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Have you played FIFA 21 yet? How did you find the gameplay? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with the community?

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  1. I have been playing fifa since 2000. At 2010 I switched to PES because FIFA was getting worse by worse every year and on the contrary PES was continuously improving. At 2015 I switched back to FIFA as they changed game play dynamics and it was really ok until 2020. FIFA 20 was very poor in terms of playing dynamics and now FIFA 21 is the worst ever.

    While you control one player, other players around you doing exactly nothing, they are just looking at you standing on the same point without any movement. They were all moving at least to the general positions they need to be on previous FIFAs, what have you done to game play dynamics ? I guess you just deleted them. I literally want to say that If you change exactly nothing but kits and ratings of the players and keep the game play same, it will be waaaay better.

    Unfortunately I am moving to PES from now on until FIFA makes a good game as they do 4-5 years ago.

  2. Why did u make mo.salah like that?
    Its a bug fifa please listen to me
    Mbappe why its just like a missle wanna go to the space????
    Daniel james has the most speed in the game but mbappe why it is like that?
    Why if u shoot with mo salah it goes to the goal??? But not ronaldo?
    Why messi cuves like morata but mbappe curve like a windbreaker?????
    Why halland just shoots like adriano????????????
    But messi shoots like a cat!???(no offense)
    Plz reAd this fifa is just bothers me an i just wants to remind u of ur mistakes.
    Arman rezanezhad from iran if i r not racist it what am i (LOL)

  3. By far the worst career mode ever.. I play on legendary mode the scripting is the worst ever… always been good at defending but now let in 4 or 5 a game at home to poor teams.. never get a penalty even if it’s blatant… the games I win I have to hold on to the ball for the last 20 minutes because we all know the ai will always score past you in the last 10 minutes of a game.. my fast wingers can’t get past the slowest defenders… I could go on and on but I would be writing forever.

  4. Why do I HAVE TO play with the opponent’s dark unseeable ball? My eyes are not perfect and it makes me hard to see the ball. I don’t know why you had to change the old system as everyone sees their own ball.

  5. To be honest? The worst fifa I’ve ever played. It is poor rubbish. I play for fun and this game takes me all the fun.
    It is ridiculous how this game became a money maker, instead of giving the joy of playing soccer (if any of you has any clue what it is). World-class players that don’t even have any idea how to move inside of the game. This game gives, to the nerds that only have skills, the win, easily. Soccer is not about that. EA blocks inside of the box are 100% happening, you cannot even score a game that passes through the whole “bus”. Try to learn what soccer is really about and then tell me to come and play again.
    Seriously? The last game I bought from fifa. You can be sure of that.

  6. This FIFA 21 game is absolutely rubbish, in career mode how come when the CPU player tackles me I ALWAYS stumble or fall over. A lower team plays like Barcelona or when your goal keeper makes a save it ALWAYS rebounds to the attacking team, block shots the same. Your goalkeeper randomly runs out of goal, then the attacking team just love him. CPU randomly makes a 50-60 yard pass and is NEVER offside, the list goes on. Definitely PES next year. HATE playing this game a waste of £50

  7. fifa 21 is the worst fifa i have ever played, just get a 90+ pace player and the game is done, you dont need any tactics dont need to be pro just pay and get a fast players and its all over, the goalkeepers are piece of s*** defenders cant catch a fast player, its all over just a single long pass and then shot anywhere cause goalkeeper is just standing and boom done goal welcome to fifa 21

  8. Hi, now that the icon swaps are it requires a lot of game time to complete these objectives and as I was playing this evening coming back from 2-0 down to 2-2 the my opponent got someone sent off and then he quit and I don’t receive a win is shocking and a waste of time in my opinion this need to change

  9. Hello. I am pleased to see more real faces in Premier league than last year. But I think You also should ad faces to Greenwood (off cause), Ben White, Berge, Curtis Jones, minamino, Erik Garcia, Gilmore, Reece James, Gabriel M., Saliba, Castagne. And in Bundesliga: Jude Bellingham, Reyna, Reinier, Olmo, Nkunku, Ozan Kabak, Thuram, Moussa Diaby, Tapsoba. In serie A: Sandro Tonali, Chiesa, Arthur, Victor Osimhen. And in La liga: Kounde (Sevilla), a lot of the youngsters at Barcelona, Militao at Real and youngsters, and Chukwueze from Sevilla. At Celtic You should ad faces to O. Eduard and Ajer. At Salzburg You should off cause ad a face to Dominic Szoboszlai. Please. Thank You.

  10. Fifa 21 when play in legendary mode its okay oir players are fast and performs well when it comes to Ultimate playing with opponents with just rating 58 and chemistry 29 its just hopeless our team cant perform cant really tackle run everything becomes so fcking slow why Fifa . Its just bulls*** . Lossing by 6 goals with teams like that is unbeleiveable . And my teams rating is 85 chemistry is 97 . No gooda this kind its like computer getting 70% and us 30% shud be equall than you ll see the fun . hope its improves dont make us bulls*** .

  11. I believe that the color of the pitch must be full green,because the graphics looks much better. And the option of the color must add in career mode ,not only on kick off.
    Thank you.

  12. Absolute s*** bored never getting any foul when the ball has clearly not been while I’m eating the grass refs are a joke gameplay is a joke what a waste of money and effort it’s like they’re testing how much s*** they can make a billion dollars off f*** joke don’t think they’ve ever watched a real football match

    1. Totally agree, playing since Oct opposition team has had about 5 yellow cards. Some fouls are red cards in my opinion and the ref doesn’t even give a yellow card. PES next year for me.

  13. Could you guys look into this player mode bug?
    My player’s position appears to have changed permanently. I created him as a CAM, and halfway through the season his regular position changed to CDM, I got him transferred out to another club, however, he’s now starting as a CB with designated CB (Harry Maguire!) playing as an RM.

  14. Sucks. This 21 is absolutely sucks. They don’t have my best team in the game. How come they didn’t include Zenit St. Petersburg in the game which they are in the champions league which they Surprisingly substituted it with their stupid created team. A lot needs to be review by them before releasing it for customers to buy. Last year was same. Good players we have out there today and we’ll known in the football world are created with different faces (Shame). All that needs done is take the whole year they have to do a good and appreciative game for its customers and not just making money of it. Review and make a good game.

    My friends and I got our refunds. It’s through the game is still new but doesn’t worth a single money at all.

  15. Where to start… think this is the first FIFA I have actually regretted buying. For someone who doesn’t play FUT it is a very boring and disappointing game. Not to mention the lack of change from FIFA 20, the loss of the catalogue is a big disappointment, glitches within the game, lack of different boots to choose from and boots missing from big players… I mean Bruno Fernandes playing in EA Black and Whites???

    For any lover of the FIFA series unless you have unlimited funds to play FUT (you’ll need them) there is no point wasting £50-£90 on this version.

  16. Hi there.
    So when i Play division rivals games, i just wanna chill you know. I have 1966 point, and I meet players with 2200+ points…why is this a thing? Let me play against ppl on the same level. Its not that funny to loose a game 23-0 Because you meet someone with eusebio, gullit, r9, you know the players that cant be stopped even tho you take them down from behind. EA need to fix this mathfixing s***.

  17. Come on Fifa 21, with this update the defending is one idea better but still trash. Make the defence possible. In divisions games there is results like 8-4 or you lead 3-0 end finally end up loosing 6-3because of activatate script which is so obvious now. The deffenders are still so slow and completely useless. And that script, please do not activatate so often and when its active once not in your favour, there is no chance to win or even to get draw. When the script is in your favour you easilly win against better players, which is frustratated and annoying for both players. We are not proffesional gamers we play for fun, get back the enjoyment and fun in the game. Make it different Fifa for proffesionals and those who earn money with playing. You already know it the majority of online players (4 500 000 people are in Fifa 19 and 1 050 000 are in Fifa 21) are amateur players for fun and relax. Once the plessure is taken away, most of them will looking for alternate games to find again the enjoyment of the game. Sorry for my english its obvious is not nature for me.

    1. Dear Fifa 21 this time the game play is very worst fifa I eva played. YOU Should have played the game role of Fifa 19 where the ball play was dynamic, for example passes was free flow. THE problem have with this one of all the Fifa is defending 4/10, striking 10/10 passing 3/10 that’s about it. Believe me you have played f Fifa 1998 and you getting worse because PES 20 is like what you looking for in game play. Haven’t really like PES playing style since the 2000 when they put new PES on the platform. PES 20 made big chances and I am exactly enjoying myself as playing FIFA 21. Sorry guys this time you been PES really beat. With this module go back the FIFA 18 and 19 that’s where you guys made it big.

  18. Damn Fifa. The ultimate team server keeps crashing. I got fxxking 20 to 30 matches lose to the poor connection, not the opponent. Could you please fix the fxxking server issues as soon as possible. The gamer shall not punish with lose if it cost by the network issues.

  19. The game wouldn’t be bad compared to other versions we have played so far, but defending was made so hard, the goal keeper at times acts like just dummies,
    I think you should borrow some ideas from fifa20

  20. Its with a heavy heart that i write that Fifa is offically dead. Its been dying for years and last year left it on its last legs but here we are with Fifa 21 and its the final nail in the coffin.

    I was hoping and praying this update with the ps5 would change everything somehow but sadly not.

    The gameplay as always is absolutely tragic, so inconsistent and unpredictable. The absolute worst thing you can do is get invested in this game because it will break your heart. The single most pay to win franchise in the history of gaming.

    The same game breaking features are ever present.. Player decay.. They play great at first and slowly get worse and worse until they feel like a bronze.. Just the game trying to push you to spend money.

    Insanely stupidly good players.. Joe Gomez, Varane, Ferland Mendy, Allan, Kante.. All good players but fifa somehow turn them into gods of the footballing world. The likes of Mbappe and Ronaldo i can understand but the annoying thing about them is that to make them play better, the game makes the opposing players play worse against them. So you are used to what your defenders are capable of and then are left wondering why they got so slow at the vital moment, or took 3 times longer to perform the tackle you asked for.

    Scripting.. This has been a horrible feature of FIFA games in the last few years, no matter how much they deny its present, anyone who plays the game knows it all too well. This year is the worst year by far, i find myself regularly thinking; “Jesus EA, at least try to hide the scripting a bit better”, because its so obvious this year.. Nothing goes your way, you miss open goals, your defenders lose their minds and have no idea what they are doing, simple 3 yard passes go in completely the wrong direction for absolutely no reason other than scripting, and worst of all; all your players get really really slow. Its so frustrating.

    I wasn’t going to buy Fifa this year beacuse Fifa 20 was so bad, i said i was switching to Pro Evo.. So i bought both and lads if any of you are wondering, Pro Evo is waaaaaay better. Fifa has become damaging to your mental health it really has. Do yourself a favour and delete the game, even better; burn it.

  21. I’m playing fifa for a long time.i am 33.. especially from2010 until now i haven’t miss any title of the serie..i am of those who tells pro sucks.but this year…. dribbling dribbling dribbling dribbling dribbling dribbling and goal…i thought that you made volta for all these….sorry for my English

  22. Sad to be here again…

    I’m from South Africa and finding a Pro Clubs match on Fifa 21 is almost impossible as Arsenal winning the EPL!

    It’s really frustrating and I can’t understand why this is the case!

    We’re using the recommended region, and all settings are set to the ones which should be most likely to find a game.

    If anyone can help me find matches faster, please let me know!

    @Fifa, please fix this!!!!!

  23. I played an international friendly match in career mode Slovenia v Greece but the police around the stadium were English police even though the game was from Slovenia.

  24. I’m done. This is my last review. I saw there was an update so I thought ok let’s see how it goes. First match loss 4-3 from 3-0 and the 2nd I just quit. Can’t take it anymore. When you see your 86-87 defenders can’t handle an 81 ST it’s just sad.. There is no def in this game, passing is bs (half the time they pass to someone else ffs), goalkeeper just deflects shots back to the oponent and they score, also GK positioning is bs, players just look at the Ball rolling inches away from them, the ref is still broken he just whistles whenever he feels like it bcs the extra time shown does not matter, or he stops clear chances and counter attacks, one time i had a draw bcs he whistled the end when i shot and the Ball was in the air ffs then it went in. But whatever ! Here is a draw for you. Matchmaking is still trash.. I could go on forever, but clearly there are others and there will be more that will go even more in detail. I posted other comments and explained. Now I’m just done. No more patience with you and this game. And on top of everything, here in belgium we still can’t buy currency like in other countries. What a waste of money. And here for me it was 70€. Honestly it should be free. Or better stop at fifa 21. You ruined it for everyone in every aspect you can imagine. Goodbye long time friend.

    1. worst experience i have a team with players that are worth 300k plus and they still cant out perform a team that is way lower.. the team cant f***ng pass most balls correctly… the stamina on all my players are f***ed no mater what rating it is i have players with 89 physical and still dead by half time… wtf i dont understand i dont sprint most of the game..

  25. HORRIBLE game!!! Passing is trash. Defending is a joke. Trick stick makes defending impossible. AI players just stand around and always make miss timed runs. Absolutely horrible!!! I had to go get my money back!

  26. The game felt ok but still a lot of issues that needs to be fixed.
    1) non agressive goalkeeper: the goalkeeper is so hesitant all the time. dont challenge the opposition for the goals, and is to hesitant when rushing out. the placement of the goalkeeper is also way off when shots comes from inside of the 16 yards. often is the keeper past his near post making it way to easy for the striker to hit the far corner. Also on the note of goalkeepers, the kicking and passing from the keeper is simply terrible, its been like this for 10 years.
    2) bulls*** shots inside the 16. same issue as above, attackers can too often just whip the ball in the far corner even if in real life it is very hard to shoot when out of balance into the far corner.
    3) far too easy for high rated players like salah and others to score
    4) to easy for fast attackers to run through and score: in real football when you run at full speed it is hard to shoot a perfect shot to the corner
    5) I know you attempted to fix the ref but you made it worse. Now it is the other way around, way too difficult to receive a yellow card, and those obstructions and clips on the heels almost never gives freekick. the ref. just feels to inconcisted.
    6) Script/glitch/randomness: I know it in real life is a certain portion of randomness happening during a game. but this is a game and such things should not decide the outcome
    7) laggers and timewasters online: too much toxic players online due to lag and timewasting. it is simply to easy to pass around in defence, one match I couldnt get the ball for 60min despite how hard i tried. the opposition scored one goal and then just passed around me due to my players never stuck in.

  27. worst game ever made why give a player 96 pace just to get caught up by blind….honestly feel like you have to physically try your hardest to make a game this bad as if they did it on purpose billion dollar company cant make even a DECENT game, would return if it was at least playable but f*** this s*** game never playing it again.

  28. I guess the concept is good and the gameplay is fine but generally if you get angry at anything I would avoid this game. So many times I have been very angry and this will be the last fifa I will play. If you know you are very good at it then probably buy it because you will have a lot more fun then all of the people in division 4 or lower. Very hard game to master so do not recommend

  29. Despite being an avid Fifa fan, this is the first time I’m giving feedback. FYI this is my experience from career mode.

    The positives
    1. Takeover option – brilliant! Been waiting this for years and now a real chance to assemble the player combos I’ve always wanted to try
    2. Graphics : keeping up with the little improvements each year

    But the negatives……..
    1. Horrific gameplay. For all the marketing that its intelligent AI, I’m yet to see it. Too many players trying skill moves regardless of their level and doing it at all points of the match. I’m playing career mode not volta!
    2. Defending/goalkeeping : non existant, whether its me doing it or the AI. The attack doesn’t have to be any good to stroll past the defenders and the goalkeeper….whats the point in rating them? Can’t tell the difference whether they’re rated 50 or 92, which brings me onto…….
    3. Momentum : is it just me or are the scorelines too often ridiculous? I’m writing this having just done a rematch because I lost 2-0 without managing to hit a decent shot, to winning 10-2 on legendary mode. At the end of every season I end up with by far the highest goals for/against and therefore difference regardless of league position
    4. The bugs. I’ve never noticed so many bugs compared to previous editions (especially with the manager and negotiation scenes)

    If EA doesn’t improve, then for the first time since 2006, I won’t get the next edition

  30. If it’s possible to fix the player career mode, I created my player and he is a striker and the coach keeps playing my player on the wing while the player in the middle is a winger. Makes no sense. Also I have left backs playing as centre backs when there is more capable defenders in the squad if you could address that problem it is very frustrating.

  31. I believe in Fifa 21, they should adjust the timing when the referee blows the whistle to end the half or match. For example, no matter what the score and extra time is; Whenever there is a counter attack or a pure chance for a goal to be scored, the referee shouldn’t stop the match. I wish this could be adjusted soon in the coming updates.

  32. What a whole load of rubbish gets worse every year and still have the cheek to charge you for the same if not crappier game play you would think with all the money they make they would fix it.The defending is non existing the reactions of players is rotten the goal keepes are pointless will not get another penny 9ut of me for a game that is the worat i have ever played

  33. The FIFA21 is the worst FIFA which i ever played. There is no defending at all. The defenders are like freeze and drunk at the same time. Mbape is like superman, just start spinning around with some random skill move and you cannot take the ball without penalty this is best case, usually is goal. Anyone who can start running from the wing there is no defender in the world who can catch the striker, doesn’t matter who the striker is. And as well the greatest part is that lovely scrip or scripto whatever it is, change the game so seriously that you cannot do nothing about it. You lead at 4-1 at 60 min and finally you end up loosing 6-4. Actually 3 goals lead mean nothing, your opponent just start spinning with every player and no chance for you to take the ball, every of his pace is at the wright player and my favourite long ground pace through all 5 defenders and someone is alone against the keeper. Often the striker start spinning with random skill moves and 5 defenders around him in a penalty box just watch and sit and if you cannot take the ball with the defender which you control the other 4 just clap with hands. I quitted most of the games its really this game getting on my nerves. At least on FIFA 19 with all negatives which have 3 goals lead mean something. Of course you can loose after 3 goals lead, but my opponent beat me with skills not with script which FIFA decide when to activate and who to support. If all real games were like FIFA 21 it will be paradise to make illegal bets all will look normal.

  34. I only play career mode as far as I am concerned the rest is garbage especially Volta I have been playing Fifa since the first one and this one is unbelievably good the career mode is awesome the only bit that pisses me off is the fact that my manager who I created and dressed keeps appearing in team kit on the sideline with stupid green and red boots and numbers please please sort this stupid glitch out as soon as possible it’s more annoying than the two bald twin prince Williams and that was bad enough

  35. So here we are again, the Fifa 21 version of a mode that hasn’t been updated now for 10+ years! Please EA at least improve it for us offline players to give us the options “in-game” that the data reviewers get behind the scenes, like the “Cold Weather Gear” option (This will fix the winter gear bug!) and being able to edit generic player faces by opening up the “Head” section in Edit Real Player!! We should also be able to change things like a player’s celebration, (for example Fellaini’s real life celebration is in the game but not set too him by default and I cant manually give it him! Also Lukaku has been wrongly set a triple moonsault celebration that we cant change!?) Also, players running styles, free-kick / penalty stances, generic player faces etc should all be editable!! So why not add the Animations section from Create Player to Edit Real Player too so we can edit them ourselves??? In fact just open up all the sections that you get in Create Player for Edit Real Player too!! This mode is in dire need of a complete revamp, here are a few suggestions on how Edit Real Player / Create Player should look:
    [b]1.[/b] Edit Generic Player Faces? If you can’t scan players or give them custom faces at least unlock the “Head” section in Edit Real Player to let us edit them to make them slightly resemble the player!! Managers included, as a lot of teams have the same preset faces from Manager Career and they get repetitive..
    Here is why we should be able to edit generic faces in Edit Real Player:

    See Bruno Fernandes in Fifa is generic, but with the right tools you can create a better looking face for him, even though it is still a generic one. We should be able to do this to the original player in Edit Real Player without having to create a whole new player!!
    Also see:
    EA’s Bruno Fernandes vs my Created Player Bruno Fernandes which just took me 30 minutes..

    [b]2.[/b] Created players should have their Star Head as a display picture instead of a blank silhouette!!
    [b]3.[/b] Stop giving players Sweat Bands as Wrist Tape.. Wrist Tape is in the game!!!!! Even though it’s still PS2 graphics and needs updating, here is a Wrist Tape setting from MLB: The Show:

    [b]4.[/b] Cold Weather Gear Option: Data Reviewers get the option to manually edit a players Cold Weather Gear.. Add this in to Edit Real Player / Create Player! This would fix the Cold Weather Gear bug!! Make Cold Weather Gear options for managers in Manager Career Mode too, instead of just putting a coat on our manager by default in the Winter, we might not want them to wear one!!
    Example Player:
    Normal Gear: Short Sleeves
    Cold Weather Gear: Undershirt
    Example Manager:
    Normal Gear: Shirt & Tie
    Cold Weather Gear: Jacket
    [b]5.[/b] New Colour Option – Same As Kit: We should be able choose the colour “Same as Kit” option for all accessories like Wrist Tape / Gloves / Ankle Tape etc. Here are examples of players with accessories with the same colour as the kit colour (Pogba etc)

    Just giving players red wrist tape doesn’t work, as when in a different colour away or 3rd kit they still wear red wrist tape and it looks unrealistic!
    But this is what happens when they wear Away kit, 3rd kit or the player gets transferred to another team who wears a different colour home kit in Career Mode:

    PES has an option for Wrist Tape / Gloves / Ankle Tape that fixes this bug. It basically assigns the colour of the accessories to match the kit colour they are playing in, just like Undershirts/Undershorts currently do..
    Another fix for this would be for player to ONLY wear Coloured Wrist Tape for their home kit, if they wear the away or 3rd kit the wrist tape should default to WHITE.. Same if they get transferred to another team in Career Mode!
    The same happens for Coloured Gloves: Even when you do put them on players, again, the Same As Kit option is needed to match away and 3rd kit colours or you end up with the same bug as above ^

    But this is what happens if you give a Chelsea player Blue gloves when they wear Away kit, 3rd kit, or the player gets transferred to another team in Career Mode: (What good are blue gloves if they transfer to Man Utd!? And if you edit him at Man Utd he loses his Cold Weather Gear!)

    A fix to this would be for player to ONLY wear coloured gloves for their home kit, if they wear the away or 3rd kit the gloves should default to BLACK.. Same if they get transferred to another team in Career Mode!
    [b]6.[/b] Undershorts: Why are they defaulted to every single player in Fifa, and only when it rains, snows or is overcast? Add them as an option! Lampard wore them all year round like Rooney did with the undershirt.. Add long undershorts too? That Robben wore for example.. (They would be a Winter option just like Gloves are)

    [b]7.[/b] Add 3/4 rolled up sleeves like this following example: (You had Ronaldo wearing them on your Fifa 19 cover!!)

    Here is the setting in MLB: The Show 19:

    [b]8.[/b] Undersocks: Players very often cut their kits football socks and wear their own WHITE socks underneath, please add this option:

    This could replace Ankle Tape as by law now ankle tape has to be the same colour as the sock anyway so there is no need for Ankle Tape in Fifa anymore! On or Off it shoul be defaulted to the same colour as the sock, just like Undershirts/Undershorts are! Just Undersock: Yes or No
    [b]9.[/b] Game Face: Why cant we use Game Face to apply a face to generic players / created players / managers? You could have 100 slots and this way the community could create a lot of faces for players who don’t have one, and share them! NBA 2K has a Game Face Creation App! Why doesn’t Fifa!?
    [b]10.[/b] 3D beards!? Please add them! Like this:

    [b]11.[/b] Add generic tattoos to put on our Pro / Created Player like in the Journey:

    [b]12.[/b] Player Positions: I want to make a created player with just the CM position, but you can only make him a CAM or CDM. All positions should be available to select for your Pro / Created Player!! Also add a second and third position so you can make a player seem more dynamic and trainable in one of his secondary positions. So you can give a player the following:
    Position 1 (Natural): CM
    Position 2: CAM
    Position 3: CDM
    Pos 1: CM
    Pos 2: –
    Pos 3: –
    Which would mean he can ONLY play CM and can’t be trained in another position!
    [b]13.[/b] Hairstyle / Hair Colour: Don’t you think it’s a about time we can at least change a player’s hairstyle / hair colour ourselves? If a player changes his hair / hair colour in real life, we shouldn’t have to wait 5 years for you to update him, we could simply do it ourselves, even something so simple as changing Falcao’s headband from the default black colour to a white one like he wore for Man Utd should be editable! Another example is Griezmann, he has a red headband so if you sign him for a team who play in blue it looks stupid, we should be able to edit the colour! And why aren’t these hairstyles from The Journey available in Edit Real Player / Create Player:
    See this Hair Dye option in WWE 2k games which would be great in Fifa for Create / Edit Real Player:

    [b]14.[/b] Player Masks: Add the mask players wear when they break their nose / cheekbone..

    [b]15.[/b] Potential Stat: Please add this so we can edit a players Potential ourselves, just like we can edit their sprint speed etc in Edit Real Player..
    You also can’t set/edit a created player’s potential, it is always 99 for Career Mode, why!?
    [b]16.[/b] Player Stats: You can’t edit a player’s composure attribute, all stats should be editable!!
    [b]17. [/b]Player Traits: You can’t assign traits to a created player. Makes no sense. Especially since you can earn traits for player career mode where you control only the one player. So obviously they are available to be added to created players, just build it into the create player menu. Madden you can assign traits to created players as well so why not in Fifa!?
    [b]18.[/b] Skill Moves Rating: You can’t specifically set a player’s skill moves rating, it is just assigned based off of the dribbling and (I think) agility attribute. Like all players above 81 dribbling and 76 agility get 5* skills (or something along those lines). Add the Skill moves stat!
    [b]19.[/b] Player Name Audio: How about you add first and last names to the audio, for Create / Edit Player and also Manager / Player Career Mode so you can be referred too in commentary by your full name? Other games have this..
    First Names: Chris, Steve, John etc..
    Last Names: Smith, Rodriguez etc..
    It would be great for Press Conferences or Commentary being referred to as John Smith etc..
    [b]20.[/b] Generic Kits / Team Names: For teams in the game who aren’t licensed, Piemonte Calcio for example, their generic kit and team name should be able to be edited, like in PES!!
    [b]21.[/b] Give players Long Wrist Tape option for players that wear Wrist Tape NOT Sweat Bands!! It looks stupid!!
    This is how Create / Edit Real Player should look with the new options:
    * [b]Player Face: [/b](Editable only if generic)
    * [b]Apply Game Face:[/b] Yes / No
    * [b]Facial Hair:[/b] Including New 3D Beard types
    * [b]Boots:[/b]
    * [b]Hairstyle:[/b]
    * [b]Hair Colour:[/b]
    * [b]Sleeve Length:[/b] Short, Long or 3/4
    * [b]Tight Kits:[/b] Yes, No or Team Default (And I suggest setting this option to the actual teams who wear these kits not the individual players who play for them, so set tight kits option to the team Arsenal and not their individual players. so the Tight Kit option should be under Edit Team menu too..
    * [b]Undershirt:[/b] Yes, No or Winter Only (Setting it to On would see players wear it all year round, like Rooney did, and Winter Only would wear short or long sleeves in the Summer, and an Undershirt in the Winter – which is essentially the Cold Weather Gear option!)
    * [b]Undershorts:[/b] Yes, No, Winter Only
    – Undershorts Length: Short or Long (Robben style)
    * [b]Gloves:[/b] Yes, No, Winter Only
    – Colour: Black etc, Same As Kit (Currently White is the default colour, this also needs changing to Black as default!!)
    * [b]Wrist Tape Left:[/b] Off or On
    – Wrist Tape Colour: White etc, Same As Kit (whatever the default kit colour is, this would get round players like Reus who wears yellow when playing in Dortmund’s home kit, and black when in their away kit! Just like you automatically set the undershirts / undershorts colour to match the colour of the shirts / shorts)
    * [b]Wrist Tape Right:[/b] Yes / No
    – Wrist Tape Colour: White etc, Same As Kit
    * [b]Sweat Band:[/b] Same as above ^
    * [b]Hand Bandage:[/b] Same as above ^
    * [b]Bracelet:[/b] Same as above ^
    * [b]Headband Colour:[/b] Red, White etc.. If applicable (Falcao etc)
    * [b]Mask:[/b] Yes / No (Lewandowski)
    – Mask Colour: Black, White etc..
    * [b]Running Celebration 1:[/b]
    * [b]Finishing Celebration 1:[/b]
    * [b]Running Celebration 2:[/b]
    * [b]Finishing Celebration 2:[/b]
    * [b]Running Style:[/b]
    * [b]Free-Kick Stance:[/b]
    * [b]Penalty Stance:[/b]
    * [b]Position(s):[/b] CDM, CAM, CM etc.. EVERY position should be selectable!!
    * [b]Skill Moves: 1-5[/b]
    * [b]Traits:[/b] –
    * [b]Player Stats (Including Potential, Composure etc):[/b] EVERY stat should be available to edit!!
    * [b]Revert Player to Default:[/b] Yes / No

  36. Hey fifa who ever advised you guys on the gameplay of fifa 21 is trying to send you out of business pls try and fix the issues with the players not being able to defend i want to enjoy my game I know am not a level one player but it really annoying conceding more than 5 to 6 goals all because you cant defend yourself on the pitch the players just fly past the defender and the goal keeper responsiveness is not nice at all he points a ball and getting back up is a problem, i really expected more but i am not impressed i just wasted my funds on it.

  37. Here we are again, different year.. Same absolutely useless FIFA game from EA. My initial impression wasn’t good but i said i would give it a while before i made up my mind on the game.

    Same problems.. One game the gamepley is OK.. Next game with the same indicated ping, the players feel way slower. And just like that you’ve lost, skill doesn’t matter. The game decides the winner before a ball is kicked.

    Someone needs to tell EA that Varane is not the fastest moving object in the universe cause im sick of him being able to mark 3-4 players on his own, the man can jockey sideways faster than my players can run at full sprint.. Its beyond stupid at this stage.

    I conceded 3 goals in a game earlier in the same manner, tacked his players at least 5 or 6 times very cleanly, ball was retained by the player immediately and now he was beyond my defender.. Yet again putting in a successful tackle leaves you in a worse position.

    I genuinely can’t understand the yellow cards in this game.. A disgusting sliding tackle from behind and he waves it away.. Nudge into a player and its a yellow.. How?? I have conceded penalties by knocking a player that didnt even go down so many times, yet i have a good chance to run in on goal, get taken out from behind and not even a yellow.. Its actually beyond believe how bad it is.

    If im on defence, i have the full backs on stay back and 1 depth, sometimes they do that, sometimes they dont bother. If i have constant pressure on, sometimes they do that, sometimes i get zero pressure from the players.. They mildly jog towards the player and then stop a few yards away and stare at him.. PUT IN A CHALLENGE YOU MELT! Take control of them myself then and its like they are stuck in the mud and can barely move.. Annoying.

    All things considered i think this game is marginally better than FIFA 20 but thats not saying much as that was the worst game i have ever played bar none. Its just another example of how EA just want to scam money out of loyal customers.. Pay to win, otherwise don’t bother. Im going back to Modern Warfare and staying there.

  38. After playing fifa 21 I would like to see:
    1. Long shots and the ability to strike a good shot from distance that doesn’t always get blocked, on the old fifas if you scored a players head can drop and give you more space in the midfield and gives the perfect opportunity for a long Shot!
    2. career mode should be more customised and I like to pick a low level team and build them into a good team. Can we do things like the old management games. I.e customise stadiums and build capacity or a new stand or something?
    3. Feedback from a friend and I agree. This commentary on the new fifa is pretty awful. Maybe expand it and have different commentators for different games?
    4. Also online can we get the goal replays Back or at least if it is a goal worthy of showing again so both players can appreciate if a good goal is scored. This would help improve dedicated fifa players.

    Many thanks for your time

  39. Do you ever make a fifa that’s actually realistic? You got players on ultimate team with stats that they would never have in real life, un realistic. Worst fifa you’ve done! Even worse than last year, for once are you actually going to make a decent fifa?

  40. Barrow on furness vs Leicester City to reach caraboa Cup final, according to commentary a historic event in South American football? Plus my manager avatar is now for some reason kitted out in the teams home kit rather than the tracksuit he’s meant to have on. Looks like the latest fifa update has introduced a few annoying bugs.

  41. It’s be really amazing if the FIFA team could actually match players who have the same squad rating along with the same division. How do I get paired with a squad that’s rated 79 and mine 85 and somehow, all my players don’t know how to play the game? And same went for me when I was a rated 78 squad taking on squads that are 83+ and beating them! Figs needs to figure this out and fix this because it’s really idiotic

  42. It’d be nice if legendary defending was added back on squad battles. I’m very old school and the tactical defending is something I can’t get down. Please fix this so others can enjoy this game as well. It’ll be so much easier to get coins to so we can buy players we can. Thank you!

  43. In speltype carrière draagt de manager bij regenweer nog steeds een home shirt met korte broek en voetbalschoenen. Viel mij al op bij update 1.06, maar bij de nieuwe update is dit nog niet opgelost…

  44. Hello
    Please fix the squad battles…
    I just had another unexpected drop from my session. Has been more than 10 times now. No trouble with my internet whatsoever…
    Please fix it, its very frustrating to end loosing by 3 goals when you had won the session by goals.

    1. Playing career mode arsenal vs Burnley 4 offsides giving aggaist me and theve foweld me a lot no cards but a pently giving for there player hitting my players foot needs fixing

  45. So i guess i have to make another post. 3rd one already. maybe eventualy it gets posted. Worst fifa ever! First of all, here in belgium, maybe Netherlands too, you cant buy fifa points or coins and that makes it so unfair. People just buy fifa points cheap and open a milion packs or enter rivals with 300 or buy the best players and so on. We just have the coins that we earn, thats it. And you cant earn much because when you enter rivals the matchmaking is just horrific. Skill points are not really skill points,they are win/lose points. Doesn’t matter if you lose with a score of 10-9, you lose everything. When you win, its less than what you lose. Then when you final get in the weekend league it gets even worse. Matchmaking me with people clearly better and with waaaaay better teams, with icons and champions cards and the most expensive players and so on. How is it possible that I get my first win after i lose 28? Not once did i get a Guy lower than me and with awesome teams. By your logic on the website their form is just like mine, right? Funny, what can i say. Then, goalkeeper just deflects shots back to the oponent to score, defenders are just drunk, attackers miss with open goals, in the meantime he scores from anywhere with anyone. You can see when people play a basic game with simple pases no skill moves or anything even more advanced. Match those people together. And match the better ones together. Match the pro’s together. You expect me to believe that I’m on the same level from div 9-10 with someone that does bicicle goals and creative runs and all that? Then you try draft online. Biggest lie you ever created. I spent 300k already never won a game. Even 10 min ago i tried again. I never get what i need. Never even make chemistry. Then first game with someone that got 2-3 icons, Messi, Ronaldo, all that and 100 chem. Then you see his gameplay is so pro. Game over. First game 11-1 loss. No chance. And those are coins i use, not fifa points like others, and coins i try to earn really hard, not buy them like others. Then u have to fix the ref with the cards and penalties that he gives or doesnt give based on a paralel game in a paralel world or something. And the added time is terrible. Losing or getting a draw in min 90+6 after the ref gives +1 or +2. Packs are a Lie, gameplay is a Lie, matchmaking is a Lie, skill points are a Lie, rivals and weekend league -LIE. You could also make them separate games for rivals and champions not make us use up games in rivals when we play the weekend league. You managed to make this game from fun and competitive, into a sad frustrating (pay-to-win for some) 70€ (in belgium) waste of Time money and nerves.

  46. You have to fix the matchmaking in rivals and weekend league. In rivals even when I’m in division 10 I play people so much better and with so much better teams. and in weekend league the best I had is 1 win????? Seriously??? Clearly I’m not that good. But it’s like I’m the only one on the planet that is that bad? I always get people with at least 2 icons and Messis and Ronaldos and already 2-3 champions cards and so on.. I had a losing streak of 0-29 i think untill i had a win. By your logic on the website those guys had the same,right? Funny,what can I say. Also, if I start weekend league with some matches remained in rivals, I will also lose those matches in wtf:| matchmaking should be made by gameplay at least. You can see when people play a basic game, they dont know yet how to intercept or do skill moves and other even more advanced things. Separate these from the rest. This is not fair-play. Not at all. Even in online draft same thing. I wasted 200k just to enter those drafts and hope at least once i get a decent team. Never. Cant even make a 100 chemistry. Then i get to play first game with a Guy with 2 icons for some reason, 100 chem and of course his gameplay level is waaaaay higher. I’m sure I’m not the only one here that start to feel sorry for the high price we played just to play an offline bs manager or squad battles on semi-pro. We have no chance at all. Also I play in Belgium. We cant buy fifa points here or anything. Netherlands same thing i think. What we earn is what we have. So when are you going to adres this? Because the rest can just buy fifa points and enter with those in draft because its cheap and easy, or buy a milion packs and so on. Then Packs are bs too. Sbc’s same thing. Forcing people to spend so much money. This is the last fifa I ever spend money on. Fifa used to be fun first, then competitive. Now its neither. Its just sad and frustrating.

    Also, the goalkeeper always deflects the Ball Almost never catch it. Then another player just comes and scores. Then the problem with the extended time. I have lost games or end up in a draw in min 90+4 or 90+5 after the ref gave +1 or +2 aditional time. Just because some people know how to abuse these things. Regarding skill rating, somehow i always lose more than i win back, and for draws it should just remain unchanged. Or even better give skill rating points based on the match not the result. Its not fair to lose everything if i lose a match 6-5 or something. They are called skill rating points not win/lose points wth. Repay the work people put in not the result. And another very big issue, fix the problem with people abusing the pause and the replays.

  47. The defending on Fifa 21 is awful it’s rubbish the defenders can’t compete the players on paste and when they try and defend the ball just goes through them.

    The goalkeepers need to be improved a lot because the way they dive is just awful it’s so shocking and the way parry the ball away is just horrendous they need a lot of improvement the goalkeepers do.

    The referees need a lot of improvement and the commentators need a lot of improvement to and the players need to improvement on there shooting and passing.

  48. On match day in career mode manger wearing a arsenal shirt and shorts red when were away needs fixing and when the opstion run into my player the ref gave a pently to them needs fixing so many bugs need fixing

  49. Fifa20 was much much better on fut ultimate team mood…fifa21 is the worst fifa game that i ever play on ultimate players dont run donr be aggresive and evwn can turn right or left but my oppennents 2 times faster than me…cant u give the players equal power and can we see who is the best player with talent…for example i play 3 bars balance on tacrics bur my defence players dont stay on their places and always fast forwads have ball on attack…tactics chemistry dont work on this game..on fifa they were working but in fifa2021 no balance.i will delete and never play again.

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