FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 20 and FUT 20 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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658 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Wishlist

  1. 1. Play women’s team vs Men’s team
    2. Add Portugese 2nd division
    3. Create your own female player
    4. Add Portuguese, Swiss, Austrian, Colombian, Denmark, Belguim, Poland & S.Korean women’s teams
    5. Referee mode (with real referees)
    6. UEFA youth league
    7. More realistic faces (I think PES faces are abit more close in likeness, in FIFA some players look a bit retarded)
    8. Liga NOS stadiums (Luz, Dragão, Alvalade, Braga,etc)

  2. I hope the Fifa20 on Xbox360 should be supported by new frostbite engine instead of the old engine without Europe champion league

  3. For Career Mode:

    1. Press Conference: Your answer will affect to the relationship with the club, players and supporters.

    2. Realistic transfers: Sometimes, the manager can’t control the transfers. When you start the career mode in some club, without experience, you can’t control all the transfers. Moreover, if you don’t want to sell some player but the club want to sell, they sell the player and the relationtship between manager and club will be worst. An exemple of that is: I didn’t want to sign some player or directly, i didn’t know about he but the club considered that this player could help to the team (a club signing). Another exemple: I don’t want to sell some player because he is important to me but another club wants to pay 50 millions for he. So, the club will sell the player although i don’t want. As you win matches, the club will take your requests more into account.

    And please: Loan with a buy-option.

    3. ‘Under-21 team’: Every team has to have an ‘under-21 team’. You can sign some players for that team with the objective that they could improve and play with the first team. Moreover, you will can sign any player from any ‘under-21 team’.

    4. Histories with players: Not all the players are the same. Arturo Vidal has a different behaviour than Messi, for exemple. The game has to put some histories to difficult your career. For exemple: ‘Player X’ was in a party and today he didn’t come to train. What do you want to do? Disciplinary punishment, penalty fee (that money could be use for transfers or something), ignore everything… Your decision will affect the relationship with the players.

    5. Create your own staff: Choose the second trainer, doctors… Basically, your own staff. Exemple: A good doctor will decrease the recuperation time. A bad doctor increase the injuries. Things like that.

    6. A realistic trainer space: You have to train with all the team to practise some moves or prove the players to the ‘Under-21 team’. And then, you have the specific trainings to improve some skills (like the actual game).

    7. Financial things: Partners, the price of the tickets for your stadium… Can demand an increase of the money to transfers…

  4. career mode with your own player you should be able to hire your own agent do your own contacts and transfers and able to become a manager with that same player and start at 16 years old

  5. Player career mode: You should make the player that where using as our pro can go on sub not only playing every match and if where not picked for the starting line up we don’t play we should be on the sub and we should also be able to choose how old we want to start our player career mode and you should also improve the commentary and you should improve the stadiums and we should be able to shoose how we walk and how we run and also be able to ask a team if they want us and we should be able to go in the cut scene when someone is buying us we should be able to pick which number we want also how much wages and the contract if all this is done this game would be wonderful and also put in the Jamaican premier league

    And also put in referee career mode now that would be amazing

  6. Pongan la liga de ascenso MX de México haci serían el mejor juego de fútbol y también más estadios de México como el akron de Chivas

    1. Hello Fifa i hope u really read my comments…i want malaysia league in fifa20 because in malaysia have made a e-sports which is mobile lagend,PUBG,Dota and popular All gamers malaysian play is Fifa ..that is i hope u really makee a malaysian league..i hope u ready my comment

  7. I hope malaysian league will be in fifa 20 … Seriously..pleasee…and it will gain more income for the next fifa20……please .. I really hope.. And i am nevergh play PES… I am fifa fans since 2008

  8. 1. New graphics
    2. New rest of the world teams
    3. Street football mode
    4. World Cup mode
    5. UEFA Euro 2020
    6. Classic teams
    7. Able to play national team vs football club
    8. Able to play women team vs men team
    9. Referee mode
    10. New hairstyles

  9. El juego estaría completo si agregan
    1- campeonato Scotiabank con las ligas de costa rica Panamá y Honduras
    2- copa promesas de touloun y mundial sub 20 – 19 – 18

    Y más estadios

    Automatically Translated:
    The game would be complete if they add
    1- Scotiabank championship with the leagues of Costa Rica Panama and Honduras
    2- copa promesas de touloun and mundial sub 20 – 19 – 18

    And more stadiums

  10. License of:
    Brazil national team
    Brazilian League
    Greek League
    Ukranian League
    Russian League
    Japan national team
    Croatia national team

  11. – Mundial de Clubes
    -Primera B de Chile
    -Primera B de Argentina
    -Copa Sudamericana
    -Copa Libertadores
    -Recopa CONMEBOL
    -Que en el modo manager se pueda negociar con patrocinadores nuevos para las camisetas de cada equipo, que se pueda cambiar la publicidad de las camisetas.
    -Estadio Nacional De Chile
    -Arena Do Gremio
    -Liga Uruguaya
    -Equipos Peruanos

    Automatically Translated:
    – Club World Cup
    -First B of Chile
    -First B of Argentina
    -South American Cup
    -Cup Libertadores
    -Recopa CONMEBOL
    – That in the manager mode you can negotiate with new sponsors for the shirts of each team, that you can change the advertising of the shirts.
    -Chile National Stadium
    -Arena Do Gremio
    -Liga Uruguaya
    -Peruvian equipment

  12. idea for fifa 20: having a grounds crew that you hire the same way you hire youth scouts. 1-5 stars. 1 star and ur pitch will be cut up and in bad shape for most of the season and it is visible in game. 5 star and your pitch will be in perfect condition most of the season, even the mouth of the goal.

  13. @EASPORTSFIFA Please, it’s necessary to improve the crowd in the stadiums; a lot of models have the same appearance (same hairstyle, hair and skin color, very repeated faces, equal attires, accesories, etc) especially in women’s models. Create more people models; because the cinematics are great and add more cinematics moments.

  14. Legend teams for example 1970 Brazil 1999 Manchester United 2004 Arsenal 2006 Italy 2008 Manchester United 2009 Barcelona. Have all the players and same kits for all the teams

  15. Que esté la Segunda División B española. Más modos de juego. Que puedas poner el jugador que quieras en el menú principal. Editor de estadios. Personalizar el color de las porterías. Que esté el VAR. Poder crear nuevos equipos.

    Automatically Translated:
    That is the Second Spanish B Division. More game modes. That you can put the player you want in the main menu. Stadium editor. Customize the color of the goals. Let the VAR be. To be able to create new teams.

    That is the Second Spanish B Division. (Third division).

  16. FIFA 20 Career mode ideas:

    1) Player career (Create New Player) start by having trials for a league you want to play in (Premiership/Championship/SPL/MLS etc) and depending how well you do in the trials determines who will offer you a contract. The better you do and the better your rating after would effect who would like to sign you.

    2) If i do career mode as a created player let me have a real contract. It would be to get offered bonuses, how much you will be getting paid per week and then counter offer this if not to your liking, ask for release clause. Get sponsorship deals (Nike/Adidas/Puma etc) when you reach a certain level.

    3) When a real life player retires from career mode, please use their real life image/face as the manager. Its just stupid when Messi retires and you get asked to be a manager of a club, then you see some random computer generated person as Lionel Messi.

    4) Have a agent who tries to organise sponsorship deals, contract talks, interest from other clubs, kit deals.

    5) Have a more creative hand in your own career mode player, something along the lines of NBA2K. it would be cool to have jewelry, kit deals, sponsor deals, TV interviews etc

    6) Freshen up the commentary from Martin Tyler and Alan Smith.

  17. 1.UEFA Euro 2020
    2.AFC Champions League
    3.Camp Nou
    4.Copa America
    5.CAF Champions League
    6.Copa Libertadores
    7.CONCACAF Champions League
    8.OFC Champions League
    9.Asian Cup
    10. Africa Cup of Nations
    11. CONCACAF Gold Cup
    12. OFC Nations Cup
    13. Confederations Cup
    14.Licensed Brazil National Team
    15. Licensed Russian League
    16.greek league

  18. Full Licensing Fc Barcelona, with Camp Nou stadium along with Barca Anthem before the match, like Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabéu

  19. 1. World Cup Mode
    2. UEFA Euro 2020
    3. UEFA Nations League
    4. AFC Champions League
    5. Copa America
    7. CAF Champions League
    8. Copa Libertadores
    9. Camp Nou
    10. Joan Gamper Trophy
    11. Regional Cover Stars
    12. CONCACAF Champions League
    13. OFC Champions League
    14. Asian Cup
    15. Africa Cup of Nations
    16. CONCACAF Gold Cup
    17. OFC Nations Cup
    18. Confederations Cup
    19. UEFA Women’s Champions League
    20. All FIFA World Cup 2018 stadiums
    21. Licensed Brazil National Team
    22. Licensed Russian League
    23. VAR System
    24. New goal celebrations
    25. Street Mode

  20. 1-The official licence of Brasileirão with all teams 100% and the Brazil Mens and Womens National Team
    2-Bring back Boca Juniors,Colo-Colo and Russian Premier League
    3-Add Uefa Europa League in the Tournament Mode and Kick-off Mode
    4-New Licences as the Ukrainian Premier League;Uruguayan League;Greek Super League
    5-Solve All bugs and gameplay on-line & off-line
    6-New national teams as Croatia;Japan;South Korea;Costa Rica;Panama;Iran;etc.
    7-The official Licence of Serie B Italia
    8-New game modes with Futsal and Beach Soccer

  21. 1. World Cup Mode
    2. UEFA Euro 2020
    3. UEFA Nations League
    4. AFC Champions League
    5. Copa America
    7. CAF Champions League
    8. Copa Libertadores
    9. Camp Nou
    10. Joan Gamper Trophy
    11. Regional Cover Stars
    12. CONCACAF Champions League
    13. OFC Champions League
    14. Asian Cup
    15. Africa Cup of Nations
    16. Copa America
    17. CONCACAF Gold Cup
    18. OFC Nations Cup
    19. Confederations Cup
    20. UEFA Women’s Champions League
    21. All FIFA World Cup 2018 stadiums
    22. Licensed Brazil National Team
    23. Licensed Russian League
    24. VAR System
    25. New goal celebrations

  22. Propongo para el Fifa 20:
    -Mundial de Clubes.
    -Division Rivals sin que se trabe la pantalla.
    -Leyendas como Kempes, Riquelme, Ortega.
    -Modo Arbitro
    -Arbitros con ropa real.
    -Gritos de goles de la aficion mas realistas
    -Previa antes del partido
    -Ligas de todo el mundo (Incluso las otras divisiones)
    -Canchas de Futbol sala (Futbol 5, futbol 7, etc) (Realistas de todo el mundo) con jugadores desconocidos

  23. Add World Cup mode where player chooses
    1. Number of national teams
    2. Design of cup
    3. Country of World Cup (maximum 2 countries)
    4. Stadiums (maximum 12 stadiums)
    5. Mascot of World Cup
    6. Broadcasting style
    7. Referees
    8. Official sponsors

  24. Add new leagues croatia, spfl and ukraine
    Customize managers
    Licence brazil league
    Team training
    Better clauses to sign players like sign a player but loan them straight back to clubs
    Better player exchanges
    Clubs do better signing star playera to new contracts instead of letting there contract to expire
    Stadium upgrades to generic stadiums
    Sign coaching staff like scouts
    Team training
    Be able to train players to new positions
    When change formation have a indicator to make team get use to formation, more they play it more familiar they get to it
    Be able to be approached by clubs that would like you to save from relegation etc.
    Be able to manage lesser rated clubs for example if I was manager barcelona and won everything I should be able to manage a smaller team like celtic for a new challenge
    Youth leagues or reserves so young players can get developed no need to be playable but could be match reports
    If you do player career your player will retire and the manager would look like you or if you used real player
    Be able to use real managers

  25. Hello to EA Company


    1_Licensing FIFA World Cup Clubs
    2_Licensing AFC Champions League
    3_Licensing CAF Champions League
    4_Licensing South America Champions League
    5_Licensing Central And North America Champions League
    6_Licensing Oceania Champions League
    7_Licensing Persian Gulf League

  26. 1. AFC Champions League
    2. UEFA Nations League
    3. Copa Libertadores
    4. Camp Nou
    5. Joan Gamper Trophy
    6. UEFA Euro 2020
    7. Regional cover star

  27. Please Add iranian league,azadi stadium,ali daei,alireza jahanbakhsh,iran national team.
    Full Licenced FC Barcelona,Campnou,Lionel Messi
    Improve the career mode
    AFC Champios League
    Copa libertadores
    Fifa World Cup
    Copa America
    AFC nationals Cup
    The journey
    Improve Graphic,Game play and Faces
    Upgrade Stadiums, Logos
    Fifa Street

  28. Fifa 20 Icons Wishlist

    George Weah

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