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FIFA 21 Feedback

Have you played FIFA 21 yet? How did you find the gameplay? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with the community?

Write your FIFA 21 reviews, feedback, and comments here and share it with the FIFA community. Use the comment form below to submit your FIFA 21 user-reviews and feedback. You can also include your Youtube video links in the form if you got any.

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  1. Hey fifa who ever advised you guys on the gameplay of fifa 21 is trying to send you out of business pls try and fix the issues with the players not being able to defend i want to enjoy my game I know am not a level one player but it really annoying conceding more than 5 to 6 goals all because you cant defend yourself on the pitch the players just fly past the defender and the goal keeper responsiveness is not nice at all he points a ball and getting back up is a problem, i really expected more but i am not impressed i just wasted my funds on it.

  2. Here we are again, different year.. Same absolutely useless FIFA game from EA. My initial impression wasn’t good but i said i would give it a while before i made up my mind on the game.

    Same problems.. One game the gamepley is OK.. Next game with the same indicated ping, the players feel way slower. And just like that you’ve lost, skill doesn’t matter. The game decides the winner before a ball is kicked.

    Someone needs to tell EA that Varane is not the fastest moving object in the universe cause im sick of him being able to mark 3-4 players on his own, the man can jockey sideways faster than my players can run at full sprint.. Its beyond stupid at this stage.

    I conceded 3 goals in a game earlier in the same manner, tacked his players at least 5 or 6 times very cleanly, ball was retained by the player immediately and now he was beyond my defender.. Yet again putting in a successful tackle leaves you in a worse position.

    I genuinely can’t understand the yellow cards in this game.. A disgusting sliding tackle from behind and he waves it away.. Nudge into a player and its a yellow.. How?? I have conceded penalties by knocking a player that didnt even go down so many times, yet i have a good chance to run in on goal, get taken out from behind and not even a yellow.. Its actually beyond believe how bad it is.

    If im on defence, i have the full backs on stay back and 1 depth, sometimes they do that, sometimes they dont bother. If i have constant pressure on, sometimes they do that, sometimes i get zero pressure from the players.. They mildly jog towards the player and then stop a few yards away and stare at him.. PUT IN A CHALLENGE YOU MELT! Take control of them myself then and its like they are stuck in the mud and can barely move.. Annoying.

    All things considered i think this game is marginally better than FIFA 20 but thats not saying much as that was the worst game i have ever played bar none. Its just another example of how EA just want to scam money out of loyal customers.. Pay to win, otherwise don’t bother. Im going back to Modern Warfare and staying there.

  3. After playing fifa 21 I would like to see:
    1. Long shots and the ability to strike a good shot from distance that doesn’t always get blocked, on the old fifas if you scored a players head can drop and give you more space in the midfield and gives the perfect opportunity for a long Shot!
    2. career mode should be more customised and I like to pick a low level team and build them into a good team. Can we do things like the old management games. I.e customise stadiums and build capacity or a new stand or something?
    3. Feedback from a friend and I agree. This commentary on the new fifa is pretty awful. Maybe expand it and have different commentators for different games?
    4. Also online can we get the goal replays Back or at least if it is a goal worthy of showing again so both players can appreciate if a good goal is scored. This would help improve dedicated fifa players.

    Many thanks for your time

  4. Do you ever make a fifa that’s actually realistic? You got players on ultimate team with stats that they would never have in real life, un realistic. Worst fifa you’ve done! Even worse than last year, for once are you actually going to make a decent fifa?

  5. Barrow on furness vs Leicester City to reach caraboa Cup final, according to commentary a historic event in South American football? Plus my manager avatar is now for some reason kitted out in the teams home kit rather than the tracksuit he’s meant to have on. Looks like the latest fifa update has introduced a few annoying bugs.

  6. It’s be really amazing if the FIFA team could actually match players who have the same squad rating along with the same division. How do I get paired with a squad that’s rated 79 and mine 85 and somehow, all my players don’t know how to play the game? And same went for me when I was a rated 78 squad taking on squads that are 83+ and beating them! Figs needs to figure this out and fix this because it’s really idiotic

  7. It’d be nice if legendary defending was added back on squad battles. I’m very old school and the tactical defending is something I can’t get down. Please fix this so others can enjoy this game as well. It’ll be so much easier to get coins to so we can buy players we can. Thank you!

  8. In speltype carrière draagt de manager bij regenweer nog steeds een home shirt met korte broek en voetbalschoenen. Viel mij al op bij update 1.06, maar bij de nieuwe update is dit nog niet opgelost…

  9. Hello
    Please fix the squad battles…
    I just had another unexpected drop from my session. Has been more than 10 times now. No trouble with my internet whatsoever…
    Please fix it, its very frustrating to end loosing by 3 goals when you had won the session by goals.

  10. So i guess i have to make another post. 3rd one already. maybe eventualy it gets posted. Worst fifa ever! First of all, here in belgium, maybe Netherlands too, you cant buy fifa points or coins and that makes it so unfair. People just buy fifa points cheap and open a milion packs or enter rivals with 300 or buy the best players and so on. We just have the coins that we earn, thats it. And you cant earn much because when you enter rivals the matchmaking is just horrific. Skill points are not really skill points,they are win/lose points. Doesn’t matter if you lose with a score of 10-9, you lose everything. When you win, its less than what you lose. Then when you final get in the weekend league it gets even worse. Matchmaking me with people clearly better and with waaaaay better teams, with icons and champions cards and the most expensive players and so on. How is it possible that I get my first win after i lose 28? Not once did i get a Guy lower than me and with awesome teams. By your logic on the website their form is just like mine, right? Funny, what can i say. Then, goalkeeper just deflects shots back to the oponent to score, defenders are just drunk, attackers miss with open goals, in the meantime he scores from anywhere with anyone. You can see when people play a basic game with simple pases no skill moves or anything even more advanced. Match those people together. And match the better ones together. Match the pro’s together. You expect me to believe that I’m on the same level from div 9-10 with someone that does bicicle goals and creative runs and all that? Then you try draft online. Biggest lie you ever created. I spent 300k already never won a game. Even 10 min ago i tried again. I never get what i need. Never even make chemistry. Then first game with someone that got 2-3 icons, Messi, Ronaldo, all that and 100 chem. Then you see his gameplay is so pro. Game over. First game 11-1 loss. No chance. And those are coins i use, not fifa points like others, and coins i try to earn really hard, not buy them like others. Then u have to fix the ref with the cards and penalties that he gives or doesnt give based on a paralel game in a paralel world or something. And the added time is terrible. Losing or getting a draw in min 90+6 after the ref gives +1 or +2. Packs are a Lie, gameplay is a Lie, matchmaking is a Lie, skill points are a Lie, rivals and weekend league -LIE. You could also make them separate games for rivals and champions not make us use up games in rivals when we play the weekend league. You managed to make this game from fun and competitive, into a sad frustrating (pay-to-win for some) 70€ (in belgium) waste of Time money and nerves.

  11. You have to fix the matchmaking in rivals and weekend league. In rivals even when I’m in division 10 I play people so much better and with so much better teams. and in weekend league the best I had is 1 win????? Seriously??? Clearly I’m not that good. But it’s like I’m the only one on the planet that is that bad? I always get people with at least 2 icons and Messis and Ronaldos and already 2-3 champions cards and so on.. I had a losing streak of 0-29 i think untill i had a win. By your logic on the website those guys had the same,right? Funny,what can I say. Also, if I start weekend league with some matches remained in rivals, I will also lose those matches in wtf:| matchmaking should be made by gameplay at least. You can see when people play a basic game, they dont know yet how to intercept or do skill moves and other even more advanced things. Separate these from the rest. This is not fair-play. Not at all. Even in online draft same thing. I wasted 200k just to enter those drafts and hope at least once i get a decent team. Never. Cant even make a 100 chemistry. Then i get to play first game with a Guy with 2 icons for some reason, 100 chem and of course his gameplay level is waaaaay higher. I’m sure I’m not the only one here that start to feel sorry for the high price we played just to play an offline bs manager or squad battles on semi-pro. We have no chance at all. Also I play in Belgium. We cant buy fifa points here or anything. Netherlands same thing i think. What we earn is what we have. So when are you going to adres this? Because the rest can just buy fifa points and enter with those in draft because its cheap and easy, or buy a milion packs and so on. Then Packs are bs too. Sbc’s same thing. Forcing people to spend so much money. This is the last fifa I ever spend money on. Fifa used to be fun first, then competitive. Now its neither. Its just sad and frustrating.

    Also, the goalkeeper always deflects the Ball Almost never catch it. Then another player just comes and scores. Then the problem with the extended time. I have lost games or end up in a draw in min 90+4 or 90+5 after the ref gave +1 or +2 aditional time. Just because some people know how to abuse these things. Regarding skill rating, somehow i always lose more than i win back, and for draws it should just remain unchanged. Or even better give skill rating points based on the match not the result. Its not fair to lose everything if i lose a match 6-5 or something. They are called skill rating points not win/lose points wth. Repay the work people put in not the result. And another very big issue, fix the problem with people abusing the pause and the replays.

  12. The defending on Fifa 21 is awful it’s rubbish the defenders can’t compete the players on paste and when they try and defend the ball just goes through them.

    The goalkeepers need to be improved a lot because the way they dive is just awful it’s so shocking and the way parry the ball away is just horrendous they need a lot of improvement the goalkeepers do.

    The referees need a lot of improvement and the commentators need a lot of improvement to and the players need to improvement on there shooting and passing.

  13. On match day in career mode manger wearing a arsenal shirt and shorts red when were away needs fixing and when the opstion run into my player the ref gave a pently to them needs fixing so many bugs need fixing

  14. Fifa20 was much much better on fut ultimate team mood…fifa21 is the worst fifa game that i ever play on ultimate players dont run donr be aggresive and evwn can turn right or left but my oppennents 2 times faster than me…cant u give the players equal power and can we see who is the best player with talent…for example i play 3 bars balance on tacrics bur my defence players dont stay on their places and always fast forwads have ball on attack…tactics chemistry dont work on this game..on fifa they were working but in fifa2021 no balance.i will delete and never play again.

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