FIFA 21 Wishlist

FIFA 21 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 21 here at FIFPlay. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 21 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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662 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Wishlist

  1. Create an online tournament that randomly selects players by joining them in a single room, who chooses the team first will play with it. The format could be group stage, knockout or league.

  2. Dear EA SPORTS,
    Please add the below improvement for Fifa 21.

    1) Add new celebrations video: When you win the cups, the celebrations’ video or models had been used for many years, please add new celebrations.

    2) Improve crowds models in the stadium: Although fifa 19 & fifa 20 had added new models for the crowds, this could be improved a lot as PES’s crowds are more realistic than yours. PES crowds’ 3D models are better than yours. Your 3D modes are only good and realistic in soccer players. But outside the players, the 3D models are not good!!

    3) Create a new angle for top hand side view in soccer game: Comparing with PES, their top hand side view looks better than yours (it looks players are closer and larger). We can control the balls more easily! But your angle is fixed and will not enlarge makes people is hard to control and easy to dribble outside the boundary line…. Thus, every time when I play the game, I will choose to pass the balls, control the players in the bottom side as the view is much more easy to see ( the players look larger and more easy to see the ball)

    4) Create a trophy showroom like Fifa Manager: when you win the cup, you can only see the name of the cup winning, but none of the trophies’ showroom like Fifa Manager to look at the trophies in 3D models. Please add this in the game.

    5) Add more speech of the sports commentator for specific language: English is the best, but if you use other language like Cantonese, the sports commentator will say some speech which is not saying the specific move. For example, if you shoot outside the penalty area and miss the shot (but very near to the goal), the sports commentator will say “the shot is very poor…”… no matter how brilliant of your shot is. Please use the Chinese tester to test the game and you will know what I am talking about!!

    6) Add VAR in the game: In some critical decision, please add VAR for the decision making from referee.

    7) Make something different in every year: Fifa 19 and Fifa 20 is nearly unchanged for the skills, 3D models. But we can see the big difference in Fifa 18 and Fifa 19 as you have been added UEFA Champions League! Thus, even if you improve some adjustment of the players and new story mode in the game, people will think the game isn’t changed much!!! I can say, it is nearly the same as Fifa 19 and Fifa 20…. only the difference is story mode and the players update for different clubs! But, if you compare with PES 19 and PES 20, they have something change in every year which makes people think they are changing something…. as we pay so much money to your company, we do not want to play a game with nothing change…. For instance, if you play fifa 19 and fifa 20 for nintendo switch, you will understand what I am talking about… people are saying no improvement for the games… the only difference is the players are up to date in the clubs.

    8) Add chinese text for nintendo switch version: Trust me, this will make more people will buy your game! Especially Chinese! They will concern on the language of the games!! For Chinese, there are rumors “No chinese language, no interest of the game! Have chinese language, buy the game for storage purpose even not to play the game!” This is real, Chinese is crazy concern for the language support!

  3. 1.Ballon dor
    2 improve the faces of Enoch Mwepu and Patson Daka(Redbull Salzburg Fc),coz we need to see our hero s taken seriously

    1. Make it realistic in terms of actually using proper manager that are in the game for example you are pep guardiola the actual guy and you can use him in career mode

  4. FIFA 21

    •Players stop sliding on the pitch and run on it instead
    •Add African Leagues/Clubs.
    •You guys said you would add EFL CHAMPIONSHIP/CARABAO CUP Broadcast graphics,but up until now we are stuck with generic packs. Why favor PL,LA LIGA and BUNDESLIGA? arent their second leagues important to get the original broadcast graphics ?
    •Add more Matchball varieties. Not just generic EA matchballs.add previous season balls like Nike Ordem II ,Seitiro and Jabulani.
    •Work on fifa glitches. Not very impressive.
    •Kit editor please.

  5. Добавьте Российские лиги РФПЛ и ФНЛ, а если можно, то все лиги Европы и Чемпионат мира и Европы в режиме карьеры был реалистичным. Школа молодежная чтобы лучше была, например как Fifa Manager 08 и жеребьевка турниров как в Fifa Manager 08, в режиме реального времени, чтобы доставали из корзин названия команд, было бы очень круто.

  6. arreglen los servidores en sud américa y agreguen la liga peruana a modo carrera ya que creo que Perú al crecer tanto últimamente se lo merece


  8. You should make a sandbox option for FUT. Like making a squad for free with any players and could play online or offline. Or make into a gamemode like volta

  9. 1. VAR
    2. More realistic fans
    3. Classic kits
    4. ICONS teams playable in game
    5. Players slipping in wet game

  10. Hi FIfA

    If you are able to add the “Be the ref” features please could you make no rules for that and be able to control the match how You want to and be able to do anything with the power of being the referee. Please EA SPORTS

    Please could YOU ADD these types of features

    Please could you add realistic features such as these

    1. U should become the ref like a career mode
      More realistic announcer play by play
      Have a story mode for ur player mode like the alex hunter mode where u can choose ur options and stuff and how it’ll affect ur career
      Announces the players names im order including ur player mode player
      Locker room cutscene
      Player to fan interactions

  11. UT I hope you don’t do strange missions

    However, we hope you have more missions without having to join PSN PLUS.

    I hope you don’t want to destroy the division ecosystem because of your mission.

    Penalty for Forced Termination in Foot Chambers

    And I want to have a server in Korea

    K – league face-on
    Foreign Quota System for Asian League

    I’m also having fun with Volta Mode. I’m going to decide whether to buy Volta content.

    In-game balance. Especially Cross .. I hope you only save more. I’d like to have a nice heading for Drogba or Klose.

    If you continue to localize
    Menu. Correct dialog errors …

    I’m a career mode user

    Diversification of Interview Types
    (Commendation and criticism for opponent and opponent)

    In addition to job search
    Come to the official offer.

    Influence other clubs.
    (The director has nothing to do)
    Application for stadium expansion or training ground improvement. Sponsor choice

    Youth team operating system?

    Add motion

    Thank you for your attention to the professional club.
    Currently there is a lot of pain because there is no keyboard pad option.
    In addition, there is a bug that the uniform does not change when selecting the uniform.

  12. _Please make football legends as Pele,Maradona,Ronaldinho playable in a kick off.
    _I also suggest to do a new story mode about special moments in football history as the champions League finals..
    _please make the player career mode start with an younger age for example starting from the age of 16.
    _Also the duration of the player career must be longer than 15 seasons.
    Thank you very much!

  13. •we can create a custom manager in career mode
    •add VAR
    •Make the Guard of Honor for the team who lost in the Final
    •add blood for a serious injury
    •make players can fight each other
    •make players can fight with the referee
    •add a chant
    •add a silly chant
    •when you lostin a match, add some tears
    •make players slipped when sprinting

  14. Hola la función de tácticas podría profundizar la un poco con funciones individuales de los puestos como tiene el frontal mánager y si tu opción es mala el jugador puede quejarse. La.intersccion en los planteles sabemos que no son iguales sería muy bueno agregarlas como la relación entre grupos de jugadores también técnico y jugadores cada decisión debe tener alguna repercusión todas ej si se vende a un jugador de mucha experiencia o líder del grupo como problemas entre dos jugadores que no se llevan etc. En el periódicos de fichajes se más variable entra el club el representante del del n jugador poder arreglar con el represente su porcentaje etc prestamoncon opción a conpra valores reales. Poder cambiar el kit en cada temporada el diseño sería lindo

  15. fifa 21 Wishlist

    Allow players to choose real managers instead of custom avatars this creates realistic feel to the game as we all know in the premier league managers comes and goes.

    Making manage mode more realistic where if you on a 5 game losing streak it will be in headlines and on commentary from martin tyler where they hint that the manager is on the verge of being sacked if results don’t change this is more exciting trying to turn things around to save your job.

    Waisting times features when trying to hold on to a win.

    Scenes of players arriving from bus to the grounds(That will be awesome)

    Every year FIFA focuses on game performance yet its been excellent, however off the pitch features also added more to the game.

    Bring back features where you can request more funds in the January market.

    Player theatrics after a tackle.

    post-match press conference

    I can’t believe fifa does not have handballs when it is so common in the real game.

  16. More Emotions in the game

    -Different Choreographies and more Banners and Flags for the fans
    -more Fan-chants, or a option to put it on the game.
    -Better Carrermodus

  17. i think you should be able to design your own kit after every season in career mode this would make the mode much more fun.
    have a list of commentators to pick from eg. gary neville and jamie carrahger.

  18. New Icons:

    David Beckham
    Yaya Toure
    Petr Cech
    Jamie Carraher
    Iker Casilas

    TIP: Oblak is over-rated (he should be 88)
    Mbappé is under-rated ( he should be 91)

    Career Mode should last forever

    You should be able to do all against in Kick Off

    I hope you add in some of my ideas

    Just another few ideas…

    When u retire in player career u should have the choice to make your player a manager just the same as manager career

    Also like most people say, REFEREE CAREER MODE!

    Also back to my earlier suggestion on all against, u can pick 3-6 players it’s multiplayer or u can play against AI

    Thank you for ur time again, Mr.A Tipster

  19. To allow full edit of players in career mode. (Was in older games)

    It would help the problems of 30+ decrease if the player can edit it back up.

    Allow position change to/from anywhere in edit player.

    Set up a youth career mode. It starts the player with a full random youth squad. You can choose the quality. Nd it blockes the purchases of real players.

    Add a ‘generated player’ search on transfers. (In youth career mode)

    If players are on transfer or loan list, show the rating.

  20. 6 Improvements to make for Fifa 21:

    1-Stadium/Team/League Creator

    2-Improve edit mode (ex: ability to import created jerseys and team logos, edit players age/nationality, ability to edit career mode teams’ budgets, ability to edit players’ contracts durations, ability to edit the market values of players according to their ratings and position, ability to edit players’ potentials, edit clubs’ rivals, etc.)

    3-Players in career mode to have a less harsh decrease in stats (ex: There should still be players who are 34 years of age and have 87 acceleration and sprint speed)

    4-Ability to turn off player/team moral in career mode

    5-Ability to turn off negotiation cutscenes in career mode and have instead transfer negotiations dealt through messaging, like the older fifa games (ex: fifa 13/14/15)

    6-Career mode to last forever

  21. Want 2 things there should be teams of Indian super league and increase rating of indian national team and
    do not make free kicks , penalty complicated

  22. JUST A FEW ideas on fifa 21

    1.please make the players walk,run,stand,speak like themselves in real life e.g (have bracket legs)

    2.The spitting.players spit like how they do in real life

    3.when the player takes long to throw the ball,keeper taking his time to take the goal kick etc the fans blow whistle to indicate that the player is wasting time

    4. The fans booo’s if the game ended as a draw or disappointing match can hit the ref with the ball if you shoot when the ref is infront of you

    6.please there must be a water break if the weather is too hot


  23. Language

    Players and coaches that dont speak the native language have their stats reduced until such a time as they learn the native language of the league they play in.

    Allow for language coach and in turn will increase their stats and their sell on value as they will be able to communicate better with coach and team mates.

  24. I believe fifa 21 on the ps5 and scarlett must have all the stadion of all clubs include all real faces of all football players in the game otherwise of would’nt be real bereide the Dutch clubs should have real faces to not only the big clubs and all the stadiums of the clubs must be real to and the chants of Dutch clubs Like fc utrecht and feyenoord and vitesse etc want to make a realistic game but it wil never be of you dont go for the full Package. and it is time to make the carreer mode bigger and better to play and let the players feel that they are the manager of a team Like for real not only ultimate team carreer mode is so standard..with ps5 and scarlett you can do much more and i like to see building new stadiums and footballplayer and manager interact…get fifa 21 the best and make fifa forceer and photo realistic ..come on you can do it surprise Yourself and us …make fifa 21 goddes

  25. Referee career mode
    Change kit end of every season in career mode
    Bring back the journey
    Non league and women clubs (be able to do a career with them)

  26. 1. make your own team
    2. upgrade stadiums and traing facilities etc
    3. discuss contract with owner
    4. reffere career mode
    5. sponsor ship deals
    6. womens teams

  27. I’m huge fan of FIFA GAME…FIFA 18 is the best game for me..Upcoming FIFA 21 my wishlist are given below. Hope that EA take my ideas or suggestion.
    Firstly Game play must be Faster,just like fifa 18.
    Cz faster gameplay alwz enjoyable..for us.
    Increased player pace speed between lower pacer defender.. As if they do not caught easily..
    Removed Timied finishing shoot.And double tap shooting by low driven shoot,nd low dirven finesse shoot.Timied finishing Worst features in fifa 20..
    Changing Set pics system, Adding fifa 18 set pics system.Increasing Skills moves efdectives like fake shot(45°),heel to heel flick(3★,4★),Roullete spin,
    Berba spin..Adding new skill moves..

    contract with FC Barcelona nd Leonel messi.
    Fifa 21 covering star i want Messi..
    hope that Nu camp are returing in fifa 21…
    addded real player faces like all barcelona players specially Messi…

  28. I Wanna See A New Career Mode Feature, Specifically I Want The Ability To Do A Player Press Conference and Be Able To Have an actual Voice. More Than That though, i’d like to see the Journey return, just not as alex, Danny and Kim For Sure, But What I Want Is To See VOLTA Story Mode transformed into a Journey mode, Revvy Becoming a Pro Player, Or Raising interest in a street league, which could become serious in fifa 22 as a new groundbreaking mode

  29. Hi I have been playing fifa since i can remember and I am a fan of Career mode. I was thinking about an idea that could be kind of cool to be added. The idea is that after a game you can choose to get one of oponent team player’s jersey. For example you play with city you choose to get aguero’s shirt. Then when you have like 4 jerseys from one player and you want to buy him you can buy him for lesser amount of money like if he is 60 milions worth you can buy him for 40 because he is your favorite. Thanks for the amazing game.

  30. What i was thinking about FIFA 20
    About gamemode career put the women leagues into the career mode that would be great and that you can unlock the legendary players from ultimate team into the career mode and i had an another idea an idea about player career mode i mean a closer look to your own created player on the field and also off the field after his match i mean more like the game mode like alex hunter.
    That were all my ideass

  31. I’d really like to see some kind of a custom team creator. I mean like creating own national team that doesn’t exists in team selection or a club. Something that would work like a player creator but with teams instead.

  32. You should expand more on FIFA Volta. Apart from the story mode there should be a FUT like mode and also make available online more options. I don’t know if it can become an autonomous game yet, however it deserves to have more options… 🙂 Thanks!!

  33. Features for career mode
    1. Youth league complete with fixtures and training. Players can be upgraded to senior teams.
    2. Managers able to develop projects for the team like building/upgrading stadiums, training centers etc.
    3. Managers able to change player positions in game and have them trained to improve stats on that position.

  34. A game simulator for player carrer mode were u can c ur own player play and c how good he is without u controlling him and a game simulator for manager carrer mode were u can watch the game as if it is on tv

    A game simulator for player carrer mode were you can see your own player play and see how good he is without you controlling him. And a game simulator for manager carrer mode were you can watch the game as if it is on tv

  35. I think that you should add the 2004 Euro winners’ team:Greece.The players tha played back then should be icons like:

    Thodoris Zagorakis
    Aggelos Basinas
    Aggelos Charisteas
    Antonis Nikopolidis
    Giourkas Seitaridis
    Georgios Karagounis
    Zisis Vryzas
    Traianos Dellas
    Ioannis Amanatidis
    Nikos Dabizas
    Vasilios Tsiartas
    Pantelis Kafes
    Kostas Chalkias
    Vasilis Lakis
    Takis Fyssas
    Nikos Lyberopoulos
    Fanis Katergiannakis
    Sotirios Kirgiakos
    Stelios Giannakopoulos
    Michalis Kapsis

    I think that all of them should be Icons because they deserve after what they did in EURO 2004.

    You should also add new stadiums like OAKA (AEK Athens) and Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium (Olympiakos Piraeus)

  36. 5 suggestions pour fifa 21:
    1. Equipes de legende, Bresil 70, Allemagne 74, Argentine 78, Italie 82, France 82, Russie 86, Bresil 86, France 98
    2. Ligues supplementaires Ligue Croate, ligue Bulgarie, ligue Serbie, ligue Rep Tcheque, ligue Ukraine, ligue Hongrie
    3. Stades remplis ou pas en fonction des resultats
    4. Stades slaves (Ukraine, Serbie, Hongrie…) et stades Amerique du sud (Bresil, Argentine, Uruguay…)
    5. Entraineurs mobiles dans toutes les equipes

  37. New Icon Cards:

    David Beckham – RM
    Franz Beckenbauer – CB
    Oliver Kahn – GK
    Billy McNeil – CB
    Xavi – CM
    Fernando Torres – ST
    David Villa – ST
    John Terry – CB
    Nemanja Vidic – CB
    Xabi Alonso – CDM
    Samuel Eto’o – ST
    Arjen Robben – RW
    Stefano Di Alfredo – CF
    Harry Kewell – LW
    Tim Cahill – CAM
    Mark Schwarzer – GK

      Please add these features

      Add your OWN MUSIC into the game

      Add your OWN face into a career mode through JPEG files and animated

      Create your own team and leagues and design kit with sponsors.

      Make players talk to each other after the match is paused due to something.

      Make fans act like how they act at real stadiums. Eg. Throwing things at players.Being aggressive

      Create your own stadium and field

      Players come off the bus and show them going to the dressing room listening to music (stuff like this)

      Pre-match training on the field that you can skip

      Fans trying to call players and trying to get high fives

      Players having conversations with each other and the referee. Arguing, talking etc.

      Add award ceremonies for career modes

      To be able to change your teams kit at the end of every season in career mode

      Make the FIFA 21 COVER with Messi and Ronaldo shaking hands

      Be able to give shirts to fans and exchange shirts with players

      -Thanks EA SPORTS And FIFA

  38. Hello and thanks to all EA employees. In my opinion, I think the Korean international team will be great. Thanks for making this corner.

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