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Contracts - FIFA 20

Contract items in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team are consumable items that can be applied to a player or a manager to increase their number of remaining matches. Without any contract, a player or manager will not be able to attend in a match.

Playing a match in FUT will consume a number of contract from a player or a manager who were engaged in that match. The contract’s numbers of players who were in the substitution list but haven’t being substituted to play a match, will not be consumed. The number of remaining contracts of a player is shown at the back of their card as “Contract” or “CON” as in short form.

There are two types of contracts in FIFA 20:

  • Player Contracts
  • Manager Contracts

Player Contracts

Player contracts are applicable to players only including goalkeepers. Player contracts come in three usual qualities as Gold, Silver and Bronze and add a certain numbers of matches to a player item as follows:

Contract Quality # of Matches for Gold Players # of Matches for Silver Players # of Matches for Bronze Players
Gold, Rare (99) 99 99 99
Gold, Rare 28 24 28
Gold, Rare 13 11 15
Silver, Rare 18 24 20
Silver 8 10 10
Bronze, Rare 3 6 15
Bronze 1 2 8

Manager Contracts

Manager contracts are applicable to managers only. Below is the list of them:

Contract Quality # of Matches for Gold Managers # of Matches for Silver Managers # of Matches for Bronze Managers
Gold, Rare 28 24 24
Gold, Rare 13 11 11
Silver, Rare 18 24 18
Silver 8 10 8
Bronze, Rare 3 6 15
Bronze 1 2 8

How to Apply Contracts to Player or Manager Cards?

To apply contracts to a player, go to your Squad in FUT, select your player and bring up the Player Actions screen (PS4: Square button / Xbox: X button), Apply Consumable, then select a contract from the Contract tab.

To apply contracts a manager card, go to your Squad, select the Manager Actions screen (PS4: R2 / Xbox: RT), the select Apply Manager Item, choose a contract card from the Contract tab.

Where to Find Contracts?

Player and Manager contracts can be found in FIFA 20 packs or gained as rewards. You can purchase and trade contract cards in the Transfer Market – Under the Consumables section.

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