FIFA 21 Wishlist

FIFA 21 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 21 here at FIFPlay. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 21 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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  1. It would be great to have the option to export my career team.
    Hopefully in an update for Fifa 21.
    I have seen this request many times on forums over the past years, and I think it would be a nice addition to an already awesome game.

  2. I would love you guys to have classic teams for selection eg. the invincibles (arsenal 03), Pep’s Barcelona, treble Manchester United etc. These teams wowed football,so I think we should have a chance to play with them one more time

  3. Please sort out Jude Bellingham’s face for the next update. He’s a Top 17 yr old English prospect in europe (Dortmund) and currently looks like a 40 yr old man.

  4. Fifa 21 career mode should have a small play-in tournament for the three NA teams to qualify for world cup since there is no CONCACAF. Since there aren’t any NA national trams in the game other then USA, Canada and Mexico the selection is always random on who goes to the world cup and im a USA native on my player career and its always frustrating when Canada or Mexico makes it over us with the talent that USA has. There should be home/home games played in April with all three teams playing each other twice and whoever finishes first should get the WC birth.

  5. 1- Arrival of VAR System

    2- Select a team in Career Mode and then select the league-specific interface menu of the team

    3- Other players’ reaction to the referee if a player gets a ball

    4- A player receives a card as a result of an act of deception

    5- A player taking off his shirt after scoring a goal

    6- The player or coach on the bench is shown a card in case of a foul.

    7- Changing the stadium capacity and the shape of the field

    8- The postponement of the match due to weather conditions

    9- The fan will be penalized for playing without spectators as a result of unsportsmanlike behavior.

    10- Getting bad results and decreasing the number of audience

    11- Do not have full spectators in every match

    12- Resignation of coaches in other teams

    13- Have at least 2 lower leagues in each league

    14- Get a referee license

    15- Now the number of substitutes has become 10 and the number of substitutions has become 5. Get this fixed

    16- There is an absurdity in the game. The player is injured in the match, but the player is not changed. When it is changed it turns out as if nothing happened. Let the medical team come when injured or be taken out on a stretcher if badly ill

    17- I do not want to show the team, but review the teams again. There are shirt number errors in my team. Please, correct it

    18- Choosing 3 captains in the game

    These are my wishes, please develop a little more Career Mode. Please review my requests

    1. You should be able to play other games that are scheduled during your career mode that your team is not involved in just to keep it fresh if you get bored playing with your team. Should also be able to play multiple careers in the same career meaning controlling multiple franchises and going against each other

  6. 1. The winter Ball should change automatically for the time of year it is used for and competition.
    2. Authentic goalkeeper kits for all licensed teams.
    3. 2nd or 3rd choice kits for goalkeepers so they don’t clash with an apponent.

  7. Hi ,i would like to propose that you add female leagues to the game.It would also be cool if we could create female players and our own stadiums

  8. Please can it be passed onto EA to finally add loan fees so it will enable us to hopefully loan most players in the game. This may seem unrealistic initially but remember when Swansea City loaned Renato Sanches when he was a starter for Bayern it is a feature we desperately need it would also be very simple to add it could be done via a patch. I really hope this gets passed on.

  9. I think that they should add a mode where you will be able to play legendary matches in football history, like WWE Showcase mode. The mode should include matches like Milan vs Liverpool, City v QPR and Chelsea vs Barcelona 2009. Or something like that.

  10. I have heard that there will be a on/off switch for fans in stadiums, please be true, because of the real life pandemic we are living now and would be cool to experiment with or trial.

    Also been huge fan of FIFA’S now so if get time, can u please introduce a real life STRETCHER crew for real life injuries please.

  11. Hi, it would be great if you add WOMEN INTO THE PUBLIC, in the street mode. As a woman, when I see the street football mode, with no woman at all in the public.. with so many men, what I first thing is ” wo, I would never go near a place like that.. it feels intimadating, uncomfortable, and dangerous”, then I think “it is so unrealistic, as women like football a lot, and more if the players are women” (as it can be possible in the videogame..), so it would be normal to expect women in the public, in the streets, in the parks. I am sure you didn´t realize you put no woman there, you made different models of public, white, black, long and short hair.. but no women..
    Congrats for the game, by the way, very good and professional, but please include more woman in the public, and to make it even better, include families, kids. Thanks.

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