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  1. Where to begin, probably by saying I was a fan especially of Ultimate team before Fifa 20.
    To start getting to the huge amount of bugs that are there during the game, there is the fact that I probably play against teams that weren’t “pokémon” teams, by that I mean I am still in division 10/9 and yet I still always face teams that have teams full of special cards (that on top of being good players get every single lucky bounce and the ref decisions). Then they decided to change the way you pick the jersey which means you almost end up with very similar jerseys or surprisingly the other jersey from your club.
    I feel if I had to write every bug there is it would take too long such as the impossibility of realising simple passes, lob passes, playing defence. Then the surprising lucky bounce for failed passes or shots that seem to always bounce the most impossible direction possible (usually in the feet of the opponent) and especially when you pass back to the goalkeeper and he tries to clear it and it bounces right into the player so he can score.
    In addition, the complete lack of logical moving when the player does not go to the ball or the goalkeeper does not try to stop the ball from going into a corner.
    As a conclusion, I think that is the worse Fifa that has ever been released and if I knew I would have not wasted my money on it.

  2. The game is beyond repair in it’s present state but I doubt the corporate billionaires will ever admit they deliberately and blatantly cheat their customers and state that they will ensure there is no dda or handicap in future editions.
    I Finished Elite 2 on Squad battles earlier today winning a couple on ultimate difficulty then made the mistake of playing rivals straight after and immediately felt the bullshit as my opponent was allowed to waltz through my team and score with every shot while I struggled to create openings.
    The AI pulls your players out of position in ridiculous fashion – I can defend like a boss offline because my players are always where I want them and they also make good runs and create space in attack so that I can carve out chances.
    I will never playing WL again (or buy another Fifa title) until I see people on forums saying EA (Evil Arseholes) have done away with handicap!
    Campaign Against Living Miserably??
    Don’t make me laugh EA you are part of the problem as things stand not the solution!
    Sort it and give us a fair game for the money and time we all invest in your product it’s unacceptable and consumer rights should be stepping in if you don’t
    I won’t hold my breath though…horrendous game made by greedy vultures.

  3. HIGHLY recommend having an autosave function. Multiple times I get kicked off the internet or server and lose all the points I would gain from playing! Fix it please.

  4. The worst game ever and wasting my money buying this stupid game. The animation worse the game worse so hard to control and damage the ps4 console. Do not know what the intentions of this version. Consider it stupid and idiot ever game created.

  5. Am writing on here as someone who’s witnessed what this games doing to my 14year old son. The game needs a serious investigation, it’s quite clear that it’s influencing gambling, stress and severe anger to the young teens addicted to this corrupted game. Every day for the last 3 weeks am hearing and seeing my son destroy objects in his room, before he plays the game he’s his happy self after playing this game his whole mood changes no other game makes him feel this way and from the evidence he shows me it’s obvious that EA are purposely rigging games in favour for the fifa point buyers, what kind of game purposely plays against you to make you lose how do they get away with it, my son was trying To sneak my credit card last week to buy points, I was fuming as any father would be but I kind of understood the situation he was in it was like he felt he had no other way to get better, he sees all his mates with the best teams after constantly buying points and he wants to able to compete, but when he try’s to grind the honest way the game just doesn’t allow him to win any games he’s a decent player he’s played the game for long enough to know the mechanics, the game is designed to make you feel like there’s no other way but to buy points it’s morally wrong on all levels they nerf your team And pair you with the best teams so you feel there’s no hope it’s disgusting and I feel for all the young teens hooked on this pile of shit. I had to confiscate the console seeing how much damage it has caused in the household hopefully I will start to see my proper son again, and my relationship will start to heal as my sons behaviour was causing rows with my partner, it’s quite sad that we in 2020 apparently this scripting, momentum has been going on for years and EA have not been investigated for misleading wrong advertisement etc they should be charged
    After seeing the damage this game has caused in My household I will take ever step possible to take this further and see what next steps I can take to try and get this story out, it needs to be in every national paper, every person out there need to understand that EA are damaging young children’s health and promoting gambling not only as the game destroying my sons health but it was completely changing him as a person making him an angry disrespectful person, the sooner Ea start to understand that it’s not all about money the better because it’s impacting people life’s at home

  6. This FIFA has to be the absolute worst in the series…
    – There has to be scripting at levels ive never seen before.
    – One day i sit down and play and win 10 straight games and make the opponent rage quit 7 out of ten times. The following day i sit down again thinking “maybe i should play some more, yesterday was fun”, only to sit down to play another ten games, ending up with 10 losses. maybe i just turned really really bad overnight?
    – how about, in WL, matching opponents a little more? i dont spend money on packs (at least not a lot) and end up with a relatively ok+ team eventually. but EA thinks it is amusing putting me up against a complete TOTS-team including neymar, messi, mbappe and ronaldo. but hey, thats fair isnt it?
    – one of the most annoying things are the stats. let me use one example of the worst player to play against, ben yedder. yes i know his stats says he is agile and he has many shiny stars, but 10/10 physical duels against my flashback miranda with 99 strength, guess who loses? you guessed right, miranda… whats up with stats that dont mean anything anymore? i just played a game where i came through on goal with TOTS teixeira with 99 pace. guess who catches up with him in a couple of yards? base card Thiago silva….
    – the list goes on of things i think really has gone worse in this game. i really hope EA stop thinking just about money and getting the most money from their users and try, once again, to make a decent game about football

  7. Wow. What an awful game this is. The AI in this game is a joke, the defending AI stand 10 yards away from their players. full backs are never in correct positions. The CBs just let people move past and never track any runs. Goalkeeping on this is so inconsistent aswell, one game your GK will play great, the next will make you want to quick sell him. The attacking AI isn’t any better either, if you try to counter attack no runs are made and all your other players move so slowly it breaks the attack. It’s made for the players that want to play keep ball around the opponents box waiting for one little run. It’s boring, it’s terrible and if fifa 21 is the same I will not be buying it. I have Totssf Messi and he gets easily outpaced by 70 paced cbs like Maguire totssf and hummels totssf. The game isn’t fun and hasn’t been for a couple of years.

  8. U should make some mends on fut especially on tot they have glitches. Im not enjoying my fifa and at carrier mode the are some manager clothing that are like glitches

  9. I have played and enjoyed EA Fifa Games for many years, but this one is really not as enjoyable. I am sad I spent money on it. I love futbol and this game is making me question my love of the sport, is the sport really as boring and ridiculously lopsided as the AI and this game portrays…maybe. After 30 years of being a rabid Champions League fan….I may be losing interest b/c of this game…just wow…did not expect this internal response to a video game. You all have really done something wrong here.

  10. I have played fifa 20 mobile and to be honest it let me down.those were the times were fifa was played for entertainment and intense football but this game is irritating.passing is horrible,shooting is not correct at times,no matter whom you tackle you wont get the ball always but when you get tackled the AI gets it,vs attack matchmaking is ridiculous and unfair,no matter how much big rated team you defeat in world tour you will get only 70 ovr player always except legends chapter,it is really irritating to play scripted matches against top rated teams with tasks also to be completed is not tempting or challenging but irritating to play like this.if you have money you are vip to fifa but players who dont use money are betrayed.fif
    a 14 to fifa 16 were not just games they were Real football.If you are heart patient or even if you are not dont play this has ability to take a life of a true football fan who like football games.there are some good things too in this game but i dont want to tell as it is a bait for other football lovers who want to play this the barbie game bcuz it may not have the thing like fifa but i promise you will have a smile at the end of this game than playing fifa.

  11. Where do I start? There is so much wrong with this game that it’s become stressful. Those times when you couldn’t wait to get your hands on the new fifa are long gone. Now it’s more like, “ahhh bet is the same crap from last year.” Fifa has gone from good (2010) to horrible (2020). The passing is a joke. The ball control is horrendous. Those lob through passes are overpowered. The glitching has gone too far. The skill required in this game to take the ball away from your opponent online is a joke that I bet my grandma is able to do it and she’s blind. This game feels like you’re playing FIFA 20 Ice Hockey edition. Anybody can beat anybody in this game online. No skill is required because AI will help those who are horrible be able to score and get the ball. Been playing fifa since 05 and 19 and 20 have been the worse fifa years of my life playing this platform. Hope you go bankrupt EA for this criminal game.

  12. Dear fifa,
    This is a very poor attempt of capturing something, that is beautiful. If it’s not the game mechanics letting you down ie defending, shooting direction, command delays and the refs are just pure nonsense at the best of tines. Also I’m sick of being matched with people with poor connection speed. In any good games you can see your opponent’s ping before you play?? This game is meant to make you happy! It does the opposite. The creators should be ashamed and fix it. Boooo!

  13. Possibly the worst ever fifa game ever

    The defending Mechanic’s on this game is diabolical you can’t tackle for shit while the opposition are making tackles left right and centre passing on here is crap also penalties and free kicks are woeful corners it’s hard to score handballs are never given what so ever even though I’ve turned them on please sort this out and if Fifa 21 is anything like I won’t be buying it

  14. Lots of good feedback here already, but here it goes;
    1. More career mode customisation, especially with youth players. Full edit mode for these ‘auto generated players’ such as;
    a. Gamer ability to change hair/face/height etc.
    b. Introduce tattoos into the game. You’ve obviously already done the hard work by putting in game, now allow gamers to put a sleeve or neck tat on their recently scouted superstar.
    c. Ability to edit celebrations etc in game (I.e. in career mode),
    d. Ability to change their name. It’d be cool to get your created player from Brazil (with 4 names) down to one nickname. The game literally already has that option in the main screen… put it in career mode ‘edit player’.
    2. Stadium editor / creator. I won’t elaborate as hundreds of people have already pleaded this case.
    3. More freedoms with ‘upload features’. This would be a good work around for some of your licensing problems. I’d love to create camp nou or juventus kits and then upload for the world.
    4. Even more depth built into player transactions, front load / back load contracts etc…
    5. Flamengo and Colo Colo back pls. (See Q3. Let gamers customise and upload updates team lists.
    >>> In game <<<
    6. Bring back referee strictness. I know developers strive for a perfect football simulation, but some of us like the arcade feel of highly customised games to suit out appetite.
    7. Bring back ‘enter sim’ im one who likes to progress career modes well into the 20’s (sometimes 30’s) and that enter sim mode that used to be available allowed griders like me to be involved with more games over a faster simulated season.

    That’s my feedback 🙂

    Just elaborating in Q7 – Personally, what I miss more than ever (comparing to the really early FIFA titles) is in career mode, entering a sim 1-0 down at the hour mark, doing the subs, and pushing to get a point out of the match (or go bang bang for the win).

    1. It sound like you really like fifa mate. Have you actually played it? Your eyes must be painted on. I think instead of getting a bit aroused and warm inside about a game. You should go get a bird

  15. The damage that the Ultimate Team game mode will be doing to the mental health in young men will be exposed, its only a matter of time! It is designed to f**k with mind & keep you addicted. This is not entertainment it is an addiction for a lot of players and is doing more harm that good! The game is rigged to the core for a reason!

  16. The worst FIFA ever made , playing career mode all the defenders for the opposing teams are always super , you will hardly score a header , the passing mechanics is shit especially 1-2 passing , AI wins all 50/50 challenges, refereeing is the worst so far , AI teams passing is so perfect , their defending is perfect they make almost 1000 interceptions per game and 200 block shots the game is so unrealistic I regret purchasing this shitty game

    1. Dude, sometimes the referee just looks over handballs even though I’ve switched it on. Corners are difficult because it suddenly a feels like I’m playing against a back four of Maldini and Ramos during a corner. Every keeper seems to be Buffon or something.

  17. Ultimate Team is crap,

    I spend most of the time going up and down in skill points in division 10 because I get matched against ridiculous teams with players which I can’t dream of affording.

    It takes months to get into champions weekend and the whole game mode leaves me disappointed with the game.

    Sort it out FIFA

  18. When game decided you are going to score or win,believe me you are going score or win…who made this game alfred Hitchcock?????

  19. EA, can you please make the points tallies of the teams more realistic. For example, you could have a 4th place team getting 90 points and this goes for all the top leagues and it takes over an r close to 100 points to win the league every year. So much scripting as well.

  20. The worst Fifa yet… I don’t think I’ve seen anything more incorrect on any game than the passing mechanics on Fifa 20. The game is so rigged from start to finish I don’t see the point in playing. Over the top balls simply don’t work and no long does the making runs button. Simply don’t understand how in the 20+ years of Fifa EA have managed to make the worst one yet in 2020. Kids crying. UT is so rigged for people who’ve spent more money on the game rather than skill. I think this game is good only for virgins. There’s so much wrong with the game I’ve not mentioned simply because There is too much.

  21. I play career mode the most. I wish i could have live chat with someone with so many things that can be improved on the game. Simple things.
    1. So now i have a player i got on loan and I’m interested in keeping but guess what? I have no options to do anything about, what is worse is the message i get from the game about this player. Like i must renew his contract or offer him to another club as part of a swap deal. HOW???
    2. Another thing that should be available is a option to buy boots for development players.

  22. This game every years worst… what was amazing about fifa is the freedom and reality … i really dono who developed this game do they really know football or they play golf maybe… i never saw football match a winger fly away amd the left or right back are walking and watching him pass by … you see your CDM walking when the attacker os even next to him you tell him stay back while attacking still he will be walking around when u are defending … all the players became messi you cant take the ball from them .. i think they should call it freestyle football of juat fifa street.. rest in peace fifa … and fire the developers please

    1. The game is trash you go 3-0 up and then it’s like nope we’re not gona let you won, every f*****g time the players just decide they can’t play, can’t make a 2 yard pass, can’t get up after making a block, can’t tackle, can’t shoot, can’t even hold there position the game is a scripted mess

  23. Nao tem como joga este fifa jogo modo pró clubs modo competitivo .nao tem como joga passe não vai se vc joga no passe assistido esta mesma coisa que joga no manual estamina cai total em 2 minuto de partida só erro em cima de erro .conclusão tenta joga PES20 que porcaria por porcaria vo joga PES20

  24. Disgusting company advertising calm campaigns for mental health when all this game does is create anger, depression, addiction, making its players feel suicidal through it’s horrible scripting, manipulation, nerfing players and game changing glitches deep routed in the game.
    They have the cheek to advertise keep calm campaigns when the games the most corrupted game on any platform I have ever witnessed in my life, tired of my players feeling similar to bronze players, tired of being through on goal to being karate kicked in the air and no penalties given, tired of dominating games constantly and not being rewarded with a win, tired of players missing one on ones when through on goal, tired of seeing content creators packing prime icons and Toty players constantly to me never ever packing a decent player.
    EA JUST *** OFF AND GO AWAY we all tired of your antics, it’s clear you don’t give a **** about your player base scheming ways to make as much as you can, absolute parasites, never thought Fifa 19 would get any worse but this has got to be the most blatant scripting piece of *** game I have ever played in my life it’s disgusting
    I could actually feel my players being slowed down to let an attacker through on goal in fut champs earlier on to score in the 90th minute and we meant to stay calm especially after dominating the opponent it’s unrewarding and NOT FAIR!!!!! this year was the last straw for me, scheming the community like they have this year with the diabolical gameplay and blatant scripting, never ever touching a FIFA product ever again
    How they have gotten away what they are doing is beyond belief somebody seriously needs to take this company down once and for all it’s sickening

    1. EA … what have you done?

      Since the latest patch that was meant to only address the LA Liga issues – well well well seriously what have you done.

      The game is now so unplayable. It’s so slow all you can do is keep possession and pass pass pass until you can find an opening and guess what that’s exactly what your opponent does too as there is no other way to win.

      The game now has no fun at all just a stress fess. Gamers are now losing patience and no longer playing. Also due to the absurdly low pack rate and the disgusting idea of giving out untradable packs grinding the game menus is also no fun. I fear this is the end of a game I use to enjoy!

  25. Honestly it’s the WORST fifa they’ve made FUT is the most scripted game mode in the world. It’s just comical tbh. E.A are shite.

  26. Have any of y’all realized that in career mode , if you list a player for transfer or for loan that they are stuck in that state and can’t get unlisted

  27. I’m a player that buys this every game since 2013.
    But the difference of attention between Europe leagues in comparison with Latin leagues is ridiculous.
    I’ll take the Liga MX for example.
    You cannot sign with players that play on Europe.
    Even if their contract is going to the end.
    Even if we have money to finish with this negotiation.
    If you win the league, clausura or apertura, the money prize is horrible.

    The league is poor about the crowd sounds and animations. We don’t have the Latin sounds and we don’t have the strips of each team on liga MX.

    Liga MX and MLS don’t have a North America tournament.

    Liga do Brasil is horrible.
    Liga Argentina is broken without River Plate and Boca Juniors
    Chilean league is broken without Colo Colo.

    So, the game is missing a lot of details that in my opinion are disrespectful for the loyal players of this franchise.
    This details are not so difficult to solve.


  28. Yeah I agree with a lot of these comments.
    There are so many things wrong with the game, I play career mode a lot (dont judge I just dont like FUT, or paying money for a game I’ve already spent money on).
    But they have stripped so much away from the development side of career and replaced them with being able to change what the manager looks like and repetitive press conferences. Honestly, its shambolic!

    THE REFEREES ARE BIAS!! So many times I’ve been 1 on 1, been slide tackled from behind, no contact, absolute stone wall red card . . . . . nothing, not even a foul.
    I could spend hours writing up a detailed feedback/complaints letter. But are EA going to do anything about it? Ha

    1. For me FUT is ***. Unless you’re willing to put in unreasonable hours or spend a lot of your own cash you aren’t getting anything from the mode. It’s just not fun anymore.

      It is impossible to build a team if you play the game casually. My current side has an 89 ovr rating. Fairly decent, no TOTS or special cards. Just made up of solid premier league players. I consider myself a half decent fifa player. Usually flirting around Div 2/3 without spending a penny nor having extravagant cards. But this year it is impossible to move past Div 7 with my usual methods.

      It is so obvious, the link between money spent and in game success, that I am shocked it hasn’t been officially looked into. I understand in game purchases to unlock new content but to enable players to buy their way to success goes against what FUT was all about. I despise this mode now and unless a major overhaul is announced next year I’ll not bother with Fifa 21. I doubt I’ll be alone.

      It’s a shame because this was the mode that converted many PES players, myself included. And it used to be brilliant fun. As did the game in general. Now it has taken itself too seriously and sold it’s soul. Hopefully PES can mount a resurgence because I won’t be supporting EA’s greed anymore.

      1. 100% agree mate. Im stuck in div 7 and every single game in rivals i seem to be up against 4 team of the season so far players mixed in with 4 icons, C. Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar jrn. Good luck climbing out of there with standard players due to my refusal to use my own money.
        Every time I grind and grind and grind to get a pack I receive Diego Castro from the Perth glory. Wow, that will be a good match up Vs CR7
        I’ve played this game religiously and never packed anything worth mentioning. Kinda over it now.

    2. You are very right , the AI hardly gets a booking for the same challenges which you get a booking they tackle careless through out the game and they don’t get booked

  29. Absolutely trash game. How the can recycle the same game every year but consistently make it worse every time is beyond me. Why should the feel of my team change depending on the level of the opponent I’m playing? Why does playing single player against the AI feel like the physics of the game are rigged in the AI’s favour?
    I really feel like they need to just start from scratch with this game or have some kind of mass overhaul of all of the mechanics of the game. The graphics look good but the animations look dated and tacky.
    Not happy at all with this piece of trash

  30. This game is the only game that gets me angry, throwing my controllers at the wall, punching doors.

    I will never play this game ever again, I had to sell it to stop myself getting tempted – cause every single time it ends the exact same way, with stress and anger.

    The fun was taken out of fifa back in about Fifa 14, 15

    I’m in division 7 in Ultimate Team with an 80 OVR team, every single game i come up against 90+ OVR teams, and I still end up being better than my opponenet in terms of skill.

    I end up losing because even on a 10ms wired connection, Fifa is the ONLY game that has lag issues, my game is always laggy. And one minute I have the ball, it lags, freezes, and next thing you know BOOM the opponent has scored, while my screen wasn’t even moving. Unfair matchmaking, awful servers, too easy to get a 90+ OVR team (everyone has them), and the game is just not fun anymore.

    They don’t care about the players. Name another game where the reviews everyone is saying “it made me suicidal”

    That says enough. Some people hate presidents and governments, I hate the fact that greedy selfish companies like EA are allowed to extort people like this and people accept a shit game.

    I wish someone else would have the licensing to make us a decent fifa game, ultimate tema

    1. Nice comment you have feedback come to the point where you have damage your controller it happen to me and to tell you the truth i have destroyed my controller like number of them which i unable to count how many i have destroy playing FIFA 2020 alone. It is a record i spend more money just to replace my controller. What i think this EA people trying to make money from us by forcing use to destroy our controller when they game have it ways to make someone super angry. I agree i have been angry with this FIFA2020 almost destroy my TV together with it. So much of piss off which i think sometime you can accept the call and tackle they do which dont even call it as foul but when you do the same method way it is call as foul. How smart this EA people are.

  31. The game is absolutely shocking. I had an open goal aiming the joystick to the right corner and my player put it wide. This game is suicidal and do not recommend playing it unless you want to lose brain cells

  32. This game is terrible I’ve played FIFA since 2001, in FIFA 19 I was in division 1 on online and in fifa 20 I can’t even get out of division 7 it’s a bull sh*t game il be smashing someone 4-0 for most of the game and then all of a sudden my players are slow can’t pass a ball fall over shocking at tackling and I get beat 5-4 how does that even work the game glitches all the time and it’s shocking, got that mad with it I’ve snapped the disc and I won’t be buying FIFA again and wasting my money on such a bull crap game I would rather buy an £900 phone that doesn’t work than buy this crap again.

    1. Absolutely you right players getting slow can’t pass can’t ran its fixed game it’s all about money any time spend money and get some thing in packs players come fast

    1. I agree my. This Fifa2020 is absolutely disgusting it makes me sick. Constantly restarting again and again, due to freezing. I curse the creators! never played such a ridiculous game of Fifa. I spit at fifa what a garbage game!!!

  33. This game makes me want to suicide please don’t play this terrible game for the good of your mental health

  34. Games a joke, shooting is awful unless you shoot front post which is overpowered and people who throw money into the game with 10 team of the seasons score no matter where from the passing is terribly inaccurate the first touch on some players are a joke keepers are only good when the game is scripted, worst FIFA I’ve ever played and I didn’t think it could get worse from last year. Don’t mind losing to players who are actually better but when you’ve 15 shots and they have 2 and beat you 1-0 that’s when you start losing interest. Make the game fair and not for just people who can spend thousands into the game. (Moneygame)

  35. I have played fifa offline for 10 years but now I will put it in trash. What do you really think you suppose to make it better you really ruined it. Ok you wanted to make it more real that is cool but why this reality is only for gammer. In offline mode it seems as if you are playing with a super hero. The reality in the game in only for player not your opponent that’s something that makes me crazy. first ball thouch is fucking bad and this weakness is only for you. while you are attacking with winger that is a mile a way from defender surprisingly all the time defender can defeat you is it real !!!!? . Unfortunately Game play and logic of game in This game is really Ridiculous

  36. Fifa owners and creators, I hope you are really happy for money you earned for this game, by ruining game and make people angry, stressed, dissapointed and ruining relationships, health and of course pleasure of playing this game. Yeah yeah, you are anyway earning a lot of money so you dont care, however please remember that gamers make you money and make you ,,the best game”. Just to let you know, you are not the best one any longer. I dont understand, even after so many comments still ruining game and this feels you pleasant. I hope you are enjoying all money you earned and dont care any longer about players. Remember, if gamers will stop to play (already happening) not sure how long you can still enjoy that. Focus on the point of the game, why you created it and not for a money. You will earn even without cheating players. I know that nobody will read it and for sure not even care about it. And PS: I’m woman and I do not play this game, however it’s enough what I see around so I do care. Take some time and read comments of the others, if not just check some videos on YouTube of pissed and dissapointed players.

  37. Every online game I play I get smashed by at least 10 goals. I know I’m shit at FIFA, but so must thousands of others, why am I to be be cannon fodder. In reference to your calm campaign, you are making me miserable & suicidal, why do the game mechanics work like this. FYI I a have been depressed most of my life, I have tried to take my own life, and your game/campaign does not help.

  38. Fifa is getting worst and worst over time with the **** “BOTS”. That is the dumbest mistake ever. Come on fifa you can to better than that.

  39. FIFA 20 is trash especially the online player vs player. You know when FIFA does not want you to win because i have hit the post like three times in multiple games and I lose by 1. It is BS. I am never buying another FIFA game after this one. Sometimes you can even get out of your own half and the other team scores. When you tackle the player does not get the ball, he just stands there like WTF! I’m fed up!

  40. Hey fifa makers fix the fucking game if you cant fucking pay us back and dont even create anymore game please you have destroy the EA name for good you asshole who every make this game should have learn how the game are been played not just make for money you dam asshole.

  41. This the the worst FIFA I’ve ever played (since FIFA 10). The passing is incredibly inaccurate and the finishing is the worst I’ve ever experienced. 100% a broken and unplayable game. It isn’t fun anymore.

  42. Fifa sort your game out atm it is terrible i make a good tackle and i get booked
    I sold a player for 20k and didnt get the money from it
    If your not careful nobody is gonna play it sort it out

  43. I don’t really have much to say but it is a shame that the makers of this game have ruined what was once the best. Worst gameplay of any FIFA and to only focus on ultimate team where there is so much more room for improvement in other features is shocking. I hope they get their act together otherwise I just won’t bother getting the next Fifa.

  44. how is the person create this this fifa2020 which dont even know how the referee call. You can allow the player to take down before the ball been touch. not only this you can let the player been taken down than ball been touch that is not even a fault how many time this happen in many game. which stupid person create this all when know this all are fault.On top last man tackle is not a red how this can be done even the ball is for sure going for goal and got 2 defender but still take down the player and no red card. how can this all allow do you know the rules of all this or you just sit can do as you like please get this fixed really making me piss off each time this all happen when we are playing online vs this a lot of user using this as they know it is not a red card when it is should be. fix this all.

  45. This is unfair. You make us learn and get used to playing FIFA a certain way and all of a sudden you make drastic changes. For the first time I have regretted buying FIFA and I was so looking forward to this year especially. It’s very very stressful till it’s no longer a joke, it’s very depressing. You can’t do this it is very unfair. Don’t break our hearts and worse please don’t break us like this. It’s effecting our mental health and behaviours at home. You practice and grind on it for weeks but you know when somethings are not design for you to succeed. You have ruin the gameplay of FIFA. It was going somewhere, some minor tweaks will do but not like this. I hope EA can release a statement to apologize and explain yourself. Stop reading and doing nothing.

  46. In all honesty why does the game have so much SCRIPTING. It’s not hard to tell when your dominating one half and the 2nd half you can’t pass and your players feel like they have cement in their shoes. Like why cant it just be a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. Before kickoff these game are PREDETERMINED. Okay lets say they are not. Then why does so much change from game to game. EA thinks that were dumb and dont notice. Okay lets say we are dumb. Then why are AI players making the worst decisions? i cant tell you how many times i have a 90 composure CB pass back to the keeper to only have the other players attacker trip him up, get the ball back and score. I feel like i’m taking crazy pill. The passing has serious flaws that sometime i want to got manual. The shooting is so Rigged now. Players pace jumps up and down depending on the DYNAMIC DIFFICULTY setting. Why is the game so SCRIPTED. i feel like selling all my players, getting money back staring a new account with a new name. Honestly i feel i would do better with an all gold team then having this super 87 rating team with all 48 rated bronze bench.

  47. good afternoon EA, I didn’t come to complain, I just ask that you please fix the delay, my internet is very good and it’s fiber optic, since when I started playing this FIFA I never got past the bronze,I play this game since 2007 I just ask you to help me please, I just ask you this and nothing else I can’t take anymore cries for it EA please I beg you

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