Vote for FIFA 20 Leagues

FIFA 20 Leagues

Which leagues should be playable in FIFA 20?

Vote now for the leagues you would like to have in the next FIFA franchise game, FIFA 20. Show EA Sports which leagues should be officially licensed for the upcoming FIFA game.

Cast your vote here at this page show your support for your favourite football league!

Is your favorite league not in the vote list? No problem! You can ask us to add it to the list by either contacting us directly or writing it on our Facebook page.

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Which Leagues Should be Licensed for FIFA 20?

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3,654 thoughts on “Vote for FIFA 20 Leagues

  1. We are want to the turkish 1. lig wew are not win euro 2024 but we are win in fifa 2020 other leuge they do not necessary turkish 1. lig have a lot of big team like Eskişehirspor Are you watch eskişehirspor supporter you should watch this is translate fifa 20 tff 1. lig olmuyacak sebebi sizin gibi türk düşmanı islamafobik alçaklar bizi istemiyorsunuz siz tff 1. lig birinci olsa bile getirmezsiniz suudi amerika liglerini istemiyoruz bu kadar az oyun olmasının sebebi bunu türklere tam olarak duyurmayışınızdır eğer bunu okuyan azeri kırgız kazak uygur özbek türkü kardeşlerim hep beraber birlik olup tff 1. ligi getirelim

  2. كل الدوريات بلاضافة الى دورى ابطال افريقيا و دورى ابطال امريكا وكاس العالم للاندية

  3. Tschechische rumänische griechische liga und Champions League und europa league quali so wie es tatsächlich ist

  4. Any African league. Africa is the only continent without a league. I know I said any and I still stand by that, but my preference though would be the Zambian league/ South African league

  5. Please vote for English football league on FP for fifa 20 game so it can be on fifa 20 the barckleys women super league

  6. ان شاء الله يحطون دوري الإماراتي في فيفا20 انتو قدها صوتو لدوري اماراتي يا شباب اذا صوتو تقدرون تصوتون مره ثانيه ❤️ دخيلكم ياشباب

  7. Vote for the Czech League.
    The Czech Republic is in central Europe and the Czech league is very good
    Every year we have teams in the Euro Tournaments! Sparta Prague Slavia Prague Victoria Pilsen Jablonec Banik Ostrava are very good teams!
    The Czech League must be at FIFA 20
    so let us vote, let’s go up the Czech league at the top

  8. Hello … we kindly ask for the Czech league .. If you think .. so it’s not a bad idea .. every year we end up voting very high .. Another thing is quality which in our highest competition is .. Slavia Prague got to the quarterfinals EL .. This year they are fighting two Champions League clubs and three other clubs for the European League. We are a small state but with a big heart .. we deserve to have Czech league in FIFA 2020 because we have quality and very attractive football ..think about it .. I’m talking about tens of thousands of people, maybe hundreds of thousands of what they would buy the game. because either we drink 😀 or we’re on consoles. Have a nice day…

  9. Please add to FIFA 20!
    The Czech League!
    The Romanian League!
    The Bulgarian League!
    Greek League !!!

    For FIFA 20 to be fun and fun. You have a license for the Champions League and Europa League !!!

    Add more leagues – Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Greek

  10. Romanian league and FIFA 20 will explode,there would be a lot more players plus Romania has a lot of professional FIFA players that are playing on a really high level. Romanian teams even tho we don’t qualify every time in the groups of champions League we are a decent league and we want it on FIFA 20.

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