

  27. i think the most important thing to improve in FIFA MANAGER 08 is the memory usage …

    cuz we have to close all the applications to play the game ….

    ALso … the Tactis should me controlled freely … an example if u play offensive ur passes change also … i want it to be free to control … Thanks

  28. I think the next fm08 should be more user-friendly. i noticed the main news center screen when clicked the player’s details, you cant make a transfer, player talk, etc. from there.

    Manager and Staff need to have their real names.

    The longest injuries i had seen is 3months?

    After a few years some of the player’s wage is crazy.

    Board’s expectation – i clicked to the fullest. and won all the cups, but at the end of the season, some expectation not met? why is it so? as i’ve won all competition..

    Can’t view competition/cup stages. for example i cant view what’s my standing or position in Champion’s League group. i can only view it at after match screen (from the latest result or something like tht)

    After age of 30 players get lousy. hope FM08 released players won’t get lousy tht fast. cuz i think professional players can still be in tip top condition till bout age 33.

    Scrap of tht unconditional/conditional license thing. i’ve won all the cups have 400mil pound. but i can’t buy players?? sigh..

    Next unread button – should be read from the oldest to the latest, instead of the other way round.

    Divorced with my wife.. and what happen to my children??? gone with the wind?

    More sports cars please… instead of boring hyudai’s.. pictures for some (like castle in scotland, swimming pool, etc) looks dull and cheap..

  29. The most important thing is to have a game without bugs!
    It would be nice if the Dutch Eredivisie and Dutch Jupiler League, complete with the second teams and youth teams, together with the Dutch Cup and Dutch Supercup could be in the game and also the national team of the Netherlands.
    When playing in 3D mode, it would be handy if you could see the ratings of the players during the game without having to go to the team tactics screen. Hopefully the 3D mode will be even more realistic.
    A huge database of players would also be very welcome.

  30. i think that fifa manager needs to have holland team and that the current managers and assistant managers need to have the real names. also please put soccer school and academy on FIFA Manager 08, by this feature you have to first learn management and then start the managing. FIFA Manager 08 should have the feature that lets you be a FAN too. It’s a long shot, but on the rare occasion, like 1 in 10,000 or something, have a match postponed due to waterlogged pitch or in winter, snow.

  31. Make the manager more intresting like have alot of money more sponsors like uniforms sponsors that show you the uniforms of your team.

  32. i think you need when players get a red card or beeing injuried should we see that they go into the changing room, or a car coming and take the injuried player with him, we should also see the manager and the bench run cheering and happy and the same if a goal going in, the manager should look discontented.

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