FIFA 22 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 22 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 21 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 22 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 22 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 22 game.

You can also write your general wishlist for FIFA 22 separately here in this link.

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  1. ON CARRER MODE you should be able to create your own tean and playy online by own team i mean choose a squad and create your own players and play online with other people liv fut chams or div rivals


    1- during the creation of the player, to have more choice in the level of hairstyles and beards, to have modern hairstyles and beards such as dreadlocks, curly, degrader etc… to be able to modify the volume of hair and beards. Add tattoos. Choose an agent already created by the game according to his physique and abilities. Have the possibility to give more information about your player, for example his club and city, his personal character, his favorite team, his qualities and defects, his lifestyle, his main goals to reach during his career etc… To have more choices about his playing style and characteristics. To have more choice on the soccer shoes, to have more accessories.

    2- To have the possibility to control his player and make him walk, run, sit, lie down, eat etc… outside the game, before the games, while he is being substituted and after the games. To have a house to eat, rest, invite other players of his team, his agent or even the coach, to have a car to be able to move to the training, to go back home and of course to control him when he arrives, clothes for the house like in “THE JOURNEY”. also, a phone, a computer, a TV to follow the news (transfer, result of other games, winners of competition and others etc…) throughout the season and receive the news of the manager and the staff on his e-mail box. to be able to buy sneakers when the player is at home. To have more accessories such as rings, chains, earrings, hats, bags, watches, glasses, t-shirts, shorts, jogging suits, sweaters, underwear, tracksuits (and team tracksuits if possible), modern pants (hunters) and jackets for interviews and press conferences.

    3- be able to talk with teammates and receive instructions from the coach and be able to respond to them during halftime and pre-game (which includes more discussion scenarios). Change jersey after each season for more realism. Receive a visit from his agent and if possible the manager of the interested team in the house of his player after each transfer and loan offer to discuss (including more discussion scenarios) during the mercato. To be able to travel by plane with the whole team during away games and national selections.

    4- introduce the player when he is new to a club through interviews, sign spelling to the fans and Receive several offers from sponsors and be partner with the chosen sponsor until a decided end of contract. Receive an invitation in his e-mail box to participate in a TV interview when the player is player of the month. To be interviewed at the beginning and end of each game when the player is man of the match. To have his popularity rating increased when the player reaches a certain level like golden ball, top scorer of the competition or championship, best player of the competition or championship which could increase the number of fans of the club and the player.

    5- to have more realism in the comments: add more names in the list of names in comments to hear his name during the matches. Add more statistics in the comments about the performance of the team and its player.
    Have more reaction and opinion of the commentators on the actions of the player during the game.

    Thank you.

  3. On pes when you play career, famous players like CR7, Messi, Sneijder,… Get tired and after 2 seasons they are coming back as a young talent player. there are also Icons who’s retired but even they coming trough to the career mode as a young player talent. FIFA Career Mode should do it too cause after few years the famous players get tired and you only see players in the transfermarkt who hasnt’t even official face. SO FIX THIS EA

  4. Pro Player interviews, Career mode.

    On career mode, it would be nice if one’s created Pro Player gets interviewed after a match just like with the Coach career mode. It would make the FIFA franchise even bigger if the Career mode Pro Player and be Role Play like, where the Player can ask to renegotiate they contract and also be able to express how they feel. Pro Player on career mode with Role Play capabilities, buying houses, going for interviews, like the Alex Hunter story. And also coming off the bench as a sub will make things different and awesome for the Pro Player career mode, which is just standard at the moment no offence

  5. 1. Remove the pointless training drill. It doesn’t do anything and is annoyingly boring.
    2. Youth players need to gain traits. You get a player to 87+ and the have no traits its stupid.
    3. Need a youth/U23 team to manage so you can actually improve the younger players.
    4. Transfer values are currently ridiculous. Any player 83+ going 50m is stupid.
    5. Assistant manager, youth coach, fitness coach etc need to be brought back.
    6. Need information on loaned players. How many games they’ve played how they are improving. A simple monthly report would do.
    7. Scouting should be positioned based instead of the current system. You can go seasons without getting the defender in the position you want.
    8. Players who never leave your club is annoyingly as hell. Can be on transfer list for seasons.
    9. Rate of youth player improvement is too slow. They demand to leave the youth set up at 60 rated and take 4+ years to get to 80 rated.
    10. Stadiums,kits,sponsorship and players should all be fully customizable

  6. I’ve been a fifa player career for years now.. and i can tell you the game mode is really under developed. Here are things that should clearly be taken into account and added to the game in order to make them more fun and enjoyable. A season in player career where you play every single game could easily take from 8-10 hours.. so in a career where you start at 16 and retire at 35 could easily take over 200 hours of gameplay. There is no way one can enjoy 200 hours of gameplay with the little features the game has.

    From 2011-2013 i played PES and i can tell you PES career in those years has been better than every single career mode fifa has ever launched including 2021, which is crazy considering they are games 9 years apart. Here are the things i feel FIFA 2022 career mode should have to make it enjoyable and bearable for 200+ hours of gameplay.

    1- When you join a team let’s make a cutscene where you’re actually presented with the team and have the shirt/press conference style.. it could be a 30 second cutscene.. much better than a news letter on your right where you don’t even get to live it and sometimes it glitches out.

    2- Make it so there are cutscenes throughout the season where you see your manager talking to you and your teammates to motivate you if you’re over performing or under performing.. also add press conferences at the end of games if you were MVP or at least from time to time to make it feel somewhat realistic.

    3- Being able to come off the bench.. you’re either a starter or you don’t play in this game which is stupid. If you’re a youngster who wants to earn a spot you should be able to come off the bench in any team. PES has this feature and their new games are shit, don’t know why FIFA can’t add them.

    4- POSIBILITY OF BECOMING CAPTAIN. I can’t stress how important this is.. i can spend 10 years in a club and be 96 rated… and the closest player to me be 70 with no impact, and even new signings would be placed as captain before me. I can not become captain no matter how much impact i do on a team even if its bringing them out from division 4 all the way to the treble.

    5- Reactions. I can score a champions league goal winner in the 120th winner and my player do some whack ass celebration and my teammates react like i scored the 8-0 goal vs a 2nd tier team… let’s add some excitement to the goals, fan reactions, music, coach reaction.. make it seem like its an actual final.

    6- Celebrations are so whack.. I want music and players running around.. i want MY PLAYER to hold the trophy and go up and celebrate with the fans… every celebration is the same and it’s tiring. Have a different music in every celebration.. different ways to celebrate so each trophy is not the same.. different celebration cutscenes would be awesome and add excitement to them.

    7- Contracts.. even if this is just for aesthetics… i could be the world player of the year in season 7.. 99 rated… but if im in the same team i would still be winning the same 5k a week you start with… what? Every 3-4 years you should get contract extension offers and your wage increase.

    8- Scenes of outside the football world to make it more realistic.. player signing fan autographs.. players in the bus before a big game… players in tv shows.. MAKE ME WANNA PLAY GOD DAMMIT.

    9- Trophies.. lets make them as close as possible to the real trophies… some of them look so ugly currently .. i get it you can’t have them because of rights but atleast try making them some what close to reality or appealing… German cup, spanish cup, spanish supercup are among some of the trophies which are just sad to look at.

    10- Persona trophie… cutscenes when you win these.. PES in 2012 had cutscenes for ballon d or, Uefa player of the year… add the same to player of the season with PFA awards in the premier league for example and cut scenes when winning the other personal trophies mentioned above.

    11- Apply the same things as above to international matches. I can win the world cup in the 90th minute and have a shitty celebration..

    12- CHANGE KITS. Imagine staying in the same club for 20 seasons and seeing the same shirts over and over and over and over… lets make it possible for us to choose between different shirts… or maybe have 5 presets of different past year uniforms switch around in the seasons… it gets tiring and really boring.

    13- More possibilities to customize your character… Tattoos.. more hairstyles.. shoes… accessories.. etc…

    These are my recommendations and things id love to see cause honestly after 2-3 seasons the game just gets boring and tiring, there’s nothing new and nothing motivates you to want to unlock new cutscenes or stuff like that… i need more details in the game, stuff to switch things around… FIFA should really listen to use who play the game and buy it every year expecting something different.. instead we get the same shit over and over again and its sad.

    Please listen to the community for once EA,

    Thank you.

    1. I 100 percent agree with you on everything you listed…
      I am also 100 percent career mode player and I know exactly how you feel.
      I get bored of the game after 2-3 seasons it is because mainly of not able to change or customize the kits.
      I’ll get bored with a club and try to find another club I want to play but some of the clubs i want to play their kits are so shit it isn’t even fun or not even worth taking them from lower leagues to the big leagues.
      Also there really needs to be a stadium builder because if in real life a small club actually get promoted to a higher league they have to upgrade the stadium to their prospected league rules.
      Not only that there are many clubs that get promoted and I would love to create a club to replace the club that got regulated

    2. I’ll add some more.

      – Add missions and instructions by managers per game when you play(either a starter or coming off the bench) eg; score/assist an equaliser, make atleast 50 passes, tackles. I remember in previous FIFAs when coming off the bench, the instructions were to score a freekick stated as ‘bend it like Beckham’. Peak.

      – Individual awards (for league, region, and world) such as POTY/young POTY/ballon dor should be notified (in mails) and exist as cutscenes, not just in the newsfeed that no one reads. It should be shown in the player stats section and recorded in our player’s ‘My Career’ section.

      – Your player status in your club. It is like your reputation seen by the club, teammates and it’s fans. Not just your status based on contracts. It’s like an indicator or meter that will raise based on your player’s performance or time with the club or global reputation. Eg; young player > wonderkid > backup > supersub > regular starter > enforcer > key player > captain/star player > club legend

      I know my list is not too much to ask because all of these had already been implemented in previous FIFAs (i dont remember which year) but Idk why they removed it. They really should put it back in.

  7. Algumas novidades para o Modo Carreira Treinador do FIFA 22:
    1. Novas animações de entrada dos jogadores e adeptos nos estádios para os consoles da nova geração (PS5 e Xbox Series Ex) bem como para antiga geração (PS4, Xbox One e PC);
    2. Diversificar as noticias bem como as perguntas e respostas nas conferencias de imprensa para não serem repetitivas e que se tornem realistas, de acordo com a realidade das equipas;
    3. Opção de escolher técnicos reais no Modo Carreira e maior diversidade das roupas, com a adição das roupas do Modo Volta para o Modo Carreira e a adição de novas para o Modo;
    4. Conseguir que quando o técnico chega ao clube, tenha a possibilidade de definir os objetivos da temporada, como desportivo, financeiro, de marca e categorias de base;
    5. Ouvir e dar estes desejos à comunidade.

  8. I would like for player career to be a lot more exhilarating like The Journey and a lot more customizations to the my player like tatoos, voice enabled conferences for both the my player and manager career conferences as well as a way to spend the money I earn playing for the club

  9. Be able to chose your traits when ou create your player for carer mode, its very nice to have that, and also too to be able to chose positions you want, like LW for ex or RW.

    After you do 2-3 season everything is boring, same sponsor, same kit, we need some new kits or sponsor!

    Tranfers, need more option like Obligation to buy, or to pay lik 10 m this year and 10 second year, to be like in real life! No extrem value of players!

    In player carer we want to extract your contract or if you don’t be free agent, get more like one offer, we want to see wich clubs are interest in us and be able to speak to our agent for sarly or something like that!

    More Internat team, like Croatia for exm, or Albania, Kosovo, and More african Teams. Add National leage too, and Club World Cup!

    we want and to be able too make Favorite player when tou play Carer mode, like in Pes, to chose your favourite player. Its nice to have good realti with the player!

    More leagues, for exm why not Albanian league? We are 3 m people and we made 11K+ votes for our leage? Other countres are biger than us 20M+ and results are very close! Me play a lot fifa and we want Our National and our League in the game

  10. Career mode:

    – we need popularity for club and fan club wich could grow. Players should have their own fans also and a popular player should bring more incomes to the team.

    – career mode without retiring.

    – Use unreal engine for conferences it would be better and if it doesn’t help then use a higher topology or better textures.

    – i must can reply to another club if i want too.

  11. 1. youth team play their own league to improve.
    2. option to only coach national team
    3. able to change kits design little bit each season.

  12. 1) International career mode, an option just to manage an International team

    2) Having in games managers as playable coaches for your career mode

    3) Having real youth teams and being able to manage the youth team so you can develop players not good enough for your first team until they are

    4) More options when talking to player

    5) Super Agents such as Mino Raiola & Jorge Medes in the cut scenes when signing a player with such as high profile player with a super agent

  13. What would be nice in career mode:

    1 Club/ League ranking !!! in strick mode would be perfect for transfers. I would be also perfect for the changes in the difference leagues. For example if u play in a low league its not possible to get it high and have more teams in europe.

    2 Kit editing and sponsor changing. Incomes should be different.

    3 i would also like to play career mode without retiring!!! Sometimes you make your own super player and u retire before his career ends.

    4 i would like to have my own league.

    5 other teams should also make their own talented players with overall 90+

    6 edited players should can be selled from the first day

    7 have a second league for my young players in academy so they can play some games and improve more.

    8 competitive mode must do more things because it’s boring when it can’t even counter attack you !!

  14. For creating a custom player and using it in kickoff and career mode make it able to choose what traits the player could have!

    Youth squad make it atleast have players with special traits like flair and finesse shot! Make it more easier to get

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