FIFA 20 Leagues

FIFA 20 Leagues

FIFA 20 has more than 31 leagues and over 720 playable teams from around the world. Below is the complete list of confirmed leagues and teams available in FIFA 20.

Romanian first division football league, the Liga I is officially licensed to be featured in FIFA 20 for the first time, including all 18 clubs and their players. In our FIFA 20 Leagues Vote, Liga I (Romanian League) had received over 238,000 vote finishing up with the 3rd place in the voting poll.

FIFA 20 Leagues

Country Leagues Teams
Argentina Argentina 1 26
Australia Australia 1 10
Austria Austria 1 12
Belgium Belgium 1 16
Chile Chile 1 16
China China 1 15
Colombia Colombia 1 20
Denmark Denmark 1 14
England England 4 92
France France 2 40
Germany Germany 3 56
Ireland Ireland 1 10
Italy Italy 2 39
Japan Japan 1 18
Korea South Korea 1 12
Mexico Mexico 1 18
Holland Holland 1 18
Norway Norway 1 16
Poland Poland 1 16
Portugal Portugal 1 18
Romania Romania 1 18
Russia Russia 1 16
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 1 16
Scotland Scotland 1 12
Spain Spain 2 42
Sweden Sweden 1 16
Switzerland Switzerland 1 10
Turkey Turkey 1 18
USA USA 1 21

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102 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Leagues

  1. Personally I would like the Costa Rican league added to FIFA as well as a few more CONCACAF clubs in Rest of World section so that a “North American Cup” (CONCACAF Champions League) can be added in career mode. That way playing as an MLS club or Liga MX club won’t feel as boring.

  2. I would like to see the
    2nd belgian league
    2nd turkish league
    english 5th league
    french 3rd league
    spanish 3rd league
    uruguayan league
    moldovan league
    belarusian league
    russian league
    slovenian league
    and the israeli league

  3. Ajouter svp

  4. Pls add:
    Partizan Belgrade
    Red Star Belgrade
    Hajduk Split
    Buducnost Podgorica

  5. Please add the nifl premiership and the nifl championship from Northern Ireland. I have been waiting since about fifa 15 for a northern Irish league and it just hasn’t happened so please.

  6. Why can’t FIFA add in the Scottish Championship, like my team Dunfermline Athletic FC play in the championship but have not got a peep since FIFA 12! FIFA need to add in the actual stadiums of the Scottish league like at least Ibrox or Parkhead

    Please add in these us Scots have been wanting this forever!

    1. That sounds good they need to add it in as we have been waiting for years to get the chance for add the Scottish championship league and also they have all the England league so why not ours

    2. Yes, someone who agrees with. I am a Dundee United fan we haven’t been in fifa since fifa 16. I also agree that they should add Scottish stadiums into the game, for example Hampden for the Scottish and League cup final and semi-final.

  7. Croatia finished 2nd in world cup, and why you didnt’t put croatian league in fifa 20. There are big clubs like Dinamo Zagreb, Nk Osijek, Nk Rijeka, and Hajduk

    Greek league are very special and very important to the game

  9. u should add the swedish 2:nd division (Super ettan)
    cos there are alot of good teams there aswell

  10. Please include qatar as a national team in fifa 20 as they won the asian cup and they played well in copa america

  11. Since south africa held the fifa world cup back in 2010, fifa never put the south african league(PSL) they only put kaizer chiefs and orlando pirates as if they are the only biggest teams in south africa please fifa please put PSL in fifa 20

    1. We want the PSL in FIFA 20 I mean Mamelodi Sundowns went all the way to play the Club World Cup. Fifa, what more do you want???

    2. Am sure it has to do with licensing issues and (probably) Safa’s general lack of leadership and accountability.

  12. -Brasileirão: Serie A (fully licensed)
    -Ukranian Premier League
    -Liga1 Bergenbier (Romania)
    -Super League Greece
    -Segunda Liga Portuguesa
    -Czech Super League
    -Eerste Divisie (Dutch 2nd division)
    -Prva NHL
    -Cypriot First Division
    -AFC Champions League/AFC Cup
    -OFC Champions League
    -Welsh Premier League
    -Copa Movistar
    -Campeonato Uruguayo de Primera División
    -Serie A de Ecuador
    -CAF Champions League/Confederations Cup
    -CONCACAF Champions League
    -Copa Libertadores/Copa Sudamericana
    -Serbian Superliga
    -Israeli Premier League
    -AFC Champions League
    -Iraq Premier League
    -IPL (Indian Premier League)
    -UAE League
    -Egyptian Premier League
    -Botola Pro
    -Campeonato Paraguaio de Futebol
    -ABSA Premiership
    -Thai Premier League
    -TM Super League Malaysia
    -More African, American and Asian Teams in the Rest of World section
    -More National Teams fully licensed
    -AFC Asian Cup
    -CAF (Cup of African Nations)
    -Copa America
    -CONCACAF Gold Cup
    -UEFA Nations League

  13. I would like to add to Fifa 20
    Scottish League 1,2
    Highland League
    Lowland League
    Women’s Super League
    Women’s Championship
    Women’s League 1,2
    Rest of the European Women’s
    Women’s Champions League
    Club World Cup
    Testimonials Matches for Players who have been their for 10 years

    1. Sorry the half of the europa league is filled with random teams that probably never played in the europa league. Also Crvena Zvezda isnt in the game a team that won UCL and qualified for it is replaced by fricking bohemians or Bodoglimt or what ever the frick is their name and you want fricking scotland 4th division. Im not even serbian

  14. I’d very much like to see the South African PSL and the Romanian Liga 1. Besides, they could also consider adding more european clubs (say from Bulgaria, Northern Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Albania, Hungary,….) for the sake of the european competitions.

  15. Greek superleague must be in Fifa 20 !!The level of the championship(14 teams) is very good and better than Denmark Austria and Poland!!

  16. I’m surprised after this long no African league is featured in fifa or this is not for Africa

  17. I think it’s really unfair and racist to Scotland that you have 1 league in Scotland and 4 in England.. At least make it fair and make it 4 league or at least 2 each… I know it comes down to money but come on. Really unfair.

    1. I totally agree with you, they are racist they could at least add the Championship. I am a Dundee United fan and we have been in fifa since fifa 16. So EA if you are reading this get your finger out of your ***

    2. Why can’t we have the full Scottish premiership grounds and Hampden park, it’s far better than Wembley.
      Fifa don’t care less about us Scots, they would rather have a racist game the journey were you are forced to be an african footballer trying to become famous, why can’t they have an English teenager trying to make it

  18. Dear EA sports I know you really don’t give a $&&&$ about ours opinion but …. you put on line vote for new leagues and what ??? You will put Indian league or China 2cond decision only because they are lots ???? I understand for comercial reason you put all that leagues but where is the top 10 leagues off Europe??? WHERE IS THE GREEK LEAGUE FOR GOT SAY … you have a swis league and South Korea Come onnnn

  19. Qatari league the best team is Alsadd 3rd in World Cup for the teams and Qatar in the country that will open 2022 will be in Qatar

  20. Greek league deserves to he in FIFA 20. Every year at least two Greek teams get through to the rounds of 32 or of the 16 in the UEL. This year possibly even more like Olympiakos, AEK, PAOK.

  21. the a-league will be 11 teams for fifa 20 with the introduction of new side western united with fifa 21 a 12th a-league side will be added with macathur fc wherever the league goes to 12 or remains at 11 for fifa depends on what happens to the wellington phoenix

  22. No morocco national team no moroccan league ?? F*** fifa then ! Morocco made the world cup and never gets the respect but yeah lets put india in the f***in game …lazy ass mfers

  23. Copa Libertadores/Copa Sudamerican

    Definitivamente toda sur América está esperando está edición en fifa 20. Sería lo máximo para la historia como usuarios latinos. Muchas gracias.

  24. Greek League
    English 5th League
    Scottish 2nd League
    Portuguese 2nd League
    French 3rd League
    Belgian 2nd League
    Czech League
    Finnish League
    Hungarian League
    Serbian League
    Croatian League
    Romanian League
    Turkish 2nd League
    Cypriot League
    Israeli League
    Ukrainian League
    Russian 2nd League
    Egyptian League
    South African League
    Moroccan League
    Algerian League
    Tunisian League
    CAF Champions League/Confederations Cup
    CONCACAF Champions League
    Copa Libertadores/Copa Sudamericana
    Brazilian League A and B
    Paraguayan League
    Ecuatorian League
    Peruvian League
    Uruguayan League
    J.2 League
    Thai League
    Indian League
    Indonesian League
    Malaysian League
    Iranian League
    Qatari League
    UAE League
    AFC Champions League/AFC Cup
    OFC Champions League
    All national teams
    Classic teams

    1. Don’t forget
      Women’s Super League
      Women’s Championship
      Women’s Champiobs League
      Rest Of the World Women’s League Teams
      Extra Women’s International Teams
      Welsh Premier League
      Scottish Championship
      Scottish League Obe
      Scottish League Two
      Highland League
      Lowland League

      1. i dont think fifa will add womens teams the people has been recommending it for years but its still not there also the welsh league is one of the worst in the world so thats also very unlikely it is possible to have 2nd scottish division but the 3rd is probably not coming and they only add 1 league every year

  25. Pls add
    Indian super league,
    Portugal 2nd league,
    laliga 3rd league,
    France 3rd league,
    Netherland 2nd league

  26. 1st Division of : Greece , Romania , Israel , Finland
    Replace Rest of World by Rest of Europe , Rest of Africa , Rest of Asia

  27. I think you guys should add some African clubs to the game since there are a lot of of Africans that play fifa.

  28. I would like the vanarama league in fifa 20 and the Scottish championship in aswell it be great to see that happen aswell and all the championship stadiums. It be great to see aswell the non camp and ibrox stadium and Ceitic park

    1. I think that they should add in Tannadice since honestly (not because i am a United fan) Dundee United are a big club in Scotland.

  29. it can be good also to have a South Africa league in the game. like EA are the sponsors of one the teams in South Africa and that teams have been in the game for some years now so seeing other South African teams there would be great and South Africa has held once a world cup tournament

    1. The Mexican second league is the league that we the Mexicans have been waiting for in every FIFA video game. It’s not fare that the European leagues have second division leagues and Mexico doesn’t have a second league. If you add the Mexican second division league, it will be more entertaining for the Mexican FIFA players. I hope that everybody reads this comment and chooses this league.

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