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Have you had a chance to play FIFA 22 yet? What did you think of the game? Is there anything you’d like to share with the community as feedback or a comment?

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  1. Facts: EA can’t make a game that satisfies everyone, they have been making football games for years and yet they suck!

    What they should do is: Support KONAMI to build a great football game and make one brand but please do NOT hire any EA engineers or designers – just use the KONAMI resources and we, the football lovers, will eventually get a great football game!!

    EA, you can’t manage to bring a nice football game at all – it’s been the case for years and with FIFA 2022 you have actually tried something different in the gameplay but again it’s sooo bad! The passing, the shooting etc.

    If the game wants you to lose the match, it will slow down your gameplay. Your players will be sluggish as hell and you can’t change that. So basically if you want to win, you need to pay… What a disgusting way of implementing things – I don’t enjoy the gameplay at all!

  2. So, where to begin. I like the general gameplay. However, what I do not like are myriad and far-reaching. Manger feedback in Be A Pro, or whatever it’s called now, is just awful. I’ve scored 30 goals in 36 league games, I pick up a yellow card, which means I’m suspended for the next match and receive feedback saying how ‘disappointed’ he is by my general play and effort and that he’s ‘not sure he can count on me’ as a player.

    The in-game challenges are also shit. No team I have ever played for in Be A Pro is capable of more than about 40% possession, yet this is a challenge I’m supposed to affect as one player? Also, I somehow managed to fail a target of 8.5 match rating despite getting exactly an 8.5 match rating.

    Its probably best I don’t even begin to list the retarded behaviour of the AI controlled team mates. Why does the goalie run toward the corner flag? Why do defenders play lobbed passes back to the goalie when he’s on the goal line? Why is it both realistic and completely unrealistic at the same time? And why doesn’t Emile Smith-Rowe have a digitised face yet?

    There’s so much wrong with this game. Stop creating shit extra things and get the fucking game right.

  3. Why on earth do you not allow private teams in volta and take arcade mode out outside of the weekends?
    The volta matchmaking is so painfully slow and it is because you can never find people to fill each of the 4 spots on a team. If we simply were able to just play individually or with friends it would make team matchmaking so much easier. Why is it now impossible to score unless you have a power up?
    PLEASE ADD VOLTA ARCADE THAT IS AVAILABLE DURING THE WEEK. It is disgraceful to only enable it during the week. We cant even do private volta arcade matches that are offline?

    So many simple additional functions to the menu would make this game so much more fun. All you need to do is add it to the menu, no gaming development required.

    And is crossplay ever going to be allowed?

    EA sports you are better than this.

  4. Its a little bit annoying that the players you arent controlling doesnt chase the opponent with the ball if he rund past. As soon as i am not controlling a player they just stand there like bots. And when i press l1 to change players it never goes to the right one, sometimes it changed to a player behind the attacker when you want to change to a CB for insurance. And lastet it is unrealistic that everytime a defender blocks og takes the ball it shots 10-15 meters every time and players fall to the ground or just stand there for 5 second before chasing it again

    1. I agree with Robert the play of any defender not controlled by you is terrible. The right and left halfback basically refuse to guard their man. I feel like I paid for a down graded game and the Europa conference league. Unless there is an upgrade to fix this problem, this will be the last time I purchase a Fifa game.

  5. Thinking about never buying fifa again I put hundreds in to just get 80 rated players over and over again

  6. Seriously why does the net always make loud sound anytime a ball enters the net. It always feel like your hitting the goal post every time.

  7. Create a club and customizing the kits and stadium is an excellent feature included in FIFA 22. couple of feedbacks :
    1. The option should be there to choose the shirt,shorts and socks separately
    2. Should have an option to choose from few shirt sponsors

  8. Can we please have the old matchmaking back? I was looking forward to being able to join up with friends in a drop in match but I was hoping this was also optional. This new system takes FOREVER or doesn’t work at all. I only play Pro and it’s been so boring to play either 1v5 or with a team of total scrubs. At least make the drop ins work! Please?!

  9. You guys totally ruined Volta! Why would you take away solo play online when this game is full of ball hogs ?!!!, I’ve won like 20 games and I’m still in division 6 . This is a major disappointment to me because I love Volta but after this idk now man ‍♂️‍♂️

  10. Something needs to be done about the amount of extra time added in matches. In a match where the score is 2-1 (one opponent is winning by a single point ) more time should be added As a opposed to a game where someone is clearly winning by 3 or 4 goals where it’s impossible to have a comeback

  11. It’s feel really frustrated to play squad battle on professional difficulty and feel like legendary level. AIs were so fast and skillful even low rate players. The ball always bounced back to them no matter what I did which really annoying and unfair. Please look into this matter and make the game more fun to play. At least make the semi-pro and pro difficulty levels more related, cause its feel so difference.

  12. My player has been injured twice now and i find it very frustrating that you loose manager rating when you can’t play or train… It has ruined two seasons for me and i don’t understand why they would do it like that. I was the best player on the team until the injury and now i can’t get back into the starting formation and I’m on the transfer list… Also, the match goals need to be adjusted for how long you’re on the pitch. How am I supposed to get a 7.5 rating when I’m playing for 11 minutes? Once you’re on the bench you’re pretty much stuck there until the and of the season, when you can train and get back up into the starting XI, because having to play games as a sub is killing your manager rating, due to a lack of time to complete the goals.

    Also pretty annoying is that once you’re on the transfer list, you can’t seem to get yourself of again. You could be the most important player for your team, they’ll still want to get rid of you.

  13. Why is it so easy for the computer to score on me yet the computer keeper plays like Donnarumma in the Euro’s?!?! I swear I shoot and there’s no chance of it going in. I play the ultimate team squad battles on professional and still lose at least once a day with a great team. I just thru my controller across the room and shut the game off because I couldn’t get a shot off against a 78 rated team, yet I beat 84’s all day until the computer says “Nope, time for this jackàss to lose” I’m so sick of spending time and money only to lose against a computer team. It’s like you force me to lose bc I win a few matches. It’s bullshit and I’m seriously about to break the disc and mail it back to you with a picture of my dogs butthole. You’ve made me hate the game that made me a soccer fan to begin with. F it, I’m going back to 2K and Madden!!!

  14. I’ve been playing fifa since the early 90s.
    These new ones look great but that’s where the fun stops. I can’t put finger on exactly why but it’s just not like it used to be. It’s like ea try to be too clever and are failing. I’ve lost count of the amount of strange things that happen during gameplay. The a.i goes from 0- 100 in the final minute, I’ve lost so many games to last minute worldies it’s actually offensive. And getting skilled up by an a.i cb in the 85 th minute doesn’t promote sportsmanship at all and isn’t realistic unless you are 70s Brazil. I don’t play online because people take liberties, but you put rivals on this year and the computer does it even worse, I fail to see how that’s even a thing. Games are supposed to be enjoyable

  15. EA not concern on seasons gameplay.. unplayable sometimes and affect our performances, the indicator and report you provided is total BS, you had collect that data since Fifa21 what you do with all the report we made through the game? Very disappointed after promises to upgrade seasons gameplay.. still todate losing straight because of connection issues are not the game we looking for..

  16. There are so many errors in the scripts. Fifa 22 shuts down every 4-5 games midway through a game. This is bullshit. The same game, same general rules of movement, changed very little. Extremely disappointed that you’ve released the game when there is obviously still gaps in the functionality of the gameplay, to the point that the game shuts down autonomatically.

  17. I am enjoying Fifa however the fact that people are able to use LOANS in fit champs is ridiculous especially when it comes to champions finals, loans should not be allowed. Idc if someone has a (for example) pele and wants to sub them on or play with them however when they have a loan pele it’s ridiculous that they can use it.

  18. On career mode, when you create your own pro as a CAM, it always changes to CDM. Also, rating sticks around 69/70 not matter how many skill points you add on. E.g. on central section where it says Player Growth.. it’ll say rating at 69. When you click into it, then it’ll say rating 76 in attributes box. I don’t know what rating my player is, because in squad hub it’ll also say 69.

  19. The new update for keeper in fifa 22 is terrible, before the update I enjoyed the game, now you have change the keeper reactions now every shoot go in, you have mess up the game Big time, I am so angry.

    I will stop playing fifa 22 until they sort it out

  20. Ridiculous fifa game play is as slow as anything players running and turning like busses no fouls given whatsoever for absolute anything and everything absolutely everything goes against me every single game usually a div 3 player consistently every fifa but this fifa can’t even win a game nothing but rubbish every single game against me could say plenty more as well. Absolutely load of rubbish fifa 22

  21. Ea is there a special function needed for ref to wear their glasses? I am in disbelief with the amount of fouls not given on this game. I’m not also if you are Connor McGregor fans but when he said these people are stuck in the mud I didn’t expect you then to create every player to be turning like a bus or running like they’re stuck in the mud -2/10 and I’m being generous what a shocking game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Nothing new about EA selling you a game that hasn’t changed for over 10 years, for 60 euros, but I sometime even have the feeling that the gameplay is just getting worse. The script is awful, players are completely retarded when you don’t control them except you cant control them all at the same time so you’re doomed. Otherwise, nothing new, pro mode is fun for 10 minutes after you realize that it’s literally always the same thing. That story driven thing that used to be there a few years ago is gone so the career mode is completely empty. You still cannot defend and will end up with 8+ goals games all the time when playing online. I suppose some people find that fun but god do I find it pointless. That impact script is completely stupid, making players run into each other and do like 3 backflips before falling down and leaving the ball to the opponent, literally feels like playing falling man with a foot ball…

    Anyway, a complete joke and waste of money.

  23. When a player is substituted in to a game, he starts with such a low rating.
    So if the player gets on the pitch in 80 minute, he would need to score och do an amazing performance in order to get okay rating. The bad rating will then have the effect that the player is considered to be in bad shape.
    The effect of that is worse training results and bad progress on attributes.
    So if I want young players to evolve I should not let them get substituted in to a game.
    That makes the carrier mode really bad.
    Please fix the correlation between late substitutes and players bad shape/training progress.

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