FIFA 20 Early Access

Early Access to FIFA 20

Learn how you can play FIFA 20 prior to its release date with the possible early access methods. We review the ways you can download FIFA 20 in advance and play it first.

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Pre-Order Method

By pre-ordering the FIFA 20 (only Champions and Ultimate Editions), you can download, receive and play FIFA 20 3 days in advance, which means you can download and play FIFA 20 on September 24, 2019.

The game is available from September 22 for pre-loading and it will be playable from September 24 at 12am (your store region’s time).

FIFA 20 pre-order is available from 8 June to 27 September. Check out the FIFA 20 Pre-order options at

EA Access or Origin Access Membership

EA Access and Origin Access members are eligible to download and play FIFA 20 on September 19, 2019.

EA Access is available on Xbox and and PS4. The membership will allow you to download and play ten hours of FIFA 20 gameplay one week in advance. The same offer applies to the Origin Access members on PC.

The game is available to pre-load and play from 19 September 2019 (6pm UK) on EA Access app.


The early access to FIFA 20 for EA Access members will be limited to 10 hours of gameplay from 19 to 24 September.

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  1. I am ea access member and had pre order fifa20 standard edition.

    How to play 10hours early?
    How to download game early?

    1. I think if you click on it in the app it will take you to the store automatically, or you can click on it in the store. I have EA access and it shows the price in the store that you will be paying with the ten percent discount taken off.

  2. With EA Origin Premiere you can play full game and there is no 10hr restriction but if you have Origin Access Basic then you will only get 10hr but i think Origin Premiere is only available for PC not Xbox One or PS4.

  3. Hey
    I understand that Fifa 20 is avaliable from 19th of September with EA access, but is this on Xbox One only or PS4 as well?

    1. You can play the early access on PS4 also, but 10 hours only so play smart, and save like 2 hours for daily objectives between 19 september and 24 september.

      good luck!

    1. When the application turns on the 10 hour starts, so if you wanna do SBC or team building, do that on the web app. and if you are going to toilet n sh*t so turn off, you won´t waste time, trust me. Do daily objectives every day and play matches, but like i said, everything else can you do on your computer or phone.

      Good Luck- Martin

  4. Hey I haven’t ordered fifa 20 yet but I still have a ea access account.

    Am I able to play 10 hours before purchasing the game?

  5. So i bought fifa 20 first. I read that if i’ll buy the ea acces i will still be able to play september 19th? Can i just start the game or do i need to do something to activate? I dont know

  6. If i download fifa 20 from ea access and then i pre order the game through ea access will i have to re download the full game again or a small update would do it ?

  7. I pre ordered the game in July, but i did not order it from EA access. I ordered it from the store. I will still get the 8 hours? Right?

  8. I purchased FIFA 20 (without origin access). If I purcase origin access now will i be able to play fifa 20 on september 19?

  9. I believe if you have ea access and you preorder from a store it won’t work, as the store won’t give you the game earlier than pre order release, I’d of just ordered through Fifa and got the discount and then the ea access to get it earlier

  10. Is someone buyes the standard version of fifa 20, is still available to play EA Acces 10 hours of gameplay? or its just works with champions and ultimate version? this only works with the digital version of the game? or if someone buy the disc, it will work too? thanks

  11. Hello. This may seem like a stupid question, but here goes.

    I pre-ordered FIFA 20 for £53.99 (with EA Access) on the Microsoft Store today. First of all, will I be able to play the full game from 19th September for 10 hours. Second of all, will I have to purchase the game again?

  12. It means on 19 sept I buy ea acces and I can play 10h in total. I can buy standard edition on 27 sept and all data will remain right?

    1. You would have to purchase the digital version only as the disc version isnt released until the 24th so you wouldnt then require the 10hrs early play

  13. I have already purchased the ultimate edition, which I can download Sep. 22. If I now buy a monthly sub of ea access, can I then dowload it Sep 19? Or is that too late now?

  14. If I buy one month subscription of EA access will I be eligible to play on the 19th or I must buy 1 year subscription?

    I have one more doubt, when will the 8 hours countdown starts? Is it when I turn on the game on the 19th or it starts at a specific timeline on the 19th?

    Can someone please help me.
    Many thanks

    1. 1 month will get you the whole 10 hours of ea access
      when your finished playing ea access just close the application and the hour timer will stop

    2. You get full access to the game on the 19th September if you have an Origin Premier access, it will be a 10 hr limit if you get the basic access.
      People on this thread/comment section may be misunderstanding the whole situation.

  15. Is it possible for me to buy the ea access 1 month subscription, buy the ultimate edition with 10% discount, cancel the ea access right away so i only pay for one month, and still play the game for 8 hrs between the 19th and the 24th?
    So I would be paying €80.99 for the game and €3.99 for 1 month of ea access and get to play early and get all the benefits of ultimate edition for €84.98 instead of buying the ultimate edition for €89.99 and not getting ea access?

    1. The game will not be on the vault. Ea access only gives you 10 hours of playing time before it expires, like a trial almost. You will then have to buy the full version of the game. You can play the ea access on sep 19. You can buy the ultimate edition and start playing the full version on sept 24.

  16. Just stumbled across the option of ‘early access’ with EA access. I have pre-ordered the hard copy of the game (Champions edition from Game) for £69…. However, from what i am reading all i need is EA access and then i can play as much as i want and get to play a whole week early rather than just 3 days – What am i missing? What is the point of buying the hard copy?? Should I cancel my hard copy order?

  17. To get access from 19th, do I need to get the Champions or Ultimate Edition as well as EA Access?

    Or will EA Access permit me the 8 hours from the 19th with the Standard Edition pre-ordered?

  18. If i start playing on the 19th with EA access will i still be able to access the web app even though it launches on the 20th?

  19. Do fifa points, squad battle points, div rivals points earned during ea access time period carry over to when you get full game?

  20. in the last 2 years trial was glitched meaning i could play it 100+ in these 7 days till release day
    youtube has even now these tutorials for fifa18 and 19 trial
    fifa 19 had 10 hours of trial,i’m pretty sure fifa 20 will have 10 hours of trial
    make sure you have 40gb space
    i had pre ordered fifa every time but standard edition it’s unlocked till release day,trial edition it’s basically another game in terms of space on your hdd
    you must got a good internet provide to download fast
    change your region to new zeeland cause trial is avaible sooner at them like on 18 september 16-18 pm in europe time but it’s 19 sept in new zeeland
    on 19 september evening look on youtube to see if anyway glitched the trial and made a tutorial this way you can play unlimited trial if you glitched every time you enter in fifa
    just make it sure you don’t spent all trial hours

  21. If I have EA access and pre-ordered the hard copy of FIFA 20, will I still be able to use the early access on the 19th and then transfer across my data to my disc on the 27th?

    1. Everything would transfer over as ea access allows you to play the full game whilst keeping the contents of it hence the price of £4 for ea access.

  22. Im thinking of buying ea access but Will i get the 10 hours on the 19th even if I am going to buy the standard version on the 27th september?

  23. I have pre ordered FIFA 20 Ultimate edition and have EA Access membership but in PS4 library states that the game will download on 22th September. Will this change as we get closer to 19th?

  24. Can someone confirm at what exact hour I can start playing these 8 hours on 19th of September (CEST time)? Is it going to be available straight after midnight or later that day? And also – can I download the game earlier on PS4 (EA Origin allows to download game files days before trial time)?

  25. I saw on twitter that the game installs 2 days before it says it can be played, and for me it says the 22nd. 2 days before that is the 19th which is the EA access date. Is it correct that it installs 2 days before?

    1. By pre-ordering you will be able to play the game on 24th Sept – pre-loading on 22nd Sept. If you are an EA Access, you will be able to pre-load and play it by 19th Sept.

  26. I have pre ordered fifa 20 ultimate edition with ea access on PS4 and it says it won’t be able to download till the 22nd but I thought I could play it on the 19th

    1. On 19th you will be able to play it but only for 8 hours, after that, you will be able to play the game with no time limit on 22 or 24 Sept – depending on your order edition and region.

    1. During the EA Access, the game will have a counter for 8 hours of gameplay, when the time ran out you won’t be able to play it.

        1. Everything counts as playingtime. Also being in the menus etc. The timer is counting as long as the FIFA game itself is running

  27. So if I get EA access to play Fifa 20 a week prior to release, how will the app work or how will it work generally if I preordered the game hard copy? Will it be a downloadable demo like app to play for eight hours or would I have to preorder digitally ?

  28. if I have ea access and pre order the normal game, i play the 8 hours free until 24th of Sept. Will I still be able to play on the 24th-27th of the full game (if I pre-order the normal game) or would I need to wat until the 27th?

      1. If you preorder the champions edition you get 3 days early off rip. If you want ea access and 3 days early you need to get the champions edition. You can’t buy the normal game

    1. Yes Mike, sure you can just reply with your credit card, social security number and send a copy of your passport to 59 High Rd, East Finchley, London N2 8AW

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