FIFA 22 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 22 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 21 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 22 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 22 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 22 game.

You can also write your general wishlist for FIFA 22 separately here in this link.

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76 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. Creator career mode, leagues, teams, kits, stadiums, logo, please for FIFA 22⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  2. Development of the Player Career Mode:

    Increase season time from 15 to 25 years, and do this for manager mode too. Currently you retire at 33 if you start at 18 which is woeful.

    Allow for actual contract negotiation

    Introduce other aspects and elements to the player career mode, such as stuff not necessarily within football itself. Sponsorships, a few cutscenes here and there, stuff that actually makes you feel like a real footballer.

    Make it actually take proper time to develop your player into a superstar. I’ve gotten to 93 rated at the age of 21 in a player career mode, and I’m playing all matches at my normal difficulty. Not battering all teams 20-0, I lose now and then and usually win by one or two goals.

    Introduce position change to player career mode. If I start as a CF for say, Liverpool, then join Man City I won’t be played ahead of lower rated strikers, which means the only teams i CAN play for is a team that includes a cf by default, which is next to none. Only ones that come to mind is Liverpool and Real Madrid.


    1. When you are signing for a new club in player career mode they need to add your contract and how much time to get the next one
    2.Make the Brazilian league full and add the 2nd division for the last place teams to do something
    3. Make the career mode more realistic.
    4. Add a music background
    5. Péle (Brazil, Icons) is so underrated and Ousoman Demble (French,FC Barca) is Overrated

  4. **Player Career Must Haves**

    I dont think anyone at EA recognizes how many people play Player Career and more importantly how huge its potential is. It’s definitely been overlooked in recent years. Some suggestions below that would blow Player Career Mode out of this world;

    Contract Basics
    1. You should start with a contract that has an existing expiry date. If no new contract is agreed, then you should be able to allow your contract to expire and become a free agent
    2. Contract negotiations with current or any new club should be more detailed and similar to that in Career Mode when buying players. Aspects to agree on should include: Position, Role, length of contract as well as pay

    Agent Interaction:
    Similar to hiring and firing Scouts in Career Mode, you should be able to Hire and Fire an Agent and interact with them for things like:
    1. Look for another club
    2. Ask them to approach certain clubs, leagues, countries
    3. Ask them to begin negotiations over a new contract with current club

    More Manager Interaction
    1. You should be able to ask to be rested for a match if fitness is low. Obviously shouldn’t be able to take the biscuits with this.
    2. Should be able to let Manager know you are being played out of position, or that you are best when playing another position, or ask the Manager outright to play you in a certain position
    3. You should be able to suggest a change in formation
    4. Often some players are ridiculously played out of position. Maybe once you have become a senior member of the squad (maybe depending on your overall rating, or from the offset) you should be able to make 1 or 2 changes to the starting lineup prior to each match.
    5. You should be able to set your own morale/happiness on the following, which if you are good enough the Manager should address.
    a) contract
    b) playing time
    c) position played in

    Some Transfer Involvement
    1. You should be able to ask the Manager to address a certain position.
    2. You should be able to address the Manager about rumor’s of the club selling its best players (its massively frustrating to see your team spend £40m on a No.2 GK when your team only has one LB who’s overall rating is way below the rest of the team)

    Team Global Reputation/Attraction – Team Reputation Rating
    1. As your team wins more trophies, it should be able to attract better high profile players. I’ve won the Europa League with my team in first season, then won the CL the next 3 seasons on the bounce, while winning the Premiere League in each 4 seasons, yet the team still buys mediocre players. In the real world, a team like this would be attracting and buying more world class players. It should have the cash to do it and the attraction to do it. I suggest a Team Reputation rating which starts in line with the real world, but the better the team performs, the more cash it has to spend on transfers and the better players it will buy.

    I’ve just started my 5th season and my overall rating is 95. The next closest in my squad is 86 and my team hasn’t bought a single player in all 5 seasons higher than 85 overall rating

    Global Awards
    1. Introduce the Ballon D’or
    2. Introduce FIFA World Player Of The Year
    Winning any of these should ad significant points to your achievements

    World Club Cup – why is this not in either Career Mode or Player Career Mode

    Honestly EA, Player Career has HUGE potential, but at the moment the clear lack of attention to it is killing it off and most importantly creating frustrated gamers. So much so if another platform introduced it in a better state than the current (which I dont think would take much) then you’ll see mass exodus.

    There should be player, team, league records (alan shearer’s premier league scoring record). and new records should be made if a player breaks the record and it should be announced by the commentator’s or the news

  6. Please EA can we have create a club mode in career mode like even pes have it.
    Also can we have a feature to upgrade our stadium because say your playing in the semi finals of the champions league in the home ground of the worst team in FIFA.
    Finally there should be a way to kits for new seasons in career mode and if you take licensing into view you can just let us use sponsors and stuff that are licensed

  7. Improve on Player career mode:
    1. Allow us to be subbed in to games, instead of sitting the whole game out. (Like in Alex Hunter story, subbed in match)
    2. Let us get loan out with options for the team to buy us.
    3. Have contracts with teams with discussions and demands like in “manager player career mode”, and allow us to be on free market.
    4. Allow any other positions to win the POTY award instead of forwards.
    5. Make the training better, possibly like “manager career mode” training.
    6. Let us talk to the press as a player, and give us the options to, just like in “manager career mode”
    7. Allow us to choose our morales, and how we feel about things.
    8. Have the opportunity to talk to the manager, and be able to request certain things such as:
    (1) Change our position
    (2) Get chances to play over some other players
    (3) Talk about contract or transfer possibilities
    (4) Sit some games out
    (5) Be the captain, so that you can earn traits
    9. Change the “player overall system”, so that your whole overall every season is based off of your players previous season, and during the season, your overall changes on how you play games during the month & weeks.
    10. Allow us to earn traits from training and how you play and what you do for your team.
    11. Show interest in clubs of your choice, and speak to them, about where you could play at for the team, or help out where they need you, so that can lead to a transfer or loan (including chance to buy).

  8. Ok where do i start?
    Firstly career mode can be so much better but usually it is so plain. I have a idea or 2.
    1. Be able to use players from the past/legends
    2. All star teams e.g Arsenal best ever 11/subs
    3. Become the owner of the club and be able to hire managers e.g Sir Alex Ferguson
    4. Be able to edit/control career mode as you please
    5. Just make it more interesting and better man .. get some inspiration from nba2k or some shit

  9. Player career mode :

    Needs to be able to show more emotion and be more interactive :

    – I am currently playing for Manchester city at the age 21 and keep getting sub’d off in the 60th min. Not to talk about them playing me as a CDM when i’m a CAM. I think EA/Fifa need to come up with a way where you can call you manager for a meeting and discuss your experience at the club, playing time and contract.

    I’m at Manchester city, playing an important role, on 80k a week. Fifa need to find a way where we can live actually spend this money. Whether that been on boosting attributes, lifestyle (i.e cars, houses etc).

    In conclusion I feel Fifa need to take aspects from The journey, and a small game I like to play on my phone called New Start Soccer, where you feel more in-control of the game.

  10. career mode: there should be past team, player and league records e.g. allen shearers most goals in the premier league and if a player onbyour career mode beats it, it should be mentioned

  11. CM
    – Stadium – I want to see at least the option to change your stadium mid career with it leading to a design your own stadium where you have to design it and then have the waiting time of maybe half a season to a full season before it is ready, making it like real life.

    – Salary – I want salary negotiations for managers and contract negotiations. You already get targets to hit but no real incentive to hit them. This could also transfer over to player career mode.

    – Real world decisions – based on the salary stuff above, I would like the managers to be able to make decisions like investments, agents etc. This would also make younger players aware of needing to do this if their lives.

    New CM – I would also like to see a new type of career mode called “Club” or “My Team”. You have to create a club, start in lower leagues, get investments, build stadiums and work your way up the tables. Through all of this, you will be dealing with agents for get players and managers, choose what type of owner you are (ie close to players or distant and leave that to the manager), make investments in youth or ways to make more money for the club, sponsorship deals etc.
    It would also be amazing to be able to invest in lower league clubs or start a ‘B’ team in a lower league when you get to the top tier that the youth players coming through can play in and you have connections with to send players out on loan. Obviously using the same rules as real football where the two teams can’t enter the same league.

    Market – I think bring the market back but in a new format where you aren’t using fifa points for it, but the cash built up in your career mode. Through it you can seek new investment but may not get anyone applying, you can get new sponsors when current contracts run out etc.

    Online CM – I think a career mode where you can invite friends into the same leagues would be interesting if it were possible. You could then negotiate transfers between real people and even do something like request loans from other teams but can add interest.

    Money – Loans would be a good idea for lower leagues. Request from owners/other teams/banks and have to pay it back within so many seasons with interest which can be negotiated or searched for best option. Also needs to be a bigger penalty for going into a negative bank balance.

  12. Career Mode :

    Improvements to career mode as of late have been more frequent than we’ve seen over the years. Much to joy of the fifa community finally our complaints haven’t fallen on deaf ears. But sometimes one can’t help but notice how over time the game becomes stale, repetitive and a little tedious. Here are a few suggestions I feel would make it more dynamic, exciting and add depth

    1) Opponents Report
    detailed statistics of how the upcoming opponent approaches the game. This would give you an opportunity to plan your games before hand to alter your team’s approach.
    – A possible lineup
    – recent form
    – Defensive mindset ( Do they play a high line / rather sit deep)
    – Attacking Mindset ( Do they play counter attacking football / Patient build up)
    – Star player(s) / Player in recent form
    – Basically like the “Detailed Stats ” in the Kickoff mode only a bit more detailed

    2) Option to choose your own technical advisors
    – This would be helpful in the “Opponents report” mentioned above, the higher the skill level of your assistant the more detailed the report
    – A new tab in the pause menu whereby your assistant manager analyses the game for you, giving you new ideas on how to breakdown the stubborn defense/ Stop the imminent threat of a goal that has been “knocking on the door”.
    – The report updates regularly and more detailed the longer the game goes on.

    3) More Managerial and Player accolades Cutscenes
    – Being able to see your avatar/ or any other manager win the Manager of the month award followed by a short press conference.
    – The PFA, Uefa POTY, Uefa POTW, Ballond’or, The Golden boot etc. Cutscenes would be refreshing to see.

    4) Build-up to big games/ derbies should be longer

    5) News and rumours about Managers getting sacked or hired

    6) A new system that shows you the confidence that fans have in you
    – increases and decreases immensely after winning/ losing big game and trophies
    – Your responses in Press conference ( there should be no such thing as a “safe answer”) . You should find a balance between looking after your players morale or the confidence the fans have in you.

  13. This is for player cm:

    – Ability to have a contract (Wage, role, length, bonuses etc.) so you can let it expire and in the January window 6 months before it expires to be able to receive pre-contract-expiry offers from other clubs, also you can apply for a new contract where you can apply for a certain wage, role, length, bonus. This is because it is frustrating how you cannot move clubs unless you are sold.

    – Ability to have sponsorships (Merchandise, Boots, etc.)

    This would mean you can get offers from companies (Only companies included in the game so FIFA don’t have to license any more and pay more..) and be able to accept or reject them, you can have maximum 1 clothes sponsor and boots sponsor (e.g. you could be sponsored by red bull – who sponsor and own Leipzig and Salzburg – and for example wear a red bull cap to every match, and you could be able to pick whether you could be boot-sponsored (so say you are boot sponsored by adidas and they give you a list of say 5 different pairs of boots to wear) or instead just go to the boot shop and get which ever pairs you want.

    – Ability to do something with your earnings and have a lifestyle

    This would mean you can buy a house, a car, expensive jewellery, clothes, items, and more. Isn’t it a little pointless being told in ‘my career’ section how much you are earning, yet there being absolutely nothing to do with it? Also you can go to like a night club and meet a girl, have a girlfriend, marry them, have children, and more.

    – Ability to negotiate when you receive a transfer offer

    This would mean that when your club e-mails you to tell you that they have accepted a transfer offer for you from another club, you could have an option to negotiate with the club (just like you can do in manager mode when you are agreeing a transfer fee and contract wit a player) and discuss wage, role, length and bonuses. If you say no than the club are temporarily blocked from signing you.

    – Ability to hire an agent.

    This would mean that during negotiations you select what terms you want and your agent will propose them to the club. Also, the agent can find you sponsorships and jobs outside of football. Their main strength should be the ability to find you a new club. You can also sack your agent and partner with a new agency, all for free. This would be 100x better than you just getting a random person e-mailing you, calling themselves your agent and telling you how your national team manager rates you fairly highly.

    – Ability to have behind the scenes footage, cut scenes, decisions, dilemmas and friendships.

    Last but not least, be able to do stuff like training, press conferences, make decisions, and more. Be able to approach a player on your team and either start a friendship with them, or start a conflict. Be able to attend the dressing room before a match, after a match and at Half time.

    Also, be able to click on any player’s bio and be able to send a text message and ask them to be friends, or talk to them. This would impact your player’s career a lot!

    I know this seems impossible to complete, but it would be an absolute dream to play in it!

    Thx for reading

  14. A.I big money transfers. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar. If either of them don’t win a UCL in the next 3-5 years (depending on their contract) they either leave the club for HUGE money, or get a contract renewal that’s equally humongous.

    BRAGGING RIGHTS: just like the most expensive transfer catalogue, put in one for most expensive salaries just for that clout.

    A.I Contract renewals. We wanna see news about players going back and forth about their contracts and the length varying too

    For PLAYER CAREER: Give our avatars the ability to negotiate contracts FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!

    And also a section for seeing which players went where just like the MANGER CAREER

    Transfer drama: for instance, if my avatar had an amazing season stats wise but had no silverware and wishes to move on elsewhere. (Assuming he’s in Man United) I wanna see Real coming in with say £300,000 a week for him. But Man U come in with a better contract, like £380,000 and wanna keep you. You know you’re worth more than that so you ask Man to up the ante and they take it to £420,000 but unfortunately lose to Real caz they break bank with a mouth watering £500,000 and THAT’S how you make career mode interesting.

    Also not just one club at a time seeking your services. Make it like 5 clubs at a go to make the choices intriguing. And the ability to delegate your salary to each of them.

    STATS STATS STATS!!! Okay, I get it, I’m a United player I play in the Prem, but still, we should atleast know who was top scorer in La Liga, Serie A, with my avatar bagging 31 goals in EPL, did Messi go on a scoring frenzy and reach 40? I wanna know who won the Copa del Rey, Copa Italia and such.

    MORE individual trophies: a UCL player of the tournament perhaps. Or UCL TOTY. Notice I didn’t say LEAGUE TOTY. And a top 5 or atleast a top 3 list on how the Balon D’or voting played out. Atleast we get to know who improved or who’s close to topping the ranks. IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS.

    NEWS: Whenever a big player like MESSI or RONALDO is retiring, I don’t wanna hear it on a UCL semifinals with Lee Dixon talking about how he’s gonna be missed. I want it published on the news section caz it’s actually NEWS people wanna hear about. Not about how tommy from Yorkshire scored a hatrick in Palmeiras (you get the point). And if you fancy some show boating. Atleast lay out his accolades as he closes the curtains down. Maybe throw in how many Balon D’ors/UCLs they won during their illustrious careers.

    RIVALRIES: whenever it’s a derby, make it feel like a derby. Like the next 90 mins is do or die. Every bad tackle, yellow/red card worthy, (tho’ EA can’t get as physical as PES,) but throw in a little scuffle or push and shove cutscene before the game resumes. And after a win in a derby make the ending scene a bit dramatic like the winning team holding hands and running up to the fans with the fancy ol tummy slide. Atleast some different unique match cutscenes unlike the usuals where the only different one of the season is a cup final.

  15. A player mode with a storyline. You must decide about your football life (choose the most suitable team, sponsors, agent…) and your life outside of football (house, cars, clothes, social medias, girlfriend, friendships, partners relationship…). The decisions you take about any item could affect to other aspect in your career. You could start on your city’s youth team and try to achieve glory.

  16. 1. New Player Mode (negotiate contract, sponsors, agent, talk with manager… Something similar to NBA2K).

    2. More statistics like Football Manager in Career Mode (total goals, previous teams, previous seasons, trophy room…).

    3. Edit mode (stadiums, not real faces, teams without license, managers…).

    4. More animated scenes (chat manager-player, talk before the game, players interactions, celebrating a trophy…).

    5. Real transfer (Athletic Club Bilbao, MLS, non-community players limit, Financial Fair Play…).

    6. Coaches hiring and layoffs and that affects the team’s playing style (can take advantage of icon license to introduce more coaches).

    7. Multi-player Career Mode (optional).

  17. Just implement your own version of the Football Manager mechanics into career mode. More viewable stats and cup competitions outside your own league. More leagues(Especially South America and Europe) or if not possible at least 2 devisions in already existing leagues for realistic promotion/ relegation

  18. In the fifa career mode as the player give the person a storyline. Let the character have a voice and let us make decisions as well. Like we can buy our own house in any place. We can have other side missions in the story mode like helping people do stuff or sponsorships or life situations like friends or something like that. Also you could make a women career mode with all the teams in the women leagues in the world.

  19. Very Important Features for Fifa 2022 CM

    • More sImulated Leagues: In Fifa21 only your own league and cups you are playing in with your team are properly simulated, the other leagune standings and player statistics are randomly chosen. As a Manager you should have access to correct simulated league tables around the world and leading goalscorers/assists. (i.e. you want to take on a new job offer and look how a team is performaning or you want to look at player performances that you want to sign) Thats why there are also no statistics for your loaned players in foreign leagues 🙁
    • loan player feature: add contract negotiation clause that a player has to play a certain amount of games, like 60%/70% for the team you are loaning him out to.
    • u23 where you can develop your greatest youth talents and youth league where they are competing against others (i.e. you can watch some of their games and their live performances on the pitch )
    • individual team control: like NBA2k where you can anytime chose which team you are in control and you can also manage 2 teams or more.
    • Past game scores: you can not go back in your schedule like in NBA2k and look at game results on a specific gameday, goalscorers and so on

    These Feature may result in bigger savegames, but they are so important for the career mode as a manager and ePES is also handling these points quite well in Master League. So Please EA import these vital features for a manager career. Thanks

    Some Key Features for Fifa2022 CM:

    • More simulated Leagues:

    It’s so important as a manager in Career Mode to have access to other league tables and goalscorers/assists lists. In Fifa2020 some of these are not available and when they are also not simulated properly but are randomly chosen. There are only random standings except your league or cup you’re in(maybe some algorithm that includes OVR strength of teams and list them up randomly) and random statistics of foreign league player performances (goals/assists/games played randomly chosen for foreign league players) when you want to take on a new job offer abroad or you want to sign a player from a different league it’s important to have access to these tables and that they are simulated properly (are correct) and not randomly chosen. ( i.e. when you get a foreign job offer, the table position is listed in contract negotiation as 5. and when you look at the foreign league tables or finally take on the job, it’s a complete different table because it’s automatic and randomly generated again when you finally take over)

    • loan player feature:

    Contract negotiation where you can set a certain amount of playing time with the new club, like 60% the loaned out player has to start or he should play 70% of the total games

    • add u23 team and youth league:

    where you can develop your young talents and where they can compete ( that these games are also simulated and you can watch when you want)

    • Team Schedule:

    let us scroll back in the schedule and see the results/scores from that matchday. It’s not possible to see the goalscorers when you have simulated through calender neither you can see the results of the other teams on that gameday (NBA2k)

    • Individual Team Control:

    Let us manage more than one team at the same time: like NBA2k where you can set the teams you want to manage and where you can edit everything by yourself in myseason.

    • previous Seasons Statistics

    Old league standings and goalscorer/assist lists should be available ( i.e. you are in season 2023 and want to look at the best goalscorers in the league or your best striker/assist king and your old league standings)

    These are so important features for Career Mode. They may result in bigger savefiles or longer times at simulation, but they are so important and look at ePES2021, that game can also handle more simulated data at once and so on. Please EA import it in the next version of Fifa2022.

  20. For a start, in career mode, make it realistic!, goals are nice to score but the score in football matches is not 8-5 or 5-4 or better still 10-1. This is a joke that needs to be fixed in 21. The computer blatantly cheats you. if it wants to score a goal there is nothing defensively you can do to stop it. This is wrong!!!, teams that are considerably weaker than others do not have magic ball skills and pristine passing ability and generally would not beat a world class opponent, whilst on the other hand you don’t go out and beat Bayern 10 -2 on any given day. FIFA have been doing this rubbish for god knows how long. The commentary is getting worse and worse. just repeating the same words over and over and over again. you make enough money every year but cant pay your commentary to at least commentate a game properly with much more dialogue, history of key players and club history like once before you had done, also alot more dialogue options for different scenarios… Even linesman and refs make mistakes, add a small margin in error for offsides and fouls on both sides vs cpu.

  21. I mostly play career mode so all these suggestions are mostly aimed at improvements for career mode.
    Player career mode-
    I want to be able to choose the rating I start my career mode with. 67 I feel is high not every footballer starts their career being a wonder kid. I feel that my player grows quickly which is good not going to lie ,but once you reach your peak at 25 and have no more room to improve you feel like there is nothing else to do ,so having the ability to decrease your starting rating at the start of the career mode I feel would be good. I know you can already do that in the main menu create a player section ,but you surrender the things that you get when you create a player in career mode such as traits, player edits and no player image in the squad hub or any other place in the game save.
    I also want to have the choice of being a team captain everyone dreams of being the captain of their national team or their favorite club, so knowing that you can never be captain even though you started and ended your career mode at the same club and never being captain once is a huge disappointment.
    Manager mode-
    I would like to choose a co-captain when I’m in a game if I sub out my captain having a random player be my captain is weird. More leagues and competitions should be added.

  22. Career mode I would like to see stats saved in to next season if your player scores 30 goals one season and 20 in the next it will say total goals for the player 50 not restarting stats to 0

  23. – Have a challenges mode. For example a financial takeover has happened at your club. Or you start half way through the season and your team are in a relegation battle.

    – Have an option to watch cup draws to see who your team get

    – Have other teams managers sacked, hired or retire as the seasons go on.

    – Be able to design your own kits for the new season

    – managers sign a contract rather than a review at the end of each season

  24. Generally I have no issues with the game. There’s a bug where my manager comes out dressed like the clubs oldest mascot but that’s only now and then. Personally, I’d really like a bit more detail when it comes to fan segregation, like a few rows of seats covered up like they do in real football games. Minor details but sometimes they’re the best.

  25. Career:
    •managers have contracts and be able to negotiate new ones
    •get offers from clubs not just international
    •when a team tries to buy a player and you don’t want to sell be able to offer a loan deal instead
    •be able to change international numbers without it changing club numbers
    •be able to say a player is not for sale
    •team and individual training
    •be to message players first not just reply

    •be able to have more than one position like pre made players do
    •be able to message manager, fire agent and have social media aspect
    •get transfer offers from other clubs without putting in transfer requests
    •be able to be club captain
    •more tactical awareness for cpu managers eg striker got injured with other strikers from squad already in staring 11 so defenders played as a striker until player was fit again instead of manager being able to change players around positionally. Be able to change formation not just stick to default one
    •be able to edit player more during career eg weight, build, tattoos etc
    •more positional freedom during game play
    •ability to retire from international football separately
    •give background so player has more than one country to choose from
    •allow player to turn down international call ups if they wish
    •be able to start a game of a substitute
    •ask for new contract
    •be able to change players position throughout career to adjust to players condition eg if winger allow to more inside as they get older
    •post match interviews

    •more leagues in certain countries and have more countries with leagues
    •more focus on the women’s game eg league not just international
    •referee mode
    •be able to add own playlist
    •be able to create team and players
    •don’t cut off celebrations

  26. Ea if you see that we really need this things on fifa
    1 sponsors
    2 put at least the anthem of the home team in the entring and goals and we can upload songs of our team
    3 put youth teams and when we are good enough we get promoted to the principal team
    4 VAR checκ
    5 create our own kit each season
    6 stadium uprgades
    7 social media of the player
    8 relationships with other players manager family or even a girlfriend
    9 create our own team career like be the owner
    10 the home team has a boost of moral because of the fans
    11 better fans in derbys
    12 chose your own rivals each year
    13 french commentary it s one of the most speaking languages in the world
    14 put the greek league PLEASE every year we are in the top 3
    15 put that you get paid secretly in imprtant games like winning the league or the cup and losing or don t even play and accept or decline and report them at the league (hope you undersund)

    1. You can make your own kit, but you need to go to ” “, and also download the Fifa editor tool on ” “. On, it tells you how to do this. And plus, the templates they have there are great. I have like 20 kits ready to put in when I finally finish building my computer tomorrow, It’s gonna be lit. As long as you get Badges and such with transparent backgrounds, you’ll be able to make an amazing jersey. I’ve made some really nice Bayern, Germany, and Poland kits.


    1. Allow for Managers to structure Transfer Fee payment over a period of time so that payment is not one-off.

    2. When a Loan with a purchase option is rejected, the Managers should be able to continue with the Loan negotiation

    3. We should be able to search for players using their ratings.

    5. Players should be able to ask to leave the club or have their contracts terminated

    6. Other clubs should be able to poach Managers with better offers.

    7. Managers should be able to negotiate their contracts, ask for more control or have the Board impose on them

    8. Referees should be able to send off Manager during games

  28. I’m not sure if the FIFA devs will see this but here it goes..

    In career mode, I sometimes wish I could ‘roll back’ the years. For example start a season 10 years earlier than the present day. This would essentially change the squads for all teams to what they originally were back in that specific year, as well as the teams in each league.

    Perhaps you could even do a Legendary match play mode – where you can play real life matches that were thrilling to watch from the past.

    A few suggestions:

    AC Milan vs Liverpool in the UCL final 2005
    Chelsea vs Liverpool UCL quarter-final 2009
    Real Madrid vs Barcelona La Liga 2014
    and so on..

    There’s so many matches from around the world that could be under a ‘legendary match’ title.

  29. Fifa should make player career more realistic by making the salaries be used like on buying cars for the play. Like a life outside the pitch
    Tatoos in player career

  30. In Carrer mode, we should have a contract, like in Football Manager, and across the years we should have to sign new contracts. We could also have a way to change the official shirt of the club across the years. It was very cool too, if we can scheduling our own friendlys. And Add VAR to FIFA.

      1. Fifa 22 must have a journey is you when you are a little boy and you can devolp into a superstar like maybe ex:Barcelona takes you they put you at the youth academy

  31. -Different commentators
    -Better trophy celebration with the whole team not just the eleven
    -Women leagues
    -More aggression in derbies
    -Stadium upgrades

  32. It would be even more fun , if a professional player has certain years contract to play for club in a career mode. If so, a player don’t have to ask for transfer or loan.

  33. Add youth teams. Because I want my young players to play, so they would grow faster and have match sharpness even when they don’t have the quality for first team.
    It would be great to see something like Premier League 2.

  34. 1. Add Homesick Morale (Like Fifa 15-17)
    2. Make Players Ratings affected mostly by their season performance and not so much by their age
    3. Add Custom Lobby Music (based on the league)
    4. Add more custom backgrounds for more leagues
    5. Stop The AI teams from making nonsense and unnecessary transfers (neither completely unrealistic ones)
    7.Add the ability to upgrade the stadium based on how it looks and the capacity
    8. Kit Customizations for each year
    9. Better atmosphere and aggression in derbies
    10. More Cutsceens (especially in big games)
    11. Better and more enthusiastic celebrations (in important games like Finals , Winning a trophy or winning your way to the finals
    12. Make Improvements in the crowd (more faces , new celebrations )
    13. Half time Coach Speech to boost players (in big matches)
    14. Make the Champions League Qualifications more Realistic
    15. Since next year the next league is coming , add the new competition with special Backgrounds and extra
    16. Make Players Career Mode Something Like the Journey
    Something Like Your Own Player Story Mode

    Good Luck Making The Game Good

    1. I feel you on the number 5 one fahm. Like why would Man U SELL (not loan) Bruno only to advertise it as a BIG MONEY transfer 3 years later like he didn’t just leave the club for 75 mil quid Seriously EA, don’t get transfer happy

  35. In FIFA career mod, it should be added soon that with one team you can win 6 trophies a year as Barcelona did in 2009. You have to add Club world cup and another competition in which the 6th trophy is won, but I already forgot. This will be really even more interesting for people who love a career as much as I do

  36. Wishlist Manager Mode
    1) Add training matches and let the coach choose the sides of those matches
    2) Should add more variety of trainings, each player needs to have focus points where they want to improve
    3) Please add training for players to change their positions. And for created players please add all positions. Like we dont have LW, CM, LWB those positions when creating someone. I like to create players and play career mode. I would definitely want that to happen
    4) Add more strategy into play. Please let the manager observe the oppositions previous matches and players they selected frequently. Show the opponent stats and form also, since these are available to real life managers.
    5) Add communication between managers and players. Managers most important role is to motivate a team to win, which fifa lacks
    6) Add more managers achievements rather than his teams.

    Player mode
    1) Please add training for players to change their positions. And for created players please add all positions. Like we dont have LW, CM, LWB those positions when creating someone. I like to create players and play career mode. I would definitely want that to happen
    2) increase in height. if a player is 17 years old he can grow till 20-22
    3) control of gym workouts
    4) media exposure and speculations
    5) personal life + family pressure
    6) money and what things he can afford with them
    7) brand exposure, getting spotlight. attending award events, and conferences
    8) more things outside the playing life so that the gamer can feel like his game affects his outside life-family-girlfriend, kids etc
    9) Interaction with managers need to be more
    10) player career mode can start from as early as 14 years old.

  37. Again… time after time EA!!!!
    Implement Kit creator!!!! Or at least be able to add clubs and Kits!!!
    Stadium builder would be nice too!
    LA Liga is very popular around the world and would love to see Segunda B… but it might me too many clubs for you guys to handle that is why PES is able to offer imports so I don’t know why EA can’t do that too.
    FFS GK kits needs to be implemented so many damn times does it clash with the other clubs kits.
    What I don’t understand with you guys at EA is it so hard for you guys to see how many people play career mode and wants what we have been asking for the past few years?
    SO [email protected]#$% tired of playing the same kits year in year out!!!!
    Glad I got PES so when I get tired of Fifa21 then I can go to PES and create kits and import the clubs I want on there to play with….
    So once again as many players have begged for I hope you guys at EA will finally implement what all career mode players want!!

  38. I think u should make career mod more like the journey.And people would like to see their character at the press conference speaking with an actual voice.but not like Fifa 20 ,where its only the manager to speak and without a voice and make it more real.I would even prefer fifa19 coz of the journey.

  39. – Start a career with a calendar already on the move.

    – Have a league for youth teams with different teams from around the world, to observe the performance of our players.

    – Observe completed matches of the other teams, to study and make a strategy against those teams.

    – More Asian countries to send scouts from the youth categories.

    – Choose a real manager with gameface.

    – Extend the limit year of the game. (2050 maybe)

    – Customize the uniforms for each season.

    – Managers retire over the years and retired players take their place.

    – The coach changes between clubs.

    – Edit the potential, the stars of the skills, the dedication to attack and defense and the international reputation of the players we create.

    – Special tribute or cutscene for a player who is retiring.

    – Statistics of the previous seasons of the players.

    – CPU can also change the position of the players.

    – Just like the FM, having a hall of idols, favorites and legends of the club.

    – With some serious injury, the player is force to retire.

    Sorry for my bad english 🙁

    1. This sounds sick, maybe icons from the beginning of the game can manage teams like Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
      or Franz Beckenbauer take charge of teams that are struggling or Big Teams not preforming well, and also i would enjoy enhanced Title Lift cutscenes, and for teams that havent won a trophy for many years i wish they could show like a small documentary or small cutscene, i know this would take a long time but maybe they could let us do it ourselves

  40. – Kit customisation after every season
    – Stadium upgrades
    -The ability to import kits and stadiums
    – Sponsorship deals
    – Choice to remove unwilling to relocate
    – In development plans still grow unselected attributes, albiet at a slower pace

  41. Scene colloqui con le società per essere ingaggiato come allenatore nella modalità carriera, la possibilità di fare domanda come allenatore per qualsiasi squadra di qualsiasi campionato e più realtà nei posti disponibili di allenatore es. (una squadra prima in classifica non può essere nell’elenco delle squadre disponibili per essere allenate). Più campionati giocabili come quello russo e la serie b anche se non con licenza ufficiale ma con i giocatori reali

  42. – Different goalkeeper kit selection!

    – Loaned out player can’t play against parent club!

    – New leagues and new teams to Rest Of The World group.

    – More realistic player faces

  43. – Youth teams which can be managed for talents and to scout players
    – Female Football Leagues (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, England, Sweden, Norway, USA) with all features as men’s career mode.
    – Kit editor
    – Small teams play very defensively against big teams
    – no AI transfers of club-loyal players (e.g. Inaki Williams)
    – Sponsors
    – Seeying player stats for players that are out on loan in other leagues
    – More statistics of players (like in FIFA 10): passes played, tackles etc.
    – All time statistics of my players (goals & assists of every year)
    – More manager customization
    – Buy-back-clause or loans with buy-option function in transfers
    – More names awailable for creating players
    – No more unrealistic youth player names and faces. Names often don’t match the faces or country of origin.
    – Ability to train every stat including skill moves, weak foot and work rates as well as every other stat
    – Position training
    – Player Morale and performance should be affected (not too much) by things done and said by manager as well as fan and board opinions
    – Youth Tournament with team selection deadline and player pool including U21, U20 or U19 eligible first-team players
    – Trophy room
    – CPU Managers Fired Due To Poor Performances
    – Sanctions like Financial Fair Play!
    – At trophy celebrations the whole team should be present and not just the 11 players + benchplayers
    – More aggression in derbys
    – VAR stuff
    – Press conferences
    Now wouldn’t that be great!! 😀

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