FIFA 21 Wishlist

FIFA 21 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 21 here at FIFPlay. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 21 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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498 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Wishlist

  1. 1. De mogelijkheid om met 2 spelers carrière modus te spelen. Dit kan nu alleen als je met dezelfde console speelt.
    2. Ook met icons kunnen spelen in carrière modus.
    3. Spelers die goed presteren krijgen meer aanbiedingen en bieden tegen mekaar op.
    4. Je krijgt mee aanbiedingen van clubs als je goed presteert.
    5. Ipv volta het oude FIFA street

  2. I would like to see on FIFA 21 career mode kits to be changeable every season or some kind of edit mode where you can change it yourself, this will give it more of a realistic real rather than going into the new season with the same kit all the time. Bring back the chose of sponsorship deals as well.

    Realistic weather conditions changes in the game would be great. One minute it’s raining really bad & then it all clears up with the sun blazing through. This will create impacted on the football thats been played, from players making a bad pass, a poor touch and slipping over in the rain.

    Commentators do not mention anything about league champions, cup holders/winners or any type of achievement that you have won in the previous seasons on career mode. They should add this in so commentators remember what they have done throughout the seasons and mention them in the matches and not just go on what they have done in real life stats.

  3. I would like to see more improvement on career mode in fifa 21.
    1) bring back permanent signing on loan player
    2) bring more details on type of players in youth scouting system and broaden scouting locations (maybe from countries in southeast asia like indonesia or malaysia or singapore or thailand)
    3) can choose option for club objectives and funds for the next season is based on the performance.
    4) bring more licensed tournament in career mode at least one for each region such as copa libertadores, asian champions league and fifa club world cup
    5) bring one official league each from africa and eastern europe region. (We need full world coverage of fifa )
    6) bring in more realistic details of how manager handling club

  4. I want there to be able to have added funds you can have. I would like it so you can bring in more money if you are running low, but there’s a catch. If you do this too often or are spending too much money in the transfer window then you can get fined or banned from certain competitions. Also, I hate it how whenever you start a new season you get like an extra 150M because that’s just unfair, make it realistic so if you got fined not as much money comes in at the start of the season or if your not getting enough sales you don’t get it either. I would also like the ability to upgrade your stadium, and if you are a world-class team like man united and you are 7th in the table you get fewer funds as supporters are starting to not show up in stadiums.

  5. 1.My ideas would be to add the people that have retired
    2.whenwe create our own player we can take a pic of our face
    3.add more leagues to the FIFA
    4.add more stadium
    5.we can buy anyone we want like Neymar they never want to sell him on the first season
    6.Make so we can add as much money as we want
    7.So we can have the World Cup or CONCAF or afcon in FIFA 21


    Very simple idea, but really effective imo. If you would be able to setup an online tournament like you can do offline. Select your friends who can participate, let everyone pick a team, and if a match was played between 2 people who are in the tournament, the scores are saved and the table will be updated. Now you can only do friendly’s and 1 on 1’s without the ability to compete in a group. This would be a huge gamechanger, with little effort from the developers, the setup is already there, but only used offline.

  7. This one is soooo simple. Give us transfer fees for player career and the ability to declare interest in specific teams rather than waiting and hoping for that team to make an offer.

  8. Suggestions for new additions to FIFA 21:

    Leagues: NIFL Premiership (Northern Ireland), Superliga Argentina, Greek Super League, Liga Profesional de Primera División (Uruguay), Kazakhstan Premier League.

    Stadiums: Aviva Stadium (Ireland national team), Athens Olympic Stadium (AEK Athens, Panathinaikos), Estadio da Luz (SL Benfica), Principality Stadium (Wales national team), Krestovsky Stadium (Zenit), Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta United), Gillette Stadium (NE Revolution)

    Features: Give players open/closed roof option for retractable-roof stadiums (Principality Stadium, Krestovsky Stadium, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, etc., allow players to customize their own team’s kit and stadium in FUT, add CONCACAF Champions League in Competitions.

  9. Me encantaría que hicieran tarjetas de iconos centroamericanos, que incluyan a Carlos el pescado Ruiz, por qué aún es el vigente goleador histórico de eliminatorias mundialistas con la selección de Guatemala, y así con otros jugadores más de centroamerica

  10. Fire everyone that made fifa 2020 and hire people that know’s football.
    I played this game since 96 , fifa 20 is far the worst game i ever played with that passing mechanism,not even closed how the real in life players kick the ball
    corner’s ,freekick’s and crosses converted in goal’s in only 10% of chance’s in fifa 20 ,when in real football era are concentrated on these thing’s.
    Scan the stadium’s real size’s ,scan SUPPORTERS BECAUSE THE GAME FOR SUPPORTERS IS, authentic chant’s ,jersey’s ,atmosphere
    Referee’s scan and detail ,movement when interact with a player or a manager ,when give’s yellow or red card
    Implement VAR
    Show how supporter’s leave when you are down with 2-3 goals and there’s 5 more minute’s, or more euphoric fans’s when you score a goal when the game is allmost ready to finish.

  11. It would be nice to finally add some custom designs to you player in career mode like tattoos, changing moral, and perhaps the commentators saying the names of created players when they are playing. If their names are created by the game then it should be easy enough to say them. Overall the game is good, but it would be nice to get these small things added.

  12. My Fifa 21 Wish list:

    1. Add Peter Drury as a commentator and also add an option that allows players to choose commentators
    2. VAR should be included
    3. Add a mode that can allow players to access great teams from past seasons and also some of the football legends in the various leagues.
    4. Players should be able to choose a referee from a collection of existing referees
    5. Better graphics, smoother game play and more realism

  13. My favourite FIFA 21 ideas :
    1.for you to be able to tell your players off for getting a suspension (manager career mode) be able to edit or choose your morale (player career)
    3.for you to be able to ask for money (manager career)
    4.more stadiums such as Elland Road (all around)
    5.for better animations (all around) see subs getting told the tactics and them warming up (all around)
    7.better press conferences (manager career)
    8.player press conferences (player career)
    9.More managers (all around)
    10.the ability to watch the contract discussion of your player (player career)
    11.more options on the transfer market so you can loan a player before buying on the same deal or the ability to sell a player but get him back on loan as part of the transfer agreement (manager career)
    12.more celebrations (all around)
    13.something like the Journey from the older FIFAs (new stuff)
    13.more tactic options (all around)
    14.more chants to be added (all around be able to dive (all around) be able to foul more or get fouled more (all around)
    17.more scraps between players on the pitch (all around
    18.if a red card is given out people to start shouting at the ref and more of a big deal is made out of it. the same if a penalty is given (all around)
    19.more drama and dirty fouls on the pitch (all around) be able to be a sub and then get subbed on mid match and watch yourself get given tactics (player career) would be cool if a match got stopped in the middle of the game
    22.BETTER AND MORE CUTSCENES (will be explained below⬇️) ;

    Should be a team talk at half time

    (A- F)Manager career cutscenes:
    A) when you sign a new player
    B) when a game starts
    C) when a player is injured – extra info on letter
    D) pre match team tactics so you can watch your team get given tactics in dressing room
    E) cool cutscenes for international matches
    F) when you get fired or terminated
    F)manager of the month

    Player career:
    G)when you meet a really good player at the end of a match e.g messi ronaldo neymar
    H)man of the match
    I)new contract
    J)contract discussion
    K)shirt swap
    L)ballon d’or
    M)it would be awsome if you could see yourself getting told about tactics or team talk

    I also think that there should be a kick off if there was a red card or penalty in the game (also cutscene)

    If a player gets injured there should be a big deal about it and a stretcher and paramedic should check on them and then put them on stretchers
    Hope this is all involved in FIFA 21

  14. I hope that the world cup more comes into its own with more songs, important tasks and more crowning the trainer and showing more emotion and the fifa street hall football from 2 options are in the hall and or on the beach and also as international matches
    More emotional crowds and Exciting moments for example scored in the last minus that they go crazy haha

  15. 1.You can put tattoo to your manager
    2.if a player gets a transfer to the eternal opponent of the team that the fans of his old team were playing to disapprove of him
    3.branded brands in clothes of manager
    4.Piercing on the manager
    5.type of the body of manager(for example muscular,fat,skinny)
    6.if a player returns to his old team to write articles like: he came again,he is back

  16. Mi piacerebbe poter vedere finalmente la Serie A su FIFA 21 visto che è tra i 3 migliori campionati al mondo.
    Inoltre vorrei che venisse aggiunta anche la possibilità di prendere in prestito giocatori anche con l’obbligo riscatto e che i giocatori presi in prestito possano essere di tutte le età
    Mi piacerebbe che in FIFA 21 ci fosse la licenza ufficiale della Serie A e che nei prestiti ci fosse anche l’obbligo di riscatto

  17. I hope this will take part in next fifa:
    make the match exciting for both trainer and player more emotional animation also for trainers. as a team behind is more speed in the game and slow play when behind better AL system with long shots and long shots. involve trainer more in game so you can really see what he feels or feels like messi and ronaldo as coach after career stop and not retire early or let players quit africa cup with morocco and tunis and algerie

  18. My Fifa 21 ideas

    Manager Career Mode

    1. Kit creator
    2. Stadium creator
    3. Edit Stadium tickets price
    4. Transfer funds request
    5. Staff e.g. goalkeeper trainer, coach, etc
    6. Injury list
    7. Crest creator
    8. More outfits
    9. Player signing cutscene
    10. Player Trophy achievements
    11. Add tattoos to your manager
    12. Arrange Frendlies
    13. The club official sponsors
    14. Club chants
    15. Integrate Social Media

    Player Career Mode

    1. Manager’s faith in you over 100%
    2. Create and customize Agent
    3. Mentor ability with your team
    4. Post game conferences with the reporter
    5. Player chat with the staff and manager
    6. Talking to the best players on the field cutscene e.g. Alex Hunter talking to Ronaldo in The Journey
    7. Import a real player’s face to your player
    8. Add tattoos to your player
    9. Edit Commentary Name
    10. Integrate Social Media


    1. Create ball
    2. Face Update for Ronaldo, De Jong, Greenwood, Ansu Fati, Mane, Garnier, Rodrygo, Neymar, etc
    3. Create Trophy in My Tournaments
    4. Practice Match in Practice Arena
    5. Created player allowed to play in Euro 2021
    6. Bring back the Journey

    These are the links my ideas came from:

    1. EA, that’s not all I wanted to say:

      Player Career Mode

      1. Allow player to play a second to play a second or third position e.g. LW, RW, LM, RM, LWB, RWB, ST
      2. Manager’s more important chats
      3. If you’re on a loan/transfer request, you should choose the team you want to sign for first and if it went out well, wait for the day to come. If not, you should choose another team except the one that you chose.
      4. Ballon d’or cutscene
      5. Own player signing cutscene and presentation

      1. On Player Career Mode/ Create Player, allow more positions e.g. LW, RW, LM, RM, LWB, RWB, ST
      2. Shoe Creator
      3. Practice Match in Practice Arena
      4. Scout career mode
      5. Normal free kick view in Practice Arena
      6. Create Set Piece in Practice Arena and use it in a match

      Manager Career Mode

      1. Player signing cutscene
      2. Practice Match with team in the training ground


      Drake – Toosie slide
      Th Prince ft Bigty – My Gad
      Justin Bieber – Yummy
      Bruno Mars – That’s what I like
      Davido – Like Dat

  19. 1. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese can there be a lower price on transfer markets, fifa points cheaper and fut coins cheaper.

    2. Penalties with the arrows like fifa 19

    3. More icons like Romario Berbatov and soljksair

  20. Here are just a few ideas that I like the sound of:

    1 – If you have the budget, have the chance to upgrade things about the club like back in FIFA 07 – upgrade the Stadium, Youth Coach etc. It would be cool if for example if you were doing well with Aston Villa and had a lot of money, that you can upgrade the stadium capacity
    2 – Another from FIFA 07, sponsors. Back then you could pick a sponsor from a select few depending on who you played as. Have it so that there’s the weekly income as well as bonuses if you do certain things like youth player usage or clean sheets and a special reward if you resign with them the following season.
    3 – Either improve the press conferences or scrap them. I do like the idea of it, but only if it’s new and fresh each week.
    4 – Improve the player morale limits. I had a bit of trouble trying to keep players happy when there was no games and I can’t play them in games if there are none to be played.
    5 – There used to be a thing on FIFA where you can sign a player on loan with the view to a permanent move. Why not bring that back as well as add a feature where if you sign a player from a lower division (English Championship) or from a team that’s not in a European competition then you can offer the team the chance to get the player back on loan for the season. This one might be hard to programme so fair enough.
    6 – When you are scouting a player I think it would be a very nice touch to give us some basic attributes that are important to his position on the pitch, then also have a little part where it gives some stats of how he’s doing this season or last season. I have other ideas but those have been my main ones.

  21. I would like to see manager mode made for online use so friends can compete against each other compete to buy players, win cups, the match can only be played as to when the other player/s are on..

    games would have to be played and no simulation available basically all the characteristics of manager mode now just so you can compete against friends or even have an open world one where you can compete against others.

  22. I think Fifa should allow players to take off their shirt as a celebration and later a yellow card is received. Also in the career mode we should be allowed to create our new kits for our teams

  23. In career mode after a season, can we create new uniforms for ours team and the possibility add new sponsor the uniforms

  24. Cross platform pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee. I just really want to vs my friends when they are on ps4 and Im on switch

  25. Agregar Ligas de centro América
    La de honduras
    Costa Rica
    Etc sería bueno si las agragaran

  26. Please add Central American Men National Teams in the next FIFA21it will be amazing if we can play friendly games, or world cup qualifications with our own team countries!

    1. it is already a thing, it comes on every few close calls after the ball goes out of play, martin (or whoever is commenting) will say “let’s take another look at that on Allan” and it will show the VAR.

  27. I fell like fifa21 should have every country in the world and team bcs I fell like there are to littel countrys and teams in game

  28. Can we have an online “arcade” mode in Ultimate Team please?? Like Division Rivals but with no Tactics / Instructions, no skill moves or other fancy crap and shorter games.

    Now that I’m a Dad, and I’m sure there are other parents out there who feel the same, I just want a mode where I can pick up a pad and play a quick, fun game against a like minded human player without all the irritating parts of the game that are present in Rivals at the moment.

  29. in the customise men must be: mode create team,create club,create coach,create referee,edit kits,edit team,edit player,edit league

  30. – Kits PLEASE !!!!!! everything in the world is changing and being modified to better fit with reality. I guess some of the things that fifa has to update are the kits. You have to make an option that allows players to change kits in different manners. As we see in real life. Changing shorts / socks / T-shirts. And please don’t forget the goalies ” One Kit ” they have to have 2 kits or 3 >>>> home / away / alternate. They are still a part of the team not apart from the team !!
    – Chemistry in Ultimate Team should be enhanced, an ex-bundesliga player will always have chemistry with other bundesliga players for example. It is totally funny to see Ronaldo struggling to link with a team that he has spent 9 years with just because he moved to Juventus. Chemistry must be enhanced.
    – Career Mode should be realistic , teams change their kits and sponsors every couple of years. why not make it this way. Adding an option to update the teams kit is not a taboo , it will make it joyful to play career mode and not getting bored playing with the same kit for 9 years.
    – Crowds should be more realistic too, like when a team is losing on his ground and the difference gap is big .. just let the fans / crowd to leave their seats. and when the gap is close and in the dying minutes hype the crowd. We all love remontadas and what is special about such moments are the emotions left behind , goosebumps and crowds out of their seats chanting and singing. Guys give it a twist and taste. we play football not pool or billiards. We need to feel the HEAT !!!!!
    – ALL Players should have their genuine faces not fake ones , it just makes me want to vomit when i look at De Jong / Mariano / Lasgana / Martinez of Atalanta / , aren’t they playing in a licensed league ?!!
    – Boots : Please add all the season’s boots not the colorful ones only !!

  31. Licensed Fifa World Cup and Fifa youth Tournaments both men and women, finally atmosphere change as time moves on from day to night

  32. Interchangeable Kits – with a lot of teams only having home & away kits, at least give us the option to swap sorts, shirts, & socks individually. this would reduce the chance of kits clashing & be more realistic.

    Crowd – Smaller crowds at early cup games, especially against a lower league side. Crowd dispersing at the final whistle or a few minutes before kick off, especially if your getting thrashed! Also, the black cloth Crowd segregation.

    Manager interviews in career mode – sort the questions out!

  33. I would like real youth teams added so you can promote real life youngsters or even demote and give seniors returning from injury or just not playing much a game , also international U21 would be great with summer tournaments to keep you interested.

    Been waiting for so long now to be able to send a scout to wales , I realise the league is not on there so maybe a british option that would return british nationals , can be expanded to group Northern Europe , South America just as some examples

  34. I would like to see in fifa 21 licensed and faces scan italian Serie A ! Improve transfermarket: 1) you can add player to loan and sold him in same transfer window that you buy him 2) clubs can take players on loan with obligation to buy, as in real life clubs do.

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