FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 19 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 20 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 20 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 20 game.

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500 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. Melhora o clube conforme o desempenho seria bom melhora sua comição técnica melhora os olheiro administra a parte do departamento medico melhora estádios podendo faturar mais no decorre da carreira,conversa com time nos jogos mais importantes,coletiva de imprensa seria bom tambem,treinador pra cada área como ataque defesa goleiro podendo melhora o treinador,seria bom também a torcida começa pega no pé de jogador q não vem bem nos jogos ou ate mesmo apóia gritando o nome dos que vão bem poder pedir demiçao e fica no aguardo de algum clube fazer proposta ou ate mesmo se vim de algumas derrotas ser demitido e espera propostas de times menores a principio e isso to jogando com tempo vo postando mais ideia pra todos juntos poder fazer um FIFA20 melhor de todos

    A parte dos patrocínio seria bom porque a graça do modo carreira e você fazer com time pequeno e cresce o time seria bom patrocinadores maiores investirem nos times pra dai sim começa a ter mais lucros conseguindo contratar jogadores de maior valor e assim ir crescendo no modo carreira…

  2. 1) Sign players in career for more than 5 years.
    2) Loan players with the option to buy
    3) Customize Manager faces and clothes
    4) Create new kits for every season
    5) Change Sponsors
    6) Players grow heavily if they do well on loan
    7) Other Clubs come looking for you when you have alot of success
    8) Learn new positions with players
    9) Attract new investors to purchase club if you using a club with low budget
    10) Be able to see goals scored by loan players no matter what league they are in
    11) improve the press conference session

  3. 1) Sign players in career for more than 5 years.
    2) Loan players with the option to buy
    3) Customize Manager faces and clothes
    4) Create new kits for every season
    5) Change Sponsors
    6) Players grow heavily if they do well on loan
    7) Other Clubs come looking for you when you have alot of success
    8) Learn new positions with players
    9) Attract new investors to purchase club if you using a club with low budget
    10) Be able to see goals scored by loan players no matter what league they are in

  4. I have supported fifa for 2 years and always have hated pes. This is what I think we should add to career mode:

    1. Doing a proper press conference instead of the ones when you go onto the boring screen.

    2. A change room scene when you
    can talk to players.

    3. More club anthems at the beginning of the game (like Liverpool at anfield).

    4. Predictors before games saying the win chance percentage next to name.

    First, defensive stats were wierd. If the player is midfielder, usually they have no defensive ability at all, even though their position is cm or cdm. Only midfielders with defensive minded traits had high defence stats. I think cm or cdm players must have an average defensive stats at least, since they are “midfielders”.
    Second, their weak foot ability and skill move ability should be resonable. Lots of players with 85+ or even 90+ stats have 1 or 2 stars for weak foot or skill moves. While cb or gk have 1 or 2 stars, it’s ridiculous that winger with 90+ stats has 1 star skill moves…
    Third, players’ physics should match their physical stats. It will be better if strong players has stocky body and weak players has lean body. Moreover, i think ea can be more generous when it comes to physical stats. giving more jumping or heading accuracy stats for strikers, or giving better stamina or acceleration stats for all the players would be great.
    Finally, we should be able to train acceleration stats. Since sprint speed became trainable in last game, i think acceleration should be able to train too. It’s really weird to see players with 95+ sprint speed and 60~70 acceleration stats…
    P.S. It’s not about stats, but making generated players’ appearance more diverse would be great. there are too many identical faces! What’s more, in the last game, every generated players wore a same white shoes with black stripes, with tucked kits. So after a few season, 8-9 out of 11 players of the opponents will wear tucked uniform with same weird shoes. Randomizing the generated players’ appearance would be great.

    I think this is the chronic problem with fifa career mode. It’s time to change it. World class players of other teams are far from scary to deal with. World class fowards don’t score as much as they should, midfielder are not dominant etc. Sometimes they are just out of sarting 11 for a whole season. Clubs should value and use their aces more, not just sitting him at bench for whole season.

    Within 15 years, which is the limit of career mode play, football history can be changed dynamically. Small clubs can be better and prosper for long, and big clubs can be collapsed. It would be much more enjoyable if this is possible in career mode.Extending career mode limit from 15 years would be great too.

    It would be great to see some of big club’s manager gets fired for bad results, and other managers with great form replaces. Tactic changes should be also occurred when new manager comes.

  6. 1. Customize managers faces in career mode
    2. Referee career mode
    3. The presence of fans in the stadiums according to the results. If the team results is bad, stadium is not full.
    4. AFC champions league
    5. More Asian and African clubs
    6. Creating costume stadium for teams that don’t have licensed stadiums

  7. I wish you had the ability to change socks and shorts to prevent kit Clashes. For example when Chelsea vs Arsenal, arsenal go in red socks and when wolves face manchester united, manchester united go in white shorts and socks.

  8. 1. Historic statistics and updating during career

    2. Career mode: AI Managers also can switch teams

    3. New Training system – Automatic + Special
    a. Automatic – Assign players to 6 month training
    b. Special – select 3-5 player to develop manually

    4. Able to change/learn new positions (CM-CAM, LB-LW…)

    5. Able to sign new player and add to loan list

    6. Sponsor and Kit contracts

    7. Stadium upgrade

    8. Stadium Name (Sponsor Change)

    9. Worldwide academies

    10. Celebration: Take off shirt (receive yellow card) 🙂

  9. 1.) A new Graphic user interface (GUI) for manager mode: Its boring and honestly just this little change will spark interest in FIFA again. It has been pretty much the same since FIFA 14 and honestly it’s time for a change.
    2.) Pro accomplishments like virtual pro in FIFA 12: There was no reason to rid us die hard fans of the awesome FIFA 12 virtual pro game mode, it was amazing and an upgraded return of something similar would be so much fun.
    3.) Update the outdated and quite frankly boring youth academy: It is just too predictable and honestly far too simple for the standard that FIFA try to supposedly set. Come on guys make it more comprehensive and challenging.
    4.) Board difficulty: Bring back board difficulty. In current FIFA’s you are hard pressed to get fired which is ridiculous. I got relegated once with Real Madrid just to test my theory and I didn’t get fired, ridiculous.
    5.) Bring back sponsorship deals that were present in the FIFA’s from the previous decade i.e. FIFA 07, 08 and 09 where it was at its best.
    6.) Since I am a manager mode fan, how about adding some features from the old FIFA Manager series to just make things a little more challenging for instance the match prognosis tool which quite comprehensive and realistic like the one from FIFAM 11 and signing the most suitable players to match the goals of the football club.
    7.) Improve the FIFA soundtrack: The songs featured in the game between 08 and 14 were so good. The songs used to grow heavily on you and you never got tired of hearing them. Just improve the soundtrack.

    When FIFA 10 was released it was okay and started a new decade of FIFA that spawned the best game in the entire FIFA video game series in my opinion, FIFA 12 . How about trying to start a new decade of FIFA with a superb game to excite us die hard fans again. Bring back what made the FIFA’s a lot of us grew up with fun.

  10. Hello ok look I’m more of a pro career mode player cos some of us if not all of us like to have dat feel of creating someone to reach the lengths of Messi and Ronaldo so I have a plea to ask that EA pls career mode should be made to represent real life I’m not saying PES is better dan fifa no but in terms of career modes u gotta give dem credit so EA I have an idea for pro career like u did in d journey we want to be scouted maybe we just graduated from high school and den we go for exit trials let’s not be the one to pick our clubs but depends on d scouts during our trial and if a club has a certain record like let’s say Barcelona now Messi is the highest scorer if we someday play for Barca and maybe just maybe break his record let it be there and d highlights should be nice with pundits or something let’s jsut make it real

  11. *fifa must make us create our own soccer boots
    *must have south african leagues and competitions
    *in career mode must show when they get on and of on the plane and bus
    *the press talk must show everyone
    *all time best players must be in kickoff and career mode
    *fifa world cup in kick of and tournarments

  12. Licenciar completamente la liga española con sus escaneos, incluido el Camp Nou, es necesario tener a uno de los mejores equipos del mundo de una vez por todas.
    Personalizar los movimientos de los jugadores, que se parezcan a la realidad, además de tatuajes, etc… de todos.
    Sobretodo el Barça que necesita un lavado de cara urgente en el juego.

  13. Bonjour

    Le mode carrière de FIFA devrait intégré une dimension Statistique / Historique supplémentaire afin augmenter ce coté immersif. Ce que nous voulons c’est battre des records, enchaîner les triplés (Championnant / Champions Ligue / Coupe Nationnal),que notre joueur formé au centre de formation surpasse Messi / Ronaldo / Mbappé en terme de titre et statistique et garder la trace de ses records.

    Au niveau des compétition :
    – Historique des vainqueurs (podium / finaliste) des éditions précédentes
    – Meilleur Buteurs / Passeurs des éditions précédentes

    Au niveau des joueurs :
    – Nombre de But / Passes par année en club
    – Nombre sélections / But / passes par année en sélection nationnale
    – Historique des clubs
    – Combien de temps le joueur a été sous nos ordre (Je joue 2 ans avec Mbappé à Paris, je quitte le club pour le Réal et je rachète Mbappé, il sera donc 3 années sous mes ordres = Fidélité du joueur a son entraineur)
    – Le joueur a été découvert et passé professionnelle par mes soins (Intéret du centre de formation qu’un joueur du centre de formation perdu de vue devienne une super star)

    Autres aspects statistiques
    – Historique des équipes de l’année
    – Historique des ballons d’or
    – Historique des plus gros transfert de l’histoire (actuellement qu’une année)
    – Top 5 des joueurs de l’histoire avec le plus de but / passe / match
    – Top 5 des joueurs de l’histoire avec la meilleure note moyenne des match officiel par poste

    Voila ce que j’aimerais dans un FIFA pour obtenir ce coté immersif, à l’heure ou la donnée et la statistique deviennent de plus en plus importante.
    Je comprend la principale problématique qu’est le stockage massif des données (Big Data) du point de vue ou le nombre de championnat est important mais je pense qu’aujourd’hui les solutions existent pour pouvoir gérer cette masse de données.

    Sans oublier le coté partage de ces historiques du mode carrière qui je pense seront un gros plus à FIFA.


  14. It would be great to have a ‘Jump in’ option when starting a new career. By this, I mean the choice to start the career from the beginning of the season as is the case now, or start from the current date, with live tables, scorers, past results etc. For example I could start from today (April 1st) and try to keep Cardiff up in the premier league in their final games.

    Also, add a manager system, with sackings, hiring etc.

    And of course the big one, please add a club development system… I want to take a league 2 club and turn them into a top tier side, so let me develop the stadium/buy a new one, sign sponsorship deals, track fan base growth etc.

  15. Career mode should be totally changed.

    In short i would like to propose the idea to merge the current career mode with the one available in the previous fifa manager series, key points would be:

    1. a deeper statistical engine to show the many different stats available similar to fifa manager series
    2. choice of being in control of finances, marketing, stadium extensions youth management … (deeper influence)
    3. More signing control and different bonus and contract clauses (similar to fifa manager)
    4. Enhance the visuals and commentating (fifa 20)
    5. Different types of tasks /emails and to do list (similar to fifa manager)

    In short fifa manager offered an excellent depths to career mode, Fifa 20 should adopt a similar approach since the manager series is not being issued any more since 2014.

  16. Let’s talk about pro career mode please and please we don’t wanna start as a 20 21 yr old player we wanna start as a youth heck they did it in journey so can’t they put a little of dat I’m career mode let’s start out as youth let’s get scouted more cutscenes about us it’s our career so we’re entitled to dat much like if we win player of the month let there be a cutscene before a match when we accept it or we win ballon dor let us be recognized as the best player in commentary pls seriously pro career mode has to be real if they want fifa to still be hitting strong dats all we ask more cutscenes and more realistic things in career mode even to able able to have fans or be able to post just like EA ufc pls let dem do it

  17. Add more realistic signings and loans because teams like the girona sign loan players like oxlade chamberlain

    improve the basic forces, make the results more realistic but with some surprises, improve the development of the player and the start menu of career mode

  18. Maybe they should do auto-save as you can just quit and not save after a game if you don’t like result.

  19. We can be free when training, matches are over like nba 2k19 and maybe we can do something else like sleeping, eating dinner, etc.

  20. It would be Nice if you can play career mode coop, then u can play with a friend the same league and buy/ loan players form your friend.
    Like Barça and real Madrid coop in the same league.. that would be a massive improvement.

  21. – Player Mentorship (Keep vets relevant also realistic)
    – Team Branding (Change uniforms including alternate, arena, team name, sponsors, etc.)
    – Past Season stats
    – Interaction with your staff where they’ll sell you on who they want
    – Decent challenge with owner goals that are realistic
    – You can buy the team
    – Hire and fire staff
    – The system proficiency to see how well your players fit
    – Team intel to see how other teams are at and dictates if they’re a buyer or seller,
    – Analytics tool that’s been refined
    – Team Rival scores to track how you do against all your rivals
    – Team training/individual training customization
    – Development tracker
    – Pricing/ team finance/ jersey sales
    – Team relocation
    – Power Rankings
    – Social media feed on the entire league
    – Full Manager customization
    – An manager rating progression system that gives you skills and traits to use as a manager. (NCAA Football coaching tree)
    – Players retire to be coaches.
    – Coaches get fired and can move around so no more 30 years of Pep at City.
    – More national teams
    – More leagues like Ukrainian, Israeli, Russian, and African leagues.
    – UEFA League meetings that happen every 3 years to change the rules, etc.
    – Player personality like how PES has it.
    – Club Legend send offs.
    – Players will sign with you or decline based on system fit and personal fit
    – Manager rivalries like how NASCAR games used to have with drivers
    – Players overall should fluctuate if you play them outside of their preferred like in PES.
    – Remove potentials. Progression should be based on performance. You can’t just sit there and grow rapidly. You could introduce traits like Madden which affect progression but like Madden they’re upgradable based on performance.

  22. I know, Electronic Arts doesn’t want any game ideas from outside the EA..
    But maybe someone from Fifa producers will see this 40 year old man with 25 years of Fifa experience comment ..well even i am hopeless i want to write.
    Actualy my resommendation is not a very very bright or “WOWWW!!””idea. But it’s kind of “Fifa must already have this feature “”

    In career mode, its nice to play the whole season then start a new season. But guys come on!!career mode should be about statistics right? So I want to see a menu like “PAST WINNERS” and want to see the past League / cup champions. And about International tournaments. You play the qualification phase with very unrealistic Nations in the same group, and not able to see other groups… I don’t like this.why we are not able to see whats going on at other groups? And even a draw scenario would be nice.

    And also one more very important missing thing in Fifa carreer mode….past statistics of players!!! For example you scout a player, i want to see his actual season and past season statistics. Like you do on transfermarkt. Wouldn’t be that nice? If it will need large database you can feel free deleting the story mode believe me. Player statistic will be a revolution in this game!!

    🙁 best regards

  23. I have FIFA19 on 3 separate platforms and the platform that gives the most options is on the Nintendo Switch. There are player ratings and many other menus that I would like to see on the console and PC version. Also, maybe there could be a blending of the Online Seasons and Career Mode to where the experience is online among different players to create a truly unique career experience (separate Seasons and CM still needed). Actually have the separate Leagues created and/or joined by users to play against others with their Career Mode teams (vs. FUT).
    This option could also branch into a Champions League, Europa League, International Cup, World Cup series that would offer another experience all together. This could create a larger audience as some people want the online experience of playing between friends while not partaking in the FUT universe. Please think of this

  24. 1- Add Georgia in National teams
    2- Add real Logos and t Shirts in Italian Serie b
    3- Add real stadiums in Italian Serie A

  25. i think about 2 team in manager mode like real Madrid real Madrid B and Portuguese language from from Portugal


  27. Ea should really implement a rating system in career mode based on individual performance. Players get rated according to how they play in the game, not in real life!
    Eg. In the game Mo Salah does no sh*t and some 80 rated player scores more and plays better. But at the end of the season Salah is still a solid 89 while the better guy is a sh*tty 80. Please change this!
    So unrealistic! Would make the game worthwhile because seeing how the game is now (unchanged for a decade) is sad considering a multi-billion dollar company is making it.

  28. DT MODE
    – Players can win golden boot.
    – Play career mode team vs other career mode offline/online from some friend (offline the other player can load his team from usb) Some time ago in PES you can do this, play master team vs master team offline 2 players.
    – Any player can be goalkeeper
    – Introduce player/manager when hire him press conference.
    – Reintroduce select sponsors for the team to win more cash
    – Unlock edit player
    – Be able to create own club, with amateur players and hire better players from other teams.
    – Clubs can fire you
    – Win money with staium entrances.

    -Player career: More hairstyles, more options face customization, tattoos, accesories (glasses,head bands,etc).
    -Sponsors for the player
    – Hire agents to help a player to negociate with better teams (like a stars of exp & judgement from the Youth staff, more stars, best teams)
    – Can able to be nationalized.
    – To be able to play as goalkeeper/other position
    – Clubs can fire you
    – Interactive introdution press conference to gain charisma from crowd

    1. I want it looks like GTA for lunch dinner. (Just like journey). Key Decision, Personality, interview, buying house and press conference.

  29. I think they should add European golden boot not just your leagues golden boot and also exchange of jesery after a match especially the best player and in the pro career menu there should be a place for personal achievements like how many hatricks you have in ur career and which team and also let us choose where we wanna go and more cutscenes

  30. * National League should be added
    * Interactive player interviews and unveiling should be added
    * Reintroduce player/manager mode
    * Reintroduce request for funds
    * Reintroduce sponsors
    * Have change about of managers
    * Add every manager of every club in every league
    * Introduce management team letting manager choose assistants goalkeeping coaches etc

  31. Goalkeeper kits (Arsenal vs Watford was a prime example of clashing – green keeper & red players vs green players and red kit)
    Less sides like Palace in second and the likes of Chelsea 18th
    Ability to make loan offers for anyone below crucial 1st team player – if AI teams can sign 80 rated players from lower table sides then so should we
    More in depth training sessions
    Ability to choose commentators – if they won’t remove Smith & Tyler or add to the commentary team, at least let us use Rae & Dixon in other games beside European ones
    Stop teams strengthening already strong positions (Man City signed Marcelo & Alaba in a recent campaign I did with despite having Walker & Mendy already)
    More realistic face offs – Watford, Palace, Everton etc. being incredibly difficult but being able to walk over teams like Liverpool and City (or Juventus, Bayern, Real & Barca if you’re in Europe)
    Stop having all the English sides boss Europe – I play UCL/UEL for sides other than the English top six
    Ability to edit player hairstyles (seeing as Fifa gets a lot of them wrong – also so Bellerin can get his damn locks off)

  32. Wishlist for FIFA 20
    Career Mode – Manager mode. Clubs be more critical with managers after bad results. Clubs can fire managers.
    Career Mode – Club mode. Been able to create your own club, locate it on any city, build your team kits, build and upgrade your stadium, tv deals and contracts with sponsors to compete with the worlds best. Been able to sign real life managers
    Career Mode – Co op Mode so you can challenge your friends to build the best team. Taking players from your friends scouts reports
    Staff Upgrades – Like trainers, doctors or assistant coaches

  33. Realistic injuries:
    Players (Keepers inclusive) to sustain real life injuries in games due to collision against each other or objects around the field (Goal posts, Cameras, Ad Boards etc) and medical staff to be seen on field, games to be halted as injured players are being attended to and if necessary be stretchered off field (standing ovations by supporters when player is seriously injured e.g. concussion etc), also add a feature of multi injuries whereby two or more players collide and due to the impact or effects of the same, both should be affected not just single player injuries.

    Dynamic Weather:
    Weather to vary as game is in play and the effects should be felt i.e. more injuries due to slippery surface forcing one to change the way we play each game, Goal mouth ball drags/unexpected stops as ball gets caught up on a soggy area of the field, referee should be able to delay/call off matches due to adverse weather, referee to be able to randomly call for a water break mid match which should slightly revamp player fatigue gauges on hot sunny days i.e. playing in areas with extreme temperatures, player fatigue to also be affected by weather etc

    Additional Visuals:
    Dressing room cut scenes before, at half time and when a crucial game ends i.e. to show players reactions or emotions towards the game.

    Players/Managers reactions should also feel more natural and realistic towards certain incidents e.g. red cards, penalties and commentators to also signify the importance of a certain incident e.g. missing a penalty should be one of the games highlights and should be mentioned and this should also affect how players might react afterwards e.g. players should make a request to take penalty at time mid match if in case one taking missed the last time. Supporters to leave mid match if their team is losing by a huge margin, movements at the terraces should also be evident as supporters go to the loos and back or to get a drink or doughnut etc. In other words, make the whole stadium alive. Playing places like Argentina should have some games stopped due to a flare on the field of play etc

  34. Enabling the match ratings of the players of other teams and players of other leagues. Stats of the other leagues and the scores of every game.

  35. 1.Add all MLS Team’s stadiums.

    2.The quality of NSW(Nintendo Switch), make it better.

    3.Make the national anthems longer plz.

  36. No soy mucho de jugar modo carrera de manager pero juego mucho al modo carrera de jugador, esta muy abandonado y para el fifa 20 tienen que arreglarlo. Por ejemplo, que el jugador empieze a los 17 años y no a los 20, que obtengas mas de 1 oferta de transferencia en el mercado de fichajes por que cuando te llega 1 oferta ya no te llega otra mientras aceptas la primera, mas tipos de pelo o color de pelo, que dejen a tu jugador cobrar faltas, que se pueda empezar en el banquillo o salir de cambio. Tambien estaria chido que hubieran entrevistas tipo el camino y que tu jugador tenga fama de ser buena o mala persona, tambien algo que seria muy muy realista seria que si no has jugado para tu seleccion y tu jugador lleva cierto tiempo en una liga pueda jugar para la seleccion de esa liga, por ejemplo tu jugador es mexicano y no a jugado para mexico, si lleva 5 temporadas jugando en un club de argentina puede jugar para la seleccion argentina, quiza tambien que tu jugador tenga cierta quimica con los copañeros por ejemplo si no hay buena quimica no te pasar el balon mucho y no te dejaran cobrar tiros libres o algo asi.

    Automatically Translated:
    I’m not much of a manager career mode but I play a lot in player career mode, it’s very abandoned and for the fifa 20 they have to fix it. For example, that the player starts at age 17 and not at 20, you get more than 1 transfer offer in the transfer market because when you get 1 offer you do not get another while you accept the first, more types of hair or hair color, let your player charge faults, you can start on the bench or leave change. It would also be nice if there were interviews the way and your player has a reputation for being a good or bad person, also something that would be very realistic if you have not played for your selection and your player has been in a league for a while. the selection of that league, for example your player is Mexican and not played for mexico, if you have played for 5 seasons in a club in Argentina you can play for the Argentine team, maybe also that your player has some chemistry with the co-winners for example if There is no good chemistry you do not pass the ball a lot and they will not let you charge free throws or something like that.

    1. I agree but do you think there should be a online career mode? Honestly i think it would be really fun like career mode is kinda getting boring to be honest.

      1. It’ll be fun to have an online career mode but ion kno how EA will make it possible. i still like offline career mode mainly because cant afford ps4 plus but i hope EA fix both career modes player and manager

  37. Devem mudar totalmente o modo, quero poder investir no meu clube não só com contratações, mas sim no meu estádio, e as economias não devem ser apenas por títulos ganhos, mas sim por públicos nos estádios. quero poder controlar os valores dos ingressos, e também deve ter um gerente para cuidar das renovações de contrato dos jogadores!

    São essas minhas ideias entre tantas outras…


    Automatically Translated:
    They must totally change the way I want to be able to invest in my club not only with hirings, but in my stadium, and the savings should not be just for winning titles, but for publics in the stadiums. I want to be able to control the values of the tickets, and also must have a manager to take care of the contract renewals of the players!

    These are my ideas among many others …


  38. Make economical part of the club wich is depends from stadium visitors
    Make kit’s editor and to choose sposor’s on it wich sponsor you choose depend’s salary you earn and tasks you must done djuring the season
    Make UEFA League Coefficients in the career mode it can allow to choose weak clubs in the weak leagues and in the career mode if you play allot of seasons in small weak league (For example: Irish league Dundalk FC) and your club often win Champions League the league of your club will become more rich stronger and more powerfull players will play in the other clubs of your league. And all in all in the career mode if you play in small clubs of the small leagues your championship becomes stronger because money and investmans will go in your league championship! More over you can connect this idea with economical part of the small clubb growing
    it will be very intersting to play!!!!

  39. Realistic pass, run’s, the field looks to small and the players are crushing legs, no space for a long pass,the ball speed in the air it’s to slow, or to see the defender are sending to the forward a future pass like in real football .Put more time on to make the crowd 3d (for a 70000 stadium they look like 700 in the game )More posession on the ball and more realistic defending.Managers real face’s in career mode when you choose your club.

  40. Am hopeful these ideas will be taken seriously:

    i. Allows changes of kits; shirts shorts socks gk jersey
    ii. Real life pre, during and post match dressing room attires
    iii. More licensed teams and stadiums; club, leagues and national teams
    iv. More licensed competitions; Libertadores, Sudamericana, CAF Champions League, AFC Champions League, AFC Cup, CONCACAF Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup, UEFA Nations League
    v. Whole squad inc manager, assistant, physio, coaches able to participate during trophy giving ceremony
    v. More faces + pictures for the players

  41. Testimonials for retiring players would be awesome and maybe retiring players could become managers for lower league teams that don’t have managers names on the game anyway like championship down etc.

    Injuries to be more relevant and realistic than they are now.

    Stadiums being able to be built if I start as a league two sudewhen I’m in premier league don’t want to be playing in a 5000 seat stadium not happening in real life

    Interactive press conference before and after games that actually impact the game so maybe fans like it but board won’t or say things can make both happy or affect player relationships from them.

    Realistic cpu transfers fed up with man utd buying half of the world’s best in January as I turn off the very first window because of this problem while I’m at it most clubs don’t buy 5-6 players in January this should be reflected

    Cpu managers getting sacked other managers moving in so if I start as liverpool klopp waits in wings if Chelsea are around 8th at Xmas ssrri gets the boot klopp gets job but across the world.

    Make the top teams scary to play and actually be up the top how many times 15 games in and man city or spurs or Chelsea are at 15th manager still has job and this just wouldn’t happen. I’ll play Liverpool as say man utd and they’ve fielded Ben Woodburn and camacho against me. No offense to those players in real life but not happening.

    A reserve league for players in reserves if bad run of form etc to get playtime and get form up or younger players experience and gain stats from game time.

    New menus other than updated kits and teams same game since fifa 13 or 14.

    Staff upgrades gaining finiacal deals tv rights or sponsorship etc

    So much needs doing to this part of fifa if its same again in fifa 20 that’s me done

  42. Maybe they could do a career co-op mode.
    So you can play 3-4 players at different PlayStations in one league at the same time. Like online, but in career mode. Where you can challenge your friends in a season for example in premier league.

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