FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 19 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 20 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 20 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 20 game.

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484 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. Another thing I forgot in terms of manager career mode I like the fact that u manage a club and national team but in terms of national teams we should have a ranking system so when u play friendlies atleast u playing for rankings and when u win the world cup it reflects in the rankings just a boost for national teams in career mode and ur national career mode must reflect not when u leave a team and start with a new national team the commentary says this is the first team ur managing

    1. When the results get worse, the public will not attend or be removed from office. There will be a press conference after the game where the game is discussed, as there is before the game, there is a riot from the public or an early departure in a heavy defeat.

  2. Vocês poderiam dar uma alternativa de comandar dois clubes no modo carreira, ou um time B, fazia muito isso no Brasfoot, jogadores que não seria usado na equipe era emprestado ou transferido para uma equipe inferior ou Time B e possamos jogar com os mesmos.
    Atualmente emprestamos jogadores jovens para os times que tem a tendência de melhorar, mas eles não jogam…

    Podendo comandar dois clubes seria mais interessante.

  3. Modo carrera enlazado con clubes pro, al igual que el juego de NBA 2K, que puedas jugar online manejando tu jugador llevándolo a a entrenar y a jugar partidos de fútbol sala en la calle con tus amigos, y que la gente que quiera mejorarse su jugador de forma rápida que pague monedas y el que quiera hacerlo de forma gratuita que las consiga jugando y avanzando en la historia de la carrera que den monedas al jugar partidos de tu carrera y bonificaciones por goles, asistencias, pases completados, regates etc. Que puedas hacer contratos con marcas deportivas nike Adidas etc.
    En partidos clásicos u amistosos, que puedas jugar con equipos antiguos ganadores de las champions o algunas ligas importantes con jugadores leyenda, todas las licencias de los iconos en equipos para elelgirlos y disfrutarlos para los q no les gusta fut

  4. In be a pro start as a 20 year old, should be able to be younger, sign contracts and be able to leave on a free at the end of it, choose what clubs you want to play for rather than waiting to be approached, more involvement in the contract negotiations of clubs offering to buy you rather than sign,decline or delay, duel nationality, full stats of transfer fees and goals/games etc.

  5. Here are some things i’d suggest:

    1. Create newer kits (Manager). At least just for the team you’re playing. It gets quite boring when playing with the same kit for a number of seasons.

    2. Create a team (Manager): It would be a great feature to start from scratch and going from there, it’s more challenging, making it more fun

    3. More cutscenes/cinematics (Manager/Player): More cutscenes when signing of a new player (getting him to the press conference and to the crowd) , or celebrating a trophy (players roam around the stadium/field to celebrate). In player career, it would be fun to have more cutscenes when signing for a club, or celebrating an individual trophy like player of the year or MOTM.

    4. Realistic price changes (Manager): For instance, let’s say Jovic would cost 25 mil, and I made a bid for 30, which should be quite convincing. But his club would then ask for 50 or 60, which is double the price. It wouldn’t really help if I do not have that much money.

    5. Using the wage (Player): until now, receiving a better wage doesn’t mean anything, as you can’t really do anything with it. I’d suggest adding a feature in which you’d do something with it, like buy a house or a car, or hire a better agent… etc.

    6. Youth (Manager): Many youth players would ask for playing time, but you can’t simply give it to them. I’d suggest having a youth team in which they could play in. It could just be a CPU thing rather than a whole other team to play with.

    7. Having a player to change potentials or overalls (Manager): sometimes a player wouldn’t do well for a long time, but his overall and potential wouldn’t change. Having a feature to change these numbers would make it more realistic.

    8. Real Players for the Brazilian League (Manager): Not sure if this is the right page, but I’d still put it out here. In real life, there is some real talent in the Brazilian League, but we can’t find them on FIFA due to the copyright issues (I think that was the problem). Having them come back will make the transfer scouts eyes expand to Brazil.

    9. Adding more leagues (Manager/Player): Again, not sure if this is the right page, but adding more leagues would make career mode more exciting as there would be more options of teams to manage/play, and more players to sign

    1. To add to my comment, another good feature for player career is to start it at trial game at a made up team, then scouts will pick you up. How good the team that approaches you is based on the player’s performance.

      It is kinda boring to just choose a team to play in, rather than have it as a random and start from there

  6. Players Overall

    -the better your players play through the course of the career the higher their overalls go

    -overalls change based on form (Welbeck is 76 but scores 4 in 3 games overall goes up to 80 until he plays bad)

    -overalls change when played in different positions (bellerin is 80 at RB but 75 at RW) had this feature in fifa 07 don’t know why you got rid of it

    -injuries affecting overall

    -if a player tears his ACL and is out for 8 months their overall should drop slightly

    same goes for youth players and their potential


    -If a youth player is playing very well their potential should change


    -Late Bloomers (older players that are playing very well should still have their overalls going up (PRIME EXAMPLE ADURIZ FROM BILBAO)



    -if teams get relegated they lose their best players

    -if teams get promoted they buy lots of players

    -realistic LOANS. Hate when San Lorenzo come knocking on my door for Mavropanos

    -Buy Back Clauses

    -Loan to Buy Deals

    -Youth Players actually accept loan deals

    -ability to offer players to teams

    -realistic swap transfers. If i am offering Dortmund Elneny for Weigl and they ask me for 20 million extra i will freak on the next fifa

    -ability to offer loans for swaps like the bonucci Higuain trade
    Realistic Loan deals. Sometimes clubs send their best players out on loan (Once Rodrigo went to Burnley on loan) . Why the Hell only AI can get quality players they want on loan and we cannot even approach the club. EA needs to fix that.

    -Youth System

    -more nations to scout from. (hungary, and so on)

    -Youth League

    -Sick and tired of 18 year old Johnny Nobody emailing me asking me for PT. There should be a youth league to play youth players in and maybe send older players that aren’t playing well.

    -Realistic faces for scouting (shouldn’t see white people named Chung Lee)

    -balanced youth players (buddy shouldn’t be 6foot9 with 26 heading)

    -Youth League

    -to add to my point above

    -a U21 team.

    -replaces youth squad

    -can play other youth squads in a youth league of all the other clubs in the league

    -ability to upgrade or downgrade players (affects morale)

    -if Welbeck isn’t playing well i send him down to play with the reserves

    -Player Relationships


    -Players can come to you and you can respond. (if Johnny nobody asks to play over Aubameyang you can respond NO)

    – Player Expectations and REALISTIC SQUAD ROLES (not every incoming transfer is going to be crucial in a newly promoted side)

    -Agent Relationships

    -build a relationship with agents (JORGE MENDES)

    -get players for cheaper if your cool with their agents

    -Team Relationships

    -If Arsenal and Middlesborough do 10 deals in a year they are most likely to do business together in the future

    -could have a little metre to measure the relationship

    -EXAMPLE Tottenham and Arsenal have a Low metre because they hate each other so they will charge ridiculous prices or refuse to sell

    -Ability to offer players to Teams (Messi is 37 and 81 overall, you can offer him to Newell’s Old Boys for free)



    -players perform poorly or well based on team chemistry. (french speaking players perform better with each other)

    -Manager Contracts

    -able to negotiate contracts as a manager with expectations and all that jazz

    -able to move to any club when contract is over not just the clubs offered in the selection.


    -Position Changing

    -Kind of ties in with the whole overall bit. BUT, if Bellerin is performing really well as a RW i can train him so that becomes his main position and RB stays as a secondary position

    -Another Example Van Dijk. I want Van Dijk as a CDM I can train him so that becomes his main position and his overall boosts up when he is placed there. (Overall Boost. how its going to work. If the overall changing system is implemented and he is a 78 when placed at CDM. Once trained his overall will become 81 when CDM is first position.


    -Kit Numbers

    -HATE when new transfers are given the open numbers in that team.

    -For Example Messi is Number 10. He gets transferred to Atletico Madrid and he is given number 44. WHY??


    -In FIFA 07 you could choose what teams you wanted to have a friendly with and you could split ticket pricing. (30/70 or 40/60)

    -Smaller clubs would have to split a larger amount for bigger clubs to play them.

    -Sponsorship Deals

    -when you would start up a new career mode you would have an option to sign a sponsorship deal with a company with a bunch of goal bonuses and stuff

    -THIS IS IDEAL WITH RTG career modes because it adds a lot much needed funds to the side

    -Stadium Customization

    -Only Generic Stadiums

    -Can Add Seating for extra ticket $$

    -Can expand and generic stadiums must be upgraded when promoted. Makes it more realistic as Macclesfield won’t be going into the Prem with a 2500 seat stadium
    Set Ticket Pricing

    -Team Staff

    -In fifa 07 you were able to upgrade staff and it would affect your players.

    -There was a fitness coach, Pitch Caretaker, Physic and so on

    -A high level fitness coach would boost the energy for the next match. Physic would reduce injury and Injury recovery time. Youth coach would Bolster the youth players and so on

    -manager customization

    -Being able to customize the manager the same as a player

    -Manager Switching, maybe seeing Mourinho take over Arsenal and so on

    – I take over Arsenal, and Unai Emery takes a job at Valencia and keeping his face in the game
    Managers also change clubs and get fired and also retire.

    -Game Face

    -BRING THIS BACK PLEASE only thing I’m saying from player career.

    -this was loads of fun when playing career mode although it could use some fixing maybe use the same software as NBA LIVE

    -Existing Players Career Mode

    -when you retire with a player and want to start a career you keep the players face

    -i like to start a player career mode with veteran players and retire right away and start managing a team. HATE when i start a career with Yaya Toure and I lose his face.


    -interactive cutscenes like the journey

    -MOTM cut scenes

    -interactive press conferences.

    -Create a Club

    -Back to Fifa 07 we were able to create clubs.

    -starting from scratch being able to choose own transfer and wage budget

    1. Exactly what I want and make press conferences effect the teams morale ,make it interactive so we can choose our answers even comment on the motm possible transfer links comment on rivals in Derby games make a press conference before the game , sponsorships different manger avatars from fans and the avatar only unique to you so that a rival manager will not look the same as u for me the graphics are always top and gameplay just tweak career mode to be enjoyed for the full years if u win the champions League for 3 years let us feel like the top team

  7. Have real life career mode scenarios added in. If you start a career with a club, and are having a great season, and another team above sacks their manager because (say bayern, which I’ve seen) are having a bad season, then they can offer you the job mid season.

    Also, add in a youth system that you can tap in to and add to, not have to build one from scratch when you start a career. I’m not saying put the whole youth academy of chelsea in to the game, but enought to build on as a lot of these players end up getting added when they go out on loan/come to prominence etc. anyway.

  8. they should add an owner mode where u can create your own club and make yr own kits and crest, get sponsorships and merchandise manufacture

    Also in Manager mode, we should be able to redesign kits for the next season, also seasons should be longer as youth players tend to get to age 30 and career mode ends.

  9. 1. Make transfers more realistic. Right now you can buy any player you want as long as you have enough money. I shouldn’t be able to take over a mid-table team and poach players from Juve or Barcelona. Transfers should take into account whether a club actually wants to sell the player, if the player wants to leave, club prestige, etc.

    2. Give us the ability to customize as much as possible, like the NBA 2k franchise mode. Let us edit/create players, create clubs, create stadiums.

    3. Longer career mode: it’s been capped at 15 seasons forever, but I like building something long term. Let us go 30 seasons or more so we can build a real legacy.

    4. Let us just manage a national team. We’d scout for players from our country and train them. We could monitor their growth and performance for their clubs, manage training camps and play international matches.

    5. Make the sim results more realistic. It’s way way way too easy to win the league. The best teams drop so many points, it’s never a fun challenge. In the premier league it should take somewhere between 85-95 points to win just about every year. I’ve played so many seasons where no AI team even cracks 70.

    6. Trophy room: college hoops 2k8 had an old version of this, where you could walk around and look at all the trophies you won.

    7. Club legends: I’m thinking something similar to the “Legacy score” concept in madden. Every player has a score, and they get points for things like games played, goals, assists, awards, trophies won, etc. If they achieve a certain number of points they could go onto the club’s wall of fame, have a testimonial match, come out for their last game to a guard of honor, etc.

    8. Keep track of career stats: I’d like to know how many goals a player has scored in their career, and how many for each club. It should also keep track of club records and top 10’s, and there could be a special commentary moment when a player moves up on the all time list of appearances or breaks the record for goals scored.

    9. Manager hiring and firing carousel: Like in the old EA college football games. Bayern might fire their coach and offer you the job. When players retire they can become coaches at smaller clubs and work their way up.

    10. Youth academy: expanded pool of names, and the ability to edit player appearance, position and name. Also, you should be able to scout any country that has their national team in the game.

  10. Make a storyline for the player that you created, like with Alex Hunter, but on your own character. On Manager mode make the youth academy more realistic, and make it to where youth players grow faster, because ounce you have high rated players, you would already be finished with all 15 seasons. It would also be nice if the youth players increased physical strength as the players grow. Also add more seasons, I think only about 15 seasons is too short maybe about 20-30 seasons would be good.

    1. Más dificultades en las negociaciones de traspaso y que incluya la opcion de prestamos con opcion de compra y negociar todos los detalles. Sumado a la licencia de mas estadios y caras en la liga argentina. Tambien la licencia de Copa Libertadores y Copa Sudamericana

  11. Whilst negotiating transfers i would like to see the introduction of replying with cash plus player not just sending cash plus player. I’d also like to see the addition of manager valuations

  12. Please add that you can sign a sponsorship deal for the club and that it will show on the kit or somewhere on the club.
    Bring back the loan to buy option and the buy back clause in the players contract,
    Implement an realistic youth academy and that the youth players you sign can play youth academy if the manager is not ready to introduce them in the senior team.

    1. Please bring in the womens leagues in all countries, as only the national teams are playing on fifa 19

  13. Ea sports add officials and leaders presenting trophies to the winner team
    Add buy back players options
    Add Fifa Club world
    Add real managers face when playing career mode

  14. Add cam nuo
    Add players asking to increase their salary
    Add buy back players options
    Add officials and leaders presenting trophies to the winning team

    Add real managers face when playing career mode
    Add officials and leaders presenting trophies to the winner
    Change the commentary voice is very slow
    Add buy back players options

    1. Youth league or sub 23( portugal had their own sub 23 league), realistics termination clauses, Official scores from many leagues, young layers and realistic faces of many players

  15. Realistic transfer budgets, realistic squads and realistic player faces should be added to FIFA Career Mode, this would improve it and make the game better and more fun.

  16. I think that the stadium of your club should have more importance, being able to remodel and expand the capacity or outside part as you progress in career mode with your team, price of tickets according to the match , negotiation rights TV, sponsorship negotiation, billboards, request credits, Merchandising, etc

  17. Modern era now of Fifa u should be able to customise your kit before u start a match whether u do it or not is irrelevant the option should be there i. e man utd vs man city changing shorts and socks to alternate whilst maintaining your home Jersey to avoid colour clash or even have it as it would in real life, its coming up to 2020 need to catch yourselves on and bring this feature into the game u would be surprised as to how many actually want to see this feature imo the feature would add a different dimension along with a few other valid points that my fellow posters have pointed out this feature especially in the champions league mode dosen’t have to be complicated just make it happen

  18. Could be there a National Manager only mode?
    Could negotiations not be so difficult to matching with players demands,and an option to switch off the buy up tag transfer fee,so i an not gonna loose my half squad?
    Could there be an Academy Of the team i am managing,instead of the youth squad ,sonething like an under 21 team?
    An Update of the uefa team standings for the draws of the european cups,in manager mode?
    qualifiers for europe
    An option to switch off the away goal count,so we see that first in gaming,then in real life?
    More substitutions if any injuries or extra time

  19. I think there should be more room for the manager. Half time team talks should be introduced and players allowed to comment on their performances. The budgets should be realistic and the Champions Cup should be replaced with the proper UEFA Champions League tourney. The squads should also be made of the real players who play for your favourite team at that moment in time.

  20. Career mode player:

    Apart from tweaks making it feel more natural to play, I’d love:

    – Get a real agent who you can actually discuss your plans with. Things like “what teams would you like to play for during your career?”
    During the transfer windows the agent can work those clubs, trying to get you a deal. I haven’t played PES for years, but it had a similar feature back in 2012 or so.

    – a highlights reel when you retire would be nice.

    – selecting a youth club (could be the one you start in) would add to the story.

    – please, stop ruining the game with stupid and unlikely transfers! I mean, when I start a save with Atlético Madrid, the AI sells Koke, Juanfran, Filipe Luis and Giménez in the first window, before I’ve played a single game. Replacements? One player. Can’t remember who atm. So it’s unlikely that the club would sell 4 first team players and replacing them with one. It’s also unlikely that Koke would leave at all, and that Giménez would leave without a good replacement. It’s so frustrating.

  21. So much to say with so little space. I think there needs to a revamp of the entire fifa experience. I feel that it’s time for fifa to be more innovated at this point and that’s why I’m here to help. Fifa is the only game I play on my PlayStation. I haven’t played a game that holds my interest more than soccer games. If Fifa is going to be the only game I play then I would like it to be the best game out there.

    Here’s how: Fifa has good options for game modes as it stands exhibition, career mode, ultimate team and be a pro mode. However, I would like to see one more mode introduced. Business mode (working title for the mode), you can call it whatever you want, but the important thing is what the mode includes. An all inclusive, in depth, full game experience.

    Business mode lets you play as the owner, recruiter, coach and player. Each role has different responsibilities in the game.

    The owner is responsible for the clubs revenue. He adjusts ticket prices, stadium upgrades, signing sponsors for the club, the team’s games aired on network television stations and picking out the clubs jerseys for each season to be worn by the club. He also determines the tournaments the team plays in every year. He is ultimately responsible for the team’s financial success and the user controls it.

    The recruiter is responsible for hiring the scouts. The quality of the scout is left up to him. Just like the previous season, the recruiter determines what the scouts will go in the world to find players. He determines not only the positions the scouts should be looking for, but also the team’s the scouts should be looking at. The recruiter assesses player evaluations and looks for player updates in the news. The scout uses a database each club has for each player on those teams with the stats and minor details for each player in the world. It’s up to the scout to determine which players should be looked at more. The scouts are able to meet with players and ask a series of preloaded questions containing information used to help determine how much it would take to buy a player from a club, that players mental capabilities, his playing time/experience, and his interest in the club the scout works for. Each of the questions answered by the player helps the scout determine how much the club would have to offer the player to join the club or if the player would fit in the team’s system at all. The scouts data collected from player interviews and data collection of watching games are stored on the scouts report, which is accessed through the scout and coach who would later offer the player the contract.

    The coach is responsible for each players attribute progression during practices. He is responsible for also interviewing players and offering players contracts. The coach develops the game plan for each game and the offensive and defensive strategy for each game. He gives the pep talks in the locker rooms deciding on whether or not to get the player pumped up for the game, focused, physical or tactical. The coach also develops plays on the field while the games are played, which the user can adjust before each game. He also gives advice and pointers to substitutes as they enter the game. If the user notices a weakness in the opponents strategy the coach points it out to the sub before he enters the game. The coach determines the line up before each game and each players role going into the game.

    The player is responsible for winning the game. He is controlled by the user throughout just as fifa is played today.

    This mode has the ability to switch between each role as he wishes in order to properly manage his team. The user just selects which role he will be using in the modes menu stage thought each day of the week in order to make his team successful throughout each season.

    Obviously, for those not interested in doing whichever responsibilities they do not wish to control, they can have the computer take over those responsibilities during their season at any time.

    This is just the base model of the new game mode that fifa can elaborate on for years to come.

    1. This is the worst idea I have heard for a Fifa mode. It is completely unrealistic and not what Fifa players are looking for. I don’t get this desire from people to be able to design a strip for the season, set ticket prices, ask mundane questions/interviews, who wants to spend their time selecting pre determined questions to players in a “football game”, the current media element in Fifa is terrible, get yourself on LA Noir if Q&A is what you want from games. EA need to focus on getting the current modes right before expanding further. Career mode is terrible and has been for years and this is where focus should be however, this will never happen and UT is the cash cow for EA and as long and kids continue to spend their money, or their parents, on this mode then we will never get what we want,

      Career mode is so basic and has had no attention for years. We need depth and realism. Training, tactics, finances, transfers, youth teams, u21s and revamped scouting, dealing with actual personalities in your team and development system is all required. At the moment the mode is flat and lifeless.

  22. Be a pro—– if your not selected for the starting 11 you get to be a substitute and actually sit on the bench and watch the match until your called up, or even if you are not performing up to standard or tired you get subbed and you sit on the bench and watch the rest of the match. i hate when i have to just skip the game its no fun sometimes we want to watch the game from the bench.

  23. I think career mode is to basic right now for being 2019 compared to other games. Improvement can be things like a story line or cinematic cut scenes(locker room, training, paparazzi, etc), also tattoos and when getting signed have a office cut scene like in manager mode. Also we should be able to be benched and then be subbed on rather than only playing as a starting 11. Also halftime locker room scenes and press conference after the game. Better pro camera mode (like the one in pes). When editing player it should be in the lockeroom before a game changing boots, selecting what to wear etc like in 2k. Being able to sign to brands. Better hairstyles. Highlights/social media posting. Realistic training sessions with the team and coaches. And more interaction with the game using you player. These few things will definitely bring happy costumers for fifa 20.

  24. I would be interesting if you started out on a youth group as a child and you get to have more of a story line for your player I would like to do something with my money and haircuts branding I would like it to be able to have better boot selection and maybe more of a mind set like you can choose what your player wants to focus on like the ballon for and maybe add better conference and interactions and maybe a national team youth team I would like it if you were able to work up as a kid and maybe you could have more options for the dialogue and pre season training and maybe you could do things to get you more know like in the journey you had fans maybe you could do certain things to get fans and maybe in games you could have more pushing a shoving and more emotion and more press talk that could effect your player like it gets into your head

    I would like it if you could have more of a way to be able to see if you could make your own team like David Beckham is like you could use your money after you retire to create your own club form scratch I would like it if you could maybe if you could choose more positions like goalkeeper and I would really appreciate if you could star as a kid and if you added social media things that could hurt your player like make him have a bad game if there is allot of bad comments about him form his fans or haters more emotion

  25. Seria interessante explorar mais o modo carreira, utilizando os mesmos recursos do modo Jornada, com Alex Hunter. Além disso, é de fundamental importância a volta do “Game Face”.

  26. Younger players in player career mode{Starting age-16} ,Tattoos, New hairstyles,Croatia national team{They reached the wc finals??!!},Serbia national team,More boots,sponsorships,Co-op player and manager career mode UEFA nations league,Davide Moscardelli{Come on 99 skills pls} fan opinions and Brands like red bull,etc can buy clubs in player and manager career mode.New face scans for messi,suarez,etc.Like if u agree

  27. I think that a co op career mode where you and your mates can manage the same team and other teams to make it more competitive and interesting with your friends. If you were a different team to your mate then you would be able to advance until you had to play each other and then you would have to wait until you can play each other. Also if you were in different leagues then you wouldn’t be able to go a season ahead so you would have to wait.

  28. i want a lot of better hair(undercut and many).i want it look like a roam and have your own story

  29. Start the game in Player Career Mode on the bench and go to pitch on the 2nd half (They have simulation menu, they do this with Alex Hunter, they can do this perfectly)

  30. Career player mode

    * Power gives more interactive interviews as in the journey
    * Temperament of the player, as in the journey
    * Signing sponsorships influencing the player’s own marketing.

    Career mode coach

    * To be able to sign with sponsors positively and negatively influencing the development of the club.
    * Can make improvements in the stadium.
    * Have more realistic base categories.
    * Be able to develop 1 uniform every new season, also serving in the team’s marketing development.
    * Interview pre and post games, influencing the temperament of the coach.

  31. Career Mode

    1. Can be starting career mode with real manager like starting the career with Pep but you cannot change the coach philosophy. Its necessary to buy a coach to increase or decrease play status. Depends your success player Status increase more. Your coach determine formations and style tatics limited for your type of game.

    2. Add your face in the game, select your style type of coach. Gain new bonus acces and styles, like tatics after to accomplish objectives.

    3. Realistic transfer window – specific for any team idea of buying player such as Real Madrid only looking at top form player or high potential player and willing to spend a lot of money in the transfer.

    4. Come back fans, directory and media approved status like FIFA08. This determine a lot of Money bonus you have to spend in the next season.

    5. The team only buy a player to replace their weak position of the team example, Chelsea sold Hazard then the club should be buying one new player for replacing him. But after to accomplish all targets in tranfer Windows, you receive a right to buy a pleyer you like.

    6. Sold the best player if team is relegation or miss CL in the other hand you can buy a lot new faces when you get promoted or buy a big name player when your team achieved a high target like winning CL or finishing at CL qualifying place.

    7. 24 hours to finalize transfer windows. Players is much more costs in this moment.

    8. You can get player on cheap if they have a bad form, unhappy or facing an out of contact

    9. VERY IMPORTANT – Manager Simulation – when you play a sim match, you can play it without control the player by yourself by simulating the gameplay and you can change the tactics during the match for showing your tactical skills and substitutes your players during the match.

    10. Your teams have points to care player. 1 to 100. Do you invest in your club, like doctors(this influency time of injuries), stadium, promote games and this give your Money. Goalkeep support to improve player skills and etc:
    -argue with your manager
    -change jerseys and sponsors
    -new/expand stadium
    -change ticket pricing

    11. player training -you can train a new position to the player such as turning David Luiz from CB to CDM.

    12. the overall player of promotion team should be increasing depend on their form if he is your top goal scorer the rating should be increase more than 1 maximum is 6 or 7 maybe. For relaxation team, they should’ve faced decreasing overall player rating to keep balance on the lower league

    13. team tactics and instruction (LIKE PES)
    Add styles of playing such as playing though the middle(short passing), playing at the frank(more cross or cut back), set up from the back, one man player like Hazard, regista role, leadership impact.making your own tactics philosophy by creating your prefer tactics before the game and can be changing during the game

    14. young player needs to have more stamina

    15. Much more cinematics to all games UEFA LEAGUE. To increase emotion in the carrer.Fans

    16. The fans should be dressed differently for weather conditions and also leave the stadium if their team is losing. Also, the games are always “sold out” which is completely unrealistic. If their team is winning you should see like the fans doing a wave or something cool. If the team is losing a lot there should be fewer fans in the stadium. Fans should be chanting different things, etc

    17. Manager recaction affect the game player during the first to second time. Depend IF your choice answer. Dialogue with players about a new contract, transfer requests – multi-choice answer
    CONCACAF champions league & the Gold Cup. LIBERTADORES and WORLD CLUB CHAMPS.

    1. Well, Creating your own team would be great not only that but Customizing Kits, Stadium etc…..would be great. Cut Scenes and Press conferences too

      Youth Academy players should be more realistic( why are they always tucked?). And Creating your own Manager should be and Choosing your own brand.

      Max Potential should be changed by Minimum Potential

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