FIFA 20 – How to Qualify for the FUT Champions Weekend League

FUT Champions League Qualification Tips

FUT Champions is an online divisional competition mode in FUT 20 which is available on the weekend as the qualification rounds for Division Rivals mode. Qualifying for a FUT Champions weekend league round is a big deal. Here we are going to review the tasks which will help you to qualify for a weekend league faster.

Play Division Rivals

Division Rivals are the qualification part for the FUT Champs Weekend League. You need to earn 2,000 FUT Champion Points to qualify for a Weekend League. Wins will give you the most FUT Champ Points while a loss will give you the least. Your points are carried over to the next weekly round until you make 2,000 and register for a Weekend League.

Learn more on Division Rivals if you are not much familiar with it.

Win and Collect FUT Champ Points

In order to qualify to a FUT Champions Weekend League, you need to collect 2,000 FUT Champion Points. To collect this amount of points faster, you need to achieve more wins from Division Rivals matches. Each win could give you 500 FUT Champion Points, which means for Weekend League qualification, 50 wins can directly qualify you to a coming Weekend League.

Try to win all of your matches you play. Even a loss will cause you earn some FUT Champ Points.

The table below shows you the multiplier points and the points you can get when you complete a Rival match depending on your division:

Division 01020304050607080910
Multiplier Points
Points per Win 50025012580655040302520
Points per Draw 200100503226201612108
Points per Loss 100502416149866 4

You will rewarded at the end of a Division Rival round (which happened every Thursday) with FUT Champ Points. Here is the list of FUT Champions Points rewards based on the Division and Ranking:

Rank I 0 750 375 240 195 100 80 60 25 20
Rank II 0 500 250 160 130 50 40 30 0 0
Rank III 500 250 125 80 65 0 0 0 0 0
Rank IV 250 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

As you can see, depending on your Division and your current ranking in Rivals mode, you will get rewarded with FUT Champ points every week when the Division Rivals rewards are assigned to you.

The higher division you are in and the higher ranking you reach, the better will be assigned to you. These rewards include FUT Champ Points as well. You will be able to get from 20 to 500 FUT Champ Points from the weekly rivals rewards.

Register for FUT Champions Weekend League

Once you collected 2,000 FUT Champ points, the registration will be available for you. You can register you club for the coming FUT Champions Weekend League or next ones. Keep that in mind if you keep your qualification to register for a later Weekend League than the current or coming one, your next FUT Champ points won’t be added or kept as a new qualification points until you register for previous qualification.

Play the Weekend League and Get FUT Champ Points

By playing a weekend league itself you will be able to get FUT Champs Points as rewards. FUT Champions competitions has tiers as well. The higher rank you get the better rewards you get. These rewards included FUT Champions Points. Here is the list of these points by ranking:

Rank FUT Champions Points Reward
Elite 1 2,000
Elite 2 2,000
Elite 3 2,000
Gold 1 2,000
Gold 2 2,000
Gold 3 2,000
Silver 1 2,000
Silver 2 1,000
Silver 3 1,000
Bronze 1 500
Bronze 2 500
Bronze 3 250

So to conclude, playing Division Rivals and FUT Champs matches will cause you to earn FUT Champions Points and wins will increase the amount of these points. Rewards for weekly rounds in both Division Rivals and FUT Champions competitions, contain FUT Champions Points which will help you to qualify to a weekend league without playing more matches.

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  1. I registered my 2000 division rivals points in fifa 21 to play fut champs but I was going away so I couldn’t play it. Because I didn’t play at all does it register me for the next weekend league, or do I still get some kind of reward for registering in the first place

  2. I received 2000 fut champions points last week as I reached Gold 3, in Fifa 20
    All of a sudden I can’t see my earned point and all I see is the points that I’ve earned from few rival matches this week.


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