FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 20 and FUT 20 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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  1. There are quite a few things I’d like to see in fifa 20 like more football grounds like rangers or celtics ground which we have never seen before also like to see the conference league where u can get promoted into the football league also better choices of also see the players warming up before the game also music playing before the players come onto the pitch goalkeeper having shot practise before the game also all teams having a third to see physio’s coming onto pitch when players get injured also goalkeepers dropping the ball from corners players pushing and shoving each over after a bad tackle team fans songs also wind blowing in games crunching tackles that’s what I’d like to see in fifa 20

    1. Let the goalkeepers come up with new features such as star super star. The better, the harder it is to score a goal. Do not miss the goal in the distance. one – to – one ball.

  2. In career mode either gm or player career. In gm mode i think u should be to upgrade or re-build or build a new stadium. Player career mode should be more fun but is not given much attention i find playing it dry as a desert no life and the transfer algorythm has been the same since fifa 14 bayern and psg pretty much buys everyone and rinse and repeat.
    Be a to customize a created player body size light buffness built or built like a body builder and different tone of skin color and be able to have tattoes

    1. referee performance, referee card showing the statistic, referee mode, audience mode, season history, entering the stadium, non-audience game, ticket price adjustment, 3 to 1 man pass feature, remote firing frequency, advanced artificial intelligence season performance, collected balls, renewed seasonal goals, the atmosphere of the game, the effect of the game, the appearance of the locker room, the wrong decisions of the referee, snow mode, coach performance, bad weather,

  3. 1 . Chinese Super League
    2. Edit your teams shirts to your liking e.g kit manufacturer , shirt sponsor , sleave sponsor and colour
    3. Be a Ref
    4. Be a Linesman
    5. Change Club / National Managers
    6. Create a Mascot
    7.Financial Fair Play in Career Mode
    8. Chelsea to have transfer ban
    9.Impose sanctions for FFP breach and tapping up players
    10. Edit players hair styles
    11. Create your own footballs
    12. Create your own boots
    13. Improved penalty and free kick accuracy and controls
    14. Improved Goalkeeper ability and reflexes
    15. New International teams Venezuela , Iran , Iraq , Malta , Isreal , Azerbaijan , Pakistan , West Indies , Bangledesh , Syria , North Korea , Uzbeckistan , Tajikistan , Panama , Cyprus , Greece
    16. Officially Licensed Referees
    17. 3D Matches
    18. Sky Sports News
    19. Live streaming matches
    20. World Club Championship Officially Licensed

  4. Its about time Career Mode allowed you to use real club managers instead of choosing from the same group of fake faces of people who dont exist. If you can have real manager avatars in other modes, why not in Career mode???

    Dynamic weather!

  5. I’d like the ability to offer players to teams on loan. So if I’d like to send a young star out to a lower league side I can instead of putting him on Loan and only large teams make loan offers for him.

    Bring back the Brazilian license. There are so many young stars in the Brazilian league. Get the license back!!

    Actually put some effort into other leagues in manager mode. Not just the EPL and LA LIGA. Serie a gets fucked over every year unless it’s juventus.

  6. 1. Faster gameplay
    2. The great player like Messi,Ronaldo,Dembele,mbappe are to slow on fifa 19 fix that please
    3. Is to easy to score goals
    4.the goalkeepers dont save as much as fifa 18
    6. Make the midfielder more important like Arthur, Modric,Kroos,Busquets, verratti
    7. Defending needs to be fixed

  7. I would like to see a lot of things changed on new Fifa 20 including for The Champions League put Darren Fletcher and Steve McManaman on the commentary not Derek Rae and Lee Dixon also remove Alan Smith for Gary Neville, include 5 aside matches with Legend Players, Women’s Super League and Championship and put The New Saints into the Rest of the World also please I’d like to see The National League

  8. I think there are a few things we can all agree on:

    1) CONCACAF Champions League – Every other continent/football federation has some semblance of a champions league/continental competition in FIFA 19 EXCEPT for CONCACAF/North America –

    a) UEFA – Champions League / Europa League

    b) AFC (Asia) – Asian Champions Cup – 16 teams, 4 groups

    c) CONMEBOL – Copa LatAm – 16 teams, 4 groups

    It is puzzling why even a basic CONCACAF Champions League of, say, 8 clubs, split into 2 groups could not have been put together and called the North American Champions Cup. This needs to be added to FIFA 20.

    2) Players who are from a particular country should be harder to lure away from their home country, or easier to lure back if they are playing on foreign soil. For example, Sergio Ramos is Spanish and plays for Real Madrid. It should be hard for a team like Manchester United in England, or Bayern Munich in Germany, to lure him away from his home soil, playing for arguably the best club in the world in La Liga. The same should apply to any player from a particular country: returning to their country should be something that they generally want to do, and if you are trying to obtain a transfer of that player to another country, it should be more difficult to entice that player to leave.

    3) I would love to see some kind of feature where a club has to fight for a sponsor to be put on their kits. Obviously, the bigger clubs have their pick of who they want, but a smaller club should perhaps have to go shopping for a deal with a sponsor to put on their kits.

    4) Some kind of feature where you have to actually work to generate revenue for the club, especially based upon how large the market is for that club. For example, a smaller club will likely charge lower ticket prices, whereas a club like Manchester United will charge more. Ticket prices, concessions, and merchandise all need to be something that the player has more control over in Career Mode, in terms of adjusting the price, in addition to actually playing the soccer portion of Manager Mode, and their should be some kind of fan response to higher prices and lower prices (i.e., fans start going to games with lower ticket prices or better team performance, and don’t come as much when the team is performing poorly or the ticket prices are too high). Obviously, bringing in a high-caliber player should increase ticket sales as well. These all have to be factored in IMHO.

    5) Promotion/Relegation – If a club is relegated to the next tier of a particular country, just like real life, there are consequences to your club’s fortunes of retaining its best players. Thus, if your club suffers relegation from the Premier League to the English Championship, your best players should inbox you a message indicating that they are exercising a relegation clause in their contracts to opt-out and go play somewhere else, either on a transfer or a loan, and if on a loan, that they will consider returning if your club makes it back to the Premier League the following year.

    6) In signing players, clubs should also have to account for agent fees in contracts. This could just be one additional feature in signing a player, and depending on the agent’s reputation, that should determine how much of a fee he or she is asking for, and whether or not they will accept less, particularly based upon the caliber of player you are attempting to sign.

    7) Finally, can we at least get more real-life stadiums in the game? I understand it’s hard to develop that and create it, but more MLS clubs should have their real-life stadiums, as well as more Italian Serie A clubs, French Ligue 1 Conforama clubs, and the Bundesliga clubs.

  9. 1. Footballers to be more realistic e.g. pointing to other players to mark up, getting angry at the ref.

    2. Dynamic weather – it rains halfway through a match, then players struggle to stand up or slip when they take a free kick etc.

    3. Better match presentation e.g. choice of commentators, a half-time discussion

    4. post match interview in career mode similar to alex hunter interview style

    5. footballers to interact with crowd e.g. when youre a goal down and the ball goes out for a corner, the player taking the corner gestures o the crowd to make noise.

    6. genuine mascots e.g. filbert the fox for Leicester etc.

    7. genuine stadium music e.g. post-horn gallop when Leicester emerge from the tunnel

    8. presentation – if the game is on BT sport or sky sport or nbcsn or bein sport, the presentation is slightly different, this could be integrated in to the game especially with a choice of commentators and pundits

    9. more realistic crowd – does every supporter really wear the same shirt? what about a fat man eating a pie? or topless supporters singing ‘youre crap and you know you are…’ etc.

    10. camera to be more like a tv presentation e.g. when you take a throw you are behind the thrower etc.

    11. general gameplay overhaul including changes in the way that footballers recognise danger, ways that footballers pass and move, improvement in the fact that genuinely, regardless of footballer passing accuracy and consistency can vary – the gamer needs more control of passing.

    12. more realistic faces and likenesses for players who are new to premier league

    13. things that fifa could develop in a lot more are the ways that players actually move, to understand what I mean by this just watch a real match and then watch what you play like in Fifa – players don’t drop their shoulder or put on a burst of energy/pace in the same way they do in reality.

  10. The player need to come out of bus. And for the champions league they should add the Heineken halftime and show the commenters people to talk ab the game on halftime like 2k those do it more better and add ambulances please when the players got hurt they need to show they came to get him off the field and show the players get more hungry to the other players and to the ref make real like real soccer

  11. Fifa 20. Add replay centers for the challenger. They need to make the fans looking real in the game and the celebrations. Make the game real the and players and communications

  12. the journey maybe you should make it were you can have more control of the journey and he should be in his national team i think the journey is the best part about fifa and maybe make it were there are Nike boots and you should do Alex hunter childhood and make it were he can get the balon dor and make it were you can control more of the game make it were he has different sponsors

    more of the journey and maybe make it were you can control more of it make it were you can interact with more people make it were you can play for his national team and make it ere he can get the balon dor and stuff like that

    1. A new Character for the journey perhaps, with a better story, less cheesy or cringy. I didnt finish it on FIFA 19, it bored me to death.

  13. FIFA 20

    1. Commentary Additions
    English: Ray Hudson
    Spanish : Enrique Bermudez
    2. Customization
    Add Vintage Boots/Cleats.
    Add More GK Gloves.
    3. Winning Tournament/Championship
    Add Stars to/around crest.
    Add Champion Badges.
    Improve team celebration after winning.
    4. Pre-Game
    Add Children “Mascots”.
    Add “Stadium” Jackets.
    5. Players
    Update/Add more Player Face Scans.
    6. Extras
    Add Sound Effects during match like back in FIFA 08/09.
    Add more celebrations.

  14. Career mode:
    1. Chairmen giving you a list of transfer targets in your shortlist to be signed instantly without you negotiating at all
    2. Chairmen suggesting to sign player x to boost revenue from country x
    3. Edit players age
    4. Players from same country hugging each other before K.O
    5. Allowed to play with legend players in career mode
    5. VAR technology – if through on call (offside) don’t stop play unless opposition players protest/ ref wants to confirm if player was offside
    6. Crowd chanting players name
    7. Crowd throwing bottles, money etc
    8. Fan/s invasion on pitch
    9. Better intersection needed when talking to players, interview or critising opposition managers/players
    10. Realistic rivalry needed – top teams constantly complaining or playing mind games

  15. Agregar Liga Mayor De Futbol Salvadoreño, Tambien La Segunda Y Tercera División del futbol Salvadoreño
    Agregar A la Selección de Futbol Salvadoreño
    Agregar A las Selecciones De Futbol De Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica Y Panamá
    Agregar la Liga Peruana De Futbol, Y La liga Panameña de Futbol.
    Agregar La Ligas De Futbol De Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica y El Salvador, Tanto Las De Primera División, Segunda y Tercera División
    Tambien agregar el Estadio Nacional Jorge El Magico Gonzalez, El Estadio Cuscatlan, el Nacional DeCosta Rica, el Estadio Nacional De Guatemala, el Nacional de Honduras, El Olympic Stadium De San Pedro Sula, Etc.

  16. 1. Players coming out of bus for a match
    2. Players holding hands of the kids when coming to the pitch
    3. Tunnel scence when players are coming to pitch after half time

  17. 1. Sii mask Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal celebration
    2. Street football mode
    3. VAR system
    4. Kid football teams
    5. The Journey continues and Alex Hunter was a coach of the youth football team and he was have a son who become the footballer. First he plays for one of the EFL Championship teams then he goes to one of the Premier League teams.
    Danny Williams receives an offer from Real Madrid or Juventus and continues his career.
    Kim Hunter getting injury and ends her career.

  18. 1. Wish more different brand of Keeper gloves.
    2. Can be choose Home/Away kits separate, e.g. Home shirts and Away shorts. This things made by PES a lot of years ago (forgot how long ago)

  19. FIFA 20

    1. 1 min silence on field
    2. polesoccer in a room
    3. Play soccer on a basketball field or a
    hockeyfield of the moon
    4. Frank Kramer , Albert Manting , Anouk Hoogendijk
    for voice over in a soccer match
    5. My voice in a soccer match in Fifa 20
    6. Counting down 5-4-3-2-1-0 than starts the mach
    7. When Fifa 20 intro starts i want to see beauty goals
    of all time
    8. Football lessons videos of Ronaldo and Messi

  20. please, return of the league brasillian; and put of leagues ecuatorian, 2nd ligue of mexico, the league uruguay ot the honduras

  21. Hello, I would love to have an option to design a new kit every season for your team, and for the rest have a “kit generator” that generates random kits every season for every team using the traditional colors of each club. Also have this feature as an option, just in case the user would like to have this disabled. This would add a great deal of realism to the game. After 4 seasons in the same team, after moving divisions and winning champions league, your badges change, (Think of a long process with a football league 1 or 2, Doncaster Rovers in my case) but your kit never does.

    Also, for situations like these I would love to see a stadium creator where you can build a new stadium in exchange for club’s money. Think again of my previous example, Doncaster climbs out of league 1, to the premier, wins it, wins the champions league in successive years. It would be reasonable to asume that they would look to build a stadium greater than an 18,000 capacity ground.

    Finally, not as important, have the possibility of adding a star to your team crest in case you win the champions league or, if you win your league in North America.

    Thank you.

  22. Por favor, ponham Libertadores (licenciada), mundial de clubes(nem que seja só o vencedor da Libertadores contra o da Champions), brasileirão com o nome dos caras(cansei de ver aqueles nomes de remédio nos clubes brasileiros) e mudanças no modo carreira,tipo: de uma em uma temporada um clube nos chamar, podermos fechar contrato com um patrocinador, o clube ter um CT onde mostrem os atletas se preparando para jogar e etc. Por favor mudem todas essas coisas. Obrigado.

    Automatically Translated:
    Please put Libertadores (licensed), world-wide club (even if it’s only the winner of the Libertadores against the Champions League), Brazilian with the names of the guys (I’m tired of seeing those names in Brazilian clubs) and changes in career mode , type: one in a season a club call us, we can contract contract with a sponsor, the club have a CT where they show the athletes getting ready to play and etc. Please change all these things. Thank you.

  23. Add AFF suzuki Cup, Malaysian League, Thai League, Vietnamese League , Indonesian League & Other Asian League & Add The All Asian & Asean Coutries

  24. 1/ So disapointed to ear Pierre Menes and Hervé Matthoux for the french version of FIFA 19….
    Here, nobody ears a football game with those two, that’s just not happening…

    It would be good to ask the most listened radio show : RMC’s famous voice Jean Rességuié :

    You can add with him one one the other member of the “TEAM DUGA”, mainly listened in France.
    Or, if you want to add a special and fun voice : Omar Da Fonseca ^^

    Another good thing about that topic would be to add a voice comment DLC section.
    That would be a better understanding of what the audience wants and still making profits…

    2/ Add more famous and old players. Boli, Zidane, Cruyff, etc…. And choose 5 historic clubs to each european country and add its legendary team !!! that would be AWESOME !!!!

    3/ THE STADIUMS !!!!! It’s just not possible to keep those false stadiums and names, to let few png’s in the back, no stadium life and madness….
    – Implement the modelization of all the TOP 10 stadiums from all over Europe’s top leagues
    – Create a leaving stadium, not this static BS that goes on since the creation of the game ! Create pyrotechnics during the game, add more fan songs (ask the ultras for 5 songs), dance moves from the public, reactions to missed passes or goals…. Anger when there’s a derby ! Make those PNGs alive and responsive !
    – Please name correctly all stadiums for the top european football leagues

    4/ Improve weather conditions and its effect on the grass, the players, the audience, etc…

    5/ For Christ sake ! Bring back the violent tackle from Fifa 99 !!! XD So desperate to see that feature back to celebrate good old red cards 😉

  25. Create a club
    More youth academy scouts to be able to scout any country in the world
    To be able to have/ use icons in career mode without the cheat engine
    Stadium upgrades
    Woman’s league
    To be able to change player positions
    To be able to share career modes with other players including youtubers

    Goal of the month
    Goal of the season
    Team of the month
    Woman’s league
    More youth academy scouts
    To be able to use/have icons in career mode without the cheat engine

  26. I just want to ask an Icon Puskás!! He was a Real Madrid legend! We need to play with him! Every Hungarian, and Madrid supporters wish it!

  27. And another one for career mode is primary position setting/changing/updating. This could be done at anytime or during contract renewal.

    Or alternatively it could be handled dynamically, so a players primary position is based upon which position they have the highest OVR for.

    An example is Ryan Sessegnon at Fulham. If you want to use him as he should be used, as an LW and train him for that role, you miss out on developing his OVR and as a result his value, because he counts as an LB so to increase OVR and Value, you’d need to train his defensive FB stats.

    It’s even worse when you start bringing through youth players and you have one that has all the stats and attributes to make an amazing LW and hes down as an RB!!

    Let us change primary positions in game and have the OVR adjust to reflect the change!

  28. FIFA 20. Career mode.

    Choose your own Sponsor and make a contract.

    Choose new clothes kit.

    Build New stadium, Exspand Stadium, design it

    Youth Academy. Youth player in the Academy Should have a youth contract and stil be able too play in a youth team and not only first team.

    Make youth team U15, U16, U17, U18 Something like that. Maybe also reserve team in the club, Its more real.

    BUILD youth Academy School worldwide.

    More detailed training.

    The real stadium in lower League example england.

    ID LIKE lower League too play in england than League 2.

    Sell Mergendice of different type.

    I Think there Will be more too play fifa if you can have all those features in the manager career mode more fun more real. And i Think more people who play manager football Will play FIFA.

    Thank you Thats all Hope too See the most of it in the New Fifa 20. Og later til come.

  29. please add more cups : afc champion league ofc champion league caf champion league concacaf champion league
    conmebol libertadores cup , nations league europe, eurocup , gold cup and copa america conmebol, more nations teams from europe left around 27 , add more europe leagues left around 13 leagues and add more leagues from tother confederations . afc , caf , ofc , conmebol , concacaf , and uefa, any league from africa nowadays pls add one league from africa egypt or morroco minimun!

  30. In Fifa add the goalkeeper move the scorpion kick!!. Add the NWSL, English women’s league, women’s Bundes League, USL more MLS stadiums, Dutch Erste Divisie & more women’s national teams!!.

  31. People play fifa are not totally about playing a match. Please improve career mode for both manager career and player. Maybe can put a lot of cutscenes or storylines.

  32. Stadium Upgrades and Rebuilds. It sucks to spend 10 seasons getting Barnet into the Champions League, and host a club like Barcelona at what looks like a local council park ground. Especially when I’ve accumulated hundreds of millions of £s in player sales that could be used to fund a stadium upgrade or rebuild.

    Reserve team where you can get reserve and academy players some game time. With the choice to play yourself or simulate and get a post match report.

    Improve player search function, to include OVR, if the OVR is public and known, why can’t I search for it. Its hardly game-breaking to search for good players, that you already know are good. Why cant i just search for English Strikers Aged 18-24 with a min OVR of 75.

  33. Copa libertadores, CONCACAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, Universitario de deportes (Peruvian Team) with his Stadium,

  34. Add national anthem of europa league
    Add croatia national team
    Add offical serie A like premier leage and la liga
    Real brasilian players in brazil league
    Real celebrations after win league or champions league coach appear win having the cup

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