FIFA 21 Wishlist

FIFA 21 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 21 here at FIFPlay. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 21 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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    – Opposition Scout Reports
    Be able to send scouts to watch future opposition. The more fixtures you send your scout to, the more information you get back (i.e. formations they use, key players, weaknesses etc.).

    – Loan Player Reports
    Weekly/monthly reports on the progress your loan players are making. How many games have they played? How many goals/assists have they got? What match ratings did they get for each match and what is their average during the reporting period?

    – Make Transfers more difficult/realistic
    It’s too easy to bring players into your club. For example, if you don’t qualify for Europe, it should be harder to bring in top quality players. It also shouldn’t be as easy to bring in players who only have 6 months left on their contract. In a recent season playing as Arsenal, I was able to bring in Mbappe, Marquinhos, and Neymar from PSG, and Dembele from Barca, all in the same window. It would be impossible for the best/richest teams to achieve this in real life, so it shouldn’t be possible to do this with Arsenal. The AI should be tweaked so that the selling club renew player contracts more regularly, or they sell players when they have one or two years left on their contracts. At the very least, there should be competition to sign a player with 6 months left.

    – Form/stats for national team player call ups
    When managing a national team, it would be great if you could pick players based on their current form. Who’s in good/great form? Who is playing regularly for their clubs? At the moment, the only real metric to measure players by is their overall rating. This usually just ends in picking virtually the same players at every international break.


    – Contracts
    It would be great if you could sign contracts with your team, which is much more realistic. If you’re playing well, your team might offer you an improved contract. You can request a new contract, which you manager can either approve or reject (or negotiate). If you sign a 5 year contract, it’s less likely a team will try to buy you and/or your club will hold out for a very decent transfer fee. If you only have a year or two left on your contract, it is more likely teams will try to buy you and your club would be willing to sell you for a more reasonable fee. When you have 6 months left on your contract, clubs can start negotiating with you for a Bosman move in the summer. At the moment, you are with your club for an indefinite period of time and you could possibly get stuck at a club for way longer than you want to be if the manager keeps rejecting your transfer requests.

  2. These are my wishes for FIFA21:

    – Improvements for the gameplay for example PES-like things more realistic ball modelling (how the ball is bouncing and more difficult to control it and to shoot the ball and pass it) and slower game speed just like in PES. EA should study PES gameplay and go for that direction.
    – Big no to VAR. There is no need for VAR in videogame although there is one in real football. In videogame there is AI who is refereeing the game and no need for extra features for that. EA said before FIFA20 that they think there is no need for VAR and I hope that opinion will remain the same.
    – In Pro Clubs option to create various pro-players in single account and play with them in different clubs. At the moment you need to create multiple accounts to create various pro-players to play in different clubs. The most simple thing for that would be that option to create more than one player and join with it to different clubs.
    – In Pro Clubs new leagues and tournaments for example some kind of tournament/league generator for tournaments between friends´clubs.
    – tournament/league generator to 1 vs 1 online games in normal game mode (using real and also to FUT
    – In Career mode takeover without using the catalogue points and bankcrupty which enables that takeover which also would be without bankcrupty like offer from investors in the middle of season if the team plays well. In bad financial situation there would board search for new investors to save the club.
    – In Career modes player career option to play that no professional career club is directly chosen but instead of that player starts it´s clubs youth academy and tries to accomplish the professional deal. So no direct route to professional contract. In NHL be a pro there is option to start in youth league (or farm league) and to be drafted to NHL pro league. Similar route to pro in FIFA too.
    – In Pro Clubs statistics in latest results section dates would be helpful to see when the clubs have played their latest games in order to decide whether join the club. Now you don´t know how active the club is when they have played their latest games. At the moment you can only see how many games they have played but no way to know if they are played two months ago or last week.

    So these were some improvements that came quickly to my mind. The gameplay feedback is the most important because I would rather play FIFA and Pro Clubs and Career especially instead of PES but at the moment PES have way better gameplay but FIFA have Pro Clubs and better career. I wish EA would totally renew the gameplay to direction of PES so the gameplay would be more realistic and not like it is now with easy to pass and control the ball and score goals. In PES there is much more realism in those areas but some other things are not as good as in FIFA like overall polished look of the game and all features plus no Pro Clubs like game mode. In Volta gameplay there is great step to PES direction. Why that isn´t used in Career or Pro Clubs? With some player friendly features FIFA would have have great game instead of good game.

  3. Liscence split, n add first division, addleague cup cant even win treble there is 2 cups in Scotland,let split teams have more youth players in their squad, allow us to use all special letters when creating managers and players, re haul training completely instead of individual training, greater tactics in depth to change how play, stop defenders just stopping instead of following the player, adjust strips per season even jus design and keep sponsors etc., upgrade generic stadiums, upgrade training facilities and cut scenes of team training, better variation of clothes and make managers fat, skinny whatever and give an age etc., allow your manager to interact with players being substituted,, when player has concerns have cut scene meeting in office with better responses and just better responses in media and different questions instead of same question being asked all the time, Juventus and Barcelona return, Brazilian league, Croatia league and every league currently have at least 2nd division in each nation, let you interact with coaches and assistant managers, allow updates to changes in saved games fed up restarting career mode, add better options when signing players I.e young players wanting to be crucial straight away make a promise for example in a years time once settled in club or whatever give them a plan of how you see them in the team, and players moaning about game time all the time is unrealistic not all players have that personality, have co ownership, loan to buy, buy and loan back options and most importantly make sure game is finished when release and quit all the bugs after updates recent update make players unidentified when showing formation, how long have fifa been out and seems to get worse every year

  4. My Final Version FIFA 21 Volta Soundtrack
    New Vibe Who Dis – Madison Mars (feat. Little League)
    Feel That Way – Ellis
    Big Drip – Fivio Foreign
    Camelot – NLE Choppa
    Pure Water – Mustard, Migos
    Richer Than Ever – Fivio Foreign x Rich The Kid
    Benzzz – Tropkillaz, Recayd Mob
    Don’t Forget Me – Sullivan King and Wooli
    Voyage – Rootkit
    The One – Habstrakt
    Let Her Go – The Kid LAROI
    Gang Gang – JACKBOYS (ft. Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Luxury Tax 50 & Cactus Jack)
    Stainless – The Game (ft. Anderson.Paak)
    Saint-Tropez – Post Malone
    Honest – San Holo (ft. Broods)
    Pretty – Landon Cube (ft. 24KGoldn)
    Don’t Mind – Louis The Child
    Free – Louis The Child, Drew Love
    All Night – KUURO & Clockvice
    Bad Boy – Tokyo Machine & YAKO
    Urban Foxes – CloudNone
    Get to Know You – Dexter King (ft. Aviella)
    You Used To – Duumu & I See Colors (feat. Luma)
    Japan – Throttle
    Black & Blue – SLUMBERJACK & Cory Enemy (feat. Mothica)
    In Your Arms – Aiobahn (ft. Ralph Larenzo)
    Always In a Nightmare – Au5 & Nytrix
    No Sleep – Tails & Beach Season
    Soda – Pixel Terror (feat. itsreallyelijah)
    Clarity – Bad Computer
    Let’s Talk – Rogue
    Trouble – Nonsense & Sweater Beats
    LA2016 – Direct & Mr FijiWiji

  5. Career mode
    1. Realistic transfer
    2. Online
    3. Kit design every season
    4. Realistic youth name and faces
    5. 30+years old player who did well increase their rating
    Play offs
    1. Legend All stars added
    2. MLS all stars added
    On the pitch
    1. VAR commentaries
    3. Referees faces
    4. Fans faces
    5. Increase long shots accuracy
    6. Fighting scenes.

  6. I wish there should be a new story like there was Alex Hunter and Danny Williams.
    I always liked it.Its why I bought fifa its great we need a story like that a story of a player. please

  7. I wish:
    *Clubes Pro
    -Changes in squad during matches
    -Tunning a formation (instructions, settings, etc..) before start a match.
    -Surrender button (if a match is 6-0, etc…, no options to win that match).
    -GameFace for your personal player pro (as we enjoyed in fifa16).
    -Menu to import your own textures for team shields, shirts, banners, etc…
    -Menu to connect to servers, and queue of connection in that server (to see how many players are available to play with; latency; meeting rooms to invite some team to play with them in a official match not only friendship match…)
    -Quality control of every match: vote for other team (fair play, etc…), quality of connection, etc…
    -Menu to locking some “toxic” players and teams, so they can’t play with us never more.
    -Fixing the “99 points player pro hack” (still we can find pro players with more than 92 points with no more than 100 matches played, that’s impossible).

    *In all game play modes:
    -Better goalkeepers, or a goalkeeper mode that let’s have more possibilities of stop a shot if you guess the shot direction, better than “manual mode” of player, that is useless and difficult to play with.
    -Erase the “more probably 45 and 90 minutes scoring a goal” glitch. We can see that annoying blame in fifa20
    -Agressive pression 1 to 1 to put 1 player of your team with one of the opposite team, so we can avoid the players that don’t play soccer (just passing, and passing all the time) if they are winning .
    -Erase the “all goalkeeper-rebounds go to the opposite player” game play mechanical. Those rebounds should be fully random.
    -Better physical ball movement than fifa20.

    And above all: BETTER ONLINE SERVERS (to avoid compensation lag between players with many different latencies, better matchmaking, servers in all main countries of Europe at least, etc…) so the gameplay is less affected.

  8. Career Mode:
    – Owner mode with ‘starting a new club’ in the beginning, be able to choose logo, kits etc.
    – Kits vary a bit after every season

    – It’d be good if we can play a whole Qualification system for a EURO or a WC (even with smaller teams filled with random players like FIFA98)
    – Let us have a Creation Centre where we can add 25+ players (even teams or leagues) to Kick-Off, Career Mode etc.

    Player Career Mode:
    – Be able to be a sub and got subbed in during the match
    – Coaches could be sacked in both Career Modes – you could mix licensed coaches with teams (e.g. Mourinho -> Bayern – 2030)

  9. .Can we please have dynamic time and weather. for instance you start a match when the sun is about to set and after half time its night time and also raining and by the time the match ends it would not be raining.
    .Also a nice feature would be if you are playing at a very low (poor) club we want to see poor lighting as well
    . When a team is losing by a huge margin we want to start seeing empty seats as the match is close to ending. and also in the league when you perform very bad we want to see few supporters in the stadium
    .For small details we also would love it when its raining and you hit the post and you can see the rain drops fall from the goal post as well as the nets when hit by the ball.
    .We would also love to see damage to the turf as players do sliding tackles or celebrations

  10. -NBA 2K style jersey selection
    -Stadium Editor
    -Owner Mode
    -More boots throughout season
    -Better faces for players without scan (Especially in bigger clubs/leagues)

  11. Show Konami what ea got. Fight with licence and retain what fifa won on gameplay already have and please at least learn from sega’s football manager at structure of the soccer they educated gamer

  12. Want good teams that feature in UEFA champions league and UEFA Europa league
    Also in afc champions league

  13. Greek super League in fifa 21
    And icon vasilis hatzipanagis or karagounis or charisteas or nikopolidis pls
    Also if Casillas retires this season add him as an icon
    Also creation center and the old practice arena would be nice

  14. I want…
    • Juventus return
    • Greek Super League
    • If not Greek Super League then invite big Greek clubs such as Aris FC, OFI FC and Asteras Tripolis FC, etc.
    • More respect to AEK Athens FC

  15. Hello, I suggest that the player you choose to play with (in the payer career mode) can enter the game during the game (as a substitute) and not just as a player in the starting lineup or as a player who does not participate in the game at all.
    I suggest that this option will add to the existing options
    I hope my suggestion will be part of the next Fifa 21 improvements.
    Thanks !

  16. i think caf leuge and cup should be added and speacialy teams like al ahly , es prance, rajaa, tp mazimby and some araboan leuges can come as dlc and world cup of clubs should be there

  17. Referee real face’s
    True size of stadium’s
    All top 5 league’s stadium’s and team’s licensed
    Photo-realistic fan’s , 3d atmosphere, real atmosphere
    Gameplay like virtual football engine
    Real manager’s faces in career mode
    Dynamic weather
    The game is for us THE FAN’S OF FOOTBALL, please this year make it like a real football game ,every year we hoping that a real football game it’s coming ,make that happen easports ,we are in 2020!!!!



  19. For the FIFA 21 soundtrack you should open up a poll for fans to vote on the top 40 all time FIFA tracks and have those winning 40 songs be the Soundtrack for FIFA 21. The Nostalgia alone will mean $$$

  20. *Liga brasileira (Serie A) (totalmente licenciada)
    *Camp Nou
    *Novo motor gráfico
    *Estádios Brasileiros

  21. CREATION CENTERRRRRRR!!!!! give back opportunities to create to those who want to do it!

    league of the Czech Republic and Greece

    and I think Africa must have more teams in general, absurd there are only 2 in South Africa (maybe here the whole league)

    add many more official stadiums!

  22. More depth in career mode would be greatly appreciated.

    -A stat like a “team attachment” stat would make trades much more realistic.

    -Another stat that would make a difference is a performance stat so that the CPU doesn’t randomly trade their best player.

    -A way to improve your player’s overall without “accomplishments”(or microtransactions).

    -Make more career cutscenes.

    -Add the ability to start from the bench in career mode when the team is star studded and you don’t replace a star as a 60 overall.

    -Add some sort of commentary show for the news(in career mode) or in the middle of matches as a halftime show.

  23. my things are:

    . Licensed Serie A
    .Bring Camp Nou
    .back Juventus
    .more faces for Barcelona
    .Create kits in career mode
    . VAR
    . soluionate errors of career mode
    .more cinematics in career mode

  24. My fanmade soundtrack Fifa 21 Volta
    New Vibe Who Dis – Madison Mars (feat. Little League)
    Lullaby – R3HAB x Mike Williams
    Big Drip – Fivio Foreign
    Camelot – NLE Choppa
    Pure Water – Mustard, Migos
    Richer Than Ever – Fivio Foreign x Rich The Kid
    Benzzz – Tropkillaz, Recayd Mob
    Congratulations – Don Diablo (ft. Brando)
    Voyage – Rootkit
    The One – Habstrakt
    Let Her Go – The Kid LAROI
    Gang Gang – JACKBOYS (ft. Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Luxury Tax 50 & Cactus Jack)
    Stainless – The Game (ft. Anderson.Paak)
    Saint-Tropez – Post Malone
    Honest – San Holo (ft. Broods)
    Pretty – Landon Cube (ft. 24KGoldn)
    Don’t Mind – Louis The Child
    Free – Louis The Child, Drew Love
    All Night – KUURO & Clockvice
    Bad Boy – Tokyo Machine & YAKO
    Urban Foxes – CloudNone
    Get to Know You – Dexter King (ft. Aviella)
    You Used To – Duumu & I See Colors (feat. Luma)
    Japan – Throttle
    In Your Arms – Aiobahn (ft. Ralph Larenzo)
    Beat Down – Bossfight
    No Sleep – Tails & Beach Season
    Soda – Pixel Terror (feat. itsreallyelijah)
    Let’s Talk – Rogue
    Trouble – Nonsense & Sweater Beats
    LA2016 – Direct & Mr FijiWiji

  25. 1-Juventus Return
    2-Career mode club creation (Kit, Logo … etc.)
    3-Tattoos in Virtual Player Career Mode Option
    4-ability to alter Shorts & socks in a kit such as Brazil (Yellow,White,White) or (Yellow,Blue,Blue)
    5-Story Mode like Alex hunter but with a virtual player

    1. Career: Create your own club

      Kits: Be able to mix and match shorts/socks of all the kits with one another

      Kits: Classic boot selection

      Career: Stats Records – When you start career mode all the real world stats should be on record, and season by season as you score they should add to the players all-time goal records and so on.

  26. PLEASE add: HONDURAN LEAGUE PLEASE, VAR too jejeje, Piemonte Calcio= Juventus, Concacaf Champions League, and Central American, and Caribbean Countries.


  27. second leagues of
    Turkey, Argentina, Holland, Belgium,
    Third leagues of
    France, Spane, Italy,
    World cup teams
    Champions league Norht America
    Croatia, Greece, Tsjechie, Hungry, Finland, Thailand, India

    But the most important the lower leagues

  28. Deveria dar de jogar com todas as plataformas PC, PS e X BOX…
    QUERIA MUITO QUE TIVESSE OUTRO NARRADOR ex: “ANDRE HENNING” seria com certeza o fifa mais vendido de todos os tempo e se tivesse TIME BRASILEIRO seria o auge do FIFA…

  29. 1: Dutch second league.
    2: all stadiums of europe league’s.
    Which will bring the game so much more to life.
    3: better crowd, more club songs, pyro, overal just more ambiance. Try to make you feel like you’re actually in the stadium instead of watching the game behind the tv.
    3: All Dutch 1st league stadiums please.
    Or a feature where you can build your own stadium?.

  30. You guys should put an option to create your own brand new club, I am not talking about FUT I am talking about a club for career mode

  31. It would be really cool in Career mode to also have more interaction with Club owners. Be involved in club development, so stadium expansion, training ground upgrade.

    It would also be really interesting to have a proper youth team section for the club, where you had a manager there who reported to you players who might be ready to step up. You could buy wonder kids then and it would mean you could place them in the youth team and get match reports etc.

    On career mode, can you give an option where you can choose to be the actual manager of the club? I am a Liverpool fan and want to do a career mode with Liverpool but I want to be Jurgen Klopp. Can you please see if this is possible, would be much more interesting managing as him than my made up manager.

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