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  1. Look we all know you have screwd everyone here. FIFA 20 on PS4 is the worse ever FIFA game created. You know what you have done if not please read all the feedback from fans. The game is realisticly unrealistic if it makes sense. You tried to make something fun realistic and messed up the other fun elements of the game. Please fire the person who approved FIFA 20 to go live. I am going back to FIFA 19 and hope that next one doesn’t suck as much as 20. Please don’t spoil this for us and our future generation.

  2. I have resorted to posting on every forum that I can find online because attempts to speak with customer service and give feedback internally have all failed in almost every way possible.

    What is the point of having buttons when they don’t work? Did EA even put effort into programming what the buttons do? 1 in 10 times that I press a button it doesn’t work. Wow. Just wow. Not to mention that 1 in 10 times I have my joystick held all of the way to one direction for a pass, it passes 90 degrees to whatever direction not towards the direction that I have been holding.

    I have bought a new router, new controller, started port forwarding, contacted my ISP to make sure that my service is up to par, yet the FIFA from 10 years ago seems to have had a better connection than this most recent FIFA. I mean [email protected], this game just came out last year, and yet it is slower and has worse response online than it did 10 years ago.

    EA is more concerned about the mighty dollar than the user experience. I don’t have enough time or space to post even one hundredth of the issues that I’ve had with FIFA 20, but the connectivity issues are just the tip of the iceberg. I get disconnected about 1 out of 5 games and can’t even get past a .49 coin multiplier now because I keep getting a DNF regardless of if I’m kicking somebody’s butt when it disconnects me or not. EA’s sh!t servers and complete angst to put any effort into helping the people that give them money should be the driving reason for anybody reading this to not buy this game.

    I have contacted customer service; let me rephrase, I have ATTEMPTED to contact the EA team, over a dozen times over the past 3 months, and have not had a response other than finally the first time about 4 days ago. EA has ZERO care for player support and customer service. No phone number, no email, no response on chat when I’ve opened multiples cases on the website. They just end your case the next morning without sending you a single chat, message, email; NOTHING. I even have a screenshot from that chat (the chat that I did luckily get finally) where I gave profuse requests for a phone number or email, and the representative finally relented to the fact that EA truly does not have an email or phone number.

    The one time they did respond to me via chat online, again being just 4 days ago, the person was very nice, and gave me 8 ports to forward to in order to try and help my connectivity issues (if I had had another 12 hours of spare time I would have brought up all of my other issues with the game). I have since began port forwarding to all of the ports that he gave me, and yet my disconnection rate has literally quadrupled. Yes, the ports I was given have now made my connectivity issues 4 times as bad as before I contacted customer service; aka I am getting disconnected 4 TIMES AS MUCH AS BEFORE EA “HELPED ME.”

    I was disconnected 5 times yesterday, every time with my internet staying connected on my modem and router and all of my other devices, but with me receiving the message on FIFA saying that I was disconnected from EA servers. Each time it has given me a loss, which took down my skill rating and reduced my coin multiplier. F*&k you EA. I’ve been playing FIFA for 23 years, and am having an extremely hard time accepting this new paradigm. I hope that this post can help somebody to not buy this game, or any game from Electronic Arts.

  3. EA Sports out due themselves everyweek. They just ruined my chances of finishing top in the weekend league by pulling me out of 4 matches and 3 of them being consecutive ones. WTF!! MAHN… Fix your goddamn server’s man
    How will you compensate for the losses that we suffer due to your technical bullshit? CAN YOU COMPENSATE?
    By far the worst Fifa gameplay i have seen and i have been playing since 07
    This is how EA rewards for being loyal to the game by giving shitty ass gameplay and crappy servers.

  4. I’m sorry but this is the worst game I have ever played in my fucking life ultimate team is the most scripted thing I have ever fucking played you can be 3-0 up in the first half and they will come and fucking win 4-3 BECAUSE THE GAME FUCKING CHOSES WHO IT WSNTS TO WIN IM NEVER BUYING A FUCKING FIFA EVER IN MY LIFE GOOD ONE EA RUINED ANOTHER GAME

  5. How can such a massive company like EA create potentially one of the most flawed games i have ever experienced? Its mind-boggling to admit but Fifa has steadily been getting worse and worse for the last 3 or 4 years its a disgrace to EA.

    I go into a FUT champs game now and i dont worry about how good my opponent is, because that doesnt matter in the slightest to the outcome of the game. What matters is who the game predetermines is going to win. The gameplay is horrific. Graphics are waaay behind PES and i dont know how that happened.

    This is not a game anyone can enjoy anymore, maybe the pros but thats the height of it. There is no fun in it anymore. I used to love beating a defender with some dribbling and skills or some intricate play but now that doesnt matter anymore because you can literally beat the same defender 4 or 5 times on your way to the goal and he will still be there at the end. Whoever is the brain-dead delinquent who decided a 6ft 4 CB with 70 pace should be able to JOCKEY faster than a 5ft 8 winger with 95+ pace, at full sprint, should not only be fired, but put in front of a firing squad because the world does not need that special child to reproduce.

    Another mind-blowing development from EA is that if you do everything right in your set-up, a good strong wired internet connection, grind away to get a decent squad, set yourself up for a good few matches at FUT Champs.. What will happen is you will be matched with players who appear to have good connection (AND IT WILL SAY LATENCY IS LESS THAN 20MS), they will in fact have a terrible wireless wifi connection which is absolutely tragically slow.. AND YOU WILL GET PUNISHED FOR IT!

    Thats right, you will have to compensate for your opponent meaning your gameplay will be slow and lagging and also meaning you have next to no chance of winning anymore, because his/her gameplay will be perfect. Again, whoever decided this, dont have babies.

    The worst thing is there is no option to only match with people with wired connections to ensure fair gameplay as far as i can see.

    I used to be such a massive Fifa fan, it was a massive part of my childhood with friends but recently it has become very clear that EA do not care in the slighest about what game they release, “dumb kids are going to buy it anyway and we will make millions on every lightening round and who gives a f**k.. Screw fifa fans we just want their money.. Oh and make it impossible for them to contact us because we know our game is one of the worst produced games on the market.”

    It breaks my heart to say this is my last fifa.. Fifa 20 is the worst Fifa i have ever played.. Let that sink in considering i have been playing it since the beginning. Tragic.

  6. Hi. I don’t know if someone from EA actually reads this, but I would like to tell you all, from top management to the ones lowest level workers, to go fuck yourselfs. You provide one of the most stupid and buggiest game ever. How the fuck a player with pace of 76 is faster then one with 96? How is it possible for 1 player on online to cause lag, I’m not fucking able to move any of my player, but he scores, performs dribbles and so on. Honestly, worst game ever made. Expected year after year to see improvements in the gameplay, not to see the same bullshit over and over or even getting worse, but that’s EA, you py for something that fucking distroies you nerves because of it’s realistic gameplay. From the bottom of my heart, FUCK YOU! I’ve been a fifa fan long enough. Not buy anything from EA ever again. Again, FUCK YOU!

    1. Fifa 20 is worse fifa I’ve played why it does feel like your on an ice rink I can’t control my players cause they won’t stop running when I’m trying to pass a ball and when I pass a ball it goes the opposite direction I’m passing to I’ve paid £90 for this game it’s a shocking game plus the pack luck is also rubbish why do some people get great packs and all I get is rubbish I won’t be buying fifa if a don’t see an improvement in game play and pack luck

    2. Tell about it a agree on this when we have player who have higher speed but we know the other can get him but some how that player is been over take by the defender which is low on speed. how can this happen dont go to far when i play online fifa one of the player i know have super high speed like messi and others but they can be over taken by the defender like they are far more faster than them look how this can be done. How fcked they can be this time please it will be good you all refund all our money for fifa2020 .

  7. In the current situation, Fifa 20’s career mode is fun and enjoyable to play (sometimes). I have been experiencing some issues, these are either to do with unfinished game features or just stupidly unrealistic game play, for example, I have just spent around 44 million on an brand new star striker for my team and the soul reason for the purchase was his pace, but you’re telling me that a right back from the EFL can keep up with him when running down the wing and wrestle him off the ball almost every time… I wanted to test out my theory of the unrealistic pace feature by using the game modifiers presented by EA, I amplified my speed from (50) to (60) but their defenders are still able to catch my strikers who have over 93 pace. To conclude, the only way I am able to beat defenders is by taking one touches and passing straight to another player, this ruins the whole point of spending money on a new striker when I could use a player with 30 pace and it would be the same outcome. Furthermore this effect is not evident to the AI’s as they can outrun almost any of my pacey players, even their defenders! Unfortunately I do not want to play with amplified game settings because it ruins the whole game, but I may have to if this problem is not resolved.

    Secondly, another issue that I have been facing is the somewhat one sided booking feature, I hardly slide-tackle in Fifa Career Mode as I know that it is dangerous and can make my players rack up cards so I stick with the safe option and use the secondary tackle, (the wrestle for the ball option) I can go up beside a player and click this button once and if done successfully I get a yellow card or an advantage is played for the opposing team. However their player can swipe my legs outside the oppositions box and I completely face plant but that’s fine to the referee? If Fifa has a way of paying the referee like the Germans did in Escape To Victory I’d love to know, because surely this booking system is blind to the ‘PeRfECtLY TiMeD TaCkLES’ the AI’s commit.

  8. How can you do this to players? I have been playing FIFA for 23 years, and this game has completely lost any respectability that it once had. Why am I getting disconnected once every 7-10 games from the EA servers when my internet isn’t going out, and then getting a loss, a DNF, losing skill points and having my coin multiplier go down?? WTF. I have spoken with customer service (after trying for 3 months to simply get in touch with someone, with there being NO PHONE NUMBER AND NO EMAIL ADDRESS), and they have given me ports to forward to to try and amend the issue, but even after trying multiple ports both forwarding and triggering, I still get this issue. This is just one of many, MANY complaints that I have about this game. The connectivity is by far the worst problem; not just with getting disconnecting by the servers and getting punished with losing coins and getting losses, but also with response time when playing FUT and having buttons literally not work when I press them dozens of times per game. I have a very fast connection with extremely low latency, and even bought a pretty expensive router just to make sure that it wasn’t something on my end, yet I continue to experience issues almost daily. I have been an EA fan for a long time, but I can’t even begin to express my contention and sullen demeanor towards this game.

  9. Greetings,
    I have played FIFA for over 10 years now and am eternally grateful for the work you’ve done over the years to make improvements. I exclusively play Career Mode and do not use any online play options such as Volta, FUT etc. I particularly enjoy taking lowly clubs, buying young players, and growing my team to the pinnacle of the sport in European leagues and MLS.

    This year I decided to write down some constructive feedback for you consideration to improve functionality in Career Mode only.

    1. I’d like to have ability to ask my board for a higher transfer budget after agreeing to higher expectations. This was an option in 2016 I believe but haven’t seen it recently.
    2. Would be good to have ability to include or request transfer multiple players, which occurs sometimes in reality. An example is Chelsea’s transfer with Roma for Dzeko and Emerson.
    3. It would be helpful if, when scouting a player, we could learn the deficiencies or desired positions of their current team. This way I know before I enter negotiations that they don’t want a striker and instead want 3 other positions. I know that this info is provided once I make the offer, but this can prove time consuming and force me to lose out on some opportunities.
    4. I’ve noticed that I’m not able to negotiate with some players who have 6 months or fewer on expiring contracts. It would be great if this could be fixed or flagged in the player notes.
    5. I’d also like the ability to offer transfer fees for players with expiring contracts. Right now it takes me straight into contract negotiation and have to wait to get the player next season. If I need a player in January I might want to purchase them at a discount at that time rather than waiting to get them in July.
    6. It would be helpful to set a time limit on the “recently joined” roadblock to transfers. I’ve encountered players that are still blocked for me due to this more than 12 months after their joined their team.
    7. It would be helpful to remove the “recently joined” roadblock in instances where a player returns to the parent club from a loan spell.
    8. After I complete a transfer, the board puts a given proportion of money in my transfer budget; however, the wage budget is not correspondingly increased due to loss of the player’s salary. It would be helpful and accurate to increase the wage budget in the amount corresponding to their previous salary on my team. For instance I sold Pogba for $150M, and got the board’s allocation of $120M in my transfer budget, but I didn’t get the savings of his 200k/week wages added to my wage budget.
    9. Loans: Where CI teams offer loan deals, I would like the ability to negotiate their role on the team. I continually loan out young players only to see them not develop much because I assume they sit on the bench.
    10. Loans: It would also be great if I could see loanee performance stats, to assure they’re getting playing time and growing. Right now I only see stats for players on my current roster. Then I could recall them if they are not getting playing time.
    11. Loans: Would be great if I could include a purchase option for players that I loan out. That used to be an option in prior FIFAs.

    Player search
    12. Would be great if we could search for players that have expiring contracts
    13. Would be great to search for players with release clauses, including being able to set dollar amount criteria ($5M – $20M).
    14. Young players with growth potential often have notes on them, which is very helpful. However, there is clearly a difference in potential rating between ‘great potential’ and ‘exciting prospect’, but it’s not clear what that is. It would be helpful to have some number indication somewhere, even if it’s just a range, as to what each note implies. There is currently similar info for our youth squads where we’re able to see each youth player’s potential, and that knowledge improves as we develop/scout the players. Perhaps we could have this info on player potential remain on all player profiles once they’re scouted, signed and/or on our squad.

    15. more training options to improve typically difficult areas like composure, penalties. I may train a player up 8 overall points but their composure score typically stays close to original level, so only way to get a player with high composure is to buy a higher rated player.
    16. Would be helpful to be able to train players for traits and skills/weak foot improvements. For example, a shooting drill where I could get my striker the finesse shot trait. Or once a player reaches a certain age or rating level, they become eligible for those traits, such as leadership or solid player.

    17. It would be helpful to provide box score stats for prior games in the calendar mode. I have two squad sheets that I alternate for every game, so that I don’t overuse players, keep them healthy and get diverse experience. But sometimes it might be a (real life) week between playing, and I don’t remember which squad sheet I last used. So being able to view the stats from prior game would solve this problem for me.

    International Management
    18. I would like to be able to express interest in managing certain national teams like we are currently able to do with some select private club.
    19. It would be helpful to add more detail and search options to the Squad Selection for international teams.
    20. I’d like to be able to sort players in the selection screen by position, such as LBs or RBs, or at least be able to sort by attacker/defender/midfielder.
    21. I’d like to have more sophisticated search functions for squad selection. It would be great to search for traits, such as leadership, as a captain is critical for international squads. I’d also like to be able to search by category rating, as some players are listed out of their ideal position. I’d like to be able to sort by crossing stat or standing tackle stat for Nigerian RBs, but Ola Aina, for example, wouldn’t come up in that instance as he’s listed as LM. So I would need to search overall players that can be very tedious, where I wouldn’t find Aina’s skillset if I didn’t already know he would be a good RB for Nigeria.

    Financial management
    22. The transfer budget and board driven objectives are often influenced by merchandise sales, advertising and ticket sales, yet I have no ability to influence related decisions. It would be great to be able to have the option to involve myself in these organizational decisions. For instance, I could negotiate with a new sponsor, or spend some of my budget on increasing seats in the stadium, or making marketing decisions to improve merchandise sales.
    23. I also feel that the transfer budget vs wage budget slider is very helpful so I really appreciate the flexibility now with that. But I have experience some inconsistency in the ratios over time. For instance, if I slide it for 1M in transfer cash, that will equate to 20k in wages lost. But I might do that in next transfer window and the ration will be 1M to 10k in wages.
    24. The board driven objectives could use some tweaking. I appreciate how this has evolved over the years, but I think an objective where I need to sell youth players over the next 2 years for more than $2.5M is a bit much to be so serious. I don’t really like that objective and there’s no way that could be so serious to get me fired like failing to get a champion’s league spot.

    25. I’d like to have the ability to edit players’ positions. Madden allows for this and it’s very helpful when filling out a team roster. Some players have attributes that make them better fits such as CDM vs CM, RB vs CB or LM vs ST (Rashford and Richarlison are great examples). A player’s position also affects their training benefits as a CM gets greater attacking growth vs CDM. If I put them in their best position, that also may raise their rating and thus their transfer value as well, improving revenue prospects.
    26. During pre-season tournaments, it would be helpful to reflect real world practice of allowing unlimited in-game substitutions. It is also real world practice to have access to my full roster in game and be able to sub in 5, 10 or 20 players to get them game experience and try out various formations.

    Happy to discuss or clarify any of these points further–please feel free to email me.

    Thanks again for all your hard work,

  10. Fifa need to stop this. This tactical defending is crap. And online they only allow tactical defending. Stop this pish go back to Fifa 18 and just update the players. Otherwise I’m switching to PES……

  11. I know you guys dont care about career mode cause it doesnt make you guys money. But for the next Fifa please add in where you can sit at the bench in be a pro career it will be more realistic tbh rather than you just sim the match where you are not first 11.

  12. The game mechanics are so so bad. How can you be playing pro clubs and you’re a striker tracking back due to being counter attacked and you start getting deducted points on your rating because you’re “out of position”. That’s not real football you can imagine the praise the striker would get if they managed to get back and help defend a counter yet on this game somehow you’re penalised for it? Not only that, you can be a LW getting into the box and the game is telling you to get out the box when your team is in possession.. sorry what? Imagine C Ronaldo, Hazard or Neymar’s managers telling them to get out the box when playing LW?

    The game is just so broken it’s hard to get your head around. You either lose and you’re frustrated as hell or you win and you have mild satisfaction but expect the game to revert back to craziness soon afterwards. Never has someone not needed to understand real football more than on this FIFA, all they have to do is figure out how to manipulate the overpowered features of the game such as long balls/through balls up the line, spin turns etc and they will beat most people unless EA scripting doesn’t stop them first.

    Also, stop having 70 pace CB catch up/outpace 87+ pace strikers. In what world does that make sense? It reminds me like how on some racing games you can have a slipstream setting where if you’re behind someone you get a boost and go past them. CB’s will swing their leg and drag the ball from you when you’re long gone. All we ask for is a game which reflects the real game of football as closely as possible which you would assume is the primary aim of any sporting game, to replicate real life mechanics and dynamics as much as possible, not FIFA however it is 100% scripted.

  13. FIFA 20 is the worst game of all games across all platforms. Your customer service is nothing but bullshit, you get all these feedback and don’t change a thing. Do you know the concept “game”, if you do you won’t be publishing this ***. Just saw a 5 gigabytes update, useless you keep releasing updates of 4 to 5 GB without correcting the issues most of your users are having. Many are just playing this *** because the have already bought it expecting it’s something great, so to hell with you and your game, and your of course your updates, just let us use the online features without downloading a stupid application update that doesn’t fix what we need fixed until PES 2021 is out, because I am definitely done with FIFA. One last thing, *** EA, *** FIFA.

  14. Sono due settimane ce le sqad battle mi si ferma ad argento 3 potete gentilmente risolvere il bug

  15. How can your game get worse each year? Fifa 20 is an absolute joke. Wish a could get a refund but bought it digitally on ma computer. Everything about the game is shit. Concentrated to much on FUT. a dnt play that mode. Most games a play a can’t tackle opponents… They waltz right through me but a can’t seem to get the easiest through ball to come off. Yous will receive no more dough from me on this game or any other in the future. Trying to release games too fast (every year) without putting in the effort to make it better gameplay. DISGRACE OF A GAME

  16. Sometimes when I play a LaLiga career mode just before the game a white info tab about a transfer but it is blank and doesn’t go away.

    Please fix this.

  17. I very rarely make posts like this about anything, but I feel this time I need to say something. All games encounter problems and have faults, that’s normal. What’s also normal is that generally these games are patched, fixed quickly and the developer usually takes great care to apologise to it’s gamer base. But I guess that doesn’t happen when EA’s pay to win is in effect, because that would, you know, lose them money if they fixed it. God forbid…

    Perhaps the biggest pisstake is the denials about scripting. I’ve been on both sides of it, you can tell that it’s there. When winning it feels like suddenly everything is against you. Tackles stop working properly, your opponents players become almost untouchable (plus more likely to be fouled), and you are one slight mistake from a through ball and (sometimes) poor shooter scoring from outside the box. It’s the reverse for when losing. Unless you or your opponent are that good, you can’t shake it off. Which brings me on to my next point…

    Matchmaking seems awful. There is such an absolute disparity in the quality of any player within most divisions, that it makes me believe there isn’t actually any divide except right at the very top. Very few games i’ve had are tight, where we’re close to evenly skilled. Either i’m beating them fairly convincingly (minus of course scripted comebacks) or i’m being spunked. There is almost no in between. Friendlies are different, but divisions should be skill based, or based on win/loss ratios, pure and simple. Perhaps better (reverse) boosting tech could help, but I doubt it.

    Also sort out goal kicks so you can actually make proper clearances like real life, or at least make the player you’re kicking it to runs towards it a little bit. It’s shit your opponent has total free reign and can just take the ball while your player hopelessly stands there waiting for the pass.

    Lag is absolutely horrendous at times. So many times i’ve let go of pass to release it to the player when i discover i’ve already had the ball taken off me a split second earlier. Also there was one game I saw a pass from outside the box I thought i’d stopped, a second later the ball had sailed pretty much into the net. Fifa is a populqr game, it needs better servers to accomodate every kind of connection not just the totally expensive wired ones that Esports pros have.

    Sort out skill moves, some of them need skill to pull off at the correct time, that’s great more power to you if you can performs it, after all it’s a game where little things like that can close games out. Having people just endlessly juggle the ball, where your only options are to a. Take the foul (and maybe worse) or b. Give them space, potentially setting up a chance. The fact it’s an annoying way for your opponent to just waste time on the clock too is the real kicker. Either allow them to use it for a set period of time (like 2 seconds at a time with some cooldown, that should be enough time to use it for manoevering past another player) or make it so any contact from an opposing player spills the ball, because that would happen in real life, rather that it be stuck like glue.

    I’d use the word garbage… but at least garbage can be recycled into something new.

  18. Hopefully you read this EA sports ⚽️ ‘cause I can’t wait for the potential updates or this to be added in FIFA 21!

    Hi these are some things I think would be really good for FIFA 21 or upcoming updates:

    Player Career – I think that you should add you being able to edit your own morale.

    Manager Career- If your players get a red card in a match you should be able to tell them off like you would get told off if you got sent of in player career.

    All Around- You should be able to have more tactics when you make tactics for you team. Also I think that it would be awesome if you could see the team talk and watch the subs getting ready and the manager telling the tactics to the subs.

    Other than that, this game is awesome so keep up the good work.
    I’m really looking forward for FIFA 21 (I can’t wait)!!!!!

    1. What do you mean this game is dreadful it’s pay to win this game is scripted it isn’t enjoyable Fifa 21 is going to be just as s*** as Fifa 20 more people buying **** Fifa points that’s all ea want you to do the games a waste of money therefore you should never buy **** Fifa ever again

  19. This game is absolutely broken ea are only worried about there wallets and nothing else. Game play is dreadful and so so obviously rigged with the kick off goals the 90th min goals the people who abuse the broken glitch gameplay that ea never fix. Not to mention that the whole game is pay to play but then never give you anything in packs I opened up way over 100 packs this weekend during epl team of the season and got 3 walkouts my best player vertongen that is basically robbery for a vertual game where it so difficult to get players to get coins to actually have fun which is the point of the game this game is not fun ea should be banned selling fifa points because it is gambling or you should be 18 or older to buy them. They take take take from there customers and offer nothing in return and then wonder why people turn to coin sellers at least you are garenteed to get wat you pay for I hope no one buys this game next year because that’s the reason they keep getting away with this people not saying anything. And they don’t care about this community at all just there pockets and how many people per year they could rob

  20. This is a classic. I was truly gutted, i had veira 86 and saved up months of ***, i played him 2 matches and he was no better than a gold 88. I put him for sale at the wrong price, 112000 instead 0f 1120000 on pc, obviously he went in seconds. I stared at the screen for what seemed an age and then contacted EA, they did not give a ***. i said there should be a question when selling an expensive player. a lowest price you cant sell for…no one would sell a player over a million for 10% of that players price. I said my mind is not the best, im a combat medic with 2 tours to iraq. this has broken me, i feel like killing myself. Nothing…..and i was truly broken. They said we are contacting the authorities about the suicide threat!!, its been 4 weeks and no one has contacted me. so imagine if i had done something. These pure scum of the earth do not care if you die. The game is vile and worst one ever.

    1. This game is trash. Its the same recycled game from 2017 with a few more skill moves and volta. The “dynamic difficulty adjustment” that comes from your patent that you said isn’t in the game is literally in the terms and conditions as “dynamically served content” which is just scripting with a different name. 99% of the goals i’ve conceded in this game is due to DDA. It is so obvious and it infuriates me that even although you had an advert back in 2008 telling people that if you’re crap at the game you will get aid in the form of scripting from the AI you still deny it. I deleted the game because it’s the worst gaming franchise in history. I would gladly watch this company liquidate due to the sheer greed and cons in the game. What a scam buy a pack some costing £25 and get nothing literally nothing like you don’t even get a sniff of anything remotely usable or good. Ea have worked a way to make it legal for under agers to gamble and literally give you nothing back. It should be illegal i wouldn’t walk into a shop give the store clerk £50 and walk out without my items but in Fifa they have made this possible on the 1 in a million chance of getti g any good players. Look it ip on Youtube the people who spent thousands of pounds and got nothing absolutely nothing no good players but all the vloggers get the players all the time because they’re advertising the game. Corrupt fucking arseholes. I wont be buying the next one I will however buy the next PES even if its sjit because at least they try.

  21. This is game is literal ***. The level of lag and delay on ultimate team is a joke. No one is playing 40 games in 3 days EA. Are you fucking retarded getting rid of regular online seasons in UT? I bet a 5 year old could create better servers than this stupid shit. Waste of money, I want a refund from this *** **** game. Im switching to PES.

  22. The game is actually bad. How is it possible to ruin such a good game. How in the world is it possible that the game makes you forfeit a fut draft game from just a couple of second being “inactive”. I simple went out of the game for a couple of seconds as I was entering a fut draft match to make sure my mic was mute, my ps4 freezes for barely 5 seconds and when I come back, the game says I lost due to “inactivity”, and I’m not spending money on buying your stupid fifa points. Not only that, the gameplay sucks it’s clearly scripted, FUT sucks, if only you would stop focusing on stupid stuff like the journey and Volta football. You only made the game worse since FIFA 15 and it’s no wonder I stopped purchasing the game until Fifa 20. There’s no way to actually get better or a better ultimate team without spending money on an overpowered player card with 90+ pace who is gonna get outpaced by a CB with 60 pace. EA fix your game, fix your corners so we can actually score headers. The game is not rewarding at all, just like Fnatic Tekks said. You’re not pleasing the community, you’re just making the game worse.

  23. The game is scripted to *** and the right stick should not be in the game, we should not have to fuck about with a stick to make a player run to the fucking ball. ffs pass assist, christ omg, you pass and it goes somewhere else or pass delay. ive done with WL it is fixed its not about git gud you use skill, but hit the post 5 times in one match. I have not gone past 17 wins in this piece of shit game. what the christ is matchmaking, why the fuck do we end up playing people i know are in div 1 and 2 when you are a regular div 5 and 6. EA need to fuckoff and eat dogs arsehole……………….

  24. Terrible. So many glitches, bugs and technical issues but the gameplay is the biggest problem; I’ve not had a FIFA for a few years and disappointed to find that it has actually got worse. I will definitely read reviews carefully in future before buying again.

  25. I dont think that EA know what offside is. It would be nice if they would try and learn the offside rules.

    1. We play career mode till most known players retired. It would be so great to get commentary on scouted players who have common surname. Someone mentioned the offside rules. Please try get it right and some of the own goal cause a deflation is not an own goal.

  26. By far the worst FIFA and the worst game of modern generation gaming. I have never played a game that genuinely enrages me to the point where I throw my Nans hot cup of tea at her noggin. Passing in the game is the most broken function in any game feels like I’m playing with spastic cerebral paulsy ridden downsydromes who were in a violent and nearly fatal car accident. Spent an 86 rated untradeable in form rolling the dice on the TOTW SBC and ended up getting 76 rated shit cunt striker from millwall with less pace than Oscar Pistorious without his legs. Pro clubs, so much fun in 13-14, now it’s more broken than Micheal J Fox and the base players you use when you play as any are fucking dog shit who can’t thread a pass. Never buying this game ever again going back to playing fucking connect 4

  27. Whats happening with you is so simple and you really need to look at if you really are opening this space for listening to the players ..
    first :
    Formation change during the game getting abused by players causing our defense to out position

    Since Fifa 17 mid season you have made the change happen so quickly that we can not defend at all
    If people really likes that for using players in other positions the change should take sometime at least when the ball goes out of the field or 2 minutes at least

    Second :

    the online match is 20 minutes we shouldnt spend most of it finding the right tactic everytime people now never think about playing football onlythink about running and finding the glitches to bypass the defense so anyone knows nothing about footbal can learn the glitch in two days and win

    No more play build up no more enjoyable soft play its just like an arcade game anyone can win by following others instructions i play fifa since 12 its was magical but unfortunately its just a card collector game for me right now

    1. You need to focus on build up so people who understand football can enjoy the game my 13 year cousin gets the same wins as i do and he never watches a football match just knows some situation when he should change game plan and abuse the offside trab i played with him in fut i beat him 2 on kick off without tactcis all on default i beat him 11 – 2

  28. Are you guys planning to fix any of these shity things or you guys just care about money made ?!?!!?

  29. I just have few words to say to EA and the programmers who designed this game. The way world class level and ultimate level is programmed shows how little you pathetic programmers knows about football.
    If you ever get out of your mothers basement and watch football once in ur shitty lives u will see that how impossible ur hard levels are which have nothing to do with real life. If u want user to experience real life than make the game that way. YOU FUCKIN CUNTSSSSSS.

  30. Weekend league makes me want to kill myself. Think about it, your game that you made makes me want to end my life. Fuck you, you fucking cunt.

  31. An absolutely awful game. The amount of times I tackle someone and it bounces off them and they keep the ball, resulting in them scoring is astounding. An absolutely terrible game.

  32. EA Folks – a few points from a fan of the game who is hoping you can do better.

    1. Test your updates. Like REALLY test them. In game. You’re messing a lot of stuff up that worked fine. I’m sure you’re tweaks are supposed to fix some things, but they’re obviously having a ton of unanticipated effects elsewhere in the game.

    2. Women’s Cup. I’ve played a lot of games in that mode since the game came out. I’m not a great player but would consistently win the cup in semi pro and lose out in finals on pro. Since last update opposing team Is impossible to beat in quarter finals. This isn’t just sour grapes and frustration – they have 100% pass success for the entire game. Defenders with a much lower pace are catching up and tackling strikers with a 90+ pace. Defending in the midfield is almost a waste of time because the passes never fail to go to the open player with perfect one touch follow on.

    3. Time for a roll back? I’ve built software for most of my adult life and sometimes you just need to roll back the code to a previous version and redo the update. Swallow your pride and do it.

  33. Whatever changes were made to the women’s cup in the last update make the game unplayable at the quarter final level. The opposing team always has 100% passing success and interceptions are all but impossible. This includes semi pro and pro levels.

    You’ve pretty much taken the fun out of the game. Good job. Try testing your product after you make changes. Moving on to something else.

  34. Improve Fifa 20 career mode with these simple steps…

    1. Online career mode to include 2-3 friends on a career at the same time. Eg both friends in same league at same time purchasing players etc or different leagues

    2. Improve the shadows that appear on the pitch. St James park is dreadful and it really effects your game play.

  35. This game is so garbage, by far the worst fifa game, players are not calibrated with my controller , move stick to the right person moves the opposite, I press the button to pass the ball to a specific player and passes the ball to a different player. Cost me many loses on season due to these errors. I’m sure I’m not the only one that experiences this…..

  36. Every weekend is the same sh*t.. Week after week.. Terrible players with top cards abusing the disaster that is fifa game mechanics and getting almost unbeliveable luck and ruining other people’s weekend league

    THIS GAME IS A TRAINWRECK.. I hate it with every fiber of my being

    Can someone just bankrupt EA somehow i never want to be tempted to buy this disgraceful pile of dog dirt ever again

    Or ruin the lifes of the handicaps who made the game.. Either of those will make me happy.

    Pro Evolution Soccer cannot be worse, im switching

    1. Couldn’t agree more about this being the worst FIFA I have played…. The passing is an absolute joke and completely pot luck. The amount of goals that are literally thrown away by a simple misplaced pass are unbelievable and after 6-7 months of hammering this game, this hasn’t improved one bit. Defenders lose the majority of 50-50 tackles – and even when they do win it, a fortunate ricochet leaves a goalscoring opportunity more often than not.

      Also, one of the comments earlier on referred to better rated cards being a lot harder to play with. I have found this…. My 97 rated Alisson saves pretty much nothing (from any range) despite costing 500k. A 97 pace rated Daniel James can have a 5 yard headstart on a defender and still get caught and the two upgraded versions of Laporte and Vertonghen (both 88, up from 87 base card) are all over the place defensively in comparison to their basic versions. An 89 rated Christian Fuchs is an absolute car crash at passing anywhere near his own team mates – with the same going for the 89 Fred from Season 5.

      The only time I got anywhere near getting anything going was with a team full of gold rare cards – all rated from around 83 to 85 – when I got my skill rating up to around 825. As I have added special edition cards, I have absolutely tanked down the divisions and they just do not click as a team. The players in the lowest leagues are better than the ones in division 6 I have found – and are full of top rated icon players. All things considered, I think this will be my last FIFA for a while. The game these days is more concerned with looks than game play and stupid and unrealistic skills and showboating are more productive than playing a passing, team game.


  37. Imagine a mode just like Alex hunter but where you are the player and you are living the football lifestyle. But with more variety and realism on and off the pitch. From being able to use the wages you get for a real purpose. But this time its a never ending journey with new updates every single time like new updates like GTA v online adds every few months to every year.
    Since you the player there will be 3 bars top left corner .
    They are : Health and Fitness levels and popularity. This will play huge part in yr player life as they are vital. If health is not full then it means you hungry and if fitness levels are not full it means you not fit and won’t be played . its an open world game but limited .If popularity isn’t full then wage cuts can be implemented and popularity goes up at stadium setting. You’ll understand all what I’m saying once you read through the script. its open world game from your house to shopping for boots and clothing. to training ground back to your house to the match. And food comes in two place. Your house and the club is were you eat only . The shop should be a mall type where you buy shoes and Clothing for at home chilling and training stuff for when you at club and playing match . also for the health purposes there will also be a food shop to buy food. In which there is a variety to choose from . Veggies healthy things to unhealthy things. This is where the fitness levels place huge role.
    STEP1 :From being at home being able to buy a house a big mansion and accompany that mansion with new cars you bought . in which I’m not expecting a open world game but just having linked places you can go to. Like clothes shopping boot shopping etc and being able to drive your car there. Buy your new boots etc. Being able to just live another life away from football at home . realism . There would be a timer on bottom right corner counting down maybe from 10 to 20 mins real time when you must go to your club and train with teammates .

    STEP 2: Driving to the club enter the clubs gates. And of course I understand its tough to just use basically all the clubs in the world original training grounds but you can put generic places but with the clubs colours and club logo then along the line implement the original training grounds in updates. So carrying on . in the training grounds you are the player . first you check in by counter and go straight to dressing room . but its a free walk place in the training ground you can walk anywhere there and explore whatever. But once you arrive at club there’s a 5 minute timer for you to walk around do whatever but you gonna have to be by the dressing room before the timer ends thats where the training starts . when you walk into dressing room you’ll see other players in your team there dressing already or depends how early you are in that 5 min . once you miss the 5 min meaning you come late you atomatically miss training and have to go home to wait for next training next day. this effects your fitness levels.

    STEP 3 :The game mode setup: Its from Monday to Sunday then back around like how FIFA menu is like. Monday to Thursday its training. You get only 15 min real time at home or if you at home and want to go to shop. Club you get 5 min then training starts once you get there . training is just like normal but more realistic training and .one on ones. it will be just like same setting as FIFA now. Like you grade your sessions from F meaning failed to A which you passed . And all of this will be until Thursday and sessions are like FIFA 20 now then after drive back home then have another 15min at home to do whatever. TIMES AT HOME CAN BE FAST FORWARDED FOR UNPATIENT ONCE THAT JUST WANNA PLAY MATCH! . ..Then Friday you get 20min of being at home or you can fast forward and go straight to the match set up. (THERE’S A REASON TIMES ARE 15 MIN AND IN GAMING its like an eternity. Just carry on reading script….. You’ll find out.

    STEP 4 Match setting.: Saturday is match day.From your house your house you’ll be able to drive to the club or skip to the club there should be a option.After all that you chosen.There will be a cut scene of your club bus arriving to the stadium and players coming off the bus. Once your player comes off the bus you have control to walk to the dressing room of the stadium you playing in . its a short walk but once you walk there you’ll walk past fans wanting autographs from you. You can choose to pass them or go towards them in which to sign their autograph. once you do so this is where popularity comes in. Your popularity goes up once your match rating is very good and you sign autographs. carrying on Stadium themes will be different of course if you playing different league type games. for example if champions league you’ll have that theme implemented around the walk in stadium and that will be different for instances if you play premiere league or whatever else. If you playing home your club logos will be implemented around. if you playing away the other clubs logo will be implemented around. Once again it’ll be hard to put all clubs backstage walk through as you arrive, so this all comes back to again generic setting but just have club logo/crest and colours on the arrival background. Once you in the stadium fully in the dressing room you’ll load the match when you go in the dressing room to your locker.

    STEP 5 Match: then you’ll be loaded into the match. But this is where instant realism comes in. We should come out with our clubs original tracksuits and hold a genetic child’s hand when walking through. If important match we walk with the child on the field. If not important match we walk without. There will be small short question interviews like now in FIFA 20 before match or after match but for your player this time. you’ll be interviewed if you are very popular and one of best in the team. And You cant be interviewed for both unless you scored a hatrick or are man of the match after. In the match if you’ll be sitting bench you can be watching match from the bench seats. Of course if you a quality player you won’t sit in bench but even the best players have to get rested from time to time. You can even sit bench for the whole game if the coach wanted you 2. just sitting watching and hoping your team will win. if you start bench and are coming on, there will be 2 calls first call is from the training consultant telling you to warm up in which you’ll just be able to walking up and down the side lines or choose to do a drill in which it’ll be just running up and down the side lines or whatever. you’ll be warming up with Your clubs training kit or if not a generic one but you can’t be warming up with a match kit it’s just unrealistic. Second call is from the coach telling you to come in the match and play. Then there’ll be small cut scene of you fixing your self up and putting on the boots,match kit or something else. Of course match stops and waits for you to come in. Then you come in and play the match …

    STEP 6 Conclusion: After the match it’ll be Sunday on your weekly wall then you’ll have 20 mins for Sunday for player rest or you can fast forward the 20min. But the 20mins at home won’t be skipped I doubt because its the time you go shopping and drive with your car in the small world and use your money for upgrading your house there should be almost 10 plus houses you can buy and upgrade to put that money you get to use and shop. So the times at home won’t be boring but effective and worth something and plus you can have a gym at home to get extra fit and train. Where as you can run on a treadmill tap X whole time and pick up weights for body to get bigger and work and actually see body changing in the times you go on . not just stick to the same size . So this mode can last forever and all FIFA will need to do is update add new things to GTA online things to buy . things for the house . new cars etc.


    1. In extension, imagine using your pro in a whole different “universe” to the one mentioned above where you play in a current “pro club” format with your friends. You have the opportunity to train together, play informal 3 v 3/2 v 2 and practice set pieces etc. This can also contribute to your overall rating increase. There is every chance to mix real football with Volta football with your pro playing in street competitions and gaining popularity from this. If EA want a reason to keep taking more money off people, let them buy coins which people can use to upgrade their pro, but make it in a way where attributes don’t define a player but something like “badges”, which players have to earn over time from training and match performance, do. Look at the NBA 2K series to see how this is done considerably well.

      Aside from this, it’s clear from other comments just how plain and obvious the scripting is and it’s quite disgusting how it presents itself. You can be in a crucial game on your seasons/pro clubs seasons and it’s so clear not only has the game gave you a hard match up “coincidentally” but the match just doesn’t go your way with constant mistakes and favouring. The ball up the line is the most overpowered style of play. The way the ball drops to players from rebounds not only from when a save is made which is disgusting in itself but then when someone is tackled but just keeps the ball. EA really need to step it up because I’ve never played a game where it honestly feels more against you.

      Going back to pro clubs specifically, is there actually going be any attempt to revolutionise this? It’s been the same mode for as long as I can remember. I touched earlier on what can be done to really get the mode to the next level and still bring in money for EA but if they insist on keeping this current impersonal format, at least let us modify the tactics of the team PRIOR to the game starting. In what world does it make sense that the only thing you can modify about your team at the start of the game is the formation and set pieces? Can’t set depth or width of the team, can’t tell a CDM to stay back when we attack, can’t set a high press, you’re essentially playing with robots unless you find a way to quickly do it in the initial moments of the match or wait until half time (when the damage can easily already be done). Also please allow us to sub out ‘any’ players during a game so we can put fresh legs in. Again in what world does it make sense for a team to be playing with the same 11 players the whole match?

      We are in 2020 and the technology available for EA to revolutionise multiple game modes but particularly the idea of a VPRO and Pro clubs is there but consistently they underfund the development of other areas to just money grab on UT. I’ve had every FIFA since 2005 but it’s clear the millions of players like me are taken for granted as many of us stupidly continue to buy the game year in year out more due to our love of football rather than the FIFA franchise itself. I’m reaching the end of being to continue doing that and I severely do hope that EA honestly does monitor the content on this page and take on at least some of the points discussed. Money is all well and good but there’s no better currency for a game developer than providing enjoyment for the customer.

      FINALLY, I don’t know how many times I need to hear “neega” and “corona” on pro clubs, not to mention pros who are set at the very darkest complexion with names such as “monkey” “ape” “wog” before EA start removing the commentary names which sound very close to racist slurs or sensitive world topics such as coronavirus and having more intelligent censoring of player names, I.E if someone sets the name monkey realistically it should be banned but ESPECIALLY if it is combined with a dark complexion, its not hard to work out what they are trying to get at.

      EA I plead you listen to all above, but deep down I know it’s doubtful.

  38. I absolutely hate this game. PES has completely surpassed Fifa at this stage, Fifa 20 is the single worst football game i have ever had the misery of playing. Its so biased its hard to comprehend..

    Neymar and mbappe have this f**king forcefield around them.. And dont get me started on the disgrace that is Ben Yedder.. Surely having a high rated player should only give you an advantage if your capable of using them? No, EA are theiving scumbags.. “Pay loads of money into our game and you might get yourself a god squad and then you will automatically become good at Fifa”

    Everyone responsible for the development of this disgrace of a product should be ashamed.. Ive actually heard of multiple people who have had to give up gaming because Fifa 20 has single handedly deteriorated their mental health.. Isn’t that disgraceful

    The matchmaking is the stupidest thing ive ever seen on any game ive ever played, your middle of the road, modest team if very likely to get matched against a squad of insane icons, unexplainable OP players (Ben Yedder, Mendy, Varane, Semedo, etc.), and mental, endless special cards

    Tackling is so broken that a well timed, perfectly executed standing or slide tackle will make the ball ricochet of you and then the opponent and he will be through on goal with your denfender taken completely out of the game.. Either that or the tackled ball goes straight to another opponent.. Disgusting gameplay

    Servers are a joke i dont think anyone will disagree with that

    I find it near impossible to get the correct player to make a run when i ask, and in the extreme situation where he does he often runs straight into a defender and ends up in the ground.. Pass pointless, possession wasted

    I find it near impossible to get the player i want to control.. I was playing a game yesterday where neymar was running at the goal, i clicked L1 and instead of getting the center back which was about 4 feet away, i got the other centerback which was about 10 feet away.. Then i clicked the analog down to get the correct player, it gave me the right back which was miles away.. Goal. This happens at least 5 times a game often resulting in a big chance for the opposition.. Makes me want to physically harm the programmers behind this

    A tall unit of a center back can change direction in the blink of an eye at rapid speed, but a pass to a player with over 90 pace will see him run past where the ball is heading and take an age to turn while the defender snaps up the ball again in the blink of an eye.. Who are the miserable bast***s whi thought this was acceptable?

    Updates or “patches” so far have made the game worse, never actually addressing any real issues with the game.

    Finally, goodbye Fifa. Ive had enough. My friends have been telling me to switch to Pro Evo for years and i have finally accepted i have to. I really want to boycott EA and i will. I really hope others do to, then they might actually fix my once favourite game.

    1. You are totally right, its a total disaster, specially the servers..they are a real joke..
      as well for the L1 player switching, this always happen to me, its miserable..
      i will switch to pro evolution

    2. Couldn’t agree more with your comments about player switching! Striker 5 feet behind a through ball in the box? Let’s switch you to the winger miles from the net. Attacker driving straight down the middle to the net, let’s switch you to the fullback outside second post.

    3. Totally agree, every last word.. in short FIFA 20 sucks.. I honestly would like a refund.. I hope EA can please fix this and don’t spoil football for us and our future generation.. you are supposed to be improving the game for us to make it more enjoyable to play and this is no way to do it.. gradually make these adjustments, not this way.. very very disappointed with FIFA 20

  39. This game is awful. There is absolutely nothing about this game that can be reviewed positively. Ultimate team is unplayable if you dont use players with ridiculously high pace. You cannot possibly be competitive without players like kante, ben yedder, kent etc. The game seems to favour those that abuse game mechanics and rarely results in fair outcomes for players. For a game that attempts to be as realistic as possible its incredibly frustrating when you consistently have to deal with players missing the ball entirely or underhitting a fully powered pass under no pressure at all. The game only serves to reward those that pour countless amounts of money into buying packs and building teams that are unstoppable, making the game totally unenjoyable for players that just want to relax and play in lower divisions. The facr that from the beginning of the year there has been teams riddled with icons and elite cards in lower divisions further demonstrates that without investing money into packs you cannot build a team that competes with anyone.

    Overall this game is absolutely atrocious and the only reason for its continued success is the lack of competition in the market.
    This game is unsurprisingly corrupt and favours only players who are willing to spend extra money to be competitive, no different to the way FIFA itself is run in the real world. Corrupt and unwilling to listen to actual reviews of their consistently terrible game.

  40. Like every comment here says, this is the worst installment you guys have released! Kept going from bad to worse since FIFA 17 for me. And every year I still end up buying the game. You take us for fools EA and maybe it’s about time we #boycottEASportsFIFA. I’ll definitely be considering Konami’s Pro before you guys on the next release.
    I think today after so long not playing the game, I hit my rock bottom with you guys and remembered why I stopped in the first place. Let’s not even talk about the game-play of this absolute crap ‘cos I can see from every other comments here that people are frustrated with that already but nothing has been done. You play seasons and it’s s**t, I end up playing career mode, hoping that will even keep one sane from the piece of crap you have done to the other game modes and that’s s**t as well.
    How do you groom a player in career mode to 92 and he’s till benched match after match. You eventually get to play and every moment, it’s an “out of position” notification even after using L1 to make sure he’s in position or something stupid happening. You end up playing as Team and your player is substituted 65th minute every match.
    Player is dubbed “one of the World’s Best”, “Crucial to Team” and he’s not on the first team? A new player comes in and plays every match but not the player you’ve created or even if using an existing player?
    This is a whole lot of mess guys and y’all should be ashamed of this project! It’s a failure and the whole team that worked on this and/or refused to make appropriate updates should be fired!
    #BOYCOTTEASportsFIFA guys
    I believe I’ll make it a mission to ensure people do not buy the next installment of this piece of crap!

  41. EA Sports, you totally broke this game so much so that its actually frustrating to play!
    Passing is messed up totally – the ball never goes where its intended. Defending is infuriating – scenarios of 50-50 challenge almost always goes against you, usually in an awkward manner. Players seem to have no pace, ball control and skill moves don’t pan out. Beat a defender successfully and rather than gain an increase in pace, the defender you left behind mere seconds ago is back to nick the ball off you. Goalkeeping is atrocious to say the least. Heading has become rocket science. Shooting is a coin toss as to where the ball goes.
    For the love of God!! These complaints have been here since release… This has to be absolutely the worst installment and you sit on your hands refusing to patch any of the numerous flaws. Guess you expect we have no option but keep forking over cash for rubbish.

  42. After grinding this game for 6 months building a 90 rated team, It is disappointing. My 94-99 pace Players have no pace. Players dont make runs, my messi and ronaldo cant pass or dribble past anyone, or shoot on open nets. My defenders are always out of position, dont track back, leave the center open. Basically, the past few months, it’s been frustrating. I play other games, in which the opponent get harder as you level up. But in this game, the better rated your team gets, the worse they play. It’s as if my players are penalized for their rating. Sometimes I have to drop down to playing with an 81-83 rated squad to play a normal game without being handicapped.
    Bottom line, this game will frustrate you. Even if you win, there is no fun or pleasure, because you know its not because of skill or rating, it’s because fifa pre-determined it.

  43. So you need to do a few updates 1. Update the defending as it’s far to hard to defend make it a bit easier. Two update the passing so as soon as I press the pass button it passes the ball also a direction update would be good as most passes do Not go where you want them to go or the direction you passed in. And some visual updates as some of my players boots have changed to the ea ones and when the team names are coming up it says unidentified.

  44. Worst game play ever….so frustrating and clearly scripted gameplay….it shouldn’t be scripted if your playing a opponent…maybe so playing AI….but still no I don’t agree with it

  45. This game is the worst fifa game ever. Not balanced at players stand around like idiots while players run past them. Waste of money and I wish I could get a refund. I’ve been playing fifa for years and I’m done now. Game play has been getting worse and worse every year

  46. I have being playing fifa since 2011 and Fifa 2020 is by far the worst one ive played the game firstly in ultimate team is scripted and also EA need to ban people to buy coins and all the players they want as me with a 86 rating team comes up against full icon team it simply isnt fair. I will no longer be buying fifa until maybe youse decide to cop ur fucking selfs on this is a woeful game for the price we have to play for it. Disgraceful gameplay with glitches causing you to loose.

  47. The game is very broken when they announce the lineup at the beginning of the game the players names says undefined and sometimes ran down players sit in the middle of the pitch

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