FIFA 21 Pro Players Guide

FIFA 21 PRO Player Cards

FIFA 21 Pro player cards are special player items with 99 OVR which are given only to Professional Footballers who play FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. These cards are not tradeable and are not available in FUT 21 packs either.

Here is the complete list of FIFA 21 Pro Player Cards, click on player names to see their cards stats:

    To be available soon ...

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13 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Pro Players Guide

  1. Ea sports i play fifa almost every week im ok in my opinion (not in my friends) but i would really appreciate a pro player card my ps4 account name is T3rax958

    Thank you ea


  2. ❤️Hello i would like to have a pro card of me as I play fifa a lot my account name is leightonfap1_❤️

    ❤️Thanks a lot fifa play❤️


  3. Hello
    I am playing i AGF (a pro club) and got debut for a half a year ago.
    I would like to get a pro card:-)

    Thank you


  4. Hi I am Bruno fernandes and I would like my pro fifa card please I play for man United. My ps name is callumgorman1872 that’s my cousins name

  5. Hi , I’m alexandru maxim I played in the super lig in gaziantep and I play fifa from fifa 19 . I want to get my own fifa card please . Thank you if you can help me

  6. Hello I ain’t a pro but i could of been if it wasnt for a dodgy knee I just dont think its fair how pros get 99 player cards because they can afford all the big players anyway if you could give me 99 ciro immobile it would mean the world or a decent icon it would be much appreciated my name is balldinho89 or pack a decent player in a pack

  7. hello

    i am Siebren Lathouwers and I am a pro football player in STVV. so I want a Pro card of me.
    my PS name is ‘siebren65’

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