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It’s still far too early to realistically speculate on what FIFA 21 will bring, especially considering we’re awaiting FIFA 20. That said, by the time that FIFA 21 finally does arrive, we will likely be sitting in the next generation of consoles. This raises the question – what might be possible with the technology of this time?

The most obvious example, based on prior experience, is that of improved graphical fidelity. A new generation brings new potential and, while it tends to take a couple of years for developers to properly get a hold of what is possible, the immediate extra overhead means that even early titles will benefit from a new standard in visuals.

More importantly, the increased processing power opens up the possibility for better physical simulations. FIFA already has the best physics in football gaming and has made great strides in developing these systems to the top tier of what sports gaming can offer. This, despite the fact that, in modern terms, the GPUs of the current generation of consoles are somewhat lacking. Open these up to more than five years of improvement and who knows just how realistic these next incarnations could be.

Other hopes for the next entries in the series are born from the improving infrastructure and involvement which fans from all walks of life have seen with football as a whole. Greater interest in football means that EA will inevitably seek new avenues of engagement, as we have already seen with related industries.

“《FIFA 19》將有生存模式 每進�” (Public Domain) by steamXO

In terms of what form this could take for FIFA, there are a couple of recently opened avenues which remain untapped and highly desirable for fans. The first is the promise held by cloud gaming. In effect, this would stream gameplay via the internet to any device with a solid connection, which is easier than ever with new 5G technology. This means that players could enjoy a console-like experience anywhere, even with a device like a mobile phone.

The second avenue is the recently opened cross-platform viability. While this concept has existed for some time, it is only recently that Sony has finally gotten on board in a major way. This means players over all consoles could soon game together, leading to a wider community with which to compete, and a healthier overall online life-cycle.

Who knows, we might even see a level of VR integration into the FIFA series, the baseline of which has already been prototyped. Controlling players from the sideline or the stands might not be the best or easiest way to play, but we’d be sure to give it a go on interest alone.

So, what do you hope to see from FIFA after the 20th entry?

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11 thoughts on “FIFA 21 and Beyond

  1. messi-96
    lautaro martinez-88

  2. Voices on mangers and created players for 1. Should have to start at a lower league club and earn the opportunity to mange bigger clubs

  3. First all FIFA 20 was a f*** disaster ir sucked so bad that I had to return the following day ended getting PES 20 that’s how bad your product sucked. Second getting more leagues involved because it’s the same thing as previous FIFA games, one last thing get more national teams, I was shocked to find out that Saudi Arabia wasn’t in fifa 20.

    Don’t f*** it up!!! Or else pes is gonna win next year.

  4. Mode carriere suggestions :
    – plusieurs ligues supplementaires (ligue ukraine, ligue croatie, ligue bulgarie, ligue serbie, ligue hongroise…)
    – plus equipes dans reste du monde (apoel nicosie, maccabi haifa, dniepro, dinamo minsk…)
    – Staff medical sur terrain
    – Commentateurs bord de terrain (comme premier league) pour les autres pays
    – Entraineur mobile sur d autres (ex. Zidane au Bayern ou Ancelotti a Manchester U)
    – Equipes de legende (ex. France 82, Bresil 70, Argentine 78…)
    – Choisir ses sponsors
    – Plus de stades mythiques (ex. Maracana Bresil…)
    – Coupe du monde des clubs

  5. Firstly, kudos to EA for adding Fifa Street which I personally think is a better game mode than The Journey.

    For Fifa 21, has to be offline career mode for me; Overhauling the Youth Academy and Scouting.
    This is an update as big as the addition of Volta if you think about the logic that will go into generating youth players not only for the team one is actively managing but also every team available in career mode.
    1. First iteration can be a “youth squad” which competes against squads of other teams.
    2. Later updates can add features like:
    2.a More divisions; U23, U18, and U15 squads.
    2.b Sending and receiving transfer offers and swap offers from youth players in other teams.
    2.c Top clubs having higher quality and quantity of promising players.
    2.d Sending youth scouts to every country that has a national team in the game; future updates can extend to every country represented in the game via a player.

    1. Le prossime Icone che vorremo sono Gerd Muller Ferenc Puskas Batistuta Cafu Romario Zico Francesco Totti Costacurta Boban Platini Thuram Jaap Stam Philip Cocu Recoba Robson

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