FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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664 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Wishlist

  1. FIFA should add more exciting commentators like Peter Drury and Jim Beglin, league commentators and seriously serious, they should add them because it is annoying to a commentator in classic and career mode. FIFA should also receive rights to camp nuo, all series stages including scores and also all asses connect and connect 1stadiums.add dynamic time as in feet, make career mode more interesting and add features in career mode which include training with players interacting with pieces giving them tactical information, adding rash of premier league goal and on notification screen in career mode before launching they should add a feature of players getting from the bus and going to warm up. They should also change the type of game

    1. Ojalá y ya pongan las caras reales de la liga MX aunque sea de algunos clubes y quiten eso de cuando diriges un club de la liga MX,japonesa,coreana,etc y quieres comprar un jugador de otras ligas por ejemplo MLS,la liga BBVA, Argentina,premier, etc te diga este jugador no está dispuesto a mudarse

  2. FIFA should add more exciting commentators like Peter Drury and Jim beglin from pes ,the commentators from la liga and seria serious they should add them because it’s boring to here one commentator in classic match and career mode.Fifa should also get rights to the camp nuo ,all stadium in seria including seria scoreboards and also all bundas liga and ligue 1stadiums.add dynamic weather like in pes ,make career mode more interesting and add features in career mode that include going to training with players , interacting with plays giving them tatical information mation ,adding premier league goal rash and on the notification screen in career mode before kick off they should add a feature of players getting of the bus and going for warm up .They should also change type of game play .

  3. When an update comes out continue the career mode where u left off, resetting the career mode every time when updates comes out its too ridiculous. Please EA!

  4. Hi,

    I’d like to see become a Referee Mode where you can start as a referee In any position working your way up from the second or first division to the champions league and World Cup finals. In the game you could either call fouls and offside as a lines men, or referee the game as a normal referee, giving out cards, and blowing for fouls.

    Additionally I’d like to be able to do more in Be a pro mode , more in the sense of negotiating your own contract, FINALLY allowing players to stay at a club for a desired number of years instead of FOREVER. In manager mode I’d like to see more options for interaction with players. Ex: if a players acts inappropriately you could fine and or suspend, additionally adding more skins would help, and being able to request and enlargement of the stadium
    Other things —
    *Newer atmosphere
    *Owner mode= work as an owner hiring or fireing mangers talking to playersfixing up or expanding the stadium.
    * more drama b/w players in tough situations
    * please a number of different comantators 5 or 6, who change in b/w matches NOT just by competition. It just gets boring having the same comantatores game after game. Not Sturt Holding or Steven Nash they are not comantators just men who seem to talk with no main idea.
    * Scan the referees

    I know not all my wishes wont be meet but REFEREE mode, and different interactions as well as negotiating your own contract in be a pro mode would be my true wants, anything else would be extra and happily appraised. thank you.

  5. Add new teams to FIFA 20
    1-Red Star Beograde          ( Serbia)
    2-Maribor                            ( Slovenian)
    3-Johor Darul Ta´zim.       ( Malaysia)
    4-Slovan Bratislava           ( Slovakia )
    5-Partizan Beograde.        ( Serbia )
    6-Steaua Bucurest             ( Romania )
    7-Ludogorets Razgrad.     ( Bulgaria )
    8-CSKA Sofia.                     ( Bulgaria)
    9-Levski Sofia.                    (Bulgaria)
    10-Hajduk Split.                  ( Croatia )
    11-Ferencvaros FC           ( Hungarian)
    12-BATE Borisov.              ( Belarus)
    13-Zenit Petersburg          ( Russia )
    14-Apoel Fc.                        ( Greece)
    15-Fc Astana                      ( Kazakhstan )
    16-Persipura.                      ( Indonesia)
    17-Krasnodar.                     ( Russia )
    18-Spartak Trnava             ( Slovakia )

  6. Hi,

    In Career Mode like to see sponsor offer which we can choose, stadium, medical health, Training Facilities and other facilities construction, budget demand by Manager, increasing fan base based on performance, all this would be nice edition and look more lively to play Career mode, Specially level of facilities give points for players and income for club.

    Transfer negotiation make it difficult and more lively like they really talk rathen subtitle at the screen.

    EA sport should invest in this career mode, if its really good, alot ppl will play.

  7. There should be African Leagues. that there will be CAF Champions league….even if it’s not possible to put them all ( African leagues) there should be atleast 5…..especially Absa premier league (Psl ) must be there ….please

  8. Introduce Individual Man-Marking, Zonal Marking & “Zonal Awareness” as New Features For Defense!

    Ever Seen your CMs Milling about!!! Not marking, Not Cutting off passing Lanes,
    Just Sitting THERE!!! This is how Zonal Awareness Comes In!

    Before the game begins, in Team Management allow Managers to implement:

    1- Man-Marking: Specify who will man-mark who e.g. Kimpembe(PSG) man-marks Messi(FC Barcelona)
    2- Zonal Marking: Specify 2 or more players to Mark a Zone around a Specified opposition player
    e.g. Ever seen in a real match how several players surround a Key Play-Maker to Frustrate Everything he does??? Same thing Here! 😀
    3- Zonal Awareness: Specify Areas of increasing importance to specified players
    e.g. To CMs when Opposition are at half way point to Aggressively Cut Off Passing Lanes,
    when opposition reach close to the Penalty Box to Prioritize Aggressively Body Blocking Long Shots!

    In Order to do Zonal Marking you Must:

    1- Specify who you are marking!
    2- You Must Choose 2 or more of your players to mark that area
    3- Should your players be Aggressive to get the ball, or Contain & Intercept anything he does?
    You Choose!
    4- Where Your players should let him go e.g. Opposition’s Half

    Just Ideas! 😉

  9. please add all confederations afc conmebol concacaf uefa afc caf ,, clubs competitions ,, champions league anf world clubs championship

  10. Make press conference like reality and when saying you can choose options like in Alex hunter and make a story mode of Kylian Mbappè

  11. 1-Seleções Nacionais- Devemos ter em conta que sendo o mundial a maior competição do mundo,todas as seleções que nela participão deviam estar incluidas no FIFA20.
    2-UEFA Competições- Mundial de Clubes a única competição capaz de reunir cada uma equipa de continente, Já com a UEFA incluida com Champions League, Euro League, UEFA Supercup, está em falta o Mundial de Clubes, que é uma das competições que qualquer jogador ostaria de participar
    3-Modo Carreira Jogador- Sendo no FIFA19, A Última temporada de Alex Hunter No Fifa, o que nem deveria ser, é impossível um jogador terminar a Carreira aos 20 anos, mas enfim, Gostaria muito que Modo História passa-se para a Carreira de Jogador, e também adicionar um novo tipo de câmara- em primeira pessoa, assim deixando ainda mais real o modo de jogo.
    4-Modo Carreira Treinador- Ñ conseguindo nos impressionar com a mudança temática dependendo da competição, Pórem, gostaria de sugerir um tema para vcs, Apenas visitem este Perfil no Twitter @dumidrexel ele tem uma grande criatividade
    Com as minhas opiniões espero que possam levar em conta, e que este argumento se transforme em realidade, com tudo que estiver ao vosso alcançe. OBRIGADO

  12. Please include an all team practice mode. I believe this mode will help players improve on teamplay.

    Please include in-game”Coach instructions” in which users are instructed by their coaches to change positions or styles bases on opponents gameplay. This option can be turned off or on and can be made more interactive by adding scenes where coaches are verbally instructing you.


  14. 1. Updated chants for all the top tier teams even if some include swearing.
    2 . Classic kits on single player
    3. A more in-depth create-player (new hairstyles more physiques and facial features such as fuller beards.
    4. Classic versions of top flight teams with classic players in kick off mode or maybe even a new game mode that simulates a 60’s or 70’s match like when you play as alex hunters dad but with real players and stadiums.

  15. For my opinion in career mode. We should make manager & player career like GTA. Where we can explore everything and do anything in a real life of a footballer. Id hope that it can be considerate. So that it would make the game more intresting.

  16. How about putting in a stamina penalty for players who constantly do overpowered skills to get cheap goals so that if you do use skills you get the reward of beating a defender but at a cost

  17. let all players should be free in fifa 20 ULTIMATE TEAM AND In career mode don’t put the signing up amount of money high, put it much low.

  18. when ronaldo does his sii celebration, the crowd will say sii as well and everything will be exactly realistic

  19. I’m all for career mode

    it’s way too easy been a manager on Career mode…
    1. the board should be very strict

    2. we should be offered contracts as managers depending on how good or bad we perform..that will put more pressure on us

    3. A manager can’t be at the same team season in season out…..managers should switch teams when performing bad

    4. sponsors

    5. improved transfer system

    6. big teams should be more competitive in there respective leagues….how does man city finish #7….it should be almost impossible to beat teams like city

    7. more improvement to the champions League….it somehow feels the same as fifa 18 champions cup

  20. I dont even play online so my ideas are for the offline fifa game;
    1- FIFA like NBA 2k should add legendary teams to kick off, for example 2k has a section were you could choose to be the Micheal Jordan Bulls team; the should add teams like 2006 Liverpool,
    Or the legendary AC Milan, or CR7 man united, …

    2- in career mode (manager) make the part were you apply for a job to a new team and the negotiations more real and more exciting

    3- in career mode the young progress too quickly and the old players as soon as they become 32-33 they start getting worse really fast; FIFA should fix this

    4- Team creation is nice (especially for career mode), but just being able to change your team sponsor, and changing kit design for different seasons should be added

    5- they should add the World XI and Fifa XI team again in offline kick off mode

  21. Add 5 different Characters for the Journey option to choose from also Mexican Liga de Ascenso, J-league also the Copa Libertadores …
    Realistic Crowd with Chants and also all Leagues Licensed.

  22. I would like to add 4 things to FIFA 20:

    1.- A mode in career mode which allows you to activate icons from FUT, with 3 different modalities, Future stars, Icons, Legends, each one of them allows you to have the icon players in your career mode on the age they had depending to the modality.

    2.-To fully license 3 of the most important leagues in America, (skipping MLS because it might be already licensed) which are the Argentinian league, the Mexican league and the Brazilian league.

    3.-To include online career modes, in which you can create a hole web of leagues in which players can join and pick a team, and if they want someone from another team if it has an owner to trade with him and not the computer.

    4.-To add the Copa Libertadores into the game with the real trophy and the anthem, the soccer ball and all that comes with it.

  23. 1.Turkish announcer
    2. Team shirt creation, shirt sponsor, sleave sponsor and color editing
    3. Create your own soccer balls
    4. Become the Referee
    5. Change Club / National Managers
    6. Create a mascot
    7. Financial Fair in Career Mode
    8. Receive a transfer ban
    9. FFP infringement and sanctions to punish players
    10. Create your own boots
    11.Technical man mode
    12.The referee and coach
    13. Improved penalty and free kick accuracy and controls
    14. Improved Goalkeeper ability and reflexes
    15. atmosphere change
    16. Officially-Licensed Referees
    17. 3D Matches
    18. Sky Sports News
    19. Live broadcast matches
    20. World Club Championship Officially Licensed
    21. more powerful strikers and goalkeepers
    22. 1vs1 goals not to eat
    23. 3vs1 goal scoring
    24. 3vs1 man not working
    25. hard shots
    26. Hard middle and rusts
    27. The arrival of a doctor to the injured player
    28. changing theme
    29. hit rate of intermediate pass
    30. Tureng – video assistant referee
    31. incorrect arbitral awards
    32. Buying a Football Club
    33. stadium construction
    34. live match tracking
    35. tracking the scored goals
    The goalkeeper of the 36th year
    37. more actual graphics
    38. disability when the ball comes in the face
    39. breaking the nose
    40. more detailed audience
    41. Edit player hair styles
    42. new goalkeeper features, remote smash capture rate, ball eject rate, non-goal rate, success rate, how many meters
    43. maximum distance that players can jump
    44 km of km speed
    45. percentage of pass success
    46. ​​1v1 player passing feature
    47. 3vs1 player switching feature
    48. remote shooting speed
    49. percentage of pass success
    50. scavenging features
    51. hard smash feature
    52. characteristics that change the score
    53. new player features (star, super star, legend)
    54. players have a star color
    55. have dangerous features such as stars
    56. best players have different color names
    57. get red and green color in dangerous players
    58. live match on the match
    59. watch summary of the match
    60. more real double referees

  24. in career mode mangers should be switching teams…..example if Guardiola goes to juve the team should adapt to his style of football….

  25. Fifa, NOT all of us like playing Ultimate Team!! A more in depth Manager Mode like NBA 2K19 please!..Idea!! can 2K please make the next fifa game??

  26. Estádios Para Todas As Equipas Das Competições Europeias E Um Estádio Para Cada Seleção Nacional:
    De Preferência
    Polónia – PGE Narodowy
    França – Stade De France
    Croácia – Stadion Maksimir
    Holanda – De Kuip
    Portugal – Estádio Da Luz
    Bélgica – Estádio Rei Balduíno
    E mais

  27. In FIFA 20 things we need are!!. National teams Europe are Bosnia, Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands, Cyprus, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Armenia. African teams are Nigeria, Cape Verde Islands, Angola, Morocco, Central African Repulic, Kenya, Algeria, Ghana. Asian teams we need are Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Syria, Lebanon, Thailand, Oman, Tajikistan, Japan, Korea Republic, North Korea. North American teams are Jamaica, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala. Oceana teams are New Caledonia & Fiji. Women’s national teams are Denmark, Croatia, Scotland, Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Japan, Thailand, Switzerland, Romania, Hungary, Korea. Leagues we need are NASL, USL for the Lamar Hunt Open Cup, Greek Super League, cyporait First Division, Korean league & K Classic League, J-League 2, Mexican 2nd division, Peruvian League, Belarus League, Bolgarian League!!. Women’s leagues we need with fully licensed stadiums are the NWSL, English League, Dutch League, French League, German League, Italian League!!. But please put it all this add more women’s national teams & add the NWSL & English League the NASL so I can play as NCFC!!.

  28. Pls guys try to help us on dropping in pro club.. it’s the only place u can see a goal keeper be offside and players plays any how they want. I think the best thing is to give us an opportunity to vote to kick out the player.. so I mean one option that says vote to remove so if all the players vote to remove them he will be automatically removed from the game. I am sure on that time people will play good so evryone can enjoy the game. No one will play any how he wants because of just knowing that if u play like an idiot they can vote to kick you out. Only that time someone can enjoy playing pro club dropping. And I am playing a game Tom Clancy the division it’s exactly the same all 4 players can vote to remove someone but all have to vote. And pls on career mode if you do a new formation you save it then you leave to start the game. The CPU will change evrything left back becomes cdm. Striker becomes cam. Thanks

  29. Get rid of eye-sore stadia or the midday games during which the sun glare is a real nightmare. Some certain players chose a half bright/ half dark stadium to gain unfair advantages against their opponents. Hate that.

  30. Show player data if he is on loan so you can see if he is playing and where… currently that’s only possible to see if the player is in the same league.

    Clubs with generic stadiums to be able to expand and eventually build a new stadium.If you earn enough and keep filling stands out that is.

    More Nations to manage,way more…

    Offering players to certain clubs for loan (able to choose club)

    1. A mi me gustaría que pusieran a todos los jugadores como Xavi Hernandez, Gabi Fernandez, Wesley Sneijder, Medhi Benatia, etc. Jugadores que juegan en ligas que aun no están licenciadas, que los pusieran en Agentes Libres o un modo para poder ficharlos. O tambien que hicieran un equipo como él Classic pero con jugadores del 2000’s como Dida, Cafu, Maldini, Cannavaro, Roberto Carlos, Xavi, Puyol, Beckham, Giggs, zanetti, lahm, drogba, eto’o, henry, scholes, figo,zidane, ronaldinho,ronaldo, etc

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