FIFA 20 Release Date

FIFA 20 Release

FIFA 20 release date is September 27, 2019. The game is set to be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Windows and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Below is FIFA 20 release date schedule in different regions including the early access.

Zone / Access Release Date
North America (US, Canada) September 27, 2019
Europe September 27, 2019
Singapore September 27, 2019
Rest of the World September 27, 2019
Early Access (By pre-order) September 24, 2019 – 12am
Early Access (For EA Access Members) September 19, 2019 – 6pm UK

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  1. Guys can u help me out??? I see if u have ea access u can download it on 19 September but it says to me I can download it on 22

    1. I assume youve got the champions edition pre ordered??

      The 22nd is when your full game goes live due to the pre order bonus for that edition.

      Previously youve had to download the ea access part from ea access itself on the 19th

      1. I have bought EA Access this year for the first time and pre-ordered the Champions Edition which is downloaded and ready to go on my Xbox One. How do I activate the early access on the 19th? do I get a message, or do I need to go into my Early Access hub?, or just click on the downloaded game itself?

  2. Well you should add the best stadium for atmosphere to the game which is obv Celtic park the best of the best say it even slippy g game play far too slow and unrealistic should also look into adding the Scottish championship and perhaps take a break from sucking up the epl and try and improve other leagues instead of just England

    Sorry one other thing I’m a big Celtic fan and our best player is 33 year old brown lol Celtic should have at least 2 or 3 80s and same goes with rangers 2 big clubs in world football but in fifa there made to look like conference clubs need to give the players on Scotland better ratings making it look worse the the Irish league come on fifa get a grip edouard a 73 the boys atleast an 81 of he was playing in any 5 big leagues he would be 85 86 same as Morelos stop putting the Scottish game down Burnley could not even beat Aberdeen over 2 leagues needed extra time at turf moor but Aberdeen at like 2 stars and Burnley is like 4 it’s too funny come on fifa get a grip stop sucking up the epl football is more than the epl

    1. That’s because the Scottish Prem is like the English Championship. I can understand why none of your players have half decent ratings; I watched the derby yesterday and the standard of football is atrocious!

  3. Add parkhead to the stadiums as every top player in world says its best for a European night so parkhead should be one of the stadiums

  4. any bad tackle i make is a red card,the opponent makes a dangerous tackle that leads to an injury and gets away with it. Rectify this.

    1. Mate I was no1 ranked in the world 2015 pro evo, then game got not so good so bucked fifa since then and I’m not gonna lie it’s time for the pro-evoloution 2020, from what I’m hearing its gameplay is every bit as good and from experience pro was better in every way, easier to play faster, more realism. And the board isn’t stacked for those who just wanna spend money, do yourself a favour and go with pro evo 20 this season is said to be back on even ground…

  5. Plz there should be realistic graphics.Because the person who will play he will realize he is playing in real

    1. Pro-Evoloution soccer 2020 this year is the game to have if you want it real, iv been fifa since 2016 but I’m on pro this season ! Better gameplay more realistic…

  6. I’m true EA sports fun, please make the game so real. Not the fact that Messi will win air balls from de Ligt and many mistakes

  7. please can you connect it with multiplayer and please we want to play nation league in fifa 20 like world cup , copa america , and others. we want to be very very very hardest

  8. Please EA make fifa points cheeped so them more people will buy them. Also make gold packs better, I bought one and got 70’s and a trash 80 guy. Right now they’re a waist. One last thing is make a mode where you have a team and you can change the players to whoever you want. This will make kick off better. Thank you for your time. P.S. I think fifa is the best game ever!

      1. Bro he means pretty much kickoff, and you make your whole lineup eg. messi, ronaldo, van dijk, modric (but of course you have to make the chemistry fit)

  9. I am 11 years old and I live in Korea. Can you please add Republic Of Korea in the international teams? I want to see Sonny.

  10. Can you please make it easy for online challenges. instead of buying 3 months/12 months membership cards and all that, just connect online search a friend challenge him??

  11. Please.fix servers, button delay. In fortnite i can adjust my sensitiviy of the joystic.. do this in if i have button delay i can increase my sensitivity and dont feel the button delay. Also doing 2 vs 2 online friendly with 4 friends online..5 vs 5 on small stadium.

  12. Add FIFA Street as an additional mode & you’re set for the best FIFA game ever. Its a guaranteed win for everyone.

  13. Please EA, ask feedback from people who actually play the game this year. Fifa 19 is by far the worst fifa ever made, don’t make the same mistake twice, please create a realistic football game. Don’t add OP tornado crosses or OP bolasie flick volleys, no unrealistic bicycle kicks and redesign the timed finished to something that actually has a fair risk vs reward when using it. CREATE A REALISTIC GAME watch soccer game and analyze how realistic football is played and for everything that is good and sacred in the world remove the unnecessary scripts that make all the bullshit to happen. I will be more than happy to be a consultant to EA sports as I have played all Fifa titles and I am an elite 1 or 2 player in fut champs. I beg you EA, please your loyal customers.

    1. Luv that, unfortunately I was given the beta mode to then give my input, but was not able to gain access to the sight given to me to pass across my view…go figure…lets just hope they are paying attention and are doing their best to fix these ongoing problems that is destroying the heart for the game as it is missing the essence of real football and pls pls, fix them gk animations

    1. Yes I would really like quite a lot of improvements on manager career mode because I enjoy playing it and would be really appreciated if it got better Thankyou u

  14. Please take away the contract aspect of the ultimate team or make a package of only contracts that you can buy.

  15. EA Fifa is the best. I was playing Fifa 18, and I am going to buy Fifa 20. I am soo exited!!!

  16. EA Could you PLEASE fix the servers until FIFA 20 so we users can get a nice and smooth game…You guys are making insane of amount…Cmon for ones!

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