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FIFA 20 Leagues

Which leagues should be playable in FIFA 20?

Vote now for the leagues you would like to have in the next FIFA franchise game, FIFA 20. Show EA Sports which leagues should be officially licensed for the upcoming FIFA game.

Cast your vote here at this page show your support for your favourite football league!

Is your favorite league not in the vote list? No problem! You can ask us to add it to the list by either contacting us directly or writing it on our Facebook page.

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Which Leagues Should be Licensed for FIFA 20?

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2,978 thoughts on “Vote for FIFA 20 Leagues

  1. What is the point of this anyway? It’s 2019 and still not even an african league or even an Afican Nations Cup. Fifa 19 was historically terrible btw.

    1. Definitely. Don’t know why they ask if they never listen to the fanbase, especially career mode community.

      They only care about FUT cause it gives them money.

  2. I hope malaysia league will be add to the fifa 2020
    Im malaysia supporter from England
    Btw….malaysia league is on number 2 among all asian league…this is official

  3. Quisiera que incluyeran packs de divisiones inferiores como complementos adicionales y que fueran de pago mediante contenido descargable, por ejemplo.

    Spanish Lower divisions
    England Lower divisions
    Germany lower divisions
    France lower divisions
    Italy lower divisions

  4. Pienso que sería bueno que incluyeran la Concachampion. Y asi incluir varios equipos de centro América y vsrias ligas.

  5. To all FIFA’s fans around the world and also malaysian…please vote and support malaysian is because that league are so great which JDT are first club in malaysia advanced to AFC Champions League(ACL)…and also Selangor which are the first team in malaysia make debut in asian club championship(remake as ACL)…and the first team in malaysia advanced to please hopefully yours…vote malaysian league…i want to play jdt selangor in fifa20…tq

    1. Please put South African league cause in FIFA 18 was realesed FIFA took out a stament saying South African league will be put in FIFA 20 please put it in

    1. saya setuju…honestly..ada bbrapa benda yg saya rasa suka dgn liga di Indonesia..pertama, fasiliti stadium yg benar..kedua..byk club local di indonesia…sampaikan liga 1 indonesia lambat habis…and finally, fans club yg hardcore…

    1. Primero que nada:Que les pasa?!!! ¿Como que la SUPERLIGA INDONESIA va ganando?!!
      Con todo respeto pero esa liga tiene nivel bajo, la media de los equipos va a ser peor que los equipos de la 4TA DIVISIÓN INGLESA o a lo mejor serán mejores pero no pasaran del nivel de la 3RA DIVISIÓN ALEMANA O 3RA DIVISIÓN INGLESA ¿Que nos va a aportar esa liga en los modos de juego?nada!!! y hablo por el continente americano no se que les parezca a los europeos.Y digo que va aportar en cualquier modo de juego de FIFA 20?.A nadie le va importar esa liga mas que a los asiáticos,no se que planes tienen uds los de EA.Yo creo que quieren conseguir y poner en fifas siguientes la licencia de la AFC CHAMPIONS LEAGUE metiendo ligas asiáticas poco a poco,esta bien, pero mejor pongan una liga mas competitiva como la LIGA PREMIER DE EGIPTO o la LIGA ÁRABE DEL GOLFO de EAU ya por lo menos no?.

      Soy del continente americano como es posible que no se fijen en Sudamérica o Norte y Centroamérica que es donde también tienen un numero increíble de fans. Preocúpense también por el continente americano que también queremos licencias de competencias internacionales o mas ligas Norte,Centro y Sudamericanas para jugar y divertirnos con la emoción de tener ligas americanas en las que competir, y aparte porque hay mejor nivel y mejores jugadores en América para FUT que en las ligas asiáticas donde nadie va escoger esos jugadores o equipos de menor nivel.

      Automatically Translated:
      First of all: What’s wrong? !!! As the INDONESIAN SUPERLIGA is winning? !!
      With all due respect but that league has a low level, the average of the teams will be worse than the teams of the 4th ENGLISH DIVISION or maybe they will be better but they will not exceed the level of the 3rd GERMAN DIVISION OR 3rd ENGLISH DIVISION What is going to contribute that league in the game modes? nothing! and I am talking about the American continent, I do not know what the Europeans look like. And I say that it will contribute in any game mode of FIFA 20? .Nobody will care about that league more than Asians, I do not know what plans you have. I think that they want to get and give the following AFC CHAMPIONS LEAGUE franchises by entering Asian leagues little by little, that’s fine, but better put a more competitive league like the EGYPT PREMIER LEAGUE or the GULF ARAB LEAGUE UAE already at least no ?.

      I am from the American continent as it is possible that they do not look at South America or North and Central America, which is where they also have an incredible number of fans. Take care also for the American continent that we also want licenses of international competitions or more North, Central and South American leagues to play and have fun with the excitement of having American leagues in which to compete, and apart because there is better level and better players in America for FUT that in the Asian leagues where nobody will choose those players or teams of lower level.

      1. Hhahah,, better u watch ultras Garuda ,bonek mania , brigata curva sud, the jak , aremania,viking, Bobotoh on YouTube !!!! Then u know fans Indonesia !!!! Don’t talk much about shit if u dont know anything

  6. Please not indonesia i dont like indonesia league because about ball people are died indonesia is KILLER LEAGUE! And too many player at league indonesia i not know and dont want know i hope my league south america if cannot or another people not vote i hope malaysia league is better and i know 1 or more malaysian player like safawe rasid or another player TQ.

  7. Please add historical teams specially from South America, no one cares about league like Indonesia, India or teams like that. They support Premier League teams, they just win the survey because they have more population. You must add historical team like: Peñarol, Nacional, Olimpia, Liga de Quito. All of them are Libertadores winners that diserve to be at the game.

    If you care about the historical teams and not just money you must add teams like this.

    If your purpose is to improve the teams and not just money, you must put South American teams. Is stupid to have the England 4th division and not the South America first leagues. If you don’t want to add all the league, you must add in the rest of the world part teams like: Peñarol, Nacional, Olimpia, LDU Quito. This teams had won the Libertadores, if you care about the game you must add teams like this

  8. Quisiera que aunque no ganará la Liga salvadoreña quisiera que la licenciaran para disfrutar de los equipos del salvador para la fifa 20 porque somos muchas personas salvadoreñas que jugamos el fifa y nos gustaría mucho que añadireran la Liga salvadoreña y disfrutar muchas gracias espero que tomen en cuenta mi comentario

    Espero que en algún futuro la Liga salvadoreña este en la saga fifa y disfrutar de nuestros equipos porque somos varias personas que queremos la Liga salvadoreña en la saga fifa espero que en un futuro este

  9. Que licencien la segunda división de méxico, así mismo por completo la liga mx con todos los estadios y rostros

  10. Semoga liga Malaysia ataupun Indonesia BISA masuk di FIFA 20 biar ada liga Asia tenggara lumayan kan liga kita BISA dikenal luas oleh dunia.setuju gak?

    1. For MALAYSIAN AND all around the world. …please support “Malaysian leagues”..that is because that league are so great which are JDT advanced to AFC Champions League(ACL)…so i hope you malaysia leagues because it is better than indonesian leagues…support JDT at ACL…i want to see JDT,Selangor and all club in malaysian leagues advanced to fifa20…vote…tq

  11. MUST HAVE in FIFA20


    Ukrainian Premier League (9th league in Europe – UEFA Ranking)
    Greece Super League (14th league in Europe – UEFA Ranking)
    Croatia League (16th league in Europe – UEFA Ranking)
    Czech Republic League (17th league in Europe – UEFA Ranking)
    Cyprus League (18th league in Europe – UEFA Ranking)

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