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  1. I read the history of football including the change of rules as well as national differences. One goalkeeper and ten players is good, but extratime is boring for the spectator. Reduce the time in each half to 40 minutes, and expand the number of penalties to 22 – eleven for ech team. This would reduce the chance element in penalties element, more just and a more integral part of the game. The extra ten minutes can be used for the extra penalties.

  2. If was times when your player in career mode would come from the bench it would be nice. And why the managers put the players in the wrong positions always like putting a centre back to play strike you should change that.The players contract never gets expired until you ask to the club. You should make the teams to be able to change formation in player career.

  3. I need help in my network with FIFA20 or let me say all the FIFA network are the same even when you have MBs it won’t open so easily so I need help here please if you can do something things

  4. The game is so stupid, I was a fan but now it makes no sense. The game gets interesting and boom, it starts getting idiotic, just pisses me off how it suddenly acts weird. Stops responding properly and fails miserably. A game that was so good, has became one of the worst game now.

  5. I just wanna say this game won the “worst game of the decade award” 🙂

    Both of mode is ridicuous (online-offline)
    pay to win,scripted, difficulty levels like the game would be in beta phase, legendary is too easy- ultimate is undefeatable,there is no transition


  6. You need to remove the scripting from the game, it’s ridiculously obvious that “momentum” is fixed and completely ruins the game. Why would I want to play a game where it won’t allow me to win?

    Fifa needs to address its pack luck, the fact that I’ve been playing for 3 months nearly and not once packed a card with a value greater than 89 is incredibly poor. And I’ve put more money into the game hoping my pack luck would increase. But no no no, you want as much money as you can get off poor kids who are trying to live out their dreams vicariously through this game and make it almost impossible for the average player to afford their favourite players

    Also you should add a report button for people who time waste.

    Also you need to penalise people for having poor connection. It’s unfair on those that enjoy the game and need a win only to come up against some dickhead with piss poor connection that will be used to it and spam speed and score goals that you can’t defend because of the lag

  7. This FIFA is so sad I’m 5-0 up then it tells me forfeited game feel like I have benn robbed not just by the game but for my money

  8. A lot of things need to be fixed in this game such as the card system and the amount of times I do not get a free kick awarded to me when it should be, add some more stuff to manager career mode and fix the scripting .
    The amount of time I can fucking smashed and I don’t get a free kick or PENALTY it’s fucking disgraceful

  9. The game’s good. But can there please be a penalty for people with poor internet who play online ? Their internet lags the game so bad and this is *soo* frustrating it’s not funny. Even though you request mutual quit they refuse, and now you have to play the whole game or else you lose three points.

    Proposed solutions:
    – do not let people with bad internet connection join. If they join with a good connection and then their internet goes bad, give them the warning to fix this within the next __ minutes.
    – Allow the opponent to leave the game without losing 3 points if the server finds the player’s internet to be bad
    – Last, put a penalty of like 1 or 2 games if players persist on joining without good internet (like they lose 2 games automatically)

    I can’t stress how frustrating it is when a game lags and you concede because of that, or that you’re about to score in a high stake game and the lag messes it up.

  10. I share the view of many – been playing since FIFA 98. A lot of pain and frustration, but thankful for a magnificent concept.
    What has improved my enjoyment:-
    – change the original formation, shift positions
    – edit the highest OVR player in the team
    – play 15 min/half 1st 5 min(virtual time) use equally just to pass the ball around – both teams, then the game
    actually starts. Half time at 35 min. and full time at 60 min plus any extra time. Avoids 45 and 90 min goal
    rush and subs come on late in the game.
    – most important – you can capture attributes for any player by taking 2 pictures or drawings of them and
    matching to an image of virtual players in the game or to real players. I have over 11/2 thousand such
    pictures of players during the game and no 2 are the same. Match 3 or 4 similar postures, note their 34
    attributes plus Fifa original and alter accordingly. You will be surprised how realistic your player becomes,
    Any player edited brings with it a bias. The previous comments above helps alleviate some of the bias.
    Lastly, only stats nescessary (taken from real life) are shots on target and tackles/fouls – if they are not in accordance with play then the game is biased.

  11. I don’t know why the player take the ball and running out. I lose the control of the player plus the Penalties have nonsense without reason,The referee gives a yellow card for anything، FIFA 20 is the worst pes 20 much better and has more sense

    1. This game has completely the control over the game if I leap with my defenders ea control my defenders completely I can do enything but ea completely have the controls over you fix this and let me play and not ea self look at the game eland fix this

  12. If the rival team scores against you and then leave the game, how did I lost then?? The game just started. I could score and draw or win too. So how did fifa came up with that idea??

  13. This is the most fking game I have ever played. When the tutorial starts (for pc) they show u the controls using keyboard+mouse. When you practice a lot in it and then when u go to challenge your friend who is playing with a controller, you find that this shitty game has the Keyboard only option fixed for online matches, even when I have the mouse connected. You take thousands of hours to practice still people with gamepads dominate you like anything. I had never thought that this would happen or else I never would have thought of buying the game. If you want to make ammedns EA, you gotta fix the bug faced by pc players during online matches where they have to play only with keyboard. Also fix the controls for your penalty, I have not even missed a single penalty with my mouse but your fking settings in the online matches made me lose all the penalties with the keyboard.

  14. Duda is honestly gone to shit like how van career mode before 2011 be better than what it is now??? I used to be a fan of pes back in the day nd I switched to fifa in fifa 11 and I have to say that this game has not changed in all these years which is very disappointing

    Career mode: fifa do not care about career mode players they throw in 1 or 2 new features every year just for us to be satisfied when they could do soo much more to it. I was looking at the master league in pes the cut scenes of a new manager being introduced to the clubs training facilities, players, press, offices is a feature that wouldn’t take fifa much time to do but they simply do not care about it. They need to add more feature like this into career mode like more cut scenes, sponsorships, more interactions with your clubs players because all you can do now is train nd play matches with them and the ovations text when they want a raise or to play an important game Ea really need to fix up
    They added the journey and honestly I think it gets so boring because there’s not really much in it
    Es need to fix up on carrer mode go into other games like pes or nba and take ideas from them if your short of ideas, a big game like fifa should not leave fans disappointed EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!!

  15. Just get rid of the “luck compensation” mechanism if EA is serious about making this a “sports”. You are leaving to the system to decide who wins the game. Let everyone have a fair playing ground.

  16. ea is a bunch of crooks, this game is just like every other fifa. Game play barley changes. Fifa 21 is going to be same shit different cover. Maybe they will make the main menu a little more colorful

  17. Every year i find my self saying this is the worst FIFA to date, and FIFA 20 is the worst FIFA to date. This is because EA Sports has monopoly over branding rights of all teams and clubs, and it cost money to redevelop a game and make it better, and since us sheep keep going and buying the latest version of Fifa every year, they can see this and realize (regardless of what we put out, these idiots buy it, why spend money out of pocket to make it better?)

    That is why the game has the same glitches and weak technology and AI over the past couple of decades. every year they just change the user interface, make passing/shooting hard or easy and change ball speed and besides maybe some new skill moves and small bits and pieces largely your playing Fifa 2011, they just change irrelevant things to give it a feeling of a new game.

    FIFA is a symbol of greed and misuse of power, despite being billionaires from our money they still dont want to even consider giving us a semi decent soccer game for once in their history. I truly pray all FIFa programmer responsible for this and the company highchair get run over by a truck, they truly deserve the worst

  18. Awful game. I don’t understand how the game gets worse every year. The connection is shit. The game play is shit. To many card types in the game. Used to be something special to have a 90 rated card and now everyone has one. What is the point in having future star cards? They haven’t done anything yet. The team of the week system is shite like who the fuck is actually watching these games . Defending is awful. U make a tackle then they go into limp mode. And u change things that don’t need changing what was wrong with free kicks? U have made them worse. Doesn’t even get 1 star out of 5 for me not even half. The game is fucking shit

  19. In every fut game mode there is always problems that stand out including the passing in the game, the open goal misses that go way over the bar, the keepers making silly mistakes etc. It makes the game a lot less enjoyable

  20. Wow you guys really don’t know how to code. It is really disappointing to see that such a big organization with so much money at its disposal is not only releasing games every year that barely make any upgrades but now to see such a massive downgrade? Appalling. I understand wanting to use AI more so that each player is able to think and act independently which is why we see player stats matter more and that’s great. But did you perhaps consider the inputs to the AI and how the game influences those inputs? Once a goal is scored, the opposing team’s AI drops significantly in runs, ability to steal the ball, etc. and the team that did score gets a boost. This would be ok if you dumb, moronic, hopeless, idiotic, ignorant, stupid asses had not made individual stats so important to each player because now the boost has created such a massive divide that comebacks are nigh impossible. To make matters worse, the stupid actions and fumbles are so flying f**king ridiculous that I have seen in this FIFA make previous versions of FIFA look like actual players with brains. Thank you for ruining FIFA forever. Please go back to your day of making money for yourselves while telling us that you care and are trying to make games better for us. I don’t want to listen to or believe or buy any more of your stinking pile of crap games. Thank you. Hope you have a pleasant day – even though its not deserved.

  21. The biggest down side to all the FIFA is My Pro and not being able to have the same Morale Engine that My Manager Career has or contract negotiations. I wish there was a way you could message your manager in My Pro and ask for different play time or a different position and have it affect your morale. I also wish you could negotiate your own contract instead of just saying this is how much you get paid every week. The logic is already built into the My Manager career mode so it seems like this should not be a hard inclusion on the My Pro side of the game. But it is not FUT so it doesn’t bring in more money to EA which is why it is excluded even though I bet a lot of people want this feature

  22. I’ve been playing fifa 20 constantly since the beginning, mainly FUT mode, I’m an average level player (division rivals 5-3 and fut champs gold 2 level). I decided to leave feedback in the end of fifa 20 cycle in hope to get some improvements in the following games.

    I’d like to start with saying yes, there are some good improvements in the game: new free kick technique, penalty on chaining too much skills, jogging and so on.
    But there is one thing that makes all improvements irrelevant for me:
    There were very rare games when I felt that game was decided based on players skills (my skill and my opponents). It was more often when I got a feeling that one team gets all the luck and the other one all the bad luck (strikers constantly hit the post or miss the target when they usually score, defenders cannot get ball from the opponent when they usually able to, passing is so slow that players run faster then the ball, short and agile players cannot hold the ball and dribble fast, best world players don’t know how open themselves for a pass and so on). Now, I understand that in real football there is a factor of luck, but not like you get all the luck in one game and all the bad luck in another, it can and should vary through out single game as well.
    People in the community refer to it as “scripting”, “DDA”, “RNG” and so on. I don’t know if those things are present in the game, but there is definitely something off in the core gameplay that makes it worse and worse with each new fifa.

    All this leaves a bad feeling that your skill does not matter much in the game and removes all the enjoyment from the game.
    Overall I would rate the game 4/10.

    1. How many games I must lose to start winning again.

      It is terrible, no more shots go in. either hits the post 3 or 4 times in a game or shoot wide.

      Passing is terrible, always pass into feet of the opponent.

      What is the general number of games I must throw off before starting to get some fair opponents again.

  23. I can’t see any positive feedback!

    We need to crowdfund an alternative football game developed by Fan’s of the Game (EA seem to be bigger fans of the referee tbh)

    Pro Evo is abysmal too so there is a place in the market. The FIFA image rights is the only thing that gives EA ANY power. Without it they would stop making football games within a couple of years!

    Let’s be honest it wouldn’t be difficult to create a better game than EA regurgitate every year! 😉

  24. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME, worst FIFA out. They just make their money off ultimate team and do not care about the game at all. Any Fifa youtubers or professional Fifa player will tell u this game is the worst. It is scripted, the winner is picked before the game starts, Fifa don’t even listen to the feedback because of all the money they’re getting.

  25. pathetic lmao.
    wish i could watch u cunts chock on spit serious.. nice job.
    only reason you buy this game, is to watch and let the AI fucking play for you.

    Jesus games are going fucking down hill
    “spit in face” fuck u

    1. All football games right now is just focusing on money. So just crack don’t buy it, maybe they’ll fix after they lost a lot of consumers. Hope KONAMI and EA brain is lighten up.

  26. WORST FIFA SO FAR! It’s simply a waste of money! Awful physics, awful gameplay, graphics, and everything. I enjoyed Fifa19 so much, had no patience to get this one and after a few hours of playing, I just realised that I threw 50 pounds in the bin, just like that!

  27. I’m meeting the requirements for tots triple threat with scoring with a team of only Serie A and Bundisliga.
    And not getting the treats
    WTF up.
    I live career mode and this fut is stopping me from buying the overpriced bugged out product fifa 21

  28. No need to write long sentence on the stupidity of the game. This game is an absolutely shocker of a game. It is so disappointing y’all would roll out a shit piece of a game every year.

  29. I’m gonna try to give constructive criticism here. The physics of the game are not right and that’s clear to see. The ball is not a free entity! It feels magically attached to who ever was pre determined to have it based on the quality of the player on the pitch. I really don’t see the point of having all those teams on the game if the difference between them is night and day. I play in leagues with friends and the difference between the quality of players is way too over exaggerated to the point that It’s quite insulting to professional footballers that play for smaller clubs. The game makes these players turn like tanks and just simply cannot compete with any team remotely better than them. The quality of the person holding the controller has to be the main difference in quality. Not some shot that’s been blocked by your last defender between opposition striker and your keeper that’s then rebounded straight back to him leaving him in a one one with keeper. Defending is a art and the game should appreciate it as such. There is nothing wrong with a 0-0 scoreline. It’s much better than 8-5! Take the obvious and dubious help given to players in situations and make people work and deserve a outcome rather than handed to them on a plate. I am a fifa convert(winning eleven before) from the South africa world Cup game and loved the group format online and thought you would go in this direction but haven’t and infact from a gameplay perspective aswell Since 17 have gone backwards.

  30. DONT BUY THIS GAME OR FIFA 21 UNLESS YOU’RE STUPID THIS! this is my second time writing a review. Having not played the game since my last comment 4 month ago. I tought I would give it another chance see if anything had changed. It hadn’t it is still totally garbage. You should be refunding unhappy customers

  31. I want my money back from this piece of crap. What the hell did you do to FIFA? Why did you had to ruin it like that. The gameplay is a bunch of bull. It doesn’t matter how good your are when the game is decided by the AI. Is incredible frustrating. Maybe there are talented people behind the game development, but it was all wasted on this garbage.

  32. Easily the worst strategic game ever made. Player ratings do not matter at all outside pace and strength in player vs player the only game mode put time in is a greedy casino like ultimate team demonstrating the only intent of the creators and programmers of this game. All “AI” modes are essentially false advertisement as the difference between a 5 star juventus and a 1 star polish farm club will is that the higher difficulty you go the worse strong teams become as they throw bodies forward and become super vulnerable to counter attack while small teams have endless stamina, 35 bodies behind the ball since all players have 99 pace and acceleration, every player has the skill moves and movement of neymar and sancho, including some absolute stunners every game from bottom half clubs not even strikers but CB´s and CDM´s pulling of some amazing rainbow flicks and top bins or a 45 yard screamer, everyone can take being scored on a few of these a season but the propability of conceding 25 goals in one season that would make “this ERAS greatest goals” from when i was born is as the only thing lower then the chance of EA Sports being compitent.
    the fact that this game is repackaged and sold again and again without improvement only statements with words like “improved stat importance” should be investegated by some authorities and the company as a hole should be fined and punished for manipulating and targeting underage kids to play this abomination.

    It is not hard to increase and fix so that the gap between stats on players causes worse players to make more mistakes in their respected shit stats, not every team is suppose to play “tiki-taka we have messi, ronaldo and 3x Rio Ferdinand at the back” some games are suppose to be an easy draw or easier to score 2-3 past than others as teams dont have good defenders or others have a bad front 3. You need actual football knowledge and to implement different playstyles, tactics and manager attributes for the game to be realistic and the game would become playable, cause it really isn’t listen to the feedback cause this will sink your ship at some point. there are only a couple of million programmers out there that could take up creating games at this day and age.

    and for the love of god people have been wanting a career mode where they can play 2 or more friends in the same save, with 18 other computer teams in the fucking league playing for who gets CL football or who wins the league, who wins the Champions league what ever your goal might be. this would atleast remove just watching where the scripted computer is as if you play super well they’ll just make a team go without a draw or a loss for the whole season. ( this is not a farfetched fucking idea there are plenty of games that offer this multiplayer game mode and prove this would be easily doable for a multi billion dollar company.)

    now grow a pair of balls and learn to code cause this is the most ridiculous ****** scripting there is.

  33. This game is always against me. It’s like there’s no ref in this game. It calls my goals offside when in fact they’re not. It gives the other players offside goals. I go for clean tackles and it gets called for a foul. I get dirty tackles and it doesn’t get called for a foul. Gives the other players an extra minute or two of the extra time they already gave so they can either tie the game when I’m winning by a goal or win it when we’re both tied. Gets awarded penalties when I don’t even touch them. I’m tired of this. If this keeps on continuing to happen, I’m not gonna buy anymore FIFA games coming out in the future.

  34. I have wasted lots of my money on this game like a plonker and never got anything good, however today was the last straw. A new prime icon or moments came out. I put 4 of my starting 11 players into the sbc alongside many others. The sbc should cost 400k so u would presume u would hopefully get a player of around the price, however with EA of course i did not. In the prime icon pack i got Ian Wright so i automatically pressumed i was guaranteed a good player to make up for this poor excuse of a player however to my suprise i opened the pack to get a PRIME GK- Lehmann. This twat sells for 100k on a VERY GOOD DAY. These last 2 icon sbcs have cost 650k in total and i got playes combined worth 180k. REALLY!!! Immediately after i got spammed with a black lives matter notification from fifa. This is the most hypocritical bullshit i have ever seen as it says it is disgusting how individuals are singled out and how injustice is horrible yet u target me by giving me disgraceful rewards in packs. Feels like giving me these horrible packs is an injustice. Fuck you EA. Sort this shit out.

  35. You ruined fifa for me… I wish I can go back to pro but that’s shyte too. I’m disappointed. No headers..really???.. woww!! Have you seen the movie inside man?.. daylight robbery.. I kinda rate u still

    1. Totally unrealistic, this game forced you to play football like futsal, good player with a high heading stats and stature can’t even scores a header goal when facing defender that is shorter than him, also long shot is very hard to pull in FIFA-20 even when you have player that have a high shooting stats. Skill moves also very overpowered in this game (just randomly spinning R3 (in PS3) can even make the attacker pass the defender easily (while sprinting over the defender is not an option (even when you have Mbappe), making the player that played this game using reality football logic cannot played this game very well unlike the previous FIFA-19. Near-post goal percentage is so unrealistically high, when logically the one that make sense when you have the opportunity to score a goal is to shot the ball at the far post (but when you aimed at the far post, keeper have a high percentage of saving it that it doesnt make sense). Penalty and free kick is an upgrade, but the overall is bad. I rated this game 6/10 for me.

  36. 3/10, general clunky gameplay, bad team AI in terms of selection for defending and passing. The passes are impossible to get right. If you are playing single player, it still forces you to take free kicks in under 10 seconds, which is bs.

  37. FIfa, YOU SUCK! You just discounted 2 win plays I had in fut champions. Among the lack of creativity, the never ending glitches and never replied complaints about this game, I found very frustrating to be a part of your community. There is no reliability whatsoever in this useless game. No other game, this I know, generates as much frustration as this one. Your lack of response doesn-t surprise me. I just needed to get it out of my system. You lost a loyal customer. Never buying FIFA again. I encourage the dissatisfied people that read this post to do the same.

    1. FIFA don’t even think of their game, I played fit champs and people use the fact that way is som dum, they don’t even think about the fact of removing co op play in fut. I think it’s ok in squad battles, but not in rivals and really not in champs. PLS REMOVE IT!!

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