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  1. Worst fifa I’ve ever played and I’ve been playing since fifa 12. I always laughed at people when they said there was momentum in this game and now you can’t convince me that there isn’t. Consistently losing games with a 4-1 or sometimes higher lead at halftime. After the restart it seems like their players have gotten faster and stronger and their positioning becomes impeccable. 5 stars consistently pull moves twice when I only ask for one. As always, the only thing that matterals in the game is pace. Had a champions game that I was winning freeze when I went to make subs and it promptly handed me a loss.
    Typically EA sports let down.

    Also, why would you limit season rivals matches in FUT 21? Now it only makes sense to play a couple times per week.
    -I’m having problems with 5 stars doing a skill move twice when I only asked for once
    -(momentum is real) consistently losing games where I’m leading by 4 goals or more at half. (Opponents player positioning and speed becomes ridiculous after restart)
    – since the patch, the way cards are handled is terrible. Constant last defender tackles from behind when you’re through on goal and they are given a warning regularly.
    -as with every year, pace is the only stat that matters.
    -champions matches are still glitching when I go to make subs and I’m getting a loss when I was winning.
    Trash fifa, worst one yet.

  2. When I first played fifa 21 I thought it was the best game you had made in years. You had managed to fix nearly all the problems of fifa 20 apart from the passing which doesn’t pass to the player you aim for. Now post patch the game is the worst ever fifa game in my opinion, you should sack the people behind the patch. Now my players can’t even make simple basic passes, it’s like they have never played football before some of the passes are pathetic. In real life passes have a lot more power and are much faster and accurate than they are on fifa. Moreover, the switching this year is the worst it’s ever been, the amount of times it switches to the wrong man and the opponent scores is really demoralising when I know it was completely preventable. Also, this year the amount of blocks defenders make is completely unrealistic and defenders can’t seem to mark at all you have to do it all manually which is impossible. Furthermore to do with defending they can’t intercept to save their life the amount of times the just watch the ball roll inches past them is so stupid, or you’ll press to tackle and they’ll completely miss it or move their foot away from the ball, also fouls are completely unrealistic as well as sometimes I make a perfectly good tackle and a foul is given but when a player comes from behind and makes a horror tackle nothing is given, it’s just so inconsistent. All I ask is please make the game the way it was before the patch it was actually enjoyable and like I said the best fifa in years, now you’ve brought back everything everyone hates about fifa 20 and more, it’s actually a joke how bad it is. Plus, please don’t take this comment the wrong way I just want to help you guys make the game good again because if you don’t I really feel like in the long term another developer will make a far better game similar to what you did with PES.

  3. In player career mode, if im substituted and I jump to result all my stats are wiped away from the match and does not show up on the box with my matches played, goals and assists

  4. Jersey Number Color Issues & Youth Academy Undershirts in Winter – Minor issues here but I have noticed that on a lot of teams either the jersey/name on the back or number on the shorts do not have the same color as the jersey. Examples are Arsenal, Everton (Alt jersey), Plymouth Argyle and Northampton. This has been consistent the last couple of games (Oxford United in Fifa 20). Also, youth academy players that have long sleeve undershirt selected wear short sleeves in the winter months for some reason. Thanks!

  5. It’s a shame EA. You are using patches to nerf players. This game is the worse game I have ever played. Honestly its a shame for a company that use to be good in terms of ideas and content. Everyone clearly see that this company is now only focus on keeping you playing for untradable bad packs return and to get frustrated in order for people yo buy Fifa coins.

    Everybody can understand a company wants to make profits. Thats normal. But there is something illegal in what you are doing EA. You are selling a game with a certain gameplay at the beginning and then you simply change it during the year depending on what you want people to do. This is a fraud in order to push people buying Fifa coins and open packs. The last patch was just horrific.

    I have the best Internet offer in the market and my PS4 is linked with a cable to my box. Any other game is just so fast when I am playing online except FIFA 21. Gameplay, servers and matchmaking are just so bad.

    My job is actually to work daily with lawyers. I am very motivated to really investigate and escalate this problem to another level. I am going to contact some consumers association in France, Germany, and Luxembourg. There is clearly something going wrong with this game which makes people more frustration than fun to play.

    I advice everyone else to not just switch your console off but also to be conscientious about the service you paying for. In France the game cost 60e and then you getting a completely different game 3 weeks after. If you don’t speak this fraud won’t change. ESCALATE GUYS. I already started in France with 60 millions de consommateur.

    PS: EA in case you don’t publish my comment I will do it in every video game website and platform with the precision that you didn’t publish it.

    Thanks for reading

    1. Absolutely raging with this new fifa was not goin to buy due to fifa20 been bad at the old scripting. Well I know fifa say they don’t do that but that’s a different matter any same old fifa I play good -9 wins in a row in division rivals. Get to d4 so I’m thinking god I may actually have a chance of goin all the way up this time and then boom title update and there it goes. Back to getting a Goin over by every noob in the planet. with my team whom has pace to burn but no I’m getting left on my ass with every slow player on the planet. And even better I actually pass to them or actually miss ten open goals. What a joke fifa and waste of my hard earned cash I want a refund and this time I’m switching to pes.

  6. Hi I’m a constant player of fifa and I’m just want to let you guys know that there is an issue when playing a game in career mode the manager on the side line is wearing the team kit either in the UCL and the league you are managing in please fix these issue

  7. Please please please stop putting so much objectives and do towards friendly matches. This is the first season I won’t be hitting level 30 because I have zero interest in playing friendly matches. I can’t be the only one. Everything good that EA has come out with is friendly based and does nothing towards what people are actually playing for. Rivals.

  8. I strongly believe that FUT Champs shouldn’t effect your div rivals competition points.
    For someone like myself who has very limited time on weekends to get the games in, I can’t worry about playing all 30 FUT champs games and make sure that I get a good few division rival wins in to make sure that I still get rank 1 in that as well.
    I played really well in the FUT champs weekend but was unable to find the time to play div rivals as well and this means I will now get rank 3(!!!) in division rivals, with 3 whole days left until this weeks div rivals ends.
    Please make it separate Don’t give us any div rivals points for fut champs. Let us play the other 30 games separately.

    1. In career mode after I’ve played the champions league quarter final and then go into a league match and quick sim it comes up when i loose agg 12-2 needs fixing also quicked sim aggaist Bristol city and lost 2-0 I’m arsenal cerly bristol city wouldent beat arsenal needs fixing

    2. Some thing again in career just played barcolna in the champions league quarter finals won 5-0 then played new castle in the premier leauge underneff where it says premier league . Agg 1 7 underneeff that 1- 2 needs fixing asap hope all this things can get fixed

  9. EA ARE CRIMINAL. They sold everyone a game that doesnt play logically. If you can put the HORRIFIC lag aside for a moment, then you can enjoy a game where 94 pace rated players are run down from behind by 60 pace rated players. You press buttons THAT DONT RESPOND, You can watch as your CB’s make runs to go play as strikers eventhough you have instructed them to STAY BACK. You can take 22 shots and own 78% possession of the ball and lose 3-0 against a team that took 2 shots (yes thats right, they took TWO SHOTS and SCORED 3 GOALS). Lets not even talk about the scripting. You can be winning 4-0 and the other team will score 7 goals in about 10 mins. Its criminal. They sold everyone a broken game. Rumour is that a class action lawsuit is in the works. I hope its true. Sign me up.

    1. On career mode I’m getting messges about the international team and I’m england manger but seams the message is wrong need fixing as it mentions vandike but he don’t play for england needs fixing

    I’ve been playing FIFA for many many years and no other version got under my skin like FIFA21. The worst game in the history. Yea, the graphic is okay, the individual movement and behaviour is impressive in terms of animation and so on, but the gameplay? I’m actually lost for words.

  11. I consider myself as a loyal supporter of Fifa since I have played the game since 1998. But oh boy what a bad game has this become. Not in terms of graphics or gameplay in general, but the scripting/momentum makes this game to something that crawls under your skin.
    You would think that the online seasons were developed to create a fair distinguish between good, medioker and ok players, but non of this is true. The more you play it the more scenario’s you can predict what is going to happen. Or you create 20 chances and the opponents goalie saves all of them, meanwhile the opponent scores 3 out of 3 chances. There is as well the game where your team seems to have a severe handicap and are playing their first football match ever, no power in kicks, wrong directions, slow runners, losing all duels,… On the other hand if you are lucky you are granted the invincible mode and you score all the goals from all angles. Fun? For me, yes, for the opponent? No!
    The game has become a gamblers choice, trow the dice and hopefully you are lucky. This way of scripting results in almost half of the games to be quit. Saddest thing is that I am paying for a PS online subscription with the sole purpose of playing fifa online. Besides that I tricked myself again in buying Fifa 21.

    I say no more – you have lost a customer after 22years.

    1. Agree 100%
      The scripting , manipulation or wharever we call it is now so bad , there probably is absolutetly no skill onvolved in rivals ea decides who has momentum on his sides and that player aleays win, nomatter what.
      And ea goes on lying as always – we are ripped by a degree nearing one that should render criminal charge and prison for the lying assholes at EA.

  12. How many times do I have to get fouled before the other player sees a fkng yellow/red card?! People tackling from behind get nothing! And can yall allow more time on the fkng celebrations?! Stupid sht runs out of time while attempting to do a fun one! Come one yall! Fix the yellow card bullshit!!!!

  13. Hello EA,

    This negative review comes after numerous attempts to overlook and accept the gameplay issue’s that appear to be occurring for everyone all the time.

    Goalies – They make little to no attempt to save the ball – goals scored from ridiculous angles with the goal keeper flopping on the spot.

    Defending – Players running next to a striker or suddenly dropping off to allow a one on one goal shot.

    Rebounds – Appear to always benefit the attacking team – whether by shot deflection from the goalie or a defending tackle where the striker just runs through your defence but keeps the ball.

    Pace – bloody pace.

    Defending AI – massively overpowered with certain defenders always putting in a foot or diving last second tackle.

    Defending options – such as ‘stay back while attacking’ – and noticing your CB or LB,RB, in the opposing teams box.

    Following the above – not having offside trap as an option in ‘custom tactics’ and also not being able to make your own customisable formation.

    Overpowered players – when stats don’t matter because some players are clearly better than their card.

    Patches – when the gameplay was fine then suddenly a patch and it is like playing a while new game..but not in a good way.

    These are just some of the issue’s have led to me deleting this years game and going on to play GTA or Battlefield since i’m fed up with another butchered edition of this game I used to enjoy.

    1. 100% agree man seriously its so broken especially rebounds which always favour the opposition and defence who cant defend their qay out of a paper bag its so stupid

  14. I’ve been playing this game since 98, and it’s just getting worst each year. Online seasons is just a joke now .The defending has gotten so hard it’s unreal. The fouling is ridiculous and you don’t even get a yellow card. Last man slide tackles don’t get a red which it’s denying a goal scoring opportunity. The penalties are a joke get a pen for the slightest touch some games but others no pen. You’ve made Liverpool and PSG too good it’s so unreal. Allison is so fake he’s not that good! The goalkeepers can have man of the match performances or they don’t save a thing apart from what’s hit straight at them.

  15. In de carrière modus gebeuren de onderhandelingen niet door de vooraf gecreëerde avatar, maar door een neutraal samengestelde avatar. Bij regenweer draagt de avatar niet de vooraf gekozen kledij, maar een clubtrui met op de achterkant rugnummer 99… Dit zijn toch zaken die in de vorige edities beter op punt stonden

  16. Hi fifa I don’t know if it’s just me or anyone else is having this problem there are two first one while playing career mode as in manager when you go buy a player loan or sell a player the created manager you created does not appear it is a random player that looks like it’s a free agent so your manager will not show up and second one when playing a game sometimes the manager is where the clubs kit soccer boots and everything please fix this issue I don’t know if it’s just me maybe everyone is having this issue

  17. This wasn’t FIFA’s best release to begin with, but the most recent couple of updates have thrown it into even more chaos. It’s really frustrating to play. Several times during a seasons match the controller just stops responding, or falls out of sync where the controller input is completely delayed and players start moving in the direction instructed by controller seconds after the specific button is pressed.

    Also a lot of unrealistic interactions. For example a small attacker such as Timo Werner can collide with Virgil VanDyke, throw him into the ground without any impact to himself, then execute a 120mph shot without any run up or even serious pull back of his leg. (I have videos of this)

    Other unrealistic issues involve an attacker without clear shot of the goal (being blocked by a defender) execute a shot across the goal into the far post and score from outside the box while being surrounded by players.

    Other unrealistic issues involve two defenders within a few inches of the defender, but unless you are controlling them, none of them will actually take the ball and just jockey or worse, stop and let the attacker go through while you are controlling another player or closing down passing lanes. When a defender is physically face to face and touching the attacker, it’s a no-brainer that the CPU should take over to tackle unless the player is controlling the player and for some reason does not wanna tackle (I can’t think of any scenario where a player WOULDN’T wanna take the ball from an opponent when it’s within touching distance.

    Frustrating to the extreme. Been playing this game since 1995 and seems like the most recent ones have become so unrealistic.

  18. Why is a 40 pace defender chasing down my 92 pace striker? the game doesnt make sense. you would think a soccer game would be realistic but it seems like the stats are all fake.

  19. On top of all the other mentioned problems with career mode when you win a trophy it’s matte black. Completely ruins it! Sometimes the crowd is as well, just blacked out so you can’t see it
    How has this been left to go on for so long?????
    I’d never have paid for this game if I knew it would have even half of these problems
    I’ll wait months before thinking about buying next year. Check the reviews first

    1. Fifa 21 player career mode is broken. My player is LW and plays ST and my GK was CB whilst wingers in defence.. i cannot see the time while in a game so have to keep pausing. And a load other problems with goalies messing up but heh ho. Plz sort jt

  20. As someone who has played every year since 1995.. it is beyond me how they haven’t employed someone to progress the game engine rather than focus on the money that ultimate team brings in.
    It is by far the worst FIFA released ever.. which is the case every time they release a new game.
    Have returned to shop and will not purchase again.

    1. Totally agree, I don’t enjoy playing it anymore.
      A 50-50 ball CPU always wins, blocked shot goes to attacker, your goalkeeper save shot goes straight to attacker, you have to have 10 shots on target to be lucky to score one or two. The list goes on. Going back to PES next year

  21. Hello EA , you really need to get it together with Fifa, for 6 years you released Fifa unfinished and add updates. By the time you get the game right? The next game is out!! This is very close to fraud. I really hope someone else comes out with something different!!

  22. Hi…
    So my team and I who really enjoyed playing pro clubs on fifa 20. But we struggled to find matches since the release of fifa 21. Okay, obviously everyone is playing 21 now, so we go ahead and buy it as well, hoping to find matches almost instantly..

    So, we create a team and lobby up, with almost 70K players online! But, much to our demise, finding a Pro Clubs match in Fifa 21 is also a pain! Struggled to find games in Div 10 and even down to 8!

    This is really frustrating, having paid so much and getting the same crappy results…

    Disappointed much…and cannot understand why this is the case!

    If anyone has methods on how to find Pro Club matches fast, please drop a line here..

    Thanks in advance.

  23. I like the gameplay and career mode this year, but there’s a lot of bugs and glitches in the game.
    The manager created have another face and he’s bald, also the other managers when I negotiate to buy a player, they have the same face.
    In the pitch, my manager have the correct face that I created, but he’s wearing the club shirt with 99 number.

    Far from bugs, when I want to sign a player for free in January (pre-contract), most of the available players to sign for free are renewing their contracts, it’s a good feature but it’s exaggerated, because not all players renew their contracts in real life, out of more than 600 players, I can only sign 3 players.

    1. I have the same problems. Also the at the start of manager career the promising player is half invisible and holding a red card.
      Can be fixed by changing shirt fit. But the red card stays
      This has been going on for a long time and still no fix?? I started new careers because I thought surely they’ll have patched it.
      It seems they only put effort in to ultimate team where the take peoples money. And practically get kids addicted to gambling

  24. Hello
    I buy this game just to play career mode and this year I want to say this year game is obviously big update from last version BUT unfortunately career mode has big glitches and bugs, specially when you’re creating manager’s face, it’s absolutely useless and waste of time because after all you get generic face for your manager you were created. They go to transfer negotiations with football jerseys and have exactly same faces and bold head.
    EA please fix this if you still want to keep your fans happy !!!

  25. Where do I start. This game is so bad, I don.t know how the developers could have passed this. I have player this game on FUT and Career mode, and both of them are terrible. FUT is one of the stupidest FUT’s that I’ve played since I started playing in FIFA 12, not to mention the fact that you guys are just money grabbing b*****ds, who don’t care about the game and know people will buy it, the ratings are s**t, the defending is appalling, and the BS happens to me every game. And career mode is one of the worst ones in years, the last good career mode is FIFA 16. The problem I have with this career mode is that you have to sim every day, you can’t just skip through days like in old career modes. Another thing is the gameplay, the fact that defending in this game is impossible is just stupid, the keeper cant save for the life of him, and the shots are either 1000km/h or 0.1km/h, also this has been a problem in FIFA games since FIFA 17 and its the fact that there is no off the ball movement, so when I’m trying to make a counter attack happen my teammates just stand still, and now in FIFA 21 for some reason when its a 3v2 where there are more attackers, the other defenders don’t even attempt to come back the just act like a 4th or 5th attacker, not doing anything defensively. I would suggest that people save their money on a quality game, and not waste it on such a s**t game like this one, and FIFA team, your games just get worse every year, and its really disappointing, I do hope that next years game is better, because event though FIFA 20 was widely considered the worst FIFA game ever, FIFA 21 takes the cake.

  26. In career mode a youth player had no body and the manager on the touch line is wearing a full kit. This shouldn’t be happening and needs fixing.

  27. Fifa 21, Career Mode

    – training
    – re-positioning players
    – youth players in variable kit and boots
    – playing time expectations

    – manager in team kit on sideline during UCL games
    – generic manager (appearance and kit) in negotiations
    – title wins by goal difference are not counted/celebrated at end of season

    Please fix

  28. This is the worst fifa yet, played all FIFA’s since beginning, problems all over, defending is shocking, cm stood in middle of pitch not doing anything, GK look too small for net, so every time attacking so much of net to hit, you might as well have no cm as they do nothing one pass every time and you through on goal, 1v1 with keeper and 9 out of 10 times it’s a goal, graphics haven’t improved, players faces and hair look rubbish, glitches on manager on sideline and in negotiations, why can’t we just have a well rounded game, it’s not cheap year after year, just pay us back with our loyalty and give us a game that’s playable and enjoyable, I have spent first week tweaking sliders and settings just to try and get it playable

  29. Havnt bought fifa in 2 years and decided to buy this one. Worst fifa I have ever played, you can clearly tell the developers have never played the game it is broken to the core making the gameplay horrific to play. Do not buy this game, save your money

  30. Please fix the bug in player career mode that doesn’t count the assist and shots to goals conversion percentage
    I even assists 3 goals and it showed 0 in list of pro
    please fix it ea

  31. Why, after season one, does my manager look completely different while he s in negotiations to buy a player. Even worse, the other manager he s negotiating with is his twin brother. To top it all off they both wear football kits instead of suits.

    My manager feels the need to show up on the sideline in the team’s kit instead of manager clothing. Changing the appearance in the menu doesn’t change that.

    Cmon EA….

  32. In the later seasons of Career Mode, the free agents gets filled with regenerated players (the respawns of retired players.) This is all well and good, but it is EXTREMELY overpowered now. It seems that every other 80+ retired player spawns in the free agent pool. In my save alone there are MULTIPLE free agents valued over £100,000,000.

    That isn’t my issue with this feature, it’s the fact they sit in the free agent pool for so long. There is a player now 87 overall, who in theory is a free agent and is just waiting to be called up. It has been 5 seasons and not a single club has gone in to sign him, I know this because I have him on my shortlist and whenever a team attempts to negotiate with a short listed player I am notified. If the Free Agents could form a team they would’ve won the champions league multiple times.

    I don’t think the quality of the players should be nerfed, if anything, there should be more wonderkid regens. Squads get stale very easily in career mode as league winning side’s average age is closer to 29. However, the fact they’re sitting in the free agent pool for so long is overpowered. Maybe you could add a system like, when you first set up your career mode save, all the free agents of a certain overall get sent to random teams in the game. Even if a 78 overall player gets sent to League 2, or the Irish League, it makes more sense than them having no team at all at such quality.

  33. Please fix the new bags in career mode on the manager appearance at negotiating!!! It’s very annoying and losing the fun of playing this game!

  34. I don’t get why fifa keeps denying people in manager career mode to watch the game in 3d real time instead they give us 2d models and quick sim,….. disappointed

  35. Carrière truitjes uitbreiden het derde shirt van club Brugge , Genk, athletico Madrid,… . De pro laeque uitbreiden met 2 de klasse. Uiterlijk van bekende spelers en coaches kunnen gebruiken met je eigen naam in carrière !! De blokkages oplossen op carrière. Krijg je een penalty is er blokkage oplossen aub. Fut makkelijker goede spelers krijgen want bij het kopen van 100 packs geen enkel goede speler !!!

  36. This is f*** insult to the all soccer players, users, and other game company.

    Servers are getting even worse than ever before and EA still did not give a shit and

    inserted features they cannot even manage themselves and forced match fixing in order to stress their new feature and fucked up in game play.

    Many players are often seeing defenders play like a shithead avoiding the ball, and touching the ball like they are 10 years old girl and leave.

    I already observed more than 10,000 times of defender doing their best to not touch the ball and provide the best chances for opponent from many of forums and my own play.

    Moreover, more and more bugs and cheats are occurring than previous fifa series and many of major issues regarding with cheats, bugs, lagging and awkward game plays.

    If EA does not have any passion and capacity to have appropriate management, please give up all of the rights regarding with professional league license and give opportunity to game producers who have a sense of responsibility and those who think soccer game as a tool to drag money out of sports fans with frauds. Currently, EA does not deserve to collect 1$ from players at all.

  37. I’ve always loved playing career mode and it annoys me when things go wrong with it. Negotiations has gone ape since the last update, Ralph Fiennes and his twin sit there in dodgy kits! And my avatar stands on the touchline in a home kit instead of a suit and tie as I wanted. Attacking and defending both need tweaks. Too many goals from sub standard teams.

    And also, the cup numbers don’t appear when I’m playing cup games and Liverpool still had champions badges after I had won the title previous season.

  38. If the NBA were FIFA this would be a great game. However, teams shouldn’t score every time they go up the pitch. I would much rather play a 2-1 or 1-0 game than a 6-5 or 5-4 game. The defensive gameplay is atrocious to the point where world class defenders look like toddlers as long as the attacker has an 80+ pace rating. AI defenders will literally avoid the ball and will create gaping holes of space that will, you guessed it, lead to goals. Not every game should be a shootout with 10 goals. Please for the love of the game balance this out so I don’t have to buy PES.

  39. Please fix the added time. If it’s 1 minute added on blow the whistle. The game just keeps playing if you or your opponent is attacking even goes over by 3 or 4 minutes. this needs to be resolved.

  40. My screen freezes then speeds up so I get in time with the game but in the game I’m standing still e.g I’m on a 1 on 1 and my screen freezes so I’m stood still in the game and can’t do anything then everything goes fast and I can’t do anything then I’m in time with the game then I’m already tackled or they tackle me when I’m stood still another e.g I get the ball in my box then my screen freezes and I’m stood still then it speeds up so Im I time with the game then they have scored and I can’t do anything about it

  41. i’ve been playing fifa for a long time and i normally love the games but i personally think this fifa is the worst i’ve ever played, it is all about dribbling and passing, and somehow crosses are very difficult and the balls fly to everywhere but not where I want to get it and that is quite difficult if you are a player who plays through the flank and gives crosses, I still hope that something will change in the coming months / next fifa’s because I no longer enjoy myself.

    thank you for reading this make fifa great again

  42. Fifa 21 , PC version is having issue with customization of in game keys. Same set of key for running,shooting and other gameplay works fine in fifa 20 but not working in Fifa 21.
    EA has return policy valid for only 3 days and right now there are no chat or on call support for Fifa 21.Their support team is taking 24-48 hours to respond to queries without any fix. So people facing problem with Fifa gameplay will lose their eligibility to get refund as they are waiting.

    Do not buy Fifa 21 pc version now, until EA ensures the bugs are fixed and having a proper support coverage for the game.

    Dear EA Sports, year after year I buy your Fifa games because I am a die hard football fan (Tottenham) and each year I get extremely frustrated and let down by the lack of new/realistic player faces. Here are some examples of poor Tottenham player faces that already exist: Erik Lamela, Davinson Sanchez, Harry Winks, Harry Kane, Eric Dier, Lucas amours, Dele Alli, Giovani Lo Celso, Heung Min Son. These players all have player faces but they’ve been the same for years! Erik Lamela hasn’t had a Mohawk since 2014! Davinson Sanchez hasn’t had a Mohawk since being at Spurs, Eric Dier has been bald for 2/3 years, Kane & winks have facial hair, Lucas moura has always been bald since being at Spurs, Lo Celso has facial hair, Son has a comb over/Styled hair & Dele has facial hair and his head hair is nothing like real life! If you’re not going to edit and change their facial hair and head hair at least let us do it. & here are some spurs players that despite their recognition in football, still have no player faces: Gedson Fernandes, Japhet Tanganga, Joe Hart, Jack Clarke, Sergio Regulion. Please please EA add player faces to these well recognised, important team players! It takes away so much from the game when the players you’re playing with look absolutely nothing like they do in real life! Thank you

  44. I think Gabriel (Arsenal) deserve a ‘real face’. And some other players too. So far I think Fifa 21’s gameplay is better than Fifa 20 but still struggling to defend. Do not know how to ‘pressing’ with more than one player. When goes to attacking it is hard to call up supports from any other players especially fullback even I change the formation to attacking. They just hold back in most time. Not to forget third kit for Arsenal. Thank you. ✌

  45. I have always played fifa right from the first one.i never play any other football game.This game is the best yet it is awesome however I think gut is crap and the other thing is so crap I can’t even think of it’s name at the moment please get rid of it and concentrate on career mode in the next one. The only thing I have to moan about is the fact that in career mode you select your manager and modify him to how you want him and then in negotiating transfers etc you end up with two Prince William look alikes and now to make things even worse they are now in dodgy football kits with day glo numbers on them!!! For Gods sake sort it out or I for one will God forbid have to start buying pes . And if someone is causing this on purpose I want them got rid of !!!!!!

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