FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 20 and FUT 20 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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  1. Wishlist


    1. Make Fans more realistic
    2. Make the Gameplay a little bit Smoother (Its Still very great!)
    3. Make the Fans able to get on the pitch (Just to get more realistic)


    1. Would be great if any player could at least have a Yellow link with any players, like Icons.
    2. Packs should not cost that much, at least the silver packs should not cost over 2K Coins.
    3. Normal Rare players should not cost more than 300K
    4. Birthday Cards should be a green Chemistry link to their normal Positions.

    Thanks EA, If you do all these things. Many people will like it. Greetings from Denmark. ūüėÄ

  2. Career mode
    -stadium upgrades,sponsorship’s
    -Able to choose a real manager
    -Make it more difficult to buy players then just giving the team heaps of money
    get offers for swap player deals
    -Make leagues harder to win, on the hardest difficulty, i can still win the English premier league with 96 points and have second place down by 15 or more points every season which is frustrating because it just gets boring. sometimes the top 6 teams in the premier league like Liverpool, and Manchester city or other leagues do horrible finishing 6th or further down the table. most teams in other leagues finishing 1st don’t get more then 83 points
    -Players asking for new contracts is a need and have players who want to leave if not team is playing good during the current season

  3. Please EA it would be so much easier for years to come to create a sort of “Create-A-Font” for career mode for whenever a team qualifies for continental competition we can create fonts for numbers and letters and turn team crest on or off on the kit for that season as that is allowed it would be so sustainable for years to come and we could by more fonts from the EASFCC and it would mean that continental competition is fully righted in game there would be no discrepancies for years. please consider this ea

  4. Please improve the career modes because it sucks. PES career mode is better. And also add career stats i.e how many goals as a player scored e.g how many goals has a player scored in two, three, four seasons

  5. New national team
    National cup (world cup ,euro ,america,…..)
    Greek team stadium( karaiskaki, touba, kleanthis,…..)
    Greek league-cup
    New league
    Big players reality face (manolas, mitroglou …..)
    Game fairs compatible with reality
    Europa league (group 16 8 4 final)
    Some team do not have their three prominent
    Match description and menu… in other (speak ) languages example Greek and other

  6. My fifa 20 wish list. (Fut Related)

    1. Ea servers need to improve, to much downtime and problems here and there.
    2. Make trading easier in fut game mode, dont have to list every card on the TM, instead make it possible to quicksell every thing you marked or every same card at the same time.
    3. Since WL is so popular with a growing Esport and popularity and big marketing out in the world, please make a statistic showing different stats that players are getting trough every WL. You will make it more competitve and more people will even feel at bit more motivated to improve in the game. Comparisen is Key to growing and improving as a player.

    These 3 things is the most important for me. You already have a big loyal fan base. Give us these and people will stay loyal and will ultimately earn you more money. Thats not to hide under a rock, is driven as a monopoly business !

  7. It will be great if they add Turkish league TFF 1 lig aswell as it boring ever season no 1 gets relegated

  8. Bonjour.
    Je viens apporter des idées pour le nouveau Fifa qui sortira.
    Il serait important d’am√©liorer le mode carri√®re.
    D√©j√†, il faudrait qu’on puisse personnaliser mieux le style, la t√™te, diff√©rents v√™tements de notre manager. Et aussi qu’on puisse jouer avec des vrais entraineurs qui existent.

    Pour les maillots, √ßa serait vraiment bien qu’on puisse jouer par exemple avec le maillot domicile, le short ext√©rieur et chaussettes domicile. Qu’on puisse personnaliser en fonction des tenues de l’adversaire.

    Et aussi que les gardiens ont deux tenues.

    J’esp√®re que ce commentaire sera lu et visible dans fifa 20.

    Merci !

  9. Vocês podem criar um desafio no fut, para que o jogador enfrente um time de tots!

  10. Reloading Creation Centre,player create favorite team in random league oder payment DLC add. League to Game.

  11. On player mode make it like the journey

    When you win a trophy pass it to teammates

    In manager mode make there be a voice for the manager when they talk

    Everything on the game should be for free

  12. Add:
    1. Manager Interviews in Career mode
    2. 5 seconds video of Hand over Man of the match award.
    3. Change Cup winning celebration pattern. Use some Unique ideas for celebration + group photos idea + line up for taking winner Cup. Change all this with a new idea.
    4. Fans reactions on high tackles.
    5. Increase fans chanting volume.
    6. Story Mode unlocking items make easier.
    7. players arguments and referees interference must get add on heavy tackle.
    8. Improve Managers and Sub Team reactions on Career mode.
    9. Fans reactions on Injured player walking out from the game.
    10. More commentators including retired players voices in between.
    11. Player of the year/ Scorer of the year/ Goal Keeper of the Year/ Manager of the Year Award celebration or give trophies as achievements.
    12. Create Player face must be realistic like Star players, Not 1998 graphics for creat player.

  13. for me it should be in FIFA 20: ( REST OF THE WORLD – Clubs From Other Leagues )

    1> FC Zenit St Petersburg  ( Russia)
    2> Red Star Belgrade        ( Serbia )
    3> Partizan Belgrade       (Serbia)
    4> Ludogorets                  ( Bulgaria )
    5> FCSB ( Steaua )          ( Romania)
    6> Qarabag FK                 ( Azerbaijan)
    7> BATE Borisov             ( Belarus )
    8> CSKA Sofia                ( Bulgaria )
    9> Maccabi Tel Aviv FC ( Israel )
    10> FK Astana              ( Kazakhstan )
    11> APOEL.                  ( Cyprus )
    12> SK Slovan Bratislava ( Slovakia)
    13> Ferencvaros               ( Hungary )
    14> NK Maribor                 ( Slovenia )

    only this for better career mode and more realistic Champions and Europa Leagues

  14. I think that the Greek Super League deserves to be on the next FIFA because there is a lot of competition between the teams. Also you have already put 4 teams in the game so it would take you much less time to put the rest of the teams.

    Thank you for your time and please read my comment and think about my ideas


  16. 1. The Portuguese liga NOS needs some more attention. Crazy good upcoming stars are there. All of the biggest clubs in the world shop for young talent in Portugal. Bruno Fernandes ( the new Frank Lampard) and Joao Felix ( the next Ronaldo) are turning the market upside down right now. Worth $100m each. Scan the faces of the big 3 or 4 clubs and include their stadiums.

    2. I know everyone wants their country in the game but let’s be real, FIFA has to make the effort to bring back the Brazilian league (fully Licensed ).

    3. My biggest wish list is to be able to play career mode with Icons (optional start of mode). If money is an issue make them DLC so the fans can at least purchase them or earn them somehow.

    4. Be able to play manager career mode with real managers (with scanned faces) or allow us to load our own face. It would be cool if an algorithm was built so that managers with fake faces would be overwritten by retired players with real faces. (So many players retire and become great coaches)

    5. Be able to create your own pre-season tournament and be able to select clubs and stadiums that you want in the tournament from the country you choose to host the tournament.

    6. Be able to edit players age (optional for fans to choose before starting career mode) I hate that Ronaldo is 34 and retires within 3 years in the game. It’s realistic but as a fan it would be cool to play career mode with him or any player as if he was 17 again and relive the hype.

    7. Create a stadium mode would be pretty cool. Unless it’s a real stadium playing in the same generic ones gets pretty boring. (Konami introduced this in PES) so it is possible that EA can take that idea and make it 10 times better.

    8. Reincarnate retired players with the same name and face scan in the game as a youth. Would make farming for players much more fun.

    9. Dynamic weather. (Could start game play hot sunny day and end the game with pouring rain).

    10. When negotiating players the trophy’s you’ve won for the club should accumulate and be added to a cabinet on the background. Example for Real Madrid you should see a cabinet full of champions league titles.

  17. You guys should make like a whole mode for made up teams like young fc icon fc world xi old fc and all those teams into one league. Make a future icon team. A wonder kid team. Add features like the ballon d’or and The Best and trophies like that in career mode. Add people with their own cleats like add cr7 cleats and all that. Next add like the concacaf champions league and all the chamions league add the fifa club world cup and add icon national teams like let their be two brazils one is the current one and another one with icons. Add the international champions cup. And add teams like toty team and totw team to a league.

    You guys should let us make our own teams with the real players like our own world xi and add a street soccer mode

  18. You could make the derbies having a higher chance to have a pyroshow or choreos. And to make it look better you could add cinematic’s of the pyroshow (or choreo) before, at the half time or after the game.

  19. You guys should really try to let us use real managers in career mode. A lot of retired players are trying to become managers please let some of them be available to us.

    Update some of the players faces and change their hairstyles as well. Free kick and penalties need some work as well

  20. It would be cool if you add African leagues and if we could create our own team in Career manager mode to compete with the game characters

  21. Please fix benfica player face. Many young talented player in benfica please make their original face.
    Please put youth team in career mode. And for career mode as a player please upgrade too, so the player can negotiate with their agents and the club board.
    Add fifa street on the game.
    11 vs, 11 in training in career mode.

  22. First, start putting in the game the stadiums for all teams of all top 4 European Leagues. Secondly, add Brazil National Team fully licensed and its 1st division league. Also i hope you can add Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana as well. Would be great if you can add a couple more leagues like the Russian, Croatian and/or Greek SuperLeague. ALSO ADD SOME NATIONAL TEAMS LIKE : ALBANIA, ICELAND, 3-4 more AFRICAN NATIONS and ASIAN (like PES has done). Finally, would be totally great if you can fix the EURO-s and WORLD CUO formats like they really are , starting from the qualifiers and getting to the finals!

  23. 1. Make it possible to play Icons team in Kick Off
    2. Make it possible to play Icon’s career in Career mode
    3. Make fans more realistic
    4. Make derbies between clubs more realistic
    5. Make players more realistic
    6. Add classic kits of
    1) Real Madrid
    2) FC Barcelona
    3) Juventus
    4) Inter Milan
    5) AC Milan
    6) Germany
    7) Italy
    8) France
    7. Make new goal celebrations
    8. Make that the fans were able to go on the field and fight with players and referees

  24. My FIFA 20 Wishlist:

    – More importance in South America, license of Copa Libertadores & Copa Sudamericana.
    – Return of Brazilian League with licenses , including at least Maracana Stadium
    – Uruguayan , Peruvian , and Paraguayan Leagues or at least the 3 most important clubs of each country in “Rest of the World”.
    – Introduce of Concacaf Champions League with at least 2 teams of central america teams (I think their leagues are very unnecessary right now for having them as licensed leagues, instead EA should really concentrate in South America)
    – More options for creating a manager for career mode (More faces and staff)
    -Playable real coach managers of the main leagues for example choose Jurgen Klopp and sign for Real Madrid in career mode.
    -The same characteristic but with a player career mode that is retiring keeping its face, for example retiring with Buffon and becoming a manager with his scaned face.
    – FIFA Clubs World Cup in career mode
    – Icon playable team such as Classic XI but with the new icons.
    – More Icons (for example Zidane, Beckenbauer, Romario)
    -License of more National Teams
    – More Stadiums, for example keeping stadiums that were used in previous world cup games, Soccer City Stadium , Maracana , Luzhniki Stadium , La Bombonera.
    – Realism in Crowds , for example in South American stadiums flares and powder in their crowds and more noise than in other stadiums.
    – Complete license of Serie A with their Stadiums and faces.
    -Complete license of Liga Mx and MLS

    This are some leagues and characteristics that I think are not essential but I think they would be a good plus for FIFA:
    – Qatar League
    – Indian League
    – Ucranian league
    -Spanish 3rd Division
    – Russian League
    – License of real managers for carrer mode that aren’t necessarily active, for example Jose Mourinho, Julen Lopetegui,
    – Return of Real Madrid Castilla

  25. Please we know the income of FUT would probably take a hit but thinking about it makes FIFA as a game more intriguing than it is.
    Just add Online Madden-Like Franchise/Career Mode.
    I’ve been hoping for it ever since I can remember.

    When you have conversations with friends about who could build a better team.
    Personally it would take away from the fact that FUT is still an amazing game mode.
    Adding a Online Career mode with just add to an already overall great game.

    And What’s up with normal career mode not allowing free agents when the season is over. Older FIFA had it right.

    When a player wouldnt agree to a pre-contract it would list them as a free agent the following year during the transfer window. Talking about AI teams. I know if you have a player that has his contract run down he gets listed into free agents. But not when it’s controlled by AI.

  26. poder escoger el uniforme por piezas en cada partido. seleccionar el color de la camisa,luego el de los pantalones y luego el de las medias

  27. My FIFA 20 Wishlist:

    – I think EA needs to unify at least the three big platforms (Xbox, PS4 and PC) to be crossplay between them, because PC is a dead platform to play FIFA, also UT needs to have just one market between them (this is good for all of us because players price will be lower).

    – Also UT needs a non competitive mode, a casual mode like NBA neighbourhood (something similar to FIFA Street)

    – Game modes like Pro Clubs or Career Mode could prize you in Ultimate Team (Most important game mode in FIFA) with coins, coins upgrades (1000 x 15 games, etc) or something that will be usefull.

    – Also improve this game modes because EA Sports because he has abandoned them.

    – Better servers please EA Sports, this is crucial.

    And thats it’s all. Sorry if my English is not good ^^.

  28. Bring the UAE league or the UAE international team because it has great players and it never been on any fifa.
    I would like to see the UAE League or the UAE international team.

  29. It would be nice to add a gamemode called scenarios:

    Replay some great historical footballmoments or change them. For example; the 3-3 from Liverpool in the CL final or the last minute goal from Amsterdam against Spurs.


    1. Austria
      And add asia champions league
      And also other continent champions league please add.
      Please J league 2 and J league3 and korean 2nd division league and malaysia and thailand super league. Russia league. Qatar and uae league.
      Please make manager also can be transferred

  31. Pls, sign Barça again!
    Fix the transfer window for career mode is too easy that the club lose young stars and some big stars.

  32. can you include the CAF champions league into the game with all the african big team like :
    don’t forget theirs stadiums i think with this innovation FIFA is gonna get another level on the african continent

  33. EA sports please add real managers face in career mode and also upgrade the goalkeepers ability and skills higher. Add buy back players from teams

    Ea sports please also change the commentary of the UEFA champions league and Europa league , the person making the commentary voice is very slow and also change the color of the UEFA champions league and Europa league from blue display and orange display when playing UEFA champions league and the Europa league. Thanks

  34. You should be able to play saved career mode teams against each other in head to head and tournaments. Something you could do on pes 10 years ago

  35. Add ballon dor and the best festival.
    Its very nesseceray to add an ability to watch important matches that you cant play in them in career mode like ucl final and wc final
    And ability to edite kits or creat a team in offline mode

  36. Agregar m√°s licencias de ligas sudamericanas como la Brasile√Īa (licenciada), Peruana, Uruguaya y Paraguaya. Adem√°s tratar de agregar la copa libertadores (licenciada) o si no se puede licenciar al menos agregar la copa sudamericana.

  37. El perro bermudez liga mx commentator and please add tattoos for offline create a player and offline kit creater

  38. My FIFA 20 wishlist (mostly MLS)

    1. Add more mls team stadiums
    2. Change scoreboards to fox sports, espn and others.
    3. In Mercedes Benz stadium make the top section open and in other stadiums and make it more improved ex: goal horns
    4. Live press conferences and people talk back (before and after games and during the off-season)
    5. Make commentary shout out other teams during, before or after the match.
    6. National anthem singers
    7. Outside of stadium roam before, during halftime, and after the game.
    8. Latest changes to stadiums in real life to be changed in FIFA 20 also
    9. Show commentators face
    10. More on field sidescreen with advertisements
    11. Actual player celebrations they do in real life
    12. More tiebreakers and game modes
    13. Sideline commentator face
    14. Stadium fan clap, roars, and tifo.
    15. Increase and decrease match ticket prices and More stadium improvements in manger career mode
    16. Access to custom schedule on career mode
    17. Access to change time for game time on career mode
    18. Add all star games in tournaments and career mode.
    19. Locker rooms
    20. Add online career mode or tournament (just like madden)
    21. Improve stadium seats, bathrooms, concession stands, and parking.
    22. Add updated new uniforms and alternate uniforms
    23. Team training facility at home stadium or outside of stadium
    24. Add access to create team merchandise on career mode or other modes
    25. Improved penalty kick, free kick forms
    26. Chose practice arena stadium

  39. Merci EA! de nous r√©aliser ce souhait car on voudrait comme dans le pass√© avoir la possibilit√© de changer la tracklist initiale et de la personnaliser avec nos propres go√Ľts de musiques choses qui nous manque depuis le FIFA 13 donc on est impatients.

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