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FIFA 21 Cover

Who should be the main FIFA 21 cover star? Vote for your favourite footballer to be on FIFA 21 cover. Choose a superstar from the voting list below and click Vote to submit your vote.

If your favourite footballer isn’t listed here, drop us a note at our Facebook page or Twitter account so we can add them to the list.

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Who Should be the FIFA 21 Cover Star?

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298 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Cover Vote

  1. Son is a very potential super star. His performance this year is splendid. Wulei is great, and he still needs time. I love De bruyne. Lionel Messi’s performance is astonishing too! He’s the best. And Mane’s is so competitive and astonishing too.

  2. Wu Lei is not the best football player in the world, but he is a hero in the heart of 1.5 billion Chinese! The greatness of this hero is beyond your FIFA’s comprehension. But it’s just a vote. The decision is still in FIFA. If the final candidates are determined according to the statistics of voting, I believe that 1.5 billion Chinese can visit the FIFA website to collapse!!

    1. Wu Lei is the best Chinese football player!He had given up high salaries in China,which most Chinese professional football players often not try to improve the skill in football but to get high salaries! From this action, we support him forever!

  3. ウーレイは最高です
    وو لي هو الأفضل
    Wu Lei est le meilleur
    Wu Lei – лучший
    Wu Lei es el mejor
    Wu Lei is the best!

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