FIFA 22 – How to Upgrade & Carryover from PS4 to PS5

FIFA 22 Upgrade to PS5

You may upgrade your copy of FIFA 22 on PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 for free with the Dual Entitlement feature in FIFA 22, if you are having a FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition copy.

This feature will allow you to transfer all of your FIFA 22 data and progress, including FUT progress and data, from your existing console to the new one.

Take note that the Standard Edition copy of FIFA 22 is not upgradeable from PS4 to PS5. If you’re having a Standard Edition copy, you will need to buy a copy of FIFA 22 for PS5.

How to Upgrade Your FIFA 22 Copy to PlayStation 5

Install your purchased FIFA 22 (Ultimate Edition) PS4 game on your PS4 either by downloading it from the shop or transferring it from the disc to upgrade your FIFA 22 from PS4 to PS5.

Once you’ve installed FIFA 22 on your PS5, you’ll be able to play it on your PS5. Take part in the game. The notice message that you need to install the upgrade version will appear on the loading screen before the game loads entirely.

When the upgrade is finished. On your PlayStation 5, you can play the Next-gen version of FIFA 22.

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23 thoughts on “FIFA 22 – How to Upgrade & Carryover from PS4 to PS5

  1. My problem seems to be finding and loading my Career progress from PS4 to PS5. I have transferred my data already.
    Ultimate team is there, career isn’t

  2. I bought the PS4 Standard Edition FIFA 22, but then ended up getting a PS5. I understand I’ll have to buy the PS5 edition, but once I buy it, will my data from the PS4 standard edition transfer over, or will I have to start over?

    1. Hello i downloaded fifa 22 on ps4 but transferred it to ps5 but i cant play my mate over the internet can you help please…email me

  3. if i put the ps4 fifa 22 standard edition of fifa into my ps5 it starts downloading but then doesn’t get past 3% is this a glitch or supposed to happen

      1. I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic.
        Who in their right mind would think a PS5-disc is compatible with PS4-tech that’s a decade old?

    1. Yeah suuuure you can:p
      If it doesn’t work the first couple of tines, try hitting your console hard with a hammer or similar object.

  4. That isn’t fair you have to have a ultimate team edition to play PS4 FIFA22 on PS5 why can’t standard version be the same too

    1. That is part of EASprts and Sony marketing strategy to push sales and extract few more dollars from standard users. Good luck.

    2. Seems fair paying less and expecting the same. I went to Skoda the other day paid for a Skoda but didn’t get Bugatti Veyron as expected wtf is that all about

  5. Hello;

    I don’t understand i have fifa 22 on ps5 standard Edition but i cant find ronaldo in mancher united. When i try update its says i have the latest version please help.

  6. Hello I have a question can i play the ps4 version of fifa 22 on my ps5 once i download the ultimate edition on my ps5 or will i need to buy it on the ps4

  7. Can i change my fifa 22 standard edition to ultimate edition and pay more money .
    Plz answer soon
    I can’t play

  8. If my brother bought the ultimate edition on PS4 on his own account, will i be able to play on ps5 on my own account or does it only upgrade within the same account

  9. Will I be able to play PS4 and ps5 version of fifa 22 on my ps5 and will someone be able to play PS4 version of fifa on PS4 while I play ps5 version on my ps5 with game share

    1. I can’t play my FIA 22 on my new ps5 can you help.. I’ve installed it from my PS4 and just a white screen the graphics in the menu screen are all white aswell..
      Just wondering if you can give me some advise as just got this for my Christmas and can’t get it working which is so frustrating
      Thanks a lot..
      Matthew Dow

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