FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 19 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 20 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 20 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 20 game.

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500 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. I think we all agree career mode need MAJOR improvements.
    1.This has to be more interactive with more real press conferences with choice based answers.

    2. manager mode simulation from the touchline where we can change tactics as per the situation of the match.

    3. Players deciding whether to stay or leave, more brutal competition to sign a specific player. Players being more vocal about supporters, management, and his future.

    4. Using budget on stadiums, media ads and revenues, controlling all those stuff.

    5. Slowing down the pace of game little bit, like it should not be just press sprint and keep running thing. Passes are important part of football!

    6. Better scouting and future stars / potential good players search management.

    7. Emphasis on lineups and formations, the current ones in the end seems almost same. Like for a long ball game the ideal formation should be marked.

  2. Good Evening FIFA.

    I’m from South Africa and my wishlist goes like this:

    1. South Africans have been loyal to FIFA for so many years that maybe,just maybe this is the right time for you to give them their own national league known as PSL in the next edition of the game.

    2. South Africa hosted the 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP and amid to that they built some beautiful stadiums. The likes of Soccer City, Moses Mabida Stadium,Nelson Mandela Bay,And a few more which you all saw. Please Add our beloved PSL League in the game, where Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates would be joined by Mamelodi Sundowns and the 13 other remaining teams which in total will be 16 teams.

    3. Spice it up a bit,Give us African leagues atleast 6 for now. Here in Africa we have CAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and CAF CONFEDERATION CUP,Which are just like UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE Put them in the next edition please.

    Please consider us,Giving us this would be a good way to give back to your fanbase in Africa.

    From Eric

  3. Add in carrer mode be to Owner club:
    -singing coachs, scauts
    -Singing players
    -set number of teams (included Youngs teams) (young player carrers, few young leages)
    -mode of change teams spnsor of kits and stadiums bands

  4. A major over hall to porential, making players go up in rating by playing WELL rather than just playing.

    Removing training as it currently is and replacing it with the ability to train a certain position and training skills and weak foot. (crucial)

  5. Something id like to see either in fifa 20 or future fifas we have a bar of how tired our players are during the match or after the match id like to see another bar underneath but one on the emotionalside of that player whether they are happy or angry during that match and the higher the bar or lower the bar there is more likely they will receive a red card for either a bad challenge or an off the ball moment like a stamp headbutt or something said to referee this would also result in us subing that player that could go into that match either been built up from contract dispute within the club or not playing enougj minutes and wants to leave your club or its a heated derby there should be options on the controller whether we want to react to situations some that we will get away with and some that we wont and the player will get a red card there needs to be more off the ball moments to spice certain games up and an option for our manager at half time or full time like an a confront manager or b no iff your happy or unhappy with certain decisions during that match there should also be manager suspensions off the field in career mode there also needs to be more moments like head to head and stop gameplay more handballs and hopfullt u add the proper VAR but there is always controversy and there needs to be more proper gameplay in caputuring thosr moments either players lashing out off the ball or studs high and sent off there also needs to stretchers added and in champions league games up the atmosphere in places like anfield more flags in the kop end and spurs stadium to dare is to do needs to change from there current one is there badge in the crowd id also in those champions league like to see more special effects whether it be flares or where its darkness but lights up just before its crunch time also things in career mode like post match interviews and press conferce let us actually sit in a room taking questions from the media let us choose a path to either be a calm manager like or a controversial manager who talks about other managers and builds and off the match reputation that plays out in the media and papers let managers change clubs also and sackings and resignings let us a get a fine in things like crowd trouble let us see more stewards in the crowd for derbys and mascots and kids coming out with the players let us see more attributes of how far players have run during the game whos doing good whos not let us see more stats during the game and after the game also in career mode let new rivalrys build over time.who normally wouldnt be let our kots and sponsors change over time not the same every season freshen it up after 1 season it gets boring feels like we doing from season 1 all again let us make it feel like we are in a different year give more differenr generic stadiums for teams like barcelona as the current one is truly awful feels quite weird in champions league also more empty seats if teams are getting crushed either during the match or if u half way thru a season and destined for relegation more vocal actiom between fans amd players and manager either happy or angry which can lead to mew contract or your on verge of being sacked for poor results

  6. If with transfers you could please add a players projected growth over 5 years as like in Fifa07 I think. Also when searching for players if you could add unique search attributes like what you want the players stamina to be or finishing. Maybe another mode to add is “manager specialist” where you prove yourself for a season then you get contracts from other clubs asking for you to help their team, either by winning the league or getting promoted or avoiding relegation. Thank you..

  7. Good morning, EA

    I would like you to add the option of matching the uniform according to what I want to use or have to wear because of the opponent! Ex: I’m playing with Liverpool x Manc. United … I want to play in red shirt and white shorts and purple stockings … I can and do not go and have to choose the whole uniform the second or third.


    David Garcia

  8. If the English non/national leagues to feature in fifa 20 it would be nice to see teams that are playing in Europe enter domestic cup competitions at the 3rd round as they should by the rules anyway also al say this as often as I should all clubs that compete in continental competition should either have the user or C.P.U. teams pick from say 3 generic number and letter kit fonts and make it a catalogue item to buy more number and letter fonts

  9. I got a real feeling u are gonna add the rest of the bundesliga stadiums in this years fifa 20 which is amazing but i do feel it will not be enough satisfy other stadiums in leagues lacking it shouls surely be time as well as adding either bundesliga stadiums that we at least get the rest of the EFL Championship stadiums and finish that of cause its gettint to a point where u mayb only end up with 1 team coming up who hasnt got there stadium on the game with norwich already promoted there stadium already on the game sheffield utd stadium could end up being the only one if aston villa beat derby it leaves only 1 stadium coming up from the champions it surely is time to add all of them and a few stadiums from the portuguese league the big 3 as well as id like to see the vanarama national league make its debut so we can do a road to glory mode for us career mode players and speaking of career it needs a complete makeover we should be seeing managers change clubs sackings resignings sponsorships after 1 season keep it fresh after 1 season so people dont get bored switch up the home kits and away kits for the following seasons ticket prices stadiums attentences i love to see gow the attenendence is doing if your on good run or bad run or local rivaly or title rivalry also something that i feel is a waste is we cant even see the other domestic cups of the other leagues if i do a premier league career mode we cant even see who one the copa del rey in spain or coppa italia in italy same as there top scoreres of there divisions and there needs to be more controversy in matches accidental handballs player spats manager spats on touchlines referee sendinf managers off give us an option to our controller whether we want to confront ref at half time or leave it we need more than what we are getting or im sure PES will continute to up there game cause no doub there gameplay is phenomenal and without the licenses are holding thereself pretty well we need more fifa up your game

  10. -Players Overall

    -the better your players play through the course of the career the higher their overalls go

    -overalls change based on form (Welbeck is 76 but scores 4 in 3 games overall goes up to 80 until he plays bad)

    -overalls change when played in different positions (bellerin is 80 at RB but 75 at RW) had this feature in fifa 07 don’t know why you got rid of it

    -injuries affecting overall

    -if a player tears his ACL and is out for 8 months their overall should drop slightly

    same goes for youth players and their potential


    -If a youth player is playing very well their potential should change


    -Late Bloomers (older players that are playing very well should still have their overalls going up (PRIME EXAMPLE ADURIZ FROM BILBAO)



    -if teams get relegated they lose their best players

    -if teams get promoted they buy lots of players

    -realistic LOANS. Hate when San Lorenzo come knocking on my door for Mavropanos

    -Buy Back Clauses

    -Loan to Buy Deals (don’t know if this is included already)

    -Youth Players actually accept loan deals

    -ability to offer players to teams

    -realistic swap transfers. If i am offering Dortmund Elneny for Weigl and they ask me for 20 million extra i will freak on the next fifa

    -ability to offer loans for swaps like the bonucci higuain trade

    -Youth System

    -more nations to scout from. (hungary, and so on)

    -Youth League

    -Sick and tired of 18 year old Johnny Nobody emailing me asking me for PT. There should be a youth league to play youth players in and maybe send older players that aren’t playing well.

    -Realistic faces for scouting (shouldn’t see white people named Chung Lee)

    -balanced youth players (buddy shouldn’t be 6foot9 with 26 heading)

    -Youth League

    -to add to my point above

    -a U21 team.

    -replaces youth squad

    -can play other youth squads in a youth league of all the other clubs in the league

    -ability to upgrade or downgrade players (affects morale)

    -if Welbeck isn’t playing well i send him down to play with the reserves

    -Player Relationships


    -Players can come to you and you can respond. (if Johnny nobody asks to play over Aubameyang you can respond NO)

    – Player Expectations and REALISTIC SQUAD ROLES (not every incoming transfer is going to be crucial in a newly promoted side)

    -Agent Relationships

    -build a relationship with agents (JORGE MENDES)

    -get players for cheaper if your cool with their agents

    -Team Relationships

    -If Arsenal and Middlesborough do 10 deals in a year they are most likely to do business together in the future

    -could have a little metre to measure the relationship

    -EXAMPLE Tottenham and Arsenal have a Low metre because they hate each other so they will charge ridiculous prices or refuse to sell

    -Ability to offer players to Teams (Messi is 37 and 81 overall, you can offer him to Newell’s Old Boys for free)



    -players perform poorly or well based on team chemistry. (french speaking players perform better with each other)

    -Manager Contracts

    -able to negotiate contracts as a manager with expectations and all that jazz

    -able to move to any club when contract is over not just the clubs offered in the selection.


    -Position Changing

    -Kind of ties in with the whole overall bit. BUT, if Bellerin is performing really well as a RW i can train him so that becomes his main position and RB stays as a secondary position

    -Another Example Van Dijk. I want Van Dijk as a CDM I can train him so that becomes his main position and his overall boosts up when he is placed there. (Overall Boost. how its going to work. If the overall changing system is implemented and he is a 78 when placed at CDM. Once trained his overall will become 81 when CDM is first position.


    -Kit Numbers

    -HATE when new transfers are given the open numbers in that team.

    -For Example Messi is Number 10. He gets transferred to Atletico Madrid and he is given number 44. WHY??


    -In FIFA 07 you could choose what teams you wanted to have a friendly with and you could split ticket pricing. (30/70 or 40/60)

    -Smaller clubs would have to split a larger amount for bigger clubs to play them.

    -Sponsorship Deals

    -IN FIFA 07

    -when you would start up a new career mode you would have an option to sign a sponsorship deal with a company with a bunch of goal bonuses and stuff

    -THIS IS IDEAL WITH RTG career modes because it adds a lot much needed funds to the side

    -Stadium Customization

    -Only Generic Stadiums

    -Can Add Seating for extra ticket $$

    -Can expand and generic stadiums must be upgraded when promoted. Makes it more realistic as Macclesfield won’t be going into the Prem with a 2500 seat stadium

    -Team Staff

    -In fifa 07 you were able to upgrade staff and it would affect your players.

    -There was a fitness coach, Pitch Caretaker, Physic and so on

    -A high level fitness coach would boost the energy for the next match. Physic would reduce injury and Injury recovery time. Youth coach would Bolster the youth players and so on

    -manager customization

    -Being able to customize the manager the same as a player

    -Manager Switching, maybe seeing Mourinho take over Arsenal and so on

    – I take over Arsenal, and Unai Emery takes a job at Valencia and keeping his face in the game

    -Game Face

    -BRING THIS BACK PLEASE only thing I’m saying from player career.

    -this was loads of fun when playing career mode although it could use some fixing maybe use the same software as NBA LIVE

    -Existing Players Career Mode

    -when you retire with a player and want to start a career you keep the players face

    -i like to start a player career mode with veteran players and retire right away and start managing a team. HATE when i start a career with Yaya Toure and I lose his face.


    -interactive cutscenes like the journey

    -MOTM cut scenes

    -interactive press conferences.

    -Create a Club

    -Back to Fifa 07 we were able to create clubs.

    -starting from scratch being able to choose own transfer and wage budget

    1. Player career/Creating Player:
      -tattoos,more hairstyles(hairstyles of real players),
      maybe scars or moles?

      -More accessories like glasses(like Edgar Davids) ,head bands,finger sleeves

      -Be able to chose your nationality in player career

      Career Mode:
      -Bring back “Request for Funds”
      -Scout youth players from any country

      Please EA, consider these suggestions

      1. -can you please bring back China PR
        -Players from China youth academy should look more Chinese
        -creating a player should have tattoos,more hairstyles and scars

  11. Fully aware FIFA 20 has been made at this point but I primarily play career mode in every fifa new release

    1) The ability, as a manager, to leave a club whenever you want. Why can’t you do this is mind boggling.
    – More manager positions available when moving clubs
    – Some clubs could give you greater incentives (perhaps more say over transfers, more money in transfer funds, more control over scouting.
    2) When signing players, depending on a variety of factors like; their mental stats or current position in current team, status of your club, your manager reputation etc they should request different things. Perhaps they request to be captain/greater game time/clause that says a buyout gets inserted in contract if your club doesn’t get promoted or win the league.
    3) Loaning players should be easier. In FIFA 19, young players who aren’t De Ligt etc often refuse to go on loan
    4) Bigger clubs should have greater abilities than smaller clubs. Why a Serie B, League 2, Bundesliga 2, Mex Liga
    teams have the ability to scout all over the world or setup youth camps in every corner of the world is so
    5)Your club grows. I’m not saying Licensed stadiums get bigger, but for lower league teams or teams with unlicensed stadiums, they should change. Make use of those random stadiums in the game that aren’t connected with a club.
    6) You start a career and get offered an International Job in a matter of weeks! get rid of this. Prove yourself first and make it realistic. If I win the treble with Barcelona, why am I being offered to manage to manage a ‘smaller nation’. This would only make sense if my manager’s chosen nationality is from that country.
    7) The ability to change a position of a player. If a player is RM/CM/LM, but main one is RM, we should be able to change the primary to either CM or LM.

    That’s all for now. Any comments from EA or other posters are welcome. We all love FIFA

    It would be great to have the EA Sports Radio back in Career Mode, I remember Tony Cascarino was one of the people on there. It was a nice touch during menu time.

    More media variations which affect commentary and performance of players (depending on their mental stats)
    – Media ask you a question about your under performing striker and you hammer him in the press, it should be brought up in commentary and his in game ratings (stamina etc) either suffers or increases for the next game depending on his mental attributes.

    Commentary needs looking at
    – community shield is being played and martin tyler says ‘its been a long road to get to this final’ or words to that effect. How nobody noticed this in testing I’ve got no clue.

    Idk how I feel in regards to Create A Club as they would presumably would have to start in the lowest league of whatever country we place them in. For some nations, there’s only one league!


    I’d like a kit editor. I understand for license reasons you can’t change kit supplier logo, or sponsorship logo but it would be cool if there was pre-loaded versions of Adidas, Nike, Puma etc kit designs within the game. Perhaps that still wouldn’t be aloud because those companies sell shirts etc off the back (no pun intended) of people seeing the game uploaded on the internet and if the kit design shown doesn’t actually exist then they would perhaps lose sales. It’s a tricky one. If Create A Club was introduced then you could go the full way with kit suppliers, sponsors on kits etc, having a wide choice.

    Nike ID boots editor would be cool. I buy the boots from the catalogue and change my players’ boots every time.

  12. Fifa Ideas:

    There are several things that I wish to be added to EA Sports Fifa20



    When a player gets injured now they lay on the ground, get up, when they don’t have the ball they act fine but as soon as they get the ball there injured again. EA, please fix this and add doctors to career mode and such that if you’re an owner (ill get into this later) you can hire. A better doctor will heal your players faster and offer more options for treatment but you will have to pay them more. Sometimes a strecher should be required or you see the player walk off the field and sitting on the bench. You should also have multiple options to treat players like when they have a back injury you can choose to have them get surgery and it will fix the problem but they will be out longer or just get a massage and a cortisone shot and they are not out that long but it may be a bigger issue in the long term.


    Where the heck is it? The bench should be more visible during substitutions and throw-ins. Also, when making a substitution, the player coming onto the field needs to be at the 4th official instead of just appearing out of thin air when the other player comes off.


    The fans should be dressed differently for weather conditions and also leave the stadium if their team is losing. Also, the games are always “sold out” which is completely unrealistic. If their team is winning you should see like the fans doing a wave or something cool. If the team is losing a lot there should be fewer fans in the stadium. Fans should be chanting different things, etc

    -Career Mode
    Just needs a fresh new look. The youth academy system needs to work better and the press conferences and emails should be more interactive. You should be able to have multiple responses to any questions from the media or emails and your personality changes depending on how you answer (like the journey)
    -You should be able to train your entire youth team
    -argue with refs, players, and managers
    -5 training slots if you simulate, unlimited if you actually play the training
    -all teams should have a “B” team that you can control and loan players too
    -players get in trouble for parting or being late to training
    -give pep talks to players after games and at halftime
    -speak to players before subbing on
    -post-match interviews
    -Dialogue with players about a new contract, transfer requests – multi-choice answer

    New Game Additions
-Argue With The Ref
I think that in any game mode your player should be able to go up to the ref and argue the call and see if the decision changes if the ref thinks that he has made the correct call then you may be shown a yellow card.

 Referees in the game should have access to the new VARs (video assistant referee) to get help. A lot of the calls are wrong and that’s fine since its more realistic but they need to review and change some of them. To get the VAR (i know this sorta unrealistic but, the player can press like X (on Xbox) during a pause in play to argue with the refs and ask for VAR. If VAR is used you see the ref going to look at the play.

    -New Leagues and Natl teams
    add USL (US 2nd Divison)
    and more national teams

    New Game Modes

    -Be the ref 
Completely new game mode! You can ref other online games, do a ref career mode, and more! You have to make the right call otherwise you’ll get fired. You get paid more based on how you do. Do you wanna be an assistant or the center referee. The VAR? You can go up in levels and eventually find yourself reffing the world cup final.

    It would just be simple controls, like on Xbox:
X = Blow The whistle for a free kick/penalty then the direction B/A
    Y = Get help from the Var
LB = Red Card RB = Yellow Card
B = Make a throw in symbol right A = Make a throw in symbol left

    -Women’s Modes 
The Same as normal but women instead of men. Should be available in manager and player careers and UT. More fun and fair.

    -Natl Team Career Mode
Why can’t you just start as a national team manager? You could have been a really great coach who left coaching for Liverpool to coach the US natl team. Almost all natl team coaches coach only the Natl Team when they do and don’t work part-time at FC Barca (what my career is with Barca and Portugal?).
    -we also need CONCACAF champions league & the Gold Cup

    -Owner Career
    You can own a franchise, make big decisions and so on. (sorta like madden but better) You should be able to build a new stadium, hire medical staff and fire your coach. but also control your academy and live your own personal life. (go to meeting, buy a house, etc).
    -argue with your manager
    -change jerseys and sponsors
    -new/expand stadium
    -change ticket pricing
    -start new team from scratch (expansion team in MLS?)

    Fifa 20 should be available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Windows, OS, IOS and maybe more. The more accessible the better.

  13. Let us have the ability to edit players’ abilities including their ages without them ageing as a result. Pes has gotten this down to an art.

  14. I’m here for my player career mode
    First they age should start from 18 it’s absurd to stat at 21..
    second they should be more appearances to choose from, more hairstyles and tattoos should be added like how journey is…..
    make the my career mode interesting…..give the player more choices…the age matters 17 or 18

  15. Choose your own friendlies for pre season its not realistic a league 1 team playing in a tournament and the stadium has 50.000 in it. and we definitely need more stadiums in the English championship and Scottish Premier league

  16. On Fifa 19 you can only do a maximum of 15 seasons on career mode. I think on Fifa 20 there should be as many seasons we want on career mode and there should be other job offers coming in during your current season with a club and if you could just apply for the job and not start straight away but join the new club next season or at the end of the season

  17. Me gustaria que se pudieran utilizar directores tecnicos de la vida real y no ficticios
    – Que en la liga mexicana se añada el calendario de la vida real asi como lo hacen en la premier league y liga santander

  18. Hello,
    first of all – I wait since the introduction of Scouting in the Career mode that Scouting in WALES will be possible!!!
    Especially since the Wales national side is included in FIFA and the real Team is constantly for years now in the top 20 of the actual FIFA table.

    The 2nd thing that frustrates me is that there are a bit too limited Options if you want to change the club and if you reached a certain level you can’t go back to a lower or smaller league team! The only chance would be if you get yourself sacked, which isn’t that easy sometimes & you waist a Season.
    Therefore I’d like to be able to quit!

    The 3rd thing is I really liked to be able to play a career mode with a womens team, which would of Course mean to include a womens league.
    Due to that I’d liked to see that the womens Bundesliga, Division 1 Féminine, Womens Super League & the National Women’s Soccer League would be included.

    By the way – talking about including leagues I like to see the Canadian Premier League & finally an african league – which should be the south african, would get included and some more teams especially non european (more european teams would be welcome as well!) should be included:
    like TP MAZEMBE, who an almost regular member of the club WC,
    Maybe Saprissa from Costa Rica because if the CPL would be included the North american Champions league would make more sense.
    And may some south american if not asian Teams to make the international Cups more realistic.

    Furthermore you should be able to invest the money you save or generate via transfers to modernise facilities like youth academies and make your stadium bigger or maybe include more staff – from doctor to fitness coach and Co. which you could hire like currently the the scouts.

    And finally I think it is quite sexists to not include a WOMAN as manager character you can choose and I wonder why the option was removed since it was possible some years ago and meanwhile there was Corinne Diacre from 2014-2017 as headcoach in Clermont (which was & is also included in FIFA) and she made a got Job and was at least once voted as Manager of the month and only went on to train the french womens national side since the FFF was desperate because they probably the best team but kept dissappointing.

    However overall this is my favourite game I play since 98 and the career mode is also still by far my favoured thing, but especially the 1st 2 and the last (because I thing its important) points really frustrade me and the rest is only fine tuning.

  19. I think it would be a brilliant idea to add current clubs continental number and letter fonts and for EA to release new generic ones for selection from the EASFC Catalogue for our teams that we’re managing in career mode and to have the choice to where them in in domestic cup competitions and also having the choice to turn team badge on or off in our club numbers at the start of every season.

    Also EA never do career mode DLC but I would happily pay money for new leagues to be added to the game, maybe like a new league a month.

  20. In player career mode, the player is subbed instead of good form. The player with good form should be given full match time.

  21. My wishlist is regarding FIFA career mode:
    1. I would like to see much more control In editing fifa players, the ability to change birth date of a player (age).
    2. I would like to see icon faces available when we want to create a player of our choice in fifa ( for example the faces of Beckham, Ronaldinho, Brazilian Ronaldo, maradona, Pele and many more in fifa player creating option.
    3. I would love to see the ability to create a franchise of our own choice and bring it to the forefront of our career mode.
    4. I would like to see a journey of the superstars of our choice for example journey of young Ronaldo, young Messi or young Zidane in FIFA 20.
    5. It would be amazing to see much more interactive kind of career mode in fifa, like giving news conferences, ability to manage player transfers in much more ways like talking to a player or agent on the phone to persuade him, ability to take financial decisions like choosing sponsors for next seasons kits, ticket prices and much more.

  22. Hello, thank you for fifa beautiful games, but in the fifa games there aren’t three powerful teams Asian include Iran and South Korea and Japan too, please add this teams in fifa20

  23. A bunch of friends and I play CM religiously. Here’s a few recurring points that came up when we discussed.

    – More leagues! One thing CM players crave is more leagues. China & Turkey were great additions over recent years, however the omission of Russia hit hard. (Ukraine, Greece, Russia, UAE, Egypt, English Conference, Serbia, Croatia, Finland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria etc).
    – Ability to train every statistic. (Its painfully slow growing Stamina & Strength etc also).
    – Fix the early retirements. (Too many 33 year-olds over 80-rated calling it quits. Modern football sees some players into their late 30s!).
    – Ability to scout in more countries. (Wales is not even an option! Introduce more nations. Especially Africa & Asia).
    – More real faces for authentic-feel.
    – Bring back ‘request funds’, ‘other clubs results during CM gameplay’ & ‘loan with the option to buy’. (These were all great additions prior).
    – Introduce team selection bans on cup-tied players.
    – Introduce a squad-picking scenario for Champions League & Europa League. (Only swapping players in due to long-term injuries etc).
    – Realistic transfers. (Sick of watching Depay go to Real etc).
    – Introduce ability to sell recently-moved players at the following window.
    – More licensed competitions outside of Europe. (Libertadores & AFC Champions League).

  24. – be able to upgrade your stadium each season
    – be able to change and edit your kits after each season
    – badges change depending on what league or competition you are in
    – be able to actually create your own manager like you can with a player
    – cut scenes like in nba 2k
    – have a reserve team that plays games against other reserve teams
    – players overall rating to go up or down depending on their form
    – to be able to train players in other positions so they are more versatile
    – train players so they improve their week foot and skills
    – make revenue affect your transfer budget
    – be able to make partnerships with other teams for transfers e.g. feeder clubs

  25. Start out in sub 17 like real life and make your way up and be able to have tattoos and hairlif

    1. Exactly my point
      In player career mode we should be able to start as a sub or request to start as a sub and while on the bench we should have an option of watching from the bench.
      And during a season if you play well offers from other clubs should come in instead of having to submit a transfer request.
      There should be a post match interview with players or the MOTM awards.
      There should be a scene of the captains of the 2 teams exchanging banners.
      An update for hairstyles and beards and there should be an option for tattoos.
      While playing you should be able to get instructions from your coach on the pitch.
      And I team talk in the dressing room b4 the match.

  26. Me gustaría que se pudieran programar partidos amistosos durante la temporada en las fechas FIFA , poder comprar otro equipo a dónde mandar los jugadores que no utilicemos o las fuerzas básicas , poder fichar jugadores europeos en las ligas latinas , o aunque sea poder convencerlos con el salario

  27. I think we should be able to get new sponsorship and be able to change our kits colour every season cause playing with the same kits every season is boring example lets say our contract with Rakuten runs out Audi would give us a contract and we would sign with them and on your shirt it would show the word Audi plus their logo

  28. I think when you are playing Manger mode you should be able to have a interview after the match and you are allowed to give your opinion on how your team played so basically it should be like the journey cut-scenes

  29. FIFA is becoming the coolest football game ever. But I think FIFA still has a lot to go on (since they want and want it to be as realistic as possible)

    My career mode aspirations in FIFA 20:

    * When choosing the manager figure, please let it be the real manager who is for the club, eks: If you choose to control Man.Utd, yes then it is Ole Gunnar Solskjær you see on the sidelines, and not a data figure. Because it’s just so much to see when you meet f.esk: Liverpool, then you see the look of Klopp on the sidelines and not a data figure. So realistic manager look thank you.

    * Make the leagues more realistic. Because on the latest FIFA editions, and especially the Premier League and La Liga, it has always been the case that if you are in 2 – 3 – 4 place and fight for 1 place and you lose your match, those who lies in front and lies behind also lose. Winning the league is too easy regardless of the difficulty. For now, when I play career mode in FIFA 19 and are now in second season, Liverpool, Man.City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea have always been at the bottom of the table and it’s far from realistic when I’m Man. Utd and must fight for 1 place against eks: Southampton, Newcastle etc. For it had never happend in reality. So career mode must become more realistic and the top teams fight against each other about league gold.

    * Had been fun if you could see people sitting in the studio talking about the game before and after the game, where they then talk about who they think wins, etc, and then what they think in the break and after the game. (Then you get the realistic experience)

    * Interviews of managers before the game, and interviews of managers and selected players for the games (As it is in real and in reality.

    * Watch the players get out of the bus before the match and that you can see inside the locker room, where (we who play and are the manager) choose the team pick.

    * When the season is finished and there is summer window, then it should be that we as manager, can choose the sponsor, choose how the new home, away and third kit should look like. Because it just looks so stupid that it’s the same kit no matter how many seasons you play.

    * Had also been cool if we can choose who we want to bring with us as assistant manager, coach team and support apparatus.

    * FIFA should also get more life from the supporters at the stadium and get to more of the supporters’ club and hate songs etc.

  30. We need to be able to make a team out of our friends and family and start in the lowest division and work our way up. They had this in one of the old fifas and it was amazing. Also if a you g player has an amazing season they are upgraded majorly as if say billy gilmour or another young player that is low rated was top scorer in real life in the next season of fifa they would be at least 8t the next season. This is more for career mode. Also there should be press conferences like the conversations in the journey where you can pick what to say.

  31. I would like to see on player career mode for a player to have a contract length and if he is under preforming that the coach benches him and even sends him to the under 23 on manger modes I would lovvvve it if he could just stay 2 or 3 months unemployed like José moriniho
    or gets pissed at players from the side line when they under preform or even celebrate with them in a crutial goal

  32. Here is my wish list in career mode in FIFA 2020. Manager can leave the club 1 season instead of stay in same club after first season. For example Mourinho helped Inter Milan won the triple in 2010,he left and joined Real Madrid. 2.Manager feel angry when the players under perform for extensive amount of time and drop them to youth squad. 3. Promotion for youth squad players to first team. Instead of captain lifting the trophy,have the official present it to captain. For example prince William will present the trophy to the team who win the FA cup. As far as time of the season go,I think EA need major over haul. For example during winter hours in UK, sunset time is around 3 pm, unfortunately for years EA sport has not done much about it,3 pm still see the sun. Please EA do something about it and follow the time of sunset of the season. Last wish is bring Camp Nou back.

  33. 1) complete refresh of skins or can choose a selection of skins for main menu & career mode

    2) use coins on merchandise for your club ie retro shirts, training wear for manager, stadium improvements, sponsors

    3) stadium creator

    4) edit real players appearance

    5) trophy cabinet

    6) add a management feel to the career mode, Ie sky sports report that a certain player of the club caught drinking before a game – an option to fine the player(s)

    5) add tattoos / retro boots

  34. Deberian de darle mas realismo al juego, por ejemplo cuando un jugador sufre una lesión grave en un partido que entren las asistencias, eso seria genial.

  35. Please make the off the field side like the game club soccer director 19 like the board area, coaching staff with pro assistants and yourself as manger, the stadium and training ground upgrades or develop your own. Also I would like to be able to be a real life manger like ole Gunnar Solskjaer

  36. Make legends available in career mode similar to fifa 2000,

    Have stats follow multiple seasons eg when a player scores 50 goals for the club or makes a milestone appearances for the club.

    Stop players complaining and losing morale when you don’t pick them in the squad due to poor form or fatigue

  37. Legends need to be added into solo play so we can use legends in career mode for those people who dont play FUT. I believe it has been a LONG LONG time coming and this would make the game 20 times better. Kick off mode with friends using legends?

  38. An idea for fifa 20 could be

    -adding a trophy cabinet for when u have won titles and u may see all that u have won
    – let international management have more credit to your career as it simply feels useless if u have won something
    – allow us to choose to play as one of the managers and not just your generic type.
    -better job offers and how you get te job should change.

  39. Also for career mode :
    Please add a feature where u can have sponsors on the shirt like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Emirates, AIA, etc.
    2.Player Meetings(Live) about objectives of seasom etc.
    3.Add youth teams.(Premier League 2)

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