FIFA 21 Wishlist

FIFA 21 Wishlist

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702 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Wishlist

  1. Only one thing, please the controls in online mode must be standarized no let change the controls in a middle of the game

  2. 1.I personally don’t agree on how there is no women soccer leagues such as women Liverpool,City ect.

    2.Games should start in the tunnel

    3.We want to see players come out of the tunnel after 2nd half

    4.Add African leagues

    5.add U/20 players

  3. FIFA 21 should have the teams that were dominant in their time. Could have 1999 Man Utd or 2005 Liverpool. Or 09/10 Inter under Jose. Since y’all are sponsored by UCL now, how about have the winners of UCL from the 1980s all the way to 2019s? I think that would spice up the game.

  4. 1. As a player in Career, Howcome we cant have an option to set Our Morale(Level of Happiness) And not be able to Force a way out of The club Like The players do in Manager Career. We should also be able to communicate to the Manager and say things such As.

    Ive been playing well so I would like to play In the next game….

    And complain if you are not playing enough.

    Please Pay more attention to Career mode

    2. Add a feature to play In an Empty Stadium

    3. Instead of Making The goalkeeper Automatically Drop kick the Ball, Give the goalkeepers yellow cards. Y’know, try make your games more realistic.

    4. Make ALL Career modes like The Journey… You know Like a real life thing. Able to get interviewed .

    Instead of Just Select ing an option… Make Press conference REAL. MAKE IT REALISTIC PLEASE

    But I’m not saying remove the feature to play as the team.


    If a player takes their shirt off make the ref CARD THEM

    1. A suggestion

    When other clubs want your player in manager career mode.. How come, they ONLY offer money, They should also OFFER PLAYERS occasionally


    Btw. Your game has TOO MANY RESTRICTIONS.
    EG. Please let Men and Women play together

  5. To have a customisation part for editing teams kits or add another kit by us without changing team’s sponser

  6. 1)Stadium Creator/Team Creator/League Creator/Trophy Creator/ability to create and or import jerseys and club crests

    2)Ability to edit Career mode in the edit/customization section (ex: editing the Champions League spots per league, editing team budgets, ability to turn off cinematic scenes and press conferences in Master League, ability to edit regen default names and appearance per country, etc.)

    3)Players to have a less harsh decrease in stats as they age in career mode (ex: There should still be players who are 33-36 years of age and have 88 acceleration and sprint speed)

    4)Ability to edit the menu layout and colors, and import our own music

  7. I have a great idea

    Why don’t you make the fotos of the players with a greenscreen shirt on.
    Then if you transfer a player, they wear the shirt of the team.
    For example: Mbappe transfers to Real Madrid in career mode, then he wears the shirt of Real Madrid on his Image.

    I think that would be cool.

    If you add a Kit creator/editor (what would be cool btw.) you can change the greenscreen to the 3D Kit you’ve edited.

  8. Four simple things that will take fifa 21 to another level:
    1.VAR – add more realistic issue to the game.
    2.All-Star team and legendary past teams – first, on kick-off, allstar team with pele, maradona, zidane,ronaldinho and all those legends. Second you can add legendary past teams like barcelona 2010/11 and etc..
    3.Practice arena of fifa 15- with the options like in fifa 15 of set pieces that you can do in real game , 11 on 11 training game and etc.. it was the best practice arena.
    4.more licenses – the brazillian league, juventus, stadiums like camp nou and maracana, add african national teams like gana, marocco…

  9. Hey
    Here are my wishes (I know it are a lot):
    -Referee Career
    -youth system changed
    -Second Team
    -organize Friendlies
    -new Regen System
    -Brazilian League full licensed
    -Real youth players
    -Real Players UNDER 16 years old
    -being only a National Team Manager.
    -Train more Players
    -Stadium Atmosphere
    -Talking/motivate your players at the beginning and half time in dressing room
    -Players fighting
    -Shirt off Celebration and getting a yellow card
    -Fans Running on the pitch after scoring a final goal
    -Atmosphere needs to be lauder
    -better Graphics
    -realistic Faces
    -New Warm up scene

    There are way more ideas but I won’t comment it all 🙂

  10. Increase the goalkeeper animations, for those playing Career mode, bring the stadium creation and editing mode for teams that don’t have their own stadiums in the game. We Trust You

  11. I have wished this for years I thought that ea will do this I wish you can do this:
    Magic ball if the ball goes out of play it will magically appear some where else on the pitch
    World Cup,World Cup teams
    Corona mode
    African teams like EL Ahly EL Zamalk Sundowns and all. We will also like that you do African leagues ( Egyptian league, Morocco League,) and all the leagues. In Europe is good but we want Croatia and Serbia.
    Asia We need leagues Saudi Arabia China Japan and all Countries. We want when we score a goal we can take of the t-shirt and take a yellow card.
    We want to be able be an ref of an match. Thank you ea sports you are the best love to ea ❤️.

  12. Hi,
    While pausing our game sometimes we may go to some work. When we come back we forget where the ball is. Fifa can add the map in the pause menu so that we can remember the ball where it is and who has the ball.
    A glitch in fifa 20 is that my players feel repented after opponent makes the ball out.

    2. Add putting off shirt option.
    3. Add blood while serious injury.
    4. My players feel repented when opponent outs the ball. It should be corrected.

  13. You should add more national teams from Africa Asia Oceania and North America like Tunisia Algeria Morocco Nigeria Ghana Senegal Mali Zambia DR Congo Saudi Arabia Iran Japan South Korea Iraq Syria Uzbekistan UAE Qatar Costa Rica Panama Honduras Jamaica and New Zealand.

    You should aslo add African League because it’s the only continent without league in the game (you can add Egyptian League Tunisian League Moroccan League Algerian League South African League) and other teams like Mazembe and why not the CAF Champions league the CAF confederations cup and the CAF super Cup.

    for the Asian continent Qatar league UAE league Iran league and the AFC champions league + AFC Cup.

    for North America Costa Rica League Honduras league and Concacaf champions league + Concacaf league.

    for Conmebol Uruguay league Paraguay league Peruvian league Ecuadorian league Bolivian league.

    For Europe Czech league Hungarian league Serbian league Croatina league Bulgarian league Greece league Ukranian league and Russian League.

    for Oceania New Zealand league and some teams who participates in OFC champions league + OFC champions league of course.

    you should also add other European and South American Nation team.

    And you should also add the fifa club world cup.

    so the user can play in the career mode a nation league of an african Asian Oceanian Norh Amercian country with the continental club tournament and he can participate and the fifa club world cup.

    1. Yup i agree fifa should add more asian Bangladesh, India, Pakistan… I’m from Bangladesh and i want my team to be in that list..i hope i can select my national team in fifa 21..

      1. With all my respects to your country but Bangladesh is so weak in football there are other national teams who deserves to be in fifa more than Bangladesh and other weak team

  14. Add:
    •Emotianal farewell, “example”= players last match or Manager’s last Match
    •Add a Diving button
    •Hands of God in the last minute
    •upgrade the graphic, i mean the graphics are great but kinda cartoony
    •sacrifice for the team, “example”= slide tackle in the last minute
    •add goalkeeper can have a concussion in a match, and because they have a concussion.. they make stupid mistakes
    •we can fight with the referee
    •pls upgrade the ynwa song at Anfield for the intro, just peak pes a little bit
    •make players can cry when they lose in a final
    •we can celebrate by taking off our shirt and get a yellow card
    •liverpool is known by the supporters sing all the time (nonstop) pls add that too pls..
    •we can throw our manager to the sky when we win a final
    •add allez allez allez song fir Liverpool
    •stadium shot from outside
    •add bruise after a tackle or slide tackle
    •make players can fight each other

    Thank you FIFA.. if you add these suggestions i suggest to FIFA 21.. you’re the best 😀

  15. *Make the comentary tell the next match that is going to play in a present match in custom tournament and in manager career mode name the manger as the best manager if they get all the cup they play

  16. Handball
    Magic ball if the ball goes out of play it will magically appear some where else on the pitch
    World Cup,World Cup teams
    Corona mode Thank you ea.sports

  17. I wish the did how they did with Volta and how 2k did with nba2k20 and add a story to the career not just playing games .

  18. I think FIFA should do something like 2K does with NBA games. One of the funnest features in 2K games is to play with classic teams/all-time teams. It is very hard to make an all-time team for FIFA, but I think creating a game mode where you are allowed to select classic teams and teams that have won Champion’s League, or have done something surprising (Leicester City 2016, Ajax 2019), would be a massive success. I would love to play with Ronaldinho again, and I know other fans miss favorite players like Zidane, Ronaldo, Henry, Rooney, Pirlo, etc.

    EA, this part is for you specifically: This feature in FIFA games is overdue. Please make this possible, I think it would draw a lot of attention to the game. It will take time, but it will be worth it.

  19. In Create A Player mode, once you’ve created a player, please let us be able to put a picture of the created player so it show on team management, instead of a ghost face. This may be too much but can you guys also add award ceremonies on career mode like; UEFA awards, FIFA awards and Ballon d’or. Maybe add the addition of creating a VOLTA tournament. Maybe add arguments between the players in a match if someone is fouled. Please add the strip shirt off celebration. In career mode, please add the ability for players to also be interviewed post match and the press conference for when you sign a highly rated player to your club.

  20. Please add the South African Premier Soccer League. Also in Create A Player, please add the ability to put tattoos and maybe hair dye on your created player.

  21. Can you please add the option of changing weather status and stadiums when playing online friendlies.
    It is very hard to see the ball in some weather conditions such as when playing under a bright sunny day or when half the stadium is covered by shade. I’m having to restart the game with my friends by mutual quitting.

  22. Add name “MIRKO” to the commentary ,add city where you where born…Put ALL WORLD leagues in the future! …

  23. Suggestions : When you customize your player would be nice to add tattoos…edit own football boots..chose to be captain in the team, whistle penalty when is hand ball…

  24. Hello EA Sports,
    I would like to ask for you to bring back the features in the practice arena and also have classic teams and classic National teams. And also add realistic faces, for example Hålland is a player with a non scanned face. More features to career mode like edit stadium and edit kit and arrange friendlies. Another thing we want is the ability to have teams like Croatia which got to a major tournament final. We want licensed Argentine and Brazilian teams not only for the Libertadores but also their own leagues and be able to play with them not only on Libertadores mode but also in classic match and on career mode. We also want licensed stadiums like Maracanã and also have the FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP. And we also would like to have the option to play the World Cup and the Copa America and The Euros and The Confederations Cup.

  25. I know it’s hard to get licenses in some cases but we should at least have the Brazilian League because there we have a team that fought equally against the champions of Europe! And one of the biggest nations in soccer is Brazil so we should also license the Brazilian Stadium (Maracanã) and their squad. We would also like to be able to edit our teams kits in career mode every season so that we can use new Sponsors for the team and also change the design and colors of the kit.
    Thank You

  26. A matchmaking system that pins players who almost never quit early and replay skippers against each other respectively. As a gold 3 finisher, I expect to be beaten by better players just over half of the time. I don’t expect to spend 75% of the time losing, partly because often over a quarter of my wins come from early quitters; I don’t want cheap wins.

    Next of course is replays. A few months in I decided to block replay watchers that wasted time while beating me, not with the hope of easy matchmaking, but classier matchmaking – nothing of the sort happened and here I am missing another weekend league. While futchamps is undoubtedly my favourite and the best mode, I can’t be bothered to play all 30 games and not for lack of time.

    I question whether digital football will ever reach it’s potential, and if maybe you can’t find the same happiness in the digital form as you can the physical form.

    As a long time fifa player who took a hiatus from 2009-2016, my plan has always been to buy the game every 2 years, but it’s at the point I’m asking my family not to gift me the game in between years, because it is not enjoyable enough to keep me engaged longterm.

    As a second year fut player, I question what I truly enjoy from the mode. Squad building? Trading? Football? I think it’s trading… how did that happen.

    Either way, it’s hard to justify annually spending money on a game designed this way and not for lack of funds. Game mechanics rarely change enough to warrant buying the new version. Maybe it’s time for another hiatus, because maybe digital FIFA is a phase you just grow out of.

  27. International Teams

    The amount of african teams in FIFA 20 is a disgrace. FIFA 21 needs to step up the African nations, come on four teams in the game. There should be enough teams to the point where you can hold a mini AFCON at least. Six of the top eight teams in Africa are not in FIFA, only Egypt and Cameroon being in FIFA 20. Big name countries in Africa like Senegal, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco and Ghana should be added to FIFA 21.

    Although there are not that many great teams in Asia, there should be at least eight asian nations allowing for somewhat of a tournament in Asia. You have India in the game who are not even ranked 19th in the continent, but don’t have teams like South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Iran who actually have decent national teams that can compete globally.

    EA have done decent job in Europe, there really isn’t much to say. Although they could add teams that deserves to be in the game like Croatia and Serbia.

    North America/ South America:
    They should combine both continents, there just is not enough good teams in North America. Mexico and the United States would always win everything, this way they have more of a challenge. Just add three more North American teams, so you can have a 16 team competition in the Americas. They have already did some parts, just finish the rest and this section would be complete.

  28. in the edit player feature you should be able to edit all attributes including defensive awareness and composure, as well as skill moves, traits age, contract. like 2k games. also creating a player their face should show up as it looks in game, there is no need for players with just the grey outline of a head shape. youth prospects or re-gens in career mode should be assigned other boots than the ea black and white basic ones. They should also be able have multiple traits. Workrates are often off as well as skill moves and workrates.
    Re-gens of high rated players often start off with 90 in every physical category even when they are a 5ft8 skinny centre half. heights, builds and physical stats need to be more realistic. with youth prospects it’s hard to get their composure above 60 throughout their career. should also be an editor in career mode to edit attributes and potentials of players. Could also implement what nba 2k has with “start of peak” and “end of peak” also need to make it so a 94 rated player such as Messi or Ronaldo can have outstanding seasons in game as well as in real life.

  29. may you pls put the line on sadio mane and in the career may change the sponsers and pls another story mode and pls fix the boots

  30. Hello ! I think this ideea who i will sau will be very interesting for fifa 21…. I think that will be very interesting to add a REFEREE CAREER !!!! I Think that will be amazing to have this in a football video game ,more interesting when will be VAR System!!! Please consider what i said for the fifa 21!!!Thanks

  31. Add women’s leagues
    Some of the best players in the world are female we have the internationals get their leagues on here spread the sport make their names more well known, the need as much support as the men’s game does

  32. volta off line mode cup,journey or add story ,real face tatoos like messi neymar cristiano n many rashford hair ,hair style real ,edit hair style of all player tatoos,more impact engine in pitch ,long cup celebration to go in fans upstair in stadium to take cup,messi real face n hair styl neymar cristiano n so many

  33. Mas comentarios agregar mas relatores mas emocionante como Mariano Closs y Niembro, Claudio Palma y Aldo Schiapacacce. Pollo Vignolo. Tambien mas ambientacion para la Libertadores Sudamericana. Bengalas Canticos Banderas Globos Fuegos artificiales Humo de Colores Papeles picados
    Equipos clasicos con leyendas de paises y clubes en modo offline. No todos jugamos online.

  34. A daily player since FIFA 2006. I only play 1 mode essentially, Career Mode. So I’m going to split into 2 parts.

    General Gameplay

    1. More leagues. Malaysian League, Japan League, Finnish League, etc. Would be cool to have an Asian Cup or African Cup of Nations because in Career Mode, asian and non-european or south american players have no international fixtures and nothing to play for during international break/

    2. Classic or Legendary teams. Would like to play the ol’ ManU 1999, Chelsea 04/05 and AC Milan teams back then with the likes of Pirlo, Maldini, Lampard, Scholes, Beckham, Henry, Ronaldinho, Kaka, rather than picking them up individually based on luck in FUT.

    3. Matchday atmosphere. Addition of ball-boys, crowd banters, chants, additional manager and assistant coaches animations, fan banners, flags, fireworks, etc.

    4. Players’ responsiveness. Players look rigid and awkward body rotations and movements while turning and running is lacking. Looks the same as FIFA 19.

    5. Bring back players badges, not just traits. (Ie, FK specialist, Finesse shot, Engine, Tactician, Speedster, etc)
    Also, would benefit a lot in Career Mode (detailed below). For example, a young talent with no traits or badges can earn those by completing “accomplishments” like taking 5 shots on target for 15 consecutive matches would earn you a bronze badge for shooting skills like power shot, sharpshooter or distance shooter.

    6. A cumulative stats for Players. Goals, Assists, Clean sheets, Awards for each and every club that they played for that can be viewed in the players profile. Also super cool for Career Mode below.

    Career Mode.

    I have submitted it before separately, I’m just going to paste it here again
    Albeit some of them might be impossible to add, I’m just going to list it anyways as a mean of possibility.

    1. YOUTH TEAM. U-23s. Being able to interact with assistant coaches and conduct SCRIMMAGES or Practices at Practice grounds. This has been well overdue ever since the introduction of youth scouting with no other additional features.

    2. STAFFS. Being able to hire or fire coaches and trainers based on team needs. (Ie: Defensive minded coaches, GK coaches or Fitness Coaches). This would add real depth into the mode.

    3. PLAYER’S RETIREMENT. Being able to hire former players after their retirement as assistant coaches. Would be cool to see them on the coaching bench stadium side.

    4. Arrange FRIENDLIES aside from pre-season. (Ie, Player’s testimonial at the end of season)

    5. Proper detailed FINANCIAL System. Current system offers no interaction whatsoever. Could add the club’s debt and loans which needs to be cleared by a certain period otherwise the club will fall into financial difficulty making it practically impossible to buy new talents and managers would be fired and you would have to search for jobs in other clubs. The debts amount could be a made-up number again, with the consent of all clubs and proper officials.

    Part 2, FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY (FFP). Making it more realistics. (Ie, i can manage plymouth argyle and sign Mbappe, Neymar, Sancho, Messi through contract expiry). Totally blows the common sense. Spending over the FFP limits barring club from transfer for a season would be so exciting. Also, being able to request funds from the board would be fun with certain terms to be complied prior. (Ie, averaging 3 goals across 10 matches, not getting a red card for 10 matches)

    6. SOCIAL MEDIA. Rumours or tweets showing that a player is unhappy that would like to leave the club, etc.

    7. TROPHY ROOM. Being able to see the number of trophies the club have won since the beginning because football nowadays is all about stats and Career mode has been lacking this.

    8. Similar to 7. PLAYER’S STATS. Being able to scroll through player’s yearly stats and performances. (Ie: Ronaldo scoring 30 goals in 2020 for Juve, winning Ballon D’Or.) And also past player’s stats.

    9. KITS and CREST. Now i understand the legal complications this will cause. But if FIFA could perhaps find a loophole in the contracts or re-negotiate terms with sponsors to customise Kits whilst retaining their original sponsorship. Just a quick tweak of the positioning of the logos and kit colours would definitely keep players fresh rather than seeing the same kit for 10 seasons. If Editing Kits cannot be done, then perhaps customising a generic 4th kit could be an option.

    10. SPONSORSHIP. Similar to 9. This was introduced in the past but was removed. I assume again, it was due to legal issues. But it would be fun to see Sponsorship deals (Ie, bonus increase for finishing top 4, failing which the sponsor would retract) It could be a generic sponsor or made-up brand for all i care. Just having this would make it seem more “managerial”.

    11. STADIUMS. Again similar to the above concerning legal matters. Was available in the past, not anymore. The ability to maintain the stadium, equip new facilities like lounges, etc, increase capacity or repaint or relocate the stadium would be fun. Also, realistic. Makes no sense whatsoever for 2nd tier Leyton Orient to play in “Town Park” with capacity of 10,000 and being promoted to to the PL bearing the same stadium. Also imagine how cool it would be to be able to walk inside the stadium showing player’s meetings in the locker rooms prior to a match.

    Alternatively, you could just edit a generic stadium, customising the outlook and design of the stadium, primary colours, seating capacity and minor facilities like hotels, buildings around stadium and fan flags or banners to create a more lively atmosphere during matchday.

    12. CUT SCENES. In my opinion, the simplest thing to add on this list. As seen in FIFA 20 with the conferences, would be more immersive if more are added. (Ie, Players’ bus arrival, team talk during half time or before match, Players interview post-match)

    13. VISIONS and EXPECTATIONS. Needs to be more elaborate. (Ie, expectation to play more attacking football and scoring more goals or concede less than x amount of goals per season) All these would subsequently then impact the board’s morale towards you, fan behaviour, number of fans attending games which also affects the club’s revenue. All this taken into account with no.5, you will have one of the best modes in sporting game history.

    14. PLAYER’S CONTRACT AND TRANSFERS. Being able to insert player swap clauses when another club wants to purchase your player. Not just a one-way system like the current game. Also, i might be mistaken, but the sell-on clauses don’t impact your budget later on if they sell. Or I don’t notice it anyways. Would be fun to be able to negotiate more on terms making more realistic. (Ie, making it impossible for Messi to sign for Wycombe FC on contract expiry because of brand exposure, player’s traits being a one club player, etc)

    15. ADDITIONAL be added to the interface.
    – Timeline (W/L) of club’s current run of form
    – Medical reports of players
    – social media platform
    – stadium view, locker room view, on pitch view, manager’s office view.

    Lastly, A GM or CHAIRMAN MODE. A new mode apart from Career Mode. Essentially the same as Career Mode with the addition to hire or fire Managers, Meeting with the League for league expansion, new rules and FFP terms.

    I would be happy with just the addition of 4-5 new features as mentioned above. Career mode have been a standstill for a while now. Please do not just focus on FUT and the Journey.

    1. 1. Goalkeeper Kits: Add secondary goalkeeper kits: as in being able to switch between “home” and “away” Jersey option for goalkeepers.

      2. Boot & Glove: More frequent Boot and Gloves addition updates. We are currently behind on the boot and glove releases in real life. These are easy fixes and can be released quickly. The fact that this does not happen already is concerning.

      3. Team Match Jacket: For big games or in the winter, have players wear club thin jackets and include a cutscene where they take them off after the handshakes (before the team photo).

      4. Goalkeeper Wrist Tape: Goalkeepers wear tape on their wrists to provide wrist support and can be seen extending 1-2 inches past the glove wrist strap. It has become part of the modern goalkeeper’s aesthetic and must be added into the game. It should be a customizable option as not all keepers use the tape.

      5. Sock Cut: Another feature to the modern player is to cut the team socks, showing the white under socks. Currently, to create the effect in FIFA is to add white ankle tape in the customize options. This would be a quick addition and would go a long way.

      6. Avatar Customization: In addition to new hairstyles and outfits + glasses (for managers), include a feature to enable players to give their avatar/player tattoos. Although, they are unhealthy for the body and shouldn’t be promoted especially to kids so I can see why there is no rush to add tattoos.

      7. Training Slots: Add more training slots in career mode. It is pathetic to only be able to train 5 players only 1 day a week. Either add more slots or add daily training with exception to gameday and day before gameday (for traveling).

      8. Youth Academy: This is a feature that has needed development for year now. An easy addition of a reserve team that PLAYS against other teams in the lower league (like in real life) is needed. While we are at it, add youth competitions like uefa youth champions league and u-21 WC / EUROS. Here is a hint…..maybe this could reinvent a section of scouting…

      Final thoughts: Fifa X should be realistic and fun. The changes I mentioned above are quick fixes that already exist in real life and are displayed in every broadcasted futbol match. I have been a loyal Fifa career mode player for 7 years now and am proud to say so. I want FIFA to remain at the top of the soccer game industry. So PLEASE focus on the game as well EA. Ultimate team is good enough.

  35. hi it would be brilliant if you could increase your stadium as if you start at a lower level and work up to the Premier league it would be good if you could increase your stadium to make more money threw ticket sales

  36. Manager Mode

    1. Browse jobs 365 days of the year – In real football, we see that
    2. More options for job offers – Once you get a job from top 5 European leagues, Fifa never suggests jobs from countries like Netherlands and Belgium for example
    3. Improve stadiums and ticket prices management – just like in Fifa 2005 for example (long time ago)
    4. Add more teams in Rest of the world – CL and Europe League will be more realistic
    5. Option to assign a star player who retires from active career as a scout

  37. Improve career mode. More management issues. Improve training process, staff, agents, financial issues, live events, etc. For those, who like it – it would be amazing asset.
    Improve editor. Make a possibility to make your own teams and leagues (just give 20 empty slots, we’re players whole over the world could make their own. Improve player editor.
    Volta – add more of it. Probably add some futsal teams?!
    More national teams and competitions like World Cup qualifying stage.

  38. My Fifa 21 ideas

    Manager Career Mode

    1. Staff
    2. Kit creator
    3. Stadium creator
    4. Edit stadium ticket prices
    5. Transfer funds request
    6. Injury list
    7. Arrange Friendlies
    8. Player signing cutscene
    9. Crest creator
    10. More outfits
    11. Integrate Social Media
    12. Player Trophy achievements
    13. Add tattoos to your manager
    14. Player chants
    15. The club official sponsors
    16. Practice Match with team in the training ground

    Player Career Mode

    1. Managers faith in you over 100%
    2. Create Agent
    3. Post game conferences with the reporter
    4. Allow player to have a second position or third e.g. My player plays ST, CAM and RWB
    5. Add more positions to Player Career e.g. LM, RM, ST, RWB, LWB, LW, RW
    6. Talking to the best players on the field e.g. Alex Hunter talking to Ronaldo in the Journey
    7. Edit Commentary Name
    8. Mentor ability with the team
    9. Player chat with the staff and manager
    10. Add tattoos to your player
    11. Import real player’s faces to your player
    12. Integrate Social Media
    13. If you’re on a loan/transfer request, you should be able to choose a team where you want to go on loan/sign to and you’re team will have to discuss with the team. If it wend well, then wait for the day to come. If not, then choose another team except the team that you chose before.
    14. Player Trophy Achievements
    15. Manager’s Important news
    16. Own player signing cutscene and presentation


    1. Create ball
    2. Practice Match in Practice Arena like in FIFA 15
    3. Allow player to play in Euro 2021
    4. Bring back the Journey. If not, add Story Mode
    5. Set piece in Practice Arena Piece
    6. In the old FIFA days, there was Create Set Piece. You would make the turns the player would do and then make the Set Piece. There was a button which allowed you to save the Set Piece so you can push the button and use it in matches when there is a Set Piece
    7. Create Trophy in Create Tournament
    8. Scout career mode
    9. Normal free kick view in Practice Arena
    10. Face Update ft Ronaldo, Neymar, Garnier, Rodrygo, Mane, Ansu Fati, De Jong, Håland, etc.


    Toosie slide – Drake
    Yummy – Justin Bieber
    The Prince ft Bigty – My Gad
    Bruno Mars – That’s what I like
    Clean Bandit – Solo

    1. What you said is absolutely right but in player faces I also think we need to edit Messi’s face because his and Ronaldo’s face have been the same since FIFA 18 so what you said is right.
      Thank You.

  39. I would like there to be player interviews in the player career mode and I really wish you could pick more than one possition that your created player can play.

  40. I would like dynamic weather for example overcast to rain, sunny to overcast and day to night. Control the fan size at stadium if you are playing a efl league 2 can the stadium is not going to be full.

    Leagues to be added. Welsh premier league, Belarus league, Fininsh league, Greek super league, NI premier league, Czech league, Croatian league and Ukrainian premier league. Woman fa super league or women uefa champions league

    Rest of world: APOEL Nicrosa, Red Star Belgrade Partisan Belgrade, Ludogorets Razgrad, Leviski Sofia, Maccabi Tel Aviv.

    Stadiums: Elland Road (Leeds United) Lekandal (Rosenborg) Ulleval stadion (Norway).

  41. als er een speler geblesseerd geraakt tijdens een wedstrijd zouden er verzorgers op het veld moeten komen of afvoeren met een brancard en wat ik ook nog zou willen zien in fifa 21 is een video ref als er iemand buitenspel loopt of een foutieve tackle dat de ref tussen komt zoals in het realistische voetbal.

  42. messi 94
    neymar 93
    de bruyne 92
    ronaldo 92
    van dijk 92
    lewandowski 91
    salah 91
    oblak 92
    ter stegen 90
    suarez 90
    mane 90
    alisson 90

  43. Career mode should be developed. For example, Fenerbahçe team has 3 stars if the game wins 1 more championship, the game can place the 4th star. Players should be able to manage teams as coach after retirement. Low-level teams should not easily become world class teams. Maybe the VAR system can be installed. Fans’ thoughts and morals can also be effective. Coaches like Mourinho should be able to deal with another team, like footballers, or be fired and resigned. When a new season begins, the jerseys should be able to be redesigned. In important matches, coaches should be able to attend a press conference with a football player. The value and fame of the teams in their country and the world can be shown. The trophies won by the team should appear in the team information. The loyalty of the players should also have an impact on the transfer talks.

  44. The facelift on career mode is a nice touch but sadly we haven’t seen much new content in the career mode itself.

    Many of us would like to see the following:

    – expand the idea of the youth academy into a youth team where you can still scout new talent and let them grow in the 2nd team. We should have the option of upgrading our youth players by hireing better staff, coaches and training facilities.

    – have the option of upgrading stadiums in career mode with fake cool looking stadiums similar to the old manager games where you could choose capacity and design obviously at a cost.(nothing worse having made it from 3. league to the UCL semis and play in a small boring stadium with trees and apartments in the background)

    – the option to design your own kit (playing 5 years with the same kit gets boring)

    -It would be nice to be able to choose a club, once per season, that you would want to coach in an ongoing career, same with National teams

    – also add the option to buy a loaned player

    I understand that the online fifa world is more profitable and popular now, but there is still a huge fanbase for career mode specially after Fifa manger stopped.
    It would be much appreciated if the Fifa team doesn’t forget its offline modes, we are still paying our 80$ a year to enjoy some good career mode.
    Thanks for listening.

  45. i think i would say that fifa 20 is a superb game, but i just want to add 2 suggestions that i hope would be implemented to the next fifa game. first one is; player face rendering is a must. be more realistic with the players face. the main reason i played fifa is to enjoy the likeliness, and the realism of a football game, but sadly i still recognize a lot of players in fifa 20 with generated face, even top players like frankie de jong and bruno fernandes. second; bring back the alex hunter career mode. it doesnt have to be another alex hunter, maybe make a new star? again, the realism, instead of volta i prefer to jump in a career of player who plays the real football, not some thug who plays a pickup 5 a side in an underground sewer. thanks. best regards to ea.

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