FIFA 23 Wishlist

FIFA 23 Wishlist

Write your wishlist & ideas for FIFA 23 game here. Write about the new features that you think should be included in upcoming FIFA 23 game. Put down your creative ideas that could change the game, and share your suggestions by writing down here.

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  1. I think it would be an amazing feature if you could make new kits for your team after the season ends (just like when you create your own team’s outfit). Because there are new kits every year in real life aswell and this would be much more realistic.

  2. My vote = VAR (Video Assistant Referee) adding on FIFA 23 and maybe it is time for adding “SHOW THE COMMENTER”! That you can see the commenter. Ray Hudson (from Lionel Messi) should be added as commentary option.

  3. 5 Updates That Have Needed To Happen To Online Play For A Decade+:
    1. An easy way to see lag in a game, and whose end it’s on. If my own internet connection is poor it should be obvious so I can fix it.
    2. In situations of bad lag there should be an easy way to opt out of the match with no penalty. No one wants to play a slow stuttery game for twice the amount of time as a regular game
    3. Ability to change your team’s uniform at the start of the match. I don’t want to squint at a screen because I have a light blue jersey, and the other team has a medium blue jersey during a sunny match.
    4. Surrender option. If I’m behind 5 goals with 10 minutes left in the game, I’d prefer to just surrender rather than pull the plug on my console and crash the game, I’m sure the other guy would prefer that as well. What percentage of games aren’t fully completed? I’d guess more than 33%, that should tell you how necessary this is
    5. When someone does drop out of a game, let us still see the match highlights! Every goal we score is a cherished memory, and someone dropping out of the game in the 91st minute shouldn’t rob me of reliving my glory

    Bonus: Ability to rematch an opponent. Worth it for Fifa because less match-making involved, worth it to me and my opponent because we both want to play each other, and know that lag is low.

  4. You should add ref Carer mode so you can give out yellow cards red cards and all that stuff which would be so fun

  5. You should be able to set the scene in career mode for example start a career mode with a struggling man United team or derby ask to sign you to help get them back to the top flight.

  6. I have discovered that it happens each time you leave a club and sign for another club every progress you made in the previous club both the signing of new players will suddenly disappear and you will start over again when returned to the previous club you left before signing for another please solve that problem because it not right in football, add medical teams during injuries on field, add new number of substitutions, add lines men referee, add numbers of trophy each in every competition, make the hairs and looks of players good and make the FIFA football 2023 season game more very competitive to play because we win every trophy all season and computer won’t win one so it boring at that.

  7. Hello
    I am a teenager and fifa is my favourite game and i would like to improve it by adding : more national teams (Africa, Asia..) , kid’s team and league , more leagues (like arabic leaugues…) VAR , more volta stadium , Maybe beach soccer , freekick easier
    And also add sponsor to manager career

  8. Increase the subs allowed as per the newer rules
    Increase the number of teams to 24 for the Euros in the game.

  9. You guys should add the numbers of trophies won in each competition so that we can know how many times we have won a cup, and add lifting of trophy by players during each cup celebrations in each tournament.

  10. Added women leagues and career …added staff option which can sign your favorite staff like assistant coach and …

  11. Please make FIFA football game to stop clashing during the seventh seasons of game play and save, it doesn’t pass beyond the seventh seasons when it clashes it destroys everything I have built in my team the players I bought and it starts all over again from season one please look into it see why it clashes and solve it for us because I love playing seasons non stop.

  12. After each season let us have the list of players with highest goals down to the list and other accolades each season.
    Champions League song should be heard before champions league matches when players are coming out to the field for line ups and for anthem pledge.

  13. FIFA we want you to make android FIFA 23 game graphics more beautiful put new players reactions, medics arriving to the field when player gets injured.
    Make fifa23 very competitive in manager mode and friendly matches with computer competing well and not every season I well win every trophies and computer will not, the professional mode should be strong competition with computer.
    The player looks should be handled very well to make the game more fun to play and appetizing. Add new celebrations and new reactions of players, let us have managers view on the side lines giving instruction to players expressing their selves when things go wrong.
    You guys should give us the best football FIFA game for Android phone users let it at least look like video games so that we can enjoy our own on phone in offline and online mode am begging you guys please do this and you will make me a happy guy.
    Computer should compet well in the transfer window. I love you guys.

  14. I want icons in fifa 23 to use in career mode like nba 2k and i would like you to be able to use real life managers such as Antonio conte pep gudiola and much more

  15. add more African hairstyles

    •See the player going to the advert and sign for them like Nike or Adidas . You can see the player or manager signing the contract

    •Photo of The players lifting the trophy

    •Ballon d or entrance like real life

    •Add more national team

    •add a third kit customization and also the goalkeepers kit customization

    •U-19 or U-23 team. I’m tired of Youth Academy players demanding to be promoted to the first team and then sitting on the benching at not playing because they aren’t good enough.

    •add tattoo customizations

    •The next one is related to the previous ones, i.e. the stadium, namely the possibility of building one according to your preferences or enlarging or changing the existing one and related ticket pricing. Different prices would be for the Champions League and other, for example, for the Community Shield, and their sale could affect the budget of the club.

    •Possibility to change sponsors.
    It is extremely difficult and almost impossible thing, but how would it diversify the game. You could choose to sponsor Real Madrid, say Corone Extra, Jordan and Mercedes.

    •The ability to ask the board of directors for funds as it used to be but for some reason has been removed.

    •The trophy room.
    An interactive space where we can see a physical representation of everything we’ve won in, say, a cutscene

    •More leagues.
    Russian,Croatian,Uruguay,Greek,Hungarian Serbian,Czech,Belarusian,Bulgarian,Brazil…

    •Press Conferences.(Player career Mode)
    More precisely, more questions, pre and after match

    •Choosing your coaching staff. Manager assistant, youth trainer, fitness trainer etc.

    •Much more cutscenes. Pre-match, where the coach explains to the players the tactics of how to play in a given match, after buying a player,Possibility to choose which player we will take to the pre-match conference.
    Scenes from outside the world of football, player signing fan autographs, players on the bus before the big game, How the athlete wins the golden ball, the golden shoe. The title of the best young player and the coach, e.g. the coach of the season award. Cutscene will also win the prizes of the coach of the week, the player of the week, series a or premier league,Halftime team talks

    •Realistic Face/Name render for youth academy players. For example, say if the player was Black and plays for england, his parents might be from Nigeria so his surname is different to an English surname, so his name is Samuel Adebayo.

    •Get even more transfer offers, even though you haven’t requested a move.(Player career Mode)

    •Career stat tracking: track how many goals and appearances each player has for your club. It would be nice if the game/commentary celebrated important milestones like 100 caps or breaking the club goal record.

    •Club Legends: When a player retires from your club, have the option to designate them a “club legend”. This puts their name on a list in your trophy room that you can view. It also triggers a retirement ceremony cinematic that takes place before their last home game.

    • interact with social media, teammates and coaches during training. When communicating with coaches, you can ask to play at different positions in the next game.

    •All boots and hairstyles from previous few games to comeback

    •To have his popularity rating increased when the player reaches a certain level like golden ball, top scorer of the competition or championship, best player of the competition or championship which could increase the number of fans of the club and the player.

    •Need information on loaned players. How many games they’ve played how they are improving. A simple monthly report would do.


    •More and better celebrations

    •Add Nations League,Copa América,Euro,African cups,Asia cups and Club World Cup

    •add Glasses

    •More stadium’s

    •New Camera view for Player mode

    •using real life manager

    •being able to buy something with your wages(Player career Mode)

    •import a create a club logo

    •new trophy winners cutscenes/animation

    •possible to watch CPU vs CPU games on career mod

    •More players on the bench and 5-subs in a game

    1. Loved what you wrote. I will add ICON’S on career mode, and maybe classic team, especially the one that EA have exclusive partnerships.

  16. Firstly I want to say a big thank you to EA Fifa Art for giving us joy with their beautiful work.1) My wish to FIFA23 upgrade is to make the players in every club to look like their selves it will give us more joy to play game with each player having the good looks of a player both facial and complete hairstyles.2) In an ongoing match to be able to change players of chose when trying to take free kicks, penalties or corner kicks on the spot during a match like in football TV games.3) please this is important make the game more challenging when playing with Computer in friendly match and leagues it easy to beat computer and always winning trophies every seasons that is very boring in matches and in leagues, make it to be a more fierce competition matches so the when I win a match competition I will be happy I fought well to win it and a player can be relegated .4) During club promotion the logo on the club shirt should change as well like from championship to premier league etc.5) Make coaches to be seen during matches with different mode angry when losing happy when winning etc. 5) more commentaries.6) Make computer compet in buying players in during transfer time to make it more exciting in every season when necessary.7) And mostly make the fields, players and weather more real, have different football for every tournaments and champions league anthem to be song during matches, show teams lining up with refs before a match competitions. If you make all these upgrades I swear it will be more appetizing fun and addictive to play. Thank you FIFA as I look forward for more exciting fifa23 mobile android game .

  17. Personally I would like every national team if possible. But Preferably I would like to see CONCACAF teams, leagues and championships. Haven’t really

  18. I would like it if EA made it possible to watch CPU vs CPU games on career mode and tournament mode. I also wish you could alter lineups in tournament mode. By this I mean I wish I could just add players and remove players from teams in the middle of my tournament to see how different players affect different teams.

  19. You should really add possibility of playing multiplayer career mode. For an example, me and my brother would like to play the same career mode with the different clubs in the same league. Lets say I take Chelsea and he takes Liverpool. We would play in the same league one game each, so he plays his first gameweek and then game automatically switches to my club and the i play my game of the first gameweek and so on. It would be much fun. Like if we aim to sign the same player we could make a bidding race for that player. That’s something I’d really like you guys put in FIFA 23. Also, playing on Ultimate AI I find it very easy to beat my opponents in career mode of FIFA 22, and finish first place every season, which is unrealistic. That’s something you should keep in mind when making FIFA 23 Ultimate AI. It would be nice if opponents defenders would actually track their opposition and be more creative in the attacking third as well. One more things to keep in mind is to make goalkeeper come out when I run one on one with my attacker, instead of just sitting on the line and waiting for me to score a goal. All of this would make career mode and game in general more entertaining. Thanks for reading!

  20. Hello EA. lots of things in career mode that the people say is needed and will make it fun. but something no one is saying but is needed is 5-subs in a game and more than 7 players available to be on the bench 7 players is too low. Thank You for listening

  21. Hello,

    I’m managing a club in pro clubs since FIFA 20 now which consist of friends of mine and other players we were able to recruit over the course of the last 3 years. I never made a post of this kind before but I want to share our collective feedback with the community and hopefully the designers and developers of the next fifa. The list is sorted by importance/urgency of the suggestion, from most important to least important.

    1. Local Multiplayer in Pro Clubs

    I myself and a few other members in the club (and I’m sure lots of members in the community) happen to have friends that visit frequently or family members that live in the same house that also enjoy pro clubs. As of now you can not play together in the same room if you don’t have another monitor, xbox and copy of fifa for every one of them (in my case we would need 4 of each), which makes it impossible to play together. Playing local together on the couch is so much more fun than online miles apart from each other.
    It works in kickoff already so why not in pro clubs? Let the other players log in with their own profile and join the lobby ith their own pro. It wont’t be necessary for them to edit their pro or build whilst in local coop, just let them join the lobby and play with the host on one screen.

    2. Spectator Mode / Substitute Bench

    This can be balanced by obviously capping it at 3 subs per game and also adding a switch that you can enable and disable for matchmaking so you wont face teams with substitute if you don’t use them yourself. Also this might require a limited amount of pauses to be added to the game like in other modes.

    3. Improve Leveling Skill Tree / More Control over Player Stats

    There are many builds which are not possible because of the way the skill tree works. Often you’re forced to take a certain stat you don’t need in order to acquire another. Also the default stats are too high and therefore wasted on some positions (f. ex. 50+ default defense on strikers). I advocate for full control over our pros stats and traits, I want to be able to control exactly how much I put in each category. If I want a haaland like striker (6’4 (194cm) with 90pac 90sho 65pas 80dri 45def 88 phy), I would like to be able to get those stats as close to him as possible too. Of course stats like pace have to be more expensive in order to balance this system.

    4. Ability to save more than 1 player at a time.

    A welcome addition would be the ability to save a different player (name, face, boots, animation etc.) on each of your build slots, so the player changes with the build. Alternatively let us save and organize our creations better so we can switch appearances more quickly.

    5. Current Build Only Stats are Displayed

    Whenever you join a club in pro clubs, the manager of that club will get a look at your total stats, which might look something like: 500games 80goals 30assists … now if you applied as a striker those stats don’t look good at all but the manager won’t be able to see that 400 of those games you played as a centerback. So now your ability as a striker will be judged by stats you mainly acquired by playing as centerback. Instead you could be displaying the striker position only stats to the manager which could be something like: 50games 40goals 20assists … that would look a lot better and players wouldn’t be misjudged as easily. The manager still can check all other stats when viewing your pro in the players menu.

    6. More Game Stats

    Some managers (me included) love to document all the stats they can in order to improve certain areas of their game (strategy, players etc.), so having access to all those stats outside the ingame stats menu would be greatly appreciated. The stats are already calculated and displayed by the game, so why not let me view them again at a later point, The game history in the club menu would be a good place for that for example.

    6. More Cosmetics, Real Player Running Animations (if possible)

    7. Players are able to choose their icon colours in the lobby

  22. First of all it would be a good idea if UEFA Nations League was added in fifa 23, with more national teams. We could also add the greek league in the game.

  23. Add a friendly game mode where you and your friend each make a Draft squad and then 1v1 each other kinda like a FUT draft but vs your friend. Thank You.

  24. Add ability to save replays. Allow players to access legends or legendary team without Ultimate Team. Use better game engines like Unreal 5. Online abandoned multiplayer games should let you finish versus computer at an adjustable difficulty setting. Create a referee. Add beach soccer mode.

  25. Be able to change hair styles and beards of real players. Especially in career mode. And some sort of World cup / Euro tournament.

  26. My friend and I have been playing fifa together and against one another since Fifa 11. Co-op modes make the game so much more entertaining. I would love to see a co-op career mode added to the game. Make it so both players have access to the career mode save, make changes to the team, buy/sell players, and basic career mode functions. I truly believe this would be a hit and everyone would love playing and progressing a club through a co-op career mode.

    1. I want the ratings to be fair Messi doesn’t deserve 93 and ronaldo is under rated he deserves more than 91 and we want the mix team mode that we can choose four different teams and the game choose random players and random manger and make the mangers have more ability to do in the game

  27. I would like that Fifa 23
    – VAR
    – Penalty Shoot and Freekick Easier
    -Sporting Clube Portugal Stadium (Team of Champions League)

  28. I would simply just like to see more hair styles and beards along with tattoos for create a player.

  29. Bonjour
    il manque les équipes de petits pays style sherif tiraspol mais aussi armenie, géorgie, azerbadjan,kahzakstan
    Les équipes qui jouent les coupes d’europe
    il manque des clubs africains pour simuler une ligue des champions afrique et il manque aussi des clubs asiatiques iran, qatar, koweit, thailande par exemple
    Bien sur plus il y a d’équipes nationales mieux c’est.

  30. After winning a cup/league or trophy I would like to see the manager,the owners and the staff celebrating with the players on the field,lifting the cup together,popping champagne’s like it happens in real life after a team wins a final or league.
    I would also like to see records kept,history kept,for example:First time in history Chelsea wins all competitions in the same season also after a player breaks the goal record the exact goals scored must be kept.

  31. Couple of suggestions to add passion to the sport with in the game, During international an European tournament games have a different commentary team. For example premier league league has basic commentators for game but when a champions league game is on or during international games like world cup they have different commentary i think it just brings something different to every game an would add to the experience also during penalty shoot outs it is very rushed when there is no need to be, maybe show every player put ball on spot before the penalty an just have abit more time with the players celebration or dismay if missed an on the decisive one show the players walk up to box an place ball spot i reckon this will make penalty shoot outs more dramatic an bring tension to the game if to much maybe not for online but defo for single game modes like career.

  32. There should be a referee career mode.
    I want more realistic referee names.
    That you are the boss of the referees and that during a tournament (WK) you make the indications yourself, including the VAR.

  33. When you scout players, you should be able to watch a clip of them playing to decide if you want to buy them or not. Also, more features for the Nintendo Switch.

  34. Fut.rivals
    We need a win cap in rivals each division need to have a cap for wins. So if u get to say like div1 rank 2 u can have a win cap of say like 3,6,9,12,15 so u can have more motive to get more games in once i hit the 8 wins i stop. Each division should have this win cap. Once u have 8 wins u can only rank up no better rewards even if your hard stuck say div 2 rank 2 and u youre stuck u cant get any better rewards. if have 15 wins but cant get promoted why should i not get better rewards then someone who got 8 wins and stops playing

  35. Add managers to choose from at start of career, less crowds for lower league teams, players requesting transfers, reserve scores so you know who’s doing well in your second team, international u21 etc…, injury set backs and injury boosts, assistant managers ie retired players etc, previous season achievements mentioned by commentators, more realistic transfers like teams actually from the same nation buying each other’s players. All simple little things to make it a more realistic manager experience including just being able to watch the game in manager mode proving in game tactics and shouts etc…

  36. One of the things that bother me most is this attribute Game play. I have been a gamer since it all started and so I think my thoughts should be counted for.let players pick the teams they want and play more by handicap.It would bring in potentially alot more players online and make the game much more competitive for a more rounded out house. Also, don’t let the same team play against each other. I’ve been gaming since 1976.


  38. Hey EASPORTS team, first of all I wanna say that I’m a big fan of the FIFA game, and I have been playing FIFA since 9 years, and it just keeps getting better every year. I don’t have any complaints regarding the game but I do have one little advice for the next game (FIFA 23) that is the commentators in the game are just fine I mean they are not the best, they do not give us the feel of joy sometimes, and that’s what I expect as a huge football fan. You can try adding the world’s best commentator PETER DURY to the game, and try to make it more realistic by adding more commentators to the game. So that we can be happy while scoring a late equaliser or a late winner.

    1. In Volta mode I need to be able to recruit new players. Need players on bench so we can change them like on FIFA 20 and FIFA 21. FIFA 22 is boring playing the same 5 players.

      I like to see football tennis. Maybe beach football.

      Also I would like to see more women teams added.

  39. I would like that Fifa 23 to have Peter Drury commentator, Appearance of the stadium before kick-off,Random fan running in the fan during game time,Medical aids appearance on the field to treat the player,celebrates in the VIP section during the match,

  40. Maybe add substitutions to pro clubs whre we will b able to make sub in pro clubs coz sumtimes u hve to bounce den u need quite nd leave ur team with a short player wre u cn just make a substitution

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