FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 20 and FUT 20 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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  1. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fifplay and Ea sport Add Algeriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Nationallllllllllllllllllllllllll Teammmmmmmmm In fifa 20……. IT’S BEEN 20 YEARS That i’m Waiting for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Put VAR in competition where VAR is available in real life where we can press a button to ask for VAR
    I would like if player can take out thier t-shirt in last minute goal.When an away team is attacking i would to hear the loud voices of the home fans especially in premier league.
    Give 1 minutes to go to team managementin .(Im tired of waiting for my brother he took a long time in team management).I want to see player fight when they have benn tackle from behind like in real life

  3. I for one didn’t buy the last fifa after getting every fifa for God knows how long because I grew tired of the changes being made that ultimately didn’t effect the game. I am baffled how people are thinking that a customizable manager change is a big change and not a purely cosmetic one that will get boring very quickly. People have made good points about what they could add but I’m very sceptical that any of it will get added. Sadly all EA care about is UT nowadays because they are cashing in on all the players pumping money into it. Something needs to be added to actually keep career mode interesting and different each play through. What people have mentioned about managers retiring and players becoming managers I think is definitely something that would make the mode more interesting. I also think more random injuries to players, being able to interact with players to let them know your resting them for a big game or they are in your future plans which leads onto what I really want to see in the game is relationships between managers and players. How many times do we see managers sign ex players in real life after changing teams? It would bring a realism to the game. I also think teams trying to persuade you to go to them as a manager more and players getting poached for other teams. You know general stuff that actually happens in reality would be nice. Also agree youth teams are definitely needed.
    Also player career could be so much better. Take a leaf out of nba2k’s books. Offers from clubs when playing well without having to request a transfer. More off the field layers, again relationships with other players and managers. Boot sponsorships the list of things missing I could be here all day. JUST DO STUFF THAT HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE!
    As I mentioned before I won’t be holding my breath for any of this. How can a free mobile game (New star soccer) have more depth to it then the multimillion generating game that is Fifa? Looking forward to paying £50 for some updated teams and new menus.

  4. I want the feature like if a player has left the club, and is unsettled in new club, he should tell the club he wants to leave the club and return back to the previous club, like Neymar’s case and other such rumours

  5. Hello my name is Kendall Edwards, and I play for Atlanta United. I am a huge fifa fan and I was wondering if you guys could consider my wishlist. For stadiums I think Camp Nou is best stadium to use because it has one of the largest capacities. For cover star I think it should be a triple of Ronaldo, Neymar, and Messi. For national teams I think Jamaica, Croatia, and Algeria should be added. For leagues, i think ukraine, brazil fully, and afc champions should be added. Lastly, I would love to be added to the game as a reserve for atlanta. Thank You, Kendall

  6. Please add some GK icons like Higuita or Petr Čech.
    Then I’ll be happy if you add custom kits with custom sponsors and stadium, where we can have own seats, pitch, goal net colour and more.


  7. Please add Europa League Tournament and East Europe Clubs as well BBVA Bancomer stadium that is the best one in Latin America hope you can release this.


  8. PLEASE We want real fighting in the match as NFL game and be the brawl between the players without interference and one is fighting by pressing the buttons of the game with the energies of violence, especially this fight as we want to interact more than the public with the players during the game and want the property enables the player to choose the referee and referee on the matches, whether in the online Or Offline and want the technique of the VAR and want to choose from multi-dialogues between players during the match such as journey Mode and have a real impact on the tactics of the game and we want before the big matches the conferences for the coaches and players

  9. Hi! I just want to say that I admire your job. What you guys doing is awesome nad really great. I would love to play Czech and Russian league in FIFA. Thank you for reading and again for your hard work!

  10. Your comments … Messi or aguero,de bruyne should be on the cover. aguero should rate at,91. Messi should be the best

  11. my wish is to get 1st division in Denmark
    Viborg FF
    Nykøbing FC
    Kolding IF
    Vendsyssel FF
    Fremad Amager
    Vejle Boldklub
    Hvidovre IF
    HB Køge
    Næstved BK
    Fc Roskilde

  12. I would like to have a new career mode
    After every season we need to change the kits
    The old players don’t need to be downgrade after every season of course if they do a good season
    In the game I would like an icon team like XI legends but with the icons
    This would allow us to play with the icons because we may not have enough credits to buy them in FUT.

  13. Careers mode after one season the kits use to play every season same kits in FIFA 20 second season create your own kits colours and design sponsor like FIFA Android

    Update new managers and clothes

    Half Time show

  14. 1.I want Jim Beglin and Jon Champion for premier league and other friendlies While Peter Drury and Andy Townsend for International Matches

  15. Add a little cross-play, I mean you can have friends from other platform (PC,PS4,XBOX) and you can Just Play with him or check him stats in FUT Champions for example

  16. 1- Add the ability to change a club’s name and logo and kit and logo importing
    2- Add the ability to record your voice and use for commentating for a match
    Add building a stadium and edit the seats and ground and name the stadium and the ability to choose its location (for example in London, UK)

  17. Make the game more realistic and gave us more KIT SELECT before match it’s so good if we can choose kits between Home and Away kits….Thnaks Fifa

  18. I agree on a lot of these comments but one thing I really wanna see in career mode being able to change kits every season… I’m tired of having the same kit and the same colors every season.
    Let us have the chance to change kit and colors for every season. If you don’t want to then there should be an option to stay in default kits. It doesn’t have to be in full detail but maybe the kits that were available in creation center before it was removed and just be able to change color and location of crest …and also have the rest of the leagues teams randomize their kits every season too. I hope we can get that amongst other things too

  19. in volta, can we put icons
    can we put many cutscenes and go do what you want like in gta 5 and in nba 2k19 player mode included to volta
    in practice arena, bring back practice match and create set piece
    before a math starts, we should see the players training and showing some skills
    put international champions cup in fifa 20
    in skill training, we can take any player to do a drill
    in customize, we can create a team that we can play in kick off vs real teams
    in manager mode, we should create our manager avatar ourselves

  20. New Spanish commentator’s add Pablo Ramierez and Jesus Barcamontes please this is the best Spanish commentators ever I hate the other Spanish commentators that is on Fifa 19,Fifa 18,Fifa 17, Fifa 16,etc. Please add new commentators for Spanish. I play alot of fifa and if this year FIFA 20 don’t add new Spanish commentators then I am done playing FIFA cuase it’s not fair FIFA keeps bringing the same Spanish commentators over and over and over and over again. I do know alot of Spanish people would like to see new Spanish commentators for FIFA 20

  21. On the fifa 20 career mode It would be good if we can get subbed on to the match just like the journey, instead of just simming if your not in the starting 11.

    Please add this to fifa 20 career mode as I think people would enjoy it more

  22. In pro clubs fifa should add an option so you can jump onto the bench and be subbed on if you come into the lobby late

  23. Add a “team creator”, besides FUT. You should be able to import or create your logo and motto there. You choose the league you want your club to be in, and start out with budgets. From then on, that team will be in whatever FIFA you created it in, and will save to be in every future FIFA your account downloads. Plus, after you create your team, and from that FIFA you created it in on, you can always edit it. And, you won’t have to worry about renewing contracts and stuff like that. I hope you take my advice.

    1. Same I hate the Spanish commentators on FIFA 19 those commentators are trash. FIFA should add Spanish commentators real life that we know

  24. Algeria love Fifa but Algerian lové more more more Thé Algeria National Team.

  25. Please EA I want the creating of characters into their real world like how they make money or joining a big club like the journey but it should be like gta but without killing but people wanting to be professional superstars.

  26. On ultimate team, when people ‘quick sell’ items such as players, consumables etc these items should should go into’recycled packs’ which could then be purchased by us at discounted prices. Recycled gold, silver, bronze player pack for example. Or something of this concept…

  27. More teams and leagues such as India league
    More variants of football like ice football,beach football,kemari and more
    More house rules
    More arenas for street
    Franchise mode from nhl with variety of features and should
    Be interesting

  28. would like EA to consider lionel messi to be the star to feature on the cover of the upcoming game,for influence reason…second option should be a talented defender like virgil van djik.thanks

  29. Please add the rival team to Red Star Belgrade, which is my favorite team, FK Partizan, it would be really appreciated and my dad and I would absolutely freak if our favorite team got added.

  30. I think we should be able to create our own lifestyle in career. Like pick cars and houses. And more manager we should be able to create our own jerseys and stadiums

  31. Dear EA
    Please fix the pace. I’ll have Mbappe running down the side and for some reason Mendy from Man City will catch up to him. Even though Mbappe has 15 pace more. People with high pace should be so much faster and be able to blow by people. The only person to catch up to Mbappe is Jordi Alba, and special cards because players pace slows down while dribbling. Just if someone has more pace than the opponent then they should be able to run past them with ease. Thank you and fix the pace. Keep up the good work!

  32. Fix the pace for the attackers so defenders recovery pace doesn’t make the defender catch up to the attacker’s who are faster

  33. Hi,EA,I think it would be awesome if you could decide your players lifestyle in carrere
    from having clothes to having your own house and car.

    It would be awesome if you could consider my idea.

    and thank you for all the work you put in to every Fifa game until now


  34. Add more flexible formations and more specific instructions!

    Formations: Instead of formations expressed in numbers, add classic formations like catencaccio. Let us put 2 players more closer than the current limit since the AI will separate them anyways. Add more squad roles like SW.

    Player instructions: More instructions like tight and specific manmarking like the case of Herrera on Hazard.

  35. Childish Gambino – Human Sacrifice (unreleased)
    Tyler The Creator – Earfquake
    Twenty One Pilots – My Blood
    Tame Impala – Mind Mischief

  36. Hey, EA, I think every latinamerican people would like brazilian league fully… It’s the best league in the continent, lots of stars begin their cerrer there. In other topics, I’m mexican, and Mexico is a country where likes lots football and that videogame, but sometimes we want to play with our favourite team and… yes, our stadium isn’t yet. Maybe two or three stadiums more would not be bad, for example Monterrey’s and Guadalajara’s estates, two world’s leavel stadiums. And, obviously, the mexican 2nd league, “Ascenso MX” I know is very cloudy the way to arrive to thej first division but it’ll be ok if we could play with story teams like Atlante who is in the 2nd… Thanks to read!

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